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our Majesty, in that part. In witness of the whilk thing, to thir presents we have commanded our great seal to be appended, at Dalkeith, the twenty-second day of July, one thousand five hundred and eighty-one, et regni nostri

decimo quarto.

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I. MR John Row, 'appointed minister July 17. 1560. Died at Perth, October 1580. He had been several years at Rome, as commissioner from the Popish court of Scotland. He returned about 1555, with instructions from the Pope for opposing the progress of the Reformation ; but having heard the discourses of John Knox, and acquired some knowledge of the principles of the Reformation, he became a convert from Popery ; and, at Mr Knox's earnest desire, entered into the ministry among the reformers.

II. MR PATRICK GALLOWAY, called to be minister at Perth November 14. 1580. He Aled into England May 1584 ; having fallen under the displeasure of the King, and the party which then prevailed, because of the attachment he had expressed to William Earl of Gowrie.

III. Mr John Howyson, minister of Cambuslang, appointed minister at Perth, pro tempore, November 1584.


IV. MR PATRICK GALLOWAY having regained the king's favour, returned to his charge at Perth, November 1583. The General Assembly, June 1589, appointed him to leave his charge and wait upon the king. In June 1607 he was appointed one of the ministers of Edinburgh.

V. Mr. John Malcom, formerly one of the regents, and afterwards Principal of St Leonard's College at St An. drew's, was ordained minister at Perth, November 4. 1591. Died at Perth, Oct 3. 1634.

VI. Mr William Cowper, formerly minister at Bothkennar, in the presbytery of Stirling, having some time preached at Perth, was admitted minister at Perth with Mr John Malcom, June 23. 1595. - Made bishop of Galloway, July 31. 1614. Kesigned his charge at Perth, Oct 23. 1615. Afterwards made Dean of the Chapel-royal at Edinburgh. Died at Edinburgh, February 15. 1619.

VII. MR Joux GYTHRY, ordained minister at Perth, with Mr John Malcon, February 20. 1617. Translated to Edinburgh, June 11. 1621. Made Bishop of Murray, November 20. 1623. Deprived of his bishopric at the sc-establishment of Presbyterian government in 1638.

VIII. MR JOHN ROBERTSON, ordained minister at Perth, with Mr John Malcom, March 3, 1622. Deposed by the General Assembly, May 28. 1645, for his having conversed at Perth with the Marquis of Montrose, an excommunicated person. He was restored to the ministry by the Synod of Perth and Stirling, October 11. 1654: But an act of Assembly having been made, that no deposed minister should be restored to the parish in which he had formerly served, Mr Robertson, though he continued to live in Perth, never again exercised his ministry there.

IX. Mr JOSEPH LAURIE, formerly minister at Stirling, admitted minister' at Perth, with Mr John Robertson, February 1635. Died at Perth, July 1640.

X. MR ROBERT LAURIE, son to Mr Joseph Laurie, ordained minister at Perth, with Mr John Robertson, Aug. 4.

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1641. Translated to Edinburgh, March 1644. Made dean of Edinburgh after the restoration of King Charles II. ; and afterwards bishop of Brechin. Died at Edinburgh, 1677.

XII. MR GEORGE HALYBURTON, formerly minister in Menmuir, in the presbytery of Brechin, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr John Robertson, August 4. 1644. Made bishop of Dankeld, January 18. 1662. Resigned his charge at Perth, October 1664. Died, February 1665.

XIII. MR ALEXANDER Rollock, formerly minister at Dunkeld, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr George Haly burton, September 25. 1645. Died at Perth, October 1652.

XIV. MR WILLIAM COLvill, formerly minister at Edinburgh, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr George Halyburton, February 1. 1655. Died at Perth, September 1662. When minister at Edinburgh, he had been deposed by the General Assembly, July 1648, for favouring what was called “the Unlawful Engagement,” or the levy for war, which the Scots parliament had enjoined for the re-establishment of King Charles I. when prisoner in the Isle of Wight; more especially for his having refused to intimate a fast which had been appointed for the purpose of defeating that levy. He was restored to the ministry by the synod of Lothian, November 8. 1654. Henry Gu. thry, in his Memoirs of Scotland, says of him, that " for his eminence in learning, diligence in his calling, and strictness in his conversation, he was an ornament to the church of Scotland.” Also the Presbytery of Perth, April 8. 1657. in their answer to a scurrilous paper, give him the like attestation ; and observe, that “his, ministry had been remarkably blessed since he came to Perth.”

XV. MR HENRY AUCHINLECK, formerly minister at Mains, in the presbytery of Dundee, adınitted minister at Perth, with George Haly burton, Bishop of Dunkeld, December 23. 1662. Died at Perth, March 1657.


XVI. MR Mungo Law, ordained minister at Perth, with Mr Henry Auchinleck, June 1. 1665. Died July 1671.

XVII. MR WILLIAM LINDSAY, formerly minister at. Auchterderran, in the presbytery of Kirkcaldy, admitted mi. nister at Perth, with Mr Mungo Law, April 9. 1668. Made Bishop of Dunkeld, May 7. 1677. Resigned his charge at Perth, October 1678. Died 1679.

XVIII. MR ALEXANDER Ross, ordained minister at Perth, with Mr William Lindsay, November 14. 1672. Resigned his charge at Perth, May 7. 1683, on being appointed professor of divinity in the college of Glasgow. In 1686, he was appointed principal of St Mary's college in St Andrew's; and the same year was made bishop of Murray.

Made bishop of Edinburgh 1687, but was deprived of his bishopric by the act of Parliament abolishing Prelaey, July 22. 1689. Died at Edinburgh, March 20. 1723.

XIX. MR ALEXANDER SKEEN, formerly professor of philosophy in the university of St Andrew's, ordained mi. nister at Perth, with Mr Alexander Ross, June 26. 1679. Resigned his charge at Perth, May 31. 1680.

XX. MR DAVID ANDERSON, having first been professor of humanity in St Leonard's college in St Andrew's, and afterwards minister at Dumbarny in the Presbytery of Perth, was admitted minister at Perth, with Mr Alexander Ross, October 27. 1680. He was deprived at the Revolution.

XXI. MR WILLIAM HAY, formerly minister at Kilconquhar, in the presbytery of St Andrew's, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr David Anderson, March 1684. Resigned his charge at Perth on being made bishop of Murray, Fe. bruary 4. 1688. Was deprived of his bishopric at the Revolution. Died at Castlehill, his son-in-law's house, near Inverness, March 17. 1707.

XXII. MR ADAM BARCLAY, formerly minister at Keig, in the Presbytery of Alford, in the shire of Aberdeen, ad.

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