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burgh of Dundee, and their commissioners, in all the forei said public meetings, and that the said burgesses of Dun. dee, and their successors, and their commissioners, shall make no impediment to them therein in no time coming, Attour, his Majesty, and the Lords of Session, finds and declares the foresaid new infeftments granted to either of the said burghs, to be good, valid, effectual, and sufficient in themselves, in thir twa heads and parties thereof underwritten allenarly.

To witt, in so far as the same, or any one of the said two infeftments, contain any clause, privilege, disposition, or provision, whilk is mentioned or expressed in their foresaid old in feftments, made to either of the said burghs, by our said Sovereign Lord's most noble progenitors, as said is: And whereas, the said new infeftments agree, and are conform to the said old infeftments, and with the heads and articles contained in this above written decreet-arbitral. And,

Sccontliy, In so far as the same new infeftments, or ei. ther of them, contains ane new clause, disposition, or pro. vision, whick touches none of the said two burghs in their own particnlar interests, and by the whilk neither of them may be hurt, prejudged, or damnified, in neither of their privileges and liberties granted unto them; and albeit the same clause be not contained in the same old infeftments, but contains other parts, to the whilk two heads his Majesty and the said Lords restricts and limitates the said two new infeftments, granted to the said burghs : Likeas, they have explained the said old infeitments, in manner as is contained in this above written decreet, and decerns the same to have fullstrength, force, and effect, in the said two beads above written allenarly, and in so far as the same new infeftments, or any of them, contains any content, other clause, head, or condition, by and attour the two heads above written, and beside the articles above specified of this present decreetarbitral, for the whilk also the same infeftments are maintained and allowed ; his Majesty and the said Lords retracts,


rescinds, casses, and annuls the same infeftinents, and ei. ther of them, in that part thereof, and decerns the same to have been from the beginning, to be now and in all time coming, null and of none avail, force, strength, nor effect, with all that has followed or may follow thereupon, excepting always the foresaid privileges and articles, whilk are authorised, and established by this decreet, as said is.

And, finally, his Majesty, and the said Lords of Council and Session, decerns and ordains, both the said burghs, and their successors in all times hereafter, to entertain Christian love, peace, charity, and quietness, and to live in a Christian society, and neighbourly love, friendship, and -company, as becomes our said Sovereign Lord's leiges and subjects, as burgesses, under one prince, and within one kingdom, that no question nor trouble may arise betwixt them hereafter, nor no time coming. And to that effect, and that the same peace may be the more hearty and ef. fectual, and have the longer continuance betwixt them, his Majesty and the said Lords ordains, that all whatsoever acts, statutes, and ordinances, made within any of the said burghs, upon envy and malice against their neighbours, without any seen profit or advantage to the common weill of either of the said burghs, shall be of none avail, force, nor ef.. fect, but shall be null in themselves, in all time coming ; and declares all and whatsoever acts and constitutions, sicklyke made, (if any shall happen to be made at any time hereafter in the like nature), to be also null, and of no force nor effect; and whosoever of the said hurrow's shall happen to make any of the said constitutions hereafter, our Sovereign Lord and the said Lords declares the makers of the said acts to be transgressors of this arbitrall-decreet, and to be breakers of the common weill and charitable peace, whilk is by this same decreet established and ordained to stand betwixt the said burghs, in all timç coming ; and for sure observing, keeping, and fulfilling, of all and



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sundry the heads, articles, and clauses of this present des
creet, ilk ane of the said parties to others, our said Sove.
reign Lord and Lords of his Session ordains letters to be di-
rected to the effect foresaid, if need bees, in form as effeirs.
Extractum de libro actorum per me Magistrum Joannem
Skene, clericum rotolorum registri ac consilij, S. D. N.
Regis sub meis signo, et subscriptione manualibus. Sie
subscribitur, Joannes Skene, clericus registri, &c.

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Translated from the Latin Original.

Mary, by the grace of God, Queen of Scots, to all good men to whom thir presents shall come, greeting. Forasmuchas, we, understanding that our noble progenitors, kings of Scotland, having regard and respect to the common well and policy of our kingdome ; and that good manners and order did arise therein and increase by tradesmen, without whome no kingdome nor city could stand or be in esteem, did give and grant sundry privileges and liberty's to tradsmen of burghs and citys of our kingdome, especially to our burgh of Perth, which, by the said privilege, was equal in libertys, to wit, in the use of commerce, buying and selling of staple goods of all kinde, sailing and trafique in merchandise, with all other libertys and privi leges within the burgh as the merchands did, or could use the samen; and that they might elect knowing ten of their own trads to visite, lest any extortione might be drawne in use by the said tradsmen against the leiges of


our kingdome, which privileges were inviolably observed and kept by the said tradsmen of our kingdome, of all the burrows therein, and chiefly by the tradsmen of our said burgh of Perth in all time bygone ; which, nevertheless, by ane act of parliament held in June 1555, for certain causes exprest and agitated in the said parliament being abolished, it was appointed that no deacon thereafter should be elected within a burgh; but that the provost, baillies, counsellors of every burgh, should elect the best and most knowing tradsmen in their own trade; and that these persons should be called visitors of their trade, and that they should be chosen yearly at Michaelmas; and that no tradsman should carry office within the burgh for the future, save two to be elected yearly in the counsell of the said burgh, with sundry other restrictions, as in the said act of parliament at more length is contained. From the time of which statute, we knowing that none of the reasons or causes which moved the parliament thereto has taken effect; but that all things with the said tradsmen are more remissly done than before ; and moreover, we having respect that the said burgh of Perth doth daily increase, and is chiefly upheld by the fortuns, order, and policy of the tradsmen, and that they exceed the rest of the inhabitants and indwellers of the said burgh in number, and do equall the merchands themselves therof, in paying all manner of stents, taxations, and impositions whatsoever imposed on the said burgh, and that they are perpetually ready with their bodys and goods to defend our authority, as the rest of the said burgh: We, therefore, desiring peace, friendship, and good will betwixt the merchands and tradsmen of the said burgh, may, for the future, appear, and be unanimously observed; and that every one of them, according to their several fortuns, have the equal use and enjoyment of their privileges for the future within the said burgh. Moreover, we being unwilling to abolish the privilcges of our predecessors of old, justly granted to them,


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