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ists, is unknown. Williams, 331, ruled and

bound in mor., 11. 9s. Lond. R. Barker, 1605, 4to. Lond. Robert Barker, 1606, 4to. (Douce 519, with Sternhold and Hopkins' version

Lond. R. Barker, 1632, 8vo. Williams, Collection.)

Lond. Rób. Barker, 1607, folio. Sir M. of the Psalms, morocco, 11. 5s. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 1019, ruled, in curious The Book of Common Prayer, &c. with old embroidered binding, 5l. 7s.6d.

the Psalter. Edinb. R. Young, 1633, sm Lond. by R. Barker, 1607, 4to.

8vo. printed in double columns, in small Lond. R. Barker, 1608, 4to.

type. Lond. R. Barker, 1609, 4to.

Lond. R, Barker, 1633, folio, 4to. and 8vo. Lond. R. Barker, 1611, 4to.

Lond. R. Barker and Assigns of Bill, Lond. by R. Barker, 1613, folio. With 1633, 4to. and 8vo. Psalms of Sternhold, 1614. Sotheby's,

Edinb. by the King's Printers, 1633,

8vo. April, 1857, morocco, 31. Lond. R. Barker, 1613, 4to.

Edinb. R.Young, 1634, sm. 8vo. SotheLond. R. Barker, 1614, 4to.

by's, April, 1857, morocco, 11. 7s.

Lond. R. Barker, 1634, folio, also in 4to. Lond. by Rob. Barker, 1615, folio. In

Lond. 1635, 4to, and in 8vo. the Library of St. John's College, Oxford, Lond, R. Barker, 1636, folio: is a copy of this edition, with five pages

Lond. by Bill, 1636, folio. Bindley, pt. of manuscript, containing divers sentences from the Holy Scriptures used by

i. 955, Evelyn's copy, with ornamented K. James I. immediately before his dis-titles for various divisions inserted, 61. 6s. solution. The volume is in the original Sotheby's, Ap. 1857, mor. K. Charles II.'s yellow morocco binding, and has the royal Copy, 181. 103. arms and crest richly stamped on the


USE OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND. Edinb. Lond. Norton and Bill, 1618, 4to. Robert Young, 1637, folio. The edition Lond. Norton and Bill, 1619, folio. known as “Laud's Book.' 'Bisbop Ran

Lond. R. Barker and J. Bill, 1620, 4to. dolph, 397, 11. 1s. Roxburghe, 100, 11. 6s. Bp. Daly, 13s.

Willams, 495, morocco, 11. 18s. ConstaLond. Norton and Bill, 1621, 4to. ble, 281, 21. 10s. Inglis, 393, with The

Lond. Norton and Bill, 1622, folio, and Psalms, by King James (in verse). Lond. in 4to.

1637, morocco, 31. 4s. Hollis, 469, morocco, Lond. 1625, fol. King Charles I., by his 31. 183. Bp. Daly, 21. Sotheby's, April, own authority only, made some few un- 1857, 61., with K. James' Psalms. The important alterations in the Liturgy. Psalms of King James, printed in LonThe copy used by Secretary Nicholas is don, 1636, are usually added, and are in the Bodleian Library.

necessary to complete the book.

This Lond. Norton and Bill, 1627, sm. 8vo. volume ends in general with the word Lond. 1628, sm. 8vo. "Sotheby's, April, Certaine,' it being originally intended 1857, 11. 8s.

to append 'Certaine Prayers;' but that leaf Camb. 1629, folio.

was cancelled in some copies, and finishes Lond. 1629, folio.

properly. LARGE PAPER. Sotheby's, Feb. Camb. T. & J. Buck, 1630, 4to.

28, 1861, 131. A copy (wanting the Psalms) Lond. R. Barker, 1631, folio, and in 8vo. is in Trinity College Library, Dublin.

In the British Museum is a copy with Lond. R. Barker, 1631, 8vo. With gene. the first draught of the work in MS. See alogies on page 3, two Scots holding King Charles Declaration concerning the candles. Mr. George Offor.

Tumults in Scotland, 1639, p. 415. Leaf Lond. R. Barker, 1632, 4to. The edi- H h 3 of the Psalms was cancelled in the tion used by King Charles for his edition early copies, owing to the printer having of 1637. After the Prayers occur 2 leaves, omitted nearly three lines of Psalm 109, Certayne Godly Prayers, to be used for on the reverse of that leaf. The impersundrie purposes. A copy of it with the fection occurs, we believe, in all the large alterations in MS., probably copied from paper copies. Reprinted in Pickering's Abp. Laud, having been originally found Series of Liturgies, and in Hall's Reliquiæ by W. Prynne, in his apartments in the Liturgicæ. Tower. About a century and a half since, The Book of Common Prayer for the this volume was in the possession of the Use of the Church of England. Lond. Rev. - Watson of Hingbam, in Norfolk, R. Barker, 1637, 4to. and by him presented to the Library of Dublin, for the Societie of Stationers, the city of Norwich ; but about 1766, it Printers to the King's most excellent had gone into the possession of the Rev. Majestie, 1637, 4to. The second English Mr. Primate of the same city. But Prayer Book printed in Dublin. The where it now is, or whether it still ex. | Almanack is for xxx years following the


LARGEST PAPER, Gardner, in 1854, 151. With Kalendar for Psalmes and Lessons. The the Form at Healing. Sotheby's, April, Prayers are for King Charles, Queen 1857, 261. 10s. Tenison, June, 1961, old

Os Mary, Prince Charles, &c. Bp. Daly, 17s. morocco, ruled with red lines, 20i.

VELLUM. A copy, with the great seal of Lond. Rob. Barker, and by the Assigns England appendant, and certified to be a of John Bill, 1638, fólio. Williams, 521, correct copy, with several corrections in ruled with red lines and bound in morocco, manuscript, is in the Tower of London. 11. 6s. White Knights, 3286, 10s.

Republished by Masters in 1849, small Lond. Barker and Bill, 1638, 48mo.

8vo. 12s. 6d. Lond. R, Barker, 1638, 8vo.

An edition taken froin the 'Sealed Camb. Buck and Daniel, 1638, folio.- Book,' in the Tower of London, is printed LARGE PAPER, Mr. George Offor,

in Pickering's Series of Liturgies, SotheCamb. 1638, 4to.

by's, April, 1857, 31. 4s. Lond. Rob. Barker, 1639, folio. Bind.

Lond. Bill and Barker, 1662, 8vo. pt. i. 956, 11.

Camb. J. Field, 1662, 8vo. First ediLond. R. Barker, 1639, 4to. White tion of the Sealed Book printed at Cam Knights, 3540, morocco, 9s. Sir. M. M. bridge. Field printed another edition of Sykes, pt.

- 129, 14s. A copy with MS. this book in 1662, 8vo. Notes by Bp. Brian Duppa is in the

Another Bodleian Library.

Camb. J. Field, 1663, 4to. Lond. R. Barker, 1639, 8vo. Williams, reprint of the Sealed Book, and the only

edition prior to 1800 which conforms to 520, a beautiful copy, with Psalmes by Sternhold and Hopkins, in a richly tooled the correction omitting the word Mar,

in the General Thanksgiving. Sotheby's, binding, 51. Lond. Barker and Bill, 1641, 4to.

April, 1857, 11. Lond. Barker and Bill, 1641, 8vo. with

Lond. Bill and Barker, 1663, 4to. Godly Prayers at the end.

Lond. 1663, 8vo. A

copy of this edition, Lond. 1642, 8vo.

'compared with the old editions, and all The new Booke of Common Prayer, ac the alterations noted down,' is mentioned cording to the Forme of the Kirke of by Wood. See Life of Cornelius Rogers, Scotland. Lond. 1644, sm. 8vo.

in his Athenü Oxonienses. Lond. C. Barker, 1660, folio. With the

Lond. Bill and Barker, 1665, 8vo. with Form and Manner of making and Ordain

portrait and plates. ing Bishops. Bill and Barker, 1660. The

Camb. J. Field, 1666, 4to. music in separate types. Mr. G.Offord.

Lond. 1667, 8vo. Bindley, pt. i, 1202, Lond. 1660, folio. Bindley, pt. i. 957, mor., 8s. 6d. 8s, 6d. The first folio edition after the

Lond with engraved title by WilliamRestoration. There were two editions in son, 1669, folio. Bp. Daly, 10s. 60. LARGE folio in this year. The first without the PAPER. name of place or printer, and evidently Camb. Hayes, 1670, 4to. published in haste, as the names of the Lond. In the Savoy, 1671, 8vo. royal family are not altered from the Oxford, 1675, 4to. reign of Charles I. Another was soon Cainb. Hayes, 1675, 4to. afterwards printed with the royal licence. Lond. C. Barker, 1676, 4to. During 1660 and 1661, the demand being Lond. Bill, Barker, and Newcomb, 1678, great, several editions of different sizes 4to. were published, with alterations adapted Oxford, at the Theatre, by Guy, 1679, to the new reign.

4to. Lond. J. Bill and C. Barker, 1660, 4to. Lond. Bill, Newcomb, and Hills, 1680, Lond. Henry Hills, 1660, 8vo.


Lond. 1680, 4to. Lond. Bill, 1661, folio. In this edition

Oxford, 1681, folio. LARGE PAPER, the Form at the Healing' was introduced.

Oxford, at the Theatre, by Guy, 1683, Bright, old morocco, 31. 45.

4to. Lond. Printed by His Majesties Prin- Lond. Bill, Newcomb, and Hills, 1683, ters, 1662, folio. Called the ‘SEALED BOOK 24mo. OF CHARLES THE SECOND.' First edition Oxford, at the Theatre, by Guy, 1684, of the Common Prayer, revised by a Con- | 18mo. vocation of Clergy, and submitted to the Oxford, at the Theatre, 1685, 4to. A Savoy Conference, and the last in which copy with the MS. Notes by Abp. Sanany alteration was made by public autho-croft is in the Bodleian Library. rity. Bindley, pt. i. 958, morocco, 13s. 6d. Oxford, 1687, folio. LARGE PAPER, ruled, LARGE PAPER, White Knights, 3778, with morocco. Heber, 11. 11s. engraved title by Loggan, mor., 51, 78. 60. Lond. C. Bill, H. Hills, and T. NewA copy with the Form at the Healing,' comb, 1687, folio. Frontispiece by D.


I the Use of the Church of Ireland. Dubl. Loggan. LARGE PAPER. Sotheby's, April, Thomas Dobson, 1716, large 4to. In 1715 1857, mor., 1l 9s.

the Six Occasional Forms used in the Lond. 1687, folio. Frontispiece by Log. Church of Ireland were annexed to the gan. An edition in which William and Book of Common Prayer by royal order, Mary are prayed for.

This is the first edition in which the Lond. c. Bill, 1688, 18mo.

Forms appeared. Sotheby's, Apr. 1857

111. 10s. The Revised Liturgy, 1689; being the Book of Common Prayer interleaved with the Form at the Healing.'-LARGE PAPER,

Oxford, John Baskett, 1715, 8vo. with the alterations proposed for Convocation,

This Form, as it stands in the Prayer by the Royal Commissioners in the first Books of Queen Anne's reign, is printed year of the reign of William and Mary. in Lathbury's History of Convocation, pp. Edited by John Taylor. Lond. Bagster, 438-9. 8vo. 6s. 6d. The Book of Common Prayer as revised ed in red and black.

Oxford, John Baskett, 1716, 8vo. Printin 1689. Lond. Seeleys, 1855, 12mo. 3s. 60.

Oxford, 1717, 8vo. with plates. A Copy of the Alterations in the Book

Lond. 1717, 8vo. The whole engraved. of Common Prayer, prepared by the Royal on copper, and illustrated with portraits, Commissioners for the revision of the vignettes, and other ornaments, by JOHN Liturgy in 1689, printed by order of the Stuet. White Knights, 3288, 11. 115. NasHouse of Commons, 1856. Lond. 1692. Roxburghe, Suppl. 689,68.

sau, pt. i. 751, 11. 6s. Duke of York, 627, Lond. by Bill, 1693, folio. Dowdeswell, 41. 88. LARGE PAPER, in 4to. Dent, pt. i.

morocco, 41. 4s. Constable, 64, morocco, 306, raled, russia, 21. 15s. Camb. John Hayes, 1694, 8vo.

959, morocco, 72. 17s. 6d. White Knights,

3542, ruled, morocco, 121. Nassau, pt. i. Lond. 1695, 12mo. Portrait of William 1043, ruled, 141. 14s. Saunders' in 1818, III, and plates. Camb. John Hayes, 1696, 4to. White 121. 12s.

61. 2s. 6d. Sir H. and J. Savile, Dec. 1860,

The volume consists of 166 Knights, 3541, morocco, 12. 16s.

plates, besides 22, containing dedication, Lond. Bill and Newcomb, 1701, 8vo.

table, &c.

Prefixed is a bust of King Oxford, 1703, 8vo.-1704, 12mo. Lond. 1706, folio. With the Form at George I., and facing it those of the Prince

and Princess of Wales. Sturt likewise the Healing. This is the last edition published a set of fifty-five historical cuts before the Union.

for the Common Prayer in small octavo. Lond. 1707, 4to. A copy with the vari

Oxford, Baskett, 1718, folio. ations of all editions from 1549 to 1637, in

Oxford, Baskett, 1719, 8vo. Ms. by Mr. Lewis of Margate, is in the

Oxford, Baskett, 1727, 8vo. Bodleian Library.

Edinb. 1727, 12mo.-1737, 8vo. With a Paraphrase and Notes by Wil..

Lond. 1729, 12mo. Portrait of Queen liam Nicholls. Lond. 1707, 8vo. 5s. Rox

Caroline, and plates. burghe, 96, 8s. 60.-1753, 8vo. 98.-1775, 8vo. 98. See NICHOLLS, William, D.D., p. ton's Method, with his Portrait. Lond.

In Short-hand, according to Mr. Wes1687.

1730, 18mo. Oxford, 1707. Williams, 522, illustrated

The Book of Common Prayer revis'd, with plates by Sturt, and superbly bound corrected, and enlarged, so far as to the in morocco, richly tooled, 71.

End of the Communion Service ; by Way Oxford, 1712, folio. With the Form'at of Specimen. Lond. 1734, 8vo. the Healing.'

Book of Common Prayer. Stereotyped Oxford, 1712. With plates by Sturt. by William Ged by permission from the White Knights, 3287, ruled, red morocco, University of Cambridge. 1735, 12mo. 11. 118. 60.

Book of Common Prayer, with an ExBook of Common Prayer, &c. for the position from the Works of Bps. Sparrow, use of the church of Scotland, with the Andrews, Beveridge, &c. and Preface by Psalms (in verse), by James VI. Edinb. Fludyer, 1739, folio, frontispiece. 1712, small svo. (A reprint of Laud's Book of Common Prayer, with OccaPrayer Book.

Edinb. 1637.) LARGE sional Services, Articles, Canons, &c. PAPER, Sotheby's, Apr. 1857 (from the Dublin, G. Greerson, 1750, folio, frontisDuke of Atholl's Library), 31. 88.

piece. Lond. John Baskett, 1714, 8vo, The This edition contains the form of Psalms printed by Susannah Collins. Prayer for the Visitation of Prisoners,

Lond. John Baskett, 1715, folio. LARGE Acts of Parliament (respecting Papists, PAPER. Stowe, morocco, 21. 48.

&c.), Form of receiving Lapsed ProtesLond. John Baskett, 1715, 4to. LARGE tants; Forms for Consecration, Resto. PAPER.

ration, and Expiation of Churches in Book of Common Prayer, according to Ireland, &c. Sotheby's, Apr. 1857, 51. 58. PRAYER- continued.

Good and E. Harding, with plates after Cambridge, Bentham, 1751, 8vo.

Stothard by Bartolozzi and others. Cambridge, 1760, royal 8vo. 12 16s.

Oxford, 1796, 4to. Printed in long lines by BASKERVILLE,

Oxford, 1799, folio. LARGE PAPER. with an engraved border round the text.

Lond. [pub. for John Reeves, Esq.] Fonthill, 1137, in a most elegant binding, 1801, crown 8vo. Roxburghe, 97, morocco, with silver clasps, 41. 18.

15s. Cambridge, 1760, royal 8vo. Printed

With Preface and Notes by John Reeves, in double columns with borders, by Bas. Lond. 1802, 8vo. White Knights, 3296,

with a set of wood-cuts inserted, morocco, KERVILLE.

Cambridge, 1761, royal 8vo. Printed 11. 168. 12mo. ROYAL OCTAVO. Earl of by BASKERVILLE, with ornamented mar. Kerry, 64, morocco, 11. 5s. Strettell, 75, gins. Willett, 522, 21. 158. Brockett, 294, morocco, 14s. 6d. Roxburghe, 97, morocco, morocco, 21. 3s. White Knights, 3290,

11.28.12mo. in blue velvet, 31. 18s.

To which is added an Introduction, and Illustrated and explained by Leonard Notes by the Rev. Richard Warner. Bath. Howard. Lond. 1761, 4to. with plates, 1806, 8vo, 6s, 12s.

Printed for the English Prisoners at Cambridge, 1762, royal 8vo. Printed Verdun. Verdun, 1810, 8vo. in long lines by BASKERVILLE. White

By the Rev. James Cookson. 1811, 28

Nos. in 1 vol. 4to.
Knights, 3291, morocco, 12. 198,
Cambridge, 1762, 12mo.

Printed by Oxford, 1813, 4to. In this edition the BASKERVILLE, in double columns. The second line, 'O Lamb that taketh away, old and new versions of the Psalms,printed the sins of the world,' is printed Lord. at Birmingham in 1762, generally accom. With Notes upon the Epistles, Gospels, pany this edition. Fonthill, 1178, 11. 6s. and Psalms (by Sir J. Bayley, Knt.). Constable, 65, 11. 15s. Williams, 523, Lond. 1813, royal 8vo. Brockett, 296, ruled with red lines, and richly bound in 11. 55. Earl of Kerry, 96, russia, 11. 6s. morocco, with insides, 51. 7s. 60. Sheffield, 1765, 4to. with an Exposition, Testament, and Notes on the Epistles,

With the Sunday Lessons from the old being a few foot notes to evade the law.

A New and correct Edition of the Book Gospels, Psalms, and Lessons by Sir John of Common Prayer and administration of Bayley. Lond. 1816, royal 8vo. 11. 58. the Sacraments, and other Rites of the

Lond. Corrall, 1820, 64mo. Church of England, in which certain al- With Notes explanatory, practical, and terations and amendments are most hum- historical, from approved Writers of the bly offered and recommended by a Priest Church of England, selected and arranged of the same Church, Lond. J. Fletcher by Richard Mant, Bishop of Oxford. Öx. and Co. 1768, 8vo,

ford, 1820, 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 1044, 21. 3s. A new and correct Edition of the Book LARGE PAPER in royal 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. of Common Prayer and Administration of 1598, 21. 28. LARGE PAPER, in royal 4to. the Sacraments, and other Rites of the 21, 88. - 1825, 8vo. 2 vols, 11. 4s, - Fifth Church of England; in which certain Al. edition, Lond. 1840, 4to.-Sixth edition, terations and Amendments are most hum- imperial 8vo. 11. 4s. bly offered and recommended, to which

The Book of Common Prayer revised is prefixed a Letter to the Archbishops for Public Worship, with the Psalter. and Bishops of the Church of England. Lond. 1824, 12mo. By a Priest of the same Church. Lond. 1768, 8vo. 5s.

The Form of Morning and Evening Cambridge, 1769, 8vo.

Prayer according to the Use of the united Oxford, 1772, 8vo.

Church of England and Ireland, together An Abridgment of the Book of Common with the Psalms of David, and the second Prayer. West Wycombe, 1773, 8vo. The Lessons as they are appointed to be said performance of Sir Francis Dashwood, every Morning in the Year, to which are Bart. privately printed at the expense of added the first Lessons to be read on SunLord Le Despencer.

days. With Notes. Lond. Hatchard, Oxford, 1783, folio.

1827, 8vo. 2 vols. Compiled by the Hon. Lond. 1791, 8vo. Published by Jarvis. Charlotte Grimston. Brockett, 295, 6s. 6d, White Knights, The Book of Common Prayer, &c., to3292, morocco, 18s.

gether with the Psalms of David and exParis, P. Didot, 1791, 12mo. 7s.6d. planatory Annotations, chiefly selected Printed for W, Edwards of Halifax, from Bishop Mant's edition. (By the Hon.

Lond. by John Jarvis, 1792, 8vo. White Elizabeth Cust.] Lond. 1829, 12mo. Fifty Knights, 3293, morocco, 11. 9s. Williams, copies privately printed. - Reprinted in 518, morocco, 11. 12s.

1832, withont the dedication to her godLond. 1794, royal 8vo. Published by J. son, Lord Alford.


| The Liturgical Services of the time of The two books of Common Prayer, set Queen Elizabeth, edited by the Rev. W. forth in the reign of Edward VI.compared R. Clay. Camh. 8vo. 1851. See Parker with each other, and edited by Dr. Edw. Society, APPENDIX. Contains the English Cardwell]. Oxf. 1838, 8vo.-Second edit. Prayer Book of 1559. Godley Prayers. 1841, 8vo. 7s.

The Ordinal, 1559. New Calendar, and The two Liturgies, 1549—1552. The many occasional forms. Primer, 1553. The Catechism and Articles, Book of Common Prayer with the Psalms set forth by Edward VI. Edited for the of David, &c. in use for the present reign. Parker Society, by the Rev. Thos. Ketley. Printed by Whittingham, within borders, Camb. 1844, 8vo.

from the designs of Albert Durer, Hans The Pictorial Book of Common Prayer. Holbein, and those in Queen Elizabeth's Lond. C, Knight, 1838, imp. 8vo. 17.118.6d. Prayer Book. Lond. Pickering, 1854, sm. -New edition. Lond. Nattali, 1846, sm. 8vo. 15s. 8vo. 10s. 60.

The Book of Common Prayer adapted The Book of Common Prayer, with Notes for General Use. Lond. Snow, 1855, 18mo. and Illustrations. Lond. Whittaker, 1838. 2s. Svo. 21.25.--roy. 18mo. 11. 118. 6d.

Revised to meet Present Wants. Lond, The Book of Common Prayer arranged Barritt, 1860, 12mo. 1s. by the Rev. J. Bosworth. Lond, 1839, post 8vo. 6s,

Reprints of early editions of the ComLiturgia Britannicæ, or the several mon Prayer Book, from Edward VI. to editions of the Common Prayer, from its Charles II., in black and red letter, by compilation to the last revision; together Whittingham, for William Pickering, with the Liturgy set forth for the use of 1846, fol. 6 vols. pub. at 181. 18s. the Church of Scotland; arranged to show their respective variations, by William

This Series consists of the followingKeeling. Lond. Pickering, 1842, 8vo. 16s. 1. The First Book of Edward VI. The i The Book of Common Prayer, with Book of Common Prayer, &c. Lond. in Anthems pointed for Chanting. Lond. Officina Edouardi. Whitchurche, 1549. Eyre and Co. 1842, 18mo. 4s.

Mense Martii. The Order for Morning and Evening 2. The Second Book of Edward VI. The Prayer, and the Litany, with Plain Tune, Boke of Common Prayer, &c. Lond. in according to the use of the United Church Officina Edouardi Whitchurche, 1552. of England and Ireland (edited by W. 3. The First Book of Queen Elizabeth. Dyce, Esq.), with a Preface and an Ap- The Boke of Common Praier, &c. Lond. pendix. Lond. Burns, 1844, 4to. 31. 158. in Officina Richardi Grafton, 1559. LARGE PAPER, 41. 4s.

4. King James' Book, as settled at In vol. i. of the Prayer with Plain Hampton Court. The Booke of Common Tune, sheet N was cancelled, and another Prayer, &c. Imprinted at London, by marked N* was given for substitution; Robert Barker, 1604. but this has not been changed in some 5. The Scotch Book of Charles I. The copies.

Book of Common Prayer, &c, for the use This neatly printed volume is sold also of the Church of Scotland. Edinb. printed in parts, and for which separate titles are by Robert Young, 1637. provided, viz., 1. Morning and Evening 6. King Charles the Second's Book. Prayer, and the Litany or Psalter, II. The Book of Cominon Prayer, &c. Printed The Psalter by itself, 11. The order of by his Majesties Printers, 1662. Reprintthe Holy Communion according to the ed from the .Sealed Book' in the Tower United Church of England and Ireland. of London. The Epistles and Gospels. iv. The Burial Two sets on VELLUM. Eyton (with Service. v. The Order of the Adminis- Common Prayer, noted by Marbeck), 951. tration of the Holy Communion, accord- The series is completed by ing to the Church of Scotland.

7. The Book as ordered by Queen VicDaily Prayers as used in the Royal toria, 1837, printed in 1844, fólio, 41. 4s. Domestic Chapels. Lond. printed by

8. The Order for the Administration of Palmer, 1844, 8vo. Not published.

the Holy Communion and occasional The Book of Common Prayer, illumi. Offices, according to the Use of the Church nated. Lond. Murray, 1845, roy. 8vo. of England. Printed in 1844, folio, 21. 15s. 21. 58.-1849, roy. 8vo. reduced 17.18.

All in BLACK LETTER. The Book of Common Prayer explained

The ancient Liturgy of the Church of by J. Hudson. Lond. Painter, 1847, 12mo. England according to the uses of Sarum, 2s.6d,

Bangor, York, and Hereford, and the The Analytical Common Prayer Book. Modern Roman Liturgy arranged in pa. Lond. Gibbs, 1848, 12mo. 2s.6d.

rallel columns. By the Rev. Willian

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