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French. Bagster, 8vo. large type, 78.-
Maskell. Second edition, Lond. 1846, 8vo. fcap. 8vo. 3s. 68.32 mo. 3*. 64.

French. Exeter Hall, 1849, 8vo. 4s. 6d.
Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiæ Angli.

Gaelic and English. Society P. C. K.
canæ : Occasional offices of the Church of

12mo, 3s.

England according to the ancient use of

German, by Ant. Wilhelmus.
Salisbury, the Prymer in English, and 1707, 8vo.
other Prayers and Forms; with Disser-

German. For the use of the German

tations and Notes, by the Rev. William Lutheran Chapel of St. James.
Maskell. Lond. 1846-7, 8vo, 3 vols. 21. 58. 1757, 12mo.

German. Bagster, fcp. 8vo. 35. 6.-
TRANSLATIONS Alphabetically arranged ac. 32mo. 3s.6d.
cording to Languages.

German. Society P.C. K. 12mo. 18.4d.
Liturgia Octoglotta. The Book of Com-

German, Prayer Book and Hom. Soc.

18mo. roan, 3s.
mon Prayer in eight Languages, (viz.

Greek and Latin. Lond. apud Reg.
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Wolfium, 1553, 4to.--1562. -- 1569.
ancient Greek, modern Greek and Latin).
Lond. 1821, 4to. 11. 128. Published by

Greek. Opera & Studio Eliæ Petilii.

Lond. 1638. 8vo.
Bagster. Hibbert, 4942, morocco, 12. 168.
Pocket edition appeared in fsc. 8vo. 13s.

Greek. Cantab. Field, 1665, 8vo. Edit-

ed by Bishop Pearson. Duke of Grafton,
Arabic, by Edward Pocock. . Oxon. 1674, 58, 139. LARGE PAPER. White Knights,

2429, morocco, 15s. Williams, 1105, mor.
Arabic. By the Society for Promoting 15s.
Christian Knowledge, 12mo. 23.

Greek. Edited by Duport. Camb. 1665,
Arinenian. Society for P. C. K. 8vo. 18mo.
2s. 6d.

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Cree (American Indian). Society for P. 3s. 6d.
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Greek (modern), by A. Calbo. Lond.
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Dutch. Rotterdam, 1645, 8v0.-Haag, Greek (Modern). Bagster, fcp. 8vo.3s.6d.
1718, 8vo,

-32mo. 3s. 6d.
Dutch. Dord, 1727, 12mo.

Greek. Bagster, 32mo. Bs.6d.
Dutch. Society P. C. K. 12mo, 1s. 4d.

Greek (Modern). Soc. P. C. K. 12mo.
French. Le Livre des Prieres Com. 3s. 4d.
munes, &c.

Traduit en Francoys, par Hindostanee, translated by Rev. H,
Francoys Philippe, Serui-teur de Mon- Martyn and Rev, D. Corrie.

Lond. 1818,
sieur le grand Chancelier d'Angle- 8vo.

De l’Imprimerie de Thomas Hindostanee, translated. Calcutta,
Gaultier, 1553, 4to. a to f (misprinted e), 1829, 4to.
2 in fours, and A to Z z 4, in fours, dedi- Irish, Dublin. Printed by John Franck-
cated to Thomas Goodrik, Euesque d'Elye, ton, 1608, folio. First edition printed in
Chancelier d'Angleterre.' The ‘Alma- the Irish character, dedicated to Sir Ar-
nach pour xix ans' begins M. D.lii. Teni- thur Chichester, Knt. by William Daniell,
son, June, 1861, 391,

Archb. of Tuam, 20 Oct. 1609. Sotheby's,
Hitherto this volume has been describ- June, 1858 (Bp. Daly), in russia, 101. 10s.
ed by Bibliographers as an 8vo.

Title - Leabhar na nurnaightheadh
French. Lond. Jehan Bill, 1616, 4to. gcomhchoid chiond agus. Dublin, 1608.
LARGE PAPER, 11. 11s. 6d.

The volume is not paged. Collation.-
French. Lond. J. Bill, 1661, 12mo. Title within a circle, and imprint at foot

French, by J. Durel, Lond. 1668, 8vo. in the Irish character; title dated
45. 60.

in Roman character, 1608. Arms of King
French. 1683. White Knights, 2432, James on the reverse. Dedication to Sir
morocco, 11s.-Lond. 1688, 12mo.-1695, Arthure Chichester, in English, signed

Will. Tuamensis, two leaves. Other pre-
French and English. Oxf. Baskett, liminary leaves, including the act for
1717, 8vo. Printed in parallel columns. uniformity, &c., in the Irish character,
Dent, pt. i. 537, morocco, 18s.

Almanack, &c. Table of Feasts, 1609-
French, by N. Wanostrocht. Lond. 1641, in all 15. A to U-Aa to Uu-3 A
1794, 12m0.-1801, 18mo.

to 3 U, two leaves each. On the last leaf
French, by Theoph. Abauzit, D.D. 1815, is the shield of Arms of Sir A. Chichester,

Irish and English, with the Elements
French. Society P.C. K. 24mo. 1s. 4d. of the Irish Language. By John Richard-

French. Prayer Book and llom. Society. son. Lond. 1712, 8vo. 10s. 6. 'A correct
8vo. roan, 4s. 8d. --24mo. rcan, 2s. translation.'-Nicolson.

PRAYER- continued.

Queen Anne and plates. The Form of
Irish. Prayer Book and Hom. Soc. 12mo. Prayer used in Convocation is in this

Italian. Lond. 1685, 8vo.

Latin, 1720, 12mo. Printed by W. Bow.
Italian, by A, Montucci and L. Valetti, yer. Freqnently reprinted.
Lond. 1796, 12mo. Whito Knights, 2430,

Latin, Lond. 1785, 12mo. This edition
morocco, 5s,

was revised by Dr. S. Harwood.

Italian, corrected by Giamb. Rolandi.

Loud. 1820, 24mo.
Lond. 1820, 24mo.- Lond, Bagster, 1821,

Latin. Lond. Bagster, 1821, 32mo. 3s.6d.
32mo. 3s. 6d. fcp. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

fcp. 8vo. 3s, 6d.
Italian, corrected by F. Nott.


Latin. J. W. Parker, 1848, 24mo. 5s. 60.
1831, 8vo.

Mahaque Indian, by Lawrence Claesse.
Italian, Soc. P.C.K. 24mo, 10d. New York, 1715, 4to. 21.2s, A copy is in
Italian. Prayer Book and Hom. Soc. the British Museum.
12no. roan, 4s.

Manks. Isle of Man. Lond. 1765, 8vo.
Italian. Exeter Hall, 1850, 12mo. 3s. 6d.

Manks, 1769, 12mo. 58.-Whitehaven,
Latin, ab Alex. Alesio Scoto. Lips. 1777, 8vo. Stowe, 7s.

Manks. Soc. P. C.K. 12mo. 2s.
1571, 4to, Reprinted in Mart. Buceri
Scripta Anglicana.

Maori (New Zealand). Soc. P. C.K.
Latin. Londini apud Reginaldum Wol. 12mo. 1s. 20.-24mo. 10d.
fium (1560), 4to. Translated by Walter

Mohawk, 1769, 8vo.

See Lathbury's Hist. Com. Mohawk, by Joseph Brant.

The Common Prayer and
Prayer, p. 61. Collation.-A-Qq in fours 1787, 8vo.
not including title and introductory mat Gospel of St. Mark, in English and Mo-
ter, 20 leaves. This edition contains the hawk Languages. Dent, pt.i. 540, 10s, 6d.
privilege. Dat Apud Palacium nostrum de Portuguese. Livro da Oracão commum,
Westmonasterio sexto die Aprilis. Anno &c. Oxford, 1695, folio.
regni nostri secundo.' And the date is Portuguese. Soc. P. C. K. 12mo. 18. 4d.
ascertained from the Cyclus Solaris, which - Indo-Portuguese Prayer Book and
says, ' Annus hic præcens,' 1560. Sotheby's, Hom. Soc. 8vo. 65.-12mo. 3s.6d.
April, 1857, 15l. A copy is in the Library Spanish. Aug. Trin. 1612, 4to. 4s.-
of K. George III, now in the British Mu- | Aug. Trin. 1613, 4to. — Aug. Trin. 1616,
seum, and two copies are in the Bod. 4to.
leian Library. Reprinted by the Parker Spanish, by D. Felix Anthony de Alva-
Society. See APPENDIX.

rado. Lond. 1707, 8vo. 6s._1715, 8vo,
Latin. Lond. apud R. Wolfium (1560 ?) Dent, pt. i. 1273, morocco, 9s.6d. White
4to. 2 T, in fours.

Knights, 2433, morocco, 143,
Latin. Lond. apud Reg. Wolfium, n. d., Spanish. Lond, Bagster, 1821, 32mo.
but the date of the Psalms is 1571, 3s. 6d. fcap. 8vo. 38. 6d.
16mo. This is another translation. Con- Spanish. Prayer Book and Hom. Soc.
tains Ii, in eights, besides the statute of roy. 24mo. 2s.8d.
vniformity, preface, tables and calendar Spanish, Soc. P. C. K. 24mo. 10d.
prefixed. Sotheby's, April, 1857, 51. 5s. Turkish. Soc. P. C, K. 8vo, 58. 4d.
Latin. R. Wolfe, 1572, 12mo.

Welsh. 1567, 4to. Ric. Davyes trans-
Latin. Lond. T. Vautrollier, 1574, 12mo. lated the Liturgy and N. Test, into Welsh,
This volume contains 299 leaves, besides printed 1567,4t0., wherein he was assisted
the prefixes, printed in a neat pica Koman by W. Salesbury.-Lond, by John Win-
type. Hollis, 764, 9s. 6d. Williams, 1416, det, 1586, 4to. - 1598, 4to. — 1621, 4to.
superbly bound in morocco, 51. 2s.60. Bp. Bindley, pt. ii. 150, 11. 38.
Daly, mor., 21. 88.-1673, 4to.-1575.–1594, Welsh. Lond. 1664, folio. Dent, pt. i.
16mo. To this edition, 'Liber Psalmo- 570, 21. 2s.--Lond. J. Bill, 1678, 8vo.- Oxf.
rum a Sebastiano Munstero' is annexed.-1683, 8vo.
Lond. 1604, 8vo,

Welsh, With the Psalms, by E. Prys.
Latin. Liturgica sacra; Curru Thes. 1709, 8v0.
pitico, i. e. Zeli inculpabilis vehiculo de. Welsh. Lond. 1770, 8vo. Illustrated
portata, & via devotionis regia deducta with sculptures.
a Rand. Gilpin, Sacerd. 1657, 12mo. The Welsh. Oxford University Press, folio.
Common Prayer in verse, privately print- Great Primer type, 11. in sheets.-12mo.
ed when the Common Prayer Book was with Psalms, 2s. 2d. in sheets.-24mo. 2s.
proscribed. Bright, 12s.

Welsh. Soc. P. C. K. 8vo. 2s. 8d. ; or,
Latin, by Dr. John Durel. Lond. 1670, with. Psalms, 3s.-24mo. 1s. 6d.-1&mo.
Svo. Portrait of Charles II.

Latin, Lond. 1690, 12mo. The earliest Welsh and English. Oxford University
edition in the reign of William III. Press, 12mo. with Psalms, 5s. in sheets.
Latin, Lond. 1696, 12mo.

Welsh and English. Soc.P.C. K. 12mo.
Latin, Lond. 1703, 12m0. Portrait of 2s.6d. with Psalms.


PRAYER- continued.

The l'se of daily publick Prayers in

three Positions. Lond. 1641, 4to. PUBLICATIONS RELATING TO THE COMMON

LIX Exceptions against the Booke of PRAYER BOOK.

Common Prayer, Lond. 1644, 4to. 8 pages, A brief Discours off the Troubles be. no title. gonne at Franckford in Germany, A.D. i The Common Prayer Book unmasked, 1554, abowte the Booke off Common Prayer 1660, 4to. and Ceremonies, and continued by the Common Praver divine Service, Englishe Men theyre to Thende of Q. &c. By V. Powell. Lond. 1660, 4to. Maries Reigne, M.D.LXXV. 4to. Secretly (The Savoy Liturgy.) The Reformaprinted. The preface commences on p. i., tion of the Liturgy, as it was presented and the pages are all marked with nume. to the Right Reverend Bishops by the ral letters on the middle of the page to p. Divines appointed by His Majesties Comccxv, on the back of which is a correction mission, to treat of the alterations of it. of faults. Sotheby's, April, 1857, 11. 105. Printed anno 1661, 4to. (By Richard BarBright, 3466, 21. 28-Lond. 1642, 4to.- ter), preceded by the Petition for Peace With an introduction by J. Petheram. for the reformation of the Liturgy, 1641, Lond. 1846, 8vo. LARGE PAPEE. Eyton, 3s. 4to. Both reprinted in the History of Reprinted in the second Volume of the Nonconformity, Lond. 1704, 8vo. See RePhenix, 8vo.

liquie Baxterianæ, pt. iv. p. 306. Life of Certain Prayers set forth by Authority Baxter, by Orme, vol.ii. p. 420. Cardwell's for Her Majesties Forces and Sary. Lond. History of Conferences, Oxf. 1841, Svo, Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1597, 410. Collier's Church History.

An Explanation of the terms, order, An accompt of the Proceedings of the and usefulness, of the Liturgy of the Commissioners appointed by his Majesty Church of England, by way of question (Charles II.) for the Review and Amend. and answer. Lond. 1602, 8vo.

ment of the Book of Common Prayer, &c. An Abridgement of that Booke which 1661, 4to. Sotheby's, April, 1857, 11s. the Ministers of Lincolne Diocesse de. A Collection of Tracts relating to the livered to his Majestie, the first of De. proceeding, of the Savoy Conference, was cember, 1605, 4to.

sold at Sotheby's (Bp. Daly), June, 1858, Certaine Considerations for not sub- for 51. 12s, scribing to the booke of Common Prayer The old Puritan detected and defeated. within the Diocesse of Worcester. Private. A Treatise, shewing how by the artifice iy printed 1605, 4to. Bright, 13s.

of pulpit prayer the dissenters have at Reasons for Refusal of Subscription to all times endeavoured to underwine the the Books of Common Praier, with an Liturgy of the Church of England. Lond. Answere by Tho. Hutton. Oxford, 1605, 1682. 4to. 4to. Lloyd, 1047, 8s. G. Chalmers, pt, i. Several short, but reasonable discourses 2231, 11.5s.

touching common and private prayer, reDefence of the Ministers' Reasons for lating to the publick offices of the Church, Refusall of Subscription to the Booke of Oxf. 1684, 8vo. Common Prayer and of Conformitie. 1607, Vox Cleri, or the sense of the Clergy ; 4to.

concerning the making of alterations in A Survey of the Book of Common Prayer the Established Liturgy (by Mr. Thomas by way of 197 Queries grounded on 58 Long). Lond. 1690, 4to. An Answer to places ministering just matter of ques. Vox Cleri, &c. examining the reasons tion, s. 1. 1610, 18mo.

against making any alterations. Lond. A Defence of the Liturgie of the Church | 1690, 4to, of England, or the Booke of Common Liberty of Prayer asserted. Lond. 1695, Prayer, in a dialogue betweene Novatus 8vo. and Irenæus. By Ambrose Fisher, of Liturgies Vindicated against John BunTrinity College, Cambridge. Lond. 1630, yan. Lond. 1700, 8vo. sm. 4to. pp. 309. Dedicated to Sir Rob. The Common Prayer-book, the best Filmer, Knight, by_John Grant, with companion in the house and closet, as three Epitaphs. I. By Sir Rob. Ayton. well as in the temple, or a Collection of 11. Dr. Thory. II. In English, by John Prayers. Lond. 1704, 8vo. Harris, at C. C. Oxford.

Rule for finding Easter, against Wallis, Certaine Grievances, &c. for the Satis. Baxter, and other Dissenters; St. Matfaction of those that do clamour and re- thias' Day,in Leap year, &c. [byR.Watts). vile them that labour to have the Com: Oxford, 1711.-Lond. 1712, 8vo. mon Prayer reformed. Lond. 1640, 4to. Reasons for restoring some prayers and 5s.

directions as they stand in the commuCertaine Reasons why the Booke of nion service of the first English reform'd Common Prayer being corrected, should Liturgy, completed in the 2nd and 3rd continue. By I. W. Lond. 1641, 4to. years of Edward VI. Lond. 1717, 8vo.

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Origines Liturgicæ, 1832, &c. See PalA Defence of the Reasons, being a reply MÉR, William. to No Reason for restoring them. Lond. The book of Common Prayer illustrated 1718. 8vo.

so as to shew its various modifications; No Reason to alter the present Liturgy the date of its several parts, and the of the Church of England, on account of authority on which they rest.

With an prayers for the dead. Lond. 1718, 8vo. Appendix, containing the order of the

A Dialogue in vindication of our pre- communion, the four Acts of Uniformity, sent Liturgy and Service, between Timo- the Long Parliainent Directory, and sunthy, a churchman, and Thomas, an es- dry other documents, by William Keating sentialist. Lond. 1719, 8vo.

Clay. Lond. 1841, 12mo. 7s.6d. A Vindication of the Reasons and De. A chapter on Liturgies, by C.W. Baird. fence, part ii.; being a reply to the second With the Conference of Dissenting Mi. part of No sufficient Reason.' Lond. nisters as to whether they ought to have 1719, 8vo.

a Liturgy. Edited by Burney. Lond. A farther Defence; being an answer to 1856, 12mo. 5s. la reply to the 'Vindication,' by the author

A History of the Book of Common of the Reasons. Lond. 1720, 8vo.

Prayer, and other Books of Authority, &c. Common Prayer, not common Sense, i By the Rev. Thomas Lathbury. Lond. 1722. See OZELL.

1858, 8v0.-Second edit. 1859, 8vo. 10s. 6d. An Essay for a review of the Book of Sixty-five historical Cuts for the Book Common Prayer, with a Specimen at- of Common Prayer, by John Sturt, small tempted by an impartial hand. Lond. 8vo. 1734, 8vo.

Illustrations to the Book of Common A Defence of the Essay for a review, Prayer by Richard Westall, R.A. Lond. &c. Lond. 1734, 8vo,

1813, 8vo. PROOFS in 4to. Duke of York, Observations on the Liturgy, with Pro-751, morocco, 31. posals for its reform. Lond. 1789, 8vo.

Twelve Illustrations to the Book of Christian Devotion recommended under Common Prayer engraved by John Scott, the two following heads : 1. The great and from Drawings by Burney and Thurston, most beneficial Duty of Prayer made royal 8vo. 10s. 6d. Easy and Delightful. 2. Spiritual En.

In the British Museum and the Bodtertainment; or some of the soul's best leian Library are many tracts relative to repast against all the Troubles of this the Common Prayer, likewise many Forms life. Whereto is annexed a large Pre- of Prayer. See Catalogue of the Library, face, designed to enforce and recommend art. Common Prayer. Liturgia. Prayer. the whole, by Edmund Brown, B.D., 1737,

Preces, 8vo. pp.cxviii and 236.

See CLARKSON. COMBER, Thos. LITURGY. The expediency and necessity of revis- NICHOLLS, Wm. PRIMERS. L'ESTRANGE, ing and improving the public Liturgy, Hamon. SPARROW, A. WHEATLEY, C. being the substance of an Essay, &c. PRAYERS, PRIVATE FORMS, COLLond. 1749, 8vo. An objection drawn from the Act of

LECTIONS, &c. Union against a review of the Liturgy, PRAYERS.—Thiese prayers toand other ecclesiastical forms considered, fore wreton ben enprited bi the submitted to the after thoughts of W. Blackstone. Lond. 1770, 8vo.

comaūdements of the moste hye A Commentary, Practical, and Expla- and vertuous pryncesse our liege natory, on the Liturgy, as used on Sun- ladi Elizabeth, by the grace of God day; including the Athanasian Creed, by Quene of Englonde and of France, a Layman. Lond. J. Walter, 1772, 8vo.

Observations upon the Liturgy, with a and also of the right high and most Proposal for its Reform, &c. By a lay: noble pryncesse Margarete moder man; with the Journals of the American Convention appointed to propose a Li- ynto our soverayn lorde the kyng. turgy for the Episcopal Churches in the TBy their most humble subget and United States. Lond. 1789, 8vo.

The Manner pointed out in which the servaūt, William Caxton.' sm. 4to. Common Prayer was read in Private by 22 leaves. the late Mr. Garrick, for the Instruction Collation.-Sig. a, b, eight leaves each; of a young Clergyman: from whose MS. and c, six leaves. The reverse of the first this Publication is composed. By J. W. leaf has a wood engraving of the CruciAnderson, A.M. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 2s. 6d. fixion. Each page is surrounded by a

Lives of the Compilers of the Liturgy. woodcut border. The type is the same as Lond. n. d. 8vo. In Sparrow's Rationale, that used by Caxton for the Virgil of 1722, 8vo,

1490. At the beginning of the volume



thelet, 1544, 4to. An edition by same are the prayers called the 'Fifteen O's,' printer, in 8vo. Bright, 401. 10s.--'The Exwith others in English ; the remaining hortation contains in leaves, the Letania, prayers are in Latin. On the last page in red and black printed on a fresh set of of which is the Colophon, as above.

signatures, ends on C 4. Again, 1546, 8vo. This unique and recently discovered Heber, pt. vi. 11. 18. book differs in style from any other pro

This Litany was edited by Cranmer.

It circulated duction from Caxton's press, inasmuch as

royal aut rity. each page is printed within narrow bor. With a few omissions it is the same as ders of animals, fruits, &c.; no date is that in the Common Prayer, 1549. See given with the Colophon, but as the Lady Lathbury's Hist. of Com. Prayer, p. 10. Elizabeth (of York) was not united to

The Forine of Common Prayer, vsed Henry (of Lancaster), afterwards Henry in the Churches of Geneva, and the CateVII., until 1486, and the date of Caxton's chism made by John Calvin, translated demise being 1491, this interesting volume from the Frenche by, William Huyck. must have issued from the press between

Lond. E. Whitchurche, 1550, 12mo. those years. The book has been recently Wrangham, 201. 108. A copy in the Grenadded to the treasures of the British Mu- | ville Collection. In the small catalogue issued in

See CALVIN, John. GENEVA. 1850, it is there called 'The fifteen Oo's

Liturgia sacra, seu Ritus Ministerii in in English, but why, is doubtful—the Ecclesia peregrinorum Profugorunt propter Book being noticed by Dr. Thomas Ful- Euangelium Christi Argentinae. Adjecta ler, as being the FIRST BOOK OF PRAYERS est ad finem breuis Apologia pro hac tending to forward the Reformation.--- Liturgia, per Valerandum Pollanum FlanAlso by Ames, though placed among

drum. 1551, sm. 8vo. Printed by Stephen Books printed by Winkyn de Worde; for Myerdman or Mierdman. (Leipsic.)"

See his conjectural account of it, read Ames. Strype's Eccl. Mem. ii. 317. by Herbert, vol i. p. 117; to his account

Liturgia Sacra, seu Ministerii in EccleHerbert or Dibdin have added nothing.

sia peregrinorum Francofordia ad McePRAYERS.—Thyse forsayd prayers as tion in 1555, without the names of the

num. Francof. 1554, 8vo.-A second edithe XV O's in Englysshe and the other English exiles which appeared in the folowyng ben enprynted by the com- first. maundementys of the moost hye and

A Praier to be sayd of all trewe Chris virtuous pryncesse our lyege lady Eliza- tianes against the Pope and all the Eneheth, by the grace of God quene of england myes of Christ and his Gospell. Greneand of fraunce, and also of the ryght hye wych by Conrade Freeman, 1554. Four and moost noble pryncesse Margarete, octavo pages in BLACK LETTER. Reprintinoder to our souerayn lord the kyng. ed in the first number of Morgan's PheWynkyn de Worde, 4to. no date. A copy nix Britannicus. printed on VELLUM is in the Lambeth

An excellent and a right learned Medilibrary.

tacion, compiled in two Prayers, most Prayers of the Byble, taken out of the frutefull and necessary to be used and said olde testament and the newe, as olde of al true Englishmen in these daungerous fathers bothe men and women, were daies of affliction, for the comfort and bet. wont to pray in tyme of tribulation, de- ter stay of the Christen conscience, beuyded in vi partes, etc. Lond. Rob. Red- wailing the deserved plages of England. man. n. d. (1530) 8vo. A copy is in the Printed at Roane, by an English Scholer's Lambeth Library, supposed to be unique. copie, by Michael Wodde, the third daye

Deuoute Prayers in Englysshe of of Januarye, 1554, sm. 8vo. pp. 12, includThactes of our Redemptiou. Impr. by ing title. Sotheby's (Bandinel), Aug. 1861, me Robert Redman, n. d. (1535), 16mo. 31. 13s. 6d. Contains C 4, in octaves.

The Forme of Prayers and Ministration PRAYERS.-Certeine prayers and godly of the Sacraments, &c. vsed in the ENmeditacyons very nedefull for every GLISHE CONGREGATION AT GENEVA,and apchristen. Emprented at Malborow the yeare proued by the famous and godly learned good

'our Lorde, a. M.ccccc. xxxviij. per me Man, John Caluin. Geneva, by Jo. Cresoannem Philoponon. 24mo.

pin, 1556, 12mo. With Psalms by SternIn BLACK LETTER. Queen Elizabeth's hold, n. d., and Calvin's Catechism, 1556, copy is in the British Museum.

in 1 vol. Heber, pt. ix. 81. 125.- Geneva, An Exhortation vnto Prayer, thought | 1558, 16mo. - Another edition, n. p. or mete by the Kings Maiestie and his name, 1561, 12mno. Eighty-four leaves. Clergy to be read to the People in every Edinh. by R. Lekprevik, 1562, sm. 8vo. Church afore Processyons. Also a Letania Reprinted in Laing's edition of Knox's with Suffrages to be sayd or subg in the Works, vol, iji. pp. 149—214, from a col. sayd Processyons. Lond. by Tho. Ber-lation of these early editions, and also of

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