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“ The parish of Redgorton, in which, according to Boece, ancient Bertha was situated, is separated from the parish of Perth, not only by the Almond, but also by a part of the parish of Tibbermuir, which lies along the south side of the Almond, all the way to where that small river falls into the Tay.

“ King David I. about the year 1126, either as from himself, or as confirming the gift made by his father Malcolm Canmore, granted to the abbey of Dunfermling, which had been founded by his father, the church and patronage tithes of the town and parish of Perth. I have seen the chartulary of that abbey. The abbot and monks continued to regulate what concerned their property in Perth ; but there is no mention of any exchange having been made of the church or tithes, or of their having had any thing to do with the parish of Redgorton, or with the church or chapel of Luncarty, which has been annexed to it, which would not have been the case if Perth had for. merly stood in that parish, and its church and tithes had been granted to the abbey.”

It is then certain, that ancient Bertha occupied the same, or nearly the same ground, with modern Perth, and that in every period this city has been a place of considerable importance. The Kings of Scotland before James II. were crowned at Scone, and resided at Perth, as the metropolis of the nation. That monarch being educated and crowned at Edin.


burgh, removed the parliament and courts of justice, but Perth retained its priority of rank till the 22d James III. 1482. But, although distinguished in history as the theatre of many great national transactions, yet few of the records of these convey any information of a local nature. The following Memoranda are confessedly imperfect.


66 The attachment of Malcolm IV. to the King of England excited the jealousy of the Scots. They imagined that the national independency was in hazard from the English councils. They sent a solemn deputation into France, whither their sovereign had gone to fight under the banners of Henry II. and to be invested by him with the honours of knighthood. They reproached him in bold language, and declared

they would not have Henry to rule over them.” Malcolm hasting home, assembled his parliament at Perth. Ferquhard, Earl of Strathers, and five other Earls, conspired to seize the person of their sovereign. They assaulted the tower in which he had sought refuge, but were repulsed. The clergy judiciously interposed, and wrought a speedy reconciliation between the King and his people *.”


A national council was holden at Perth in December, by John de Salerus, Cardinal Legate, in which canons were made.

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1 206.

Hailes's Annals.


A national council, called in the original writ “Synodis Generalis," holden at Perth in April. Ex charta penes vicecomitem de Arbuthnot.


This was the year of the great inundation, which we have already mentioned as having given rise to Boece's mistatement respecting the ancient situation of Perth. The united waters of the Tay and Almond appear to have risen to a most extraordinary height. In their progress they carried away a great part of the Muirtown Brae, and inundated Perth so completely, that not only small boats, but ships of considerable burthen sailed on the streets *. But, however terrible this flood must have been, there is no reason to suppose that the town was nearly destroyed t.


A national council was holden at Perth, by Wil.

liam * Fordun. +" It was to guard the town against dangerous inundations that the streets were raised from time to time. Old streets, well payed, are found six, eight, or ten feet below the present surface. Subterraneous apartments sometimes have been discovered. Within these twenty years, some masons came to what they reckoned to have been a stable or cow-house. They could not, with any certainty, discern the walls, which probably had been originally of turf or clay, but they found four stakes, and also a manger, wholly and very neatly wrought of the twigs of trees ; a kind of work which was much practised by the ancient Britons. ACcording to the course of natural causes, the bed of the river must also have been considerably raised."-SCOTT'S STAT. ACCOUNT,

liam Bishop of St Andrew's, Walton Bishop of Glasgow, and the other Bishops of Scotland.


James, Canon of St Victor at Paris, Penitentiary of the Pope, and Legate to Scotland, held a national council of all the prelates of Scotland, at Perth, during four days, in the month of February *

In the Chartulary of Moray is an account of another national council, indicted to be holden in dome fratrum predicatorum de Perth, on Wednesday before the feast of St Luke, in October, but without the date of the year ; only it must have been some years after A. D. 1230, when the Black Friars first came into Scotland. However, in this act we have the form of the Bishop Conservator, his indicting or convocating the yearly council, authoritate conservatoria, as the act bears, by a letter to each bishop, charging him to give his presence at such a place (which was commonly the convent of the Black Friars at Perth), on such a day, with continuation of days; together with the abbots and priors, the proctors of chapters, colleges, and convents of his diocese, there to treat of the reformation of the state of the church, &c.


A national council was held at Perth t.


* Fordun.

+ Fordun,

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Pope Clement III. required the Scottish clergy to pay a tenth of their benefices to the King of England, as an aid for an intended crusade. In consequence of the Pope's grant, Henry III. attempted to levy the tenths in Scotland. The Scottish clergy appealed to Rome. To shew that they were as independent of the English Legate as of England, they assembled in a provincial council at Perth. A bishop of their own presided, and canons of their own were enacted, which remained in force till the Reformation. They are preserved, with those of the council of 1212, in the chartulary of Aberdeen, and are the only thing that can deserve the title of the ancient Ecclesiastical Çode of Scotland *


A national council was held at Perth t,


A national council held at Perth, in presence of Bagimond, the Pope's nuncio, who came to collect the taxation of all benefices, and settled a roll of these taxations, that served for a rule in following times, to which our acts of parliament refer


A national council held at the Black Friars of Perth, on Monday after St Bartholomew's day in Au

gust, * Hailes's Annals. + Fordun.

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