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mitted minister at Perth, with Mr David Anderson, May 2688. Deprived at the Revolution.

XXIII. MR JOHN ANDERSON, formerly minister at Auchtergaven, in the presbytery of Dunkeld, but now conforming to Presbyterian government, was appointed by an act of the Synod of Perth and Stirling, minister at Perth, pro tempore, after the deprivation of Mr David Anderson and Mr Adam Barclay. Though never actually acknowledged as minister by the town-council, he continued to exercise his ministry at Perth, until Mr Robert Anderson was admitted ; and then was translated to Edinburgh.

XXIV. Mr ROBERT ANDERSON, formerly minister at Leuchars, in the presbytery of St Andrew's, admitted mi. nister at Perth, June 4. 1691. Died at Perth, July 26. 1704.

XXV. MR THOMAS BLACK, formerly minister at Strathmiglo, in the presbytery of Coupar, and afterwards minister at Weems, in the presbytery of Kirkcaldie, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr Robert Anderson, April 3. 1698. Appointed professor of divinity in the university of St Andrew's, in 1707 : But was retained in his charge at Perth by the pressing importunity of his parishioners. Died at Perth, October 25. 1739.

XXVI. MR GEORGE BLAIR, formerly minister at St Madoes, in the presbytery of Perth, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr Thomas Black, October 23. 1705. Died at Perth, May 14. 1712.

XXVII. MR John FLEMING, formerly minister at the castle of Edinburgh, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr Thomas Black, February 24. 1713. Died at Perth, April 12. 1719

XXVIII. MR WILLIAM Wilson, probationer in the presbytery of Dumblane, ordained minister at Perth, with Mr Thomas Black and Mr John Fleming, November 1. 1716. In 1733, he was translated to the second minister's charge and stipend, in the room of Mr William Stewart,


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then deceased. In August 1773, he was suspended from his ministry, and deposed, together with seven other ministers, by an act of Assembly, May 15. 1740, for following a divisive course, and for declining the judicatories of the church. Died at Perth, in 1741,

XXIX. MR WILLIAM STEWART, formerly minister at Blairgowrie, in the presbytery of Meigle, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr Thomas Black and Mr William Wilson, July 4. 1721. Died at Perth, January 28. 1733..

XXX. Mr David Black, son to Mr Thomas Black, ordained minister at Perth, with Mr Thomas Black and Mr William Wilson, June 14. 1737. Died at Perth, May 22, 1771.

XXXI. MR HENRY LINDSAY, formerly minister at Bothkennar, in the presbytery of Stirling, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr David Black, October 15. 1741. Died at Perth, May 2. 1745.

XXXII. MR JOHN WARDEN, formerly minister at Campsey, in the presbytery of Glasgow, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr David Black, March 16. 1747. Translated to the Canongate of Edinburgh, November 6. 1775. Died there.

XXXIII. Mr John BONNAR, formerly minister at Cock. pen, in the presbytery of Dalkeith, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr David Black, July 29. 1756. Died at Perth, December 21. 1761.

XXXIV. MR James Scott, formerly minister at Kinfauns, in the presbytery of Perth, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr David Black, Nov. 4. 1762.

XXXV. MR JAMES MOODY, formerly minister at Mouswald, in the presbytery of Lochmaben, admitted minister at Perth, with Mr James Scott, June 11. 1772.







This seminary of learning has been accounted one of the first-rate schools in Scotland, since the æra of the Reformation. It was under the government of a rector, or master, two ushers, and a janitor ; with good salaries from the town-council, and a small portion to the master from the kirk-session.

It had also originally a music-master, with a salary i and the kirks of Perth excelled in church-music..

I. Mr WILLIAM Rynd is the first rector we have on record. From the register of the kirk-session we are informed, that the managers of the hospital granted certain rents to William Rynd, son to umquhil (deceased) Patrick Rynd, a necessary and profitable servant to the kirks of Perth, September 15. 1589. He is mentioned as rector of the school on the 16th of March 1590. Such was his reputation, that he was appointed to go abroad with the young Earl of Gowrie, and his brother Mr Alexander, as their governor. A. D. 1594, he attended them to Padua, and Deturned in 1597. The Earl did not return until 1600. Y


II. A. D. 1604, Mr PATRICK JOHNSTON, November 5. The managers of the hospital were ordained to furnish a new gown

of black cloth to this rector. III. Mr John DORRAT, alias DURWARD, succeeded Mr. Johnston, A. D. 1622. He died in November 1631.

IV. A. D. 1632, Mr John Row was chosen rector. He was grandson to the celebrated Dr John Row, the first reformed minister of Perth, in 1569. He taught Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and was afterwards, A. D. 1640, chosen minister in Aberdeen, where, in 1643, he published his Institutions of the Hebrew Language. He was succeeded by,

V. Mr PATRICK Johnston, probably the son of Mr Patrick Johnston, second rector in this list; he had a numerous and flourishing school, and was succeeded by,

VI. Mr WILLIAN PATON, A. D. 1656. He was first school-master at Meigle ; besides his salary, the magistrates and council gave him a free house, and a chalder of coals; for Cromwell's army had pulled down the school-house (in which were apartments for the rector and ushers) to build the citadel; he died the 7th of December, and was succeeded by,

VII. Mr GEORGE PATERSON, January 1. 1685. He was Professor of llumanity in the old college of St An. drew's. To him succeeded,

VIII. Mr ANDREW ANDERSON, A. D. 1668, who was succeeded by,

IX. Mr HENRY Crie, a native of Perth, who was succeeded by,

X. Mr ARCHIBALD GUILųANE, January 3. 1679; he was school-master at Prestonpans; he was chosen rector of the high school of Edinburgh, and gave in his demission to the council, and was succeeded by,

XI. Mr JAMES Ross, schoolmaster at Dunkeld, A. D. 1679, who died 1690, and was succeeded by, XII. Mr Williau SAUNDERS, schoolmaster at Dundee


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March 17. 1690. On the 16th of October 1704, he, because of infirmity and old age, demitted his office, and the town-council settled on him during his life 300 merks out of the salary of the next rector. On the oth of November was chosen,

XIII. Mr JOHN MARTIN, schoolmaster at Dumbarnie, who agreed to Mr Saunders's annuity during his life, on which account the town-council allowed to Mr Martin the whole Candlemas gift during Mr Saunders's life, instead of two thirds, the usual proportion to the rector. Ile was succeeded on the 24th of July 1732, by his son,

XIV. Mr JAMES MARTIN, who taught with considerable success about eleven years. He died the 23d July 1743, and in his room was chosen, the 29th of December following,

XV. Mr WALTER GREIG, schoolmaster at Cupar in Fife. The magistrates, besides his salary of 500 merks, appointed for him the equal half of the quarter-payments of the classes taught by the three ushers, and the whole quarter-payments of his own class; as also two thirds of the Candlemas gift, and the other third to be divided among the two first ushers, who, besides their salaries and quarter-payments, had other emoluments granted them. The third usher had also, besides his salary, proper dues belonging to his office. He died in 1752, and was succeeded by,

XVI. Mr ANDREW CORNFUTE, schoolmaster at Dun. keld, May 18. 1752. He was formerly first usher in Mo James Martin's time, and was called to Dunkeld, where he raised the reputation of that school, and taught with considerable applause and success. On September 28. 1772, Mr Cornfute resigned his office, the town-council settling on him an annuity of L. 50 during life, which he only enjoyed till February 1773. The rectorship continued vacant till April 5. 1779, when it was supplied by the appointment of


Y 2.

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