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Communion, and Evening Praier, &c. the Latin translation, Ratio et Forma, &c. (Bassus, Medius, Tenor and Contra-tenor) Genevæ, 1556, 12mo.

Lond. 1560, folio.-Lond. by John Daye, The Forme of Prayers and Ministration 1565, folio. A specimen is given in Burof the Sacraments, &c. used in the English ney's

History of Music, iii. 26–9. Church at Geneva, approved and received

A Fourme to be vsed in Common Prayer by the Churche of Scotland. Whereunto twyse aweke, and also an Order of publique besydes that was in the former boken, Fast, to be vsed every Wednesday in the are also added sondrie other prayers, with Weeke, during this Tyme of Mortalitie the whole Psalmes of David in English and other Afflictions. An Homyly, conmeter, [Commonly called Knox's PRAYER cerning the Justice of God, in punyshing Book.]

Edinb. by Robert Lekprevik, of impenetent Synners, &c, Lond. 1561, 1565, 12mo. On the reverse of the title 4to. F 4, in fours. Bindley, pt. iv. 124, the contents of the boke (22 Articles), the

6s. 60.-1593, 4to. Calendar, &c. including title, 12 pages. all Tymes, of euery Cliristen both Man

A good and godly Prayer to be said at The Confession of Faith, &c. p. 1-117. A Table of the Psalms, 4 leaves, unpaged. and Woman, with a Prayer vpon the The Psalms, p. 1-460. No separate title Paternoster, or Paraphrase vpon the to the Psalms, but one to Calvin's same. Lond. by John Alde for Mychell Catechism,' &c. Edinb. by Robert Lek- Lobley, 1563, 8vo. Contains 8 leaves, the previk, 1564, p. 1–181, last page blank.

last blank. A fine copy is in the library of Corpus collecte et Regia Authoritate approbatæ,

Preces privatæ in Stvdiosorvm Gratiam Christi Coil. - Other editions, viz. No Lond. W, Seres, First edition, 1564, 16mo. place, but probably Edinb 1584, 24mo.

Ff 7, in eights; the last page blank. Sotheby's, A pril, 1857, 21.188. A copy is in Lond. by Rob. Waldegrave, n. d. (1567). the British Museum. - 1568, 16mo. W. 8vo. ?7 pages, numbered over the inner Seres, 1573, 16mo. Also in 1574, and promargins. Sotheby's, Bandinel, (bound bably oftener. — Reprinted Oxford, 1854, with 3 ecclesiastical tracts), Aug. 1861,

16mo. 51. 17s. 60.-Lond. 1641, 4to.-Lond. (re

Private Prayers, put forth during the printed from Geneva, 1558,) 1643, 4to. In reign of Queen Elizabeth, edited by the The Phenix, vol. 2.

Rev. W. K. Clay, Camb. 1851, 8vo. See These Prayers (Genevan or Knox's) Parker Society. Contains the Primer of are usually printed with the subsequent 1559. Orarium of 1560. Preces Privatæ, editions of the metrical Psalms used in 1564. Book of Christian Prayers, 1578; the Church of Scotland before the year

and in Appendix, the Library of 1544. 1650. See PSALMS.

This Booke is called the Treasure of The Form of Prayers, &c. (Genevan or

Gladness; a very little manuell of Pray. Knox's) in Latin, Genevæ, 1556, sm. 8vo. Iers, H. Denham, for J. Charlewood, 24mc.

1564. — Another edition, 1581. The same Form of Prayers, translated 51. 12s.6d. The ed. 1564, with Psalms or into the Irish-Gaelic, for the use of the Prayers taken out of Holy Scripture, with Highlanders of Scotland, by Mr. John Cars. Letany and suffixes, 24mo. 1559, W. Copewell, Bishop of the Isles. Edinb. Robert land for J. Walen and W. Seres, 2 vols. in Lekprevik, 1566, sm. 8vo. In this Liturgy, 1. Sotheby's, 1853, 81. 10s. dedicated to the Earl of Argyle, is the form of prayer used by many of the Islan- in Fourme of the Alphabet of the Queene

The Posie of flowred Prayers, disposed ders at sea, after the sails are hoisted, of her most excellent Majesties Name. Lond. which a copy (incorrect, according to To- by Henry Wykes, n.d. (1565), 16mo. White land) from the original may be seen in Knights, 3544, morocco, 31. 15s. Martin's Description of the Western Isles of Scotland, p. 127, &c. The only copy

A Fforme to be used in Common Prayer known is in the possession of the Duke of euery Sunday, Wednesday and Friday Argyle.

throughout the Realm: to excite and PRAYERS.—The Posie of Godly Prayers stirre vp all Godly People to pray vnto

God for the Preseruation of those Chrisfit for every Christian to use, with an Exhortation to forsake the World, and tians, and their Countreys, that are now not to Feare Death. Made and collected inuaded by the Turke in Hungary, or by Nicholas Themythrop, Esq., one of the elsewhere. Set foorth by Mathewe, ArchQueenes majesties Gentlemen Servers bishop of Canterbury -Lond. R. Jugge (Advertised by S. Lee, in 1680.) Now and Cawood, n. d. (1566), 4to. newly mended and enlarged by the same A Booke of Christian Prayers, collected author, and the one and fortieth time out of the antient Writers. Lond. by imprinted.

John Day, 1569, 4to. This work, usually Certaine Notes set forth in foure and called QUEEN ELIZABETH'S PRAYER BOOK, three Parts, to be song at the Morning I is by some attributed to John Foxe, by




An Order for Prayer and Thankes. others to Richard Day. Every page is or- giving (necessary to be used in these pamented with wood-cuts from the designs dangerous times) for the safetie and preof Albert Durer, Hans Holbein, &c. On servation of her Majesty and this realme. the back of the title-page is a portrait

of Lond. Deputies of Č. Barker, n. d. (1580), Queen Elizabeth on her knees. The only 4to. Sotheby's, A pl. 1857, 91. 15s.- Àgain, copy known of this edition, formerly Q. in 1594, 14 leaves. Elizabeth's, afterwards in the possession A Prayer for the State of Christes of Queen Anne, is now in the Archiepis- Church. A Prayer to be used of all copal Library, Lambeth Palace. It is householders with their whole familie, supposed to have been printed expressly every Evening before they go to bed, that for Elizabeth, as the prayers for the it would please God to turn his wrath Queen are in the first person.-Lond. by from us, threatned in the last terrible John Daye, 1578, 4to.-Lond. by John earthquake. Lond. by Chr. Barker, 1580, Daye, 1581, 4to. Roscoe, 571, 101. 10s. 4to. Grenville Collection. Nassau, pt. i. 1310, 71. 7s. Saunders' in

Order of Prayer and other exercises 1818, morocco, 41. Gardner, July, 1854, upon Wednesdays and Fridays, to avert 181.-Lond. 1590, R. Yardley and P. Short, and turne God's wrath from us, threatened for the assignees of Richard Day, 4to. by the late terrible earthquake. Lond. Sotheby's in 1821, mor. 21. 16s. White C. Barker, 1580, 410. Sotheby's, A pl. 1857, Knights, 8538, mor. 5l. 15s.6d. Evans' in

71. 1817, 41. 58. Gardner, 8l. 188. 6d.

A Booke of the Forme of Common PAPER. A copy is in the Library of K. Prayers, Administration of the Sacra, George III. now in the British Museum. ments, &c. agreable to Gods Worde, and -Lond. 1608, 4to. folios 138, besides title, the Vse of the reformed Churches. Midto the Christian reader, three prayers and dleburgh, by Richard Schilders, 1586. a table, 10 leaves. Dowdeswell, 274, 31.3s. 8vo. This appears to be the Form of Saunders' in Nov. 1823, 41. 14s. 6d.

Prayer exhibited by the PURITANS to the Meditationum ac Precationum Libellus Parliament three times. See Strype's (Elizabethæ Reginæ Angliæ). Lugduni, Life of Abp. Whitgift, Neal's History of 1570, 16mo. A copy is in the library of the Puritans, and Ames' Typogr. Antiq. K. GeorgeIII. now in the British Museum. by Herbert.- Middleburgh, 1587. Sir P.

Most Godly Prayers, compiled out of Thompson, 234, 7s. Inglis, 209, 1l. 79. David's Psalmes, by Peter Martyr. Lond. Hall, 61. 8s.6d. An edit. R. Waldegrave, W. Seres, 1569, 8vo. Heber, pt. vii. 10s. 6d. n. d. (circa 1586), 12mo. Sotheby's, Apl.

A Booke of private Prayer necessarye 1857, 81. 158. — Fourth edition. Middleto be used of all Christians, with manye burgh, 1602, 8vo. godly Prayers. Lond. by William Seres, The Middleburgh Prayer Book (1586) (1570)

, 48mo. 1l. 18. Williams, 1444, su- is reprinted in Hall's Reliquiæ Liturgicæ perbly bound in morocco, 61. 6s.

Certaine Praiers collected out of a Christian Prayers and holy Meditations. Forme of Godly Meditations, set forth by Lond. 1570, 4to. Several times reprinted. Her Majesties (Elizabeth) authoritie, in See Bull, Henry. Parker Society, APPEN. the fifth yeere of her highnesses reigne, DIX.

and most necessarie to be used at this An Alphabet of Prayers, verye fruitfull time in the like visitation, July, 1593, to be used of everye christian man. Lond. Lond. c. Barker, BLACK LETTER, 4to. 8 1573, 8vo.

leaves. The Garland of Godlie Flowers beauti

The Fift Lampe of Virginitie, conteinfully adorned with the most fragrant ing sundrie Forms of Christian Praiers blossoms (commonly called Tyme's and Meditations for all sorts and degrees Praiers). Lond. 1574, 48mo. Dedicated

of women. Lond. 1595, 4to. to Sir N. Bacon. No pagination, end on P7, woodcut border round each page.

Certain Prayers set forth by Authoritie,

to be vsed for the prosperous Successe of The Lord's Prayer, Creed, and ten Com- her Maiesties Forces and Navy: Lond. mandments, in the English and Saxon by the Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1597, 4to. Language. J. Day, n. d. (1577), 12mo, Eight in number; the first remarkable

Godlye priuate Prayers for Housholders for the style, composed by the Queen. C. to meditate vpon, and to say in their Fa- Barker published several other little vo. milies. Imprinted by John Awdeley, 1576, lumes of prayers. 8vo. C, in eights.

A Manuall of Praiers, gathered out of A Fourme of Prayer to be used of all many famous and good Authors, as well the Queen's Majesties' Subjects every ancient, as of the Time present, distriyeere the 17 of November, being the day buted according to the Daies of the of her Highnes' entrie to her Kingdome. Weeke; whereunto is added a new CaLond, 1578, 4to.

lender, with the Order to help at Masse,


last blank. Another for the Time of Printed at Calice, 1599, 16mo. pp. 338, Warre, Pestilence, and Famine, 4to. 42

leaves. 78, 6d. A list of occasional Forms of Prayer

Praiers of the Saints, or Choicest and Services, used during the Reign of Hymns for the use of the Poor afflicted Elizabeth, 1560, 1601, will be found in the Catholiques of England. Paris, 1624, vol. of Liturgical Services, edited by the Heber, pt. ii. 98. 6d. Rev. W. K. Člay for the Parker Society, staying of the Plague. Lond. 1625, 10

A Shorte Forme of Thanksgiving for Camb. 1847.

leaves. Certaine Orders collected out of a part of a Forme of Godly Meditations, by his

A Forme of Prayer necessary to bee Majesties Authoritie. C. Barker, 1603, used in these dangerous Times of Warre 4to. 16 leaves.

and Pestilence, for the safety and preserCertain Prayers to be used in the pre- vation of his Majesty and his Realmes. sent Visitation of the Plague; together Norton and Bill, 1626, 4to. B 4, A to Q with the Order of a Fast. Lond. 1603, iv. first and last blank. 4to.

The Patterne of all pious prayer, and A Fourme of Prayer to be used every the epitomie of all Christian catholique Yeere the fift of August; the Day of his belief, &c. [The author gives his name, Highnesse's happy Deliverance from the 'Marke Prayer in't.'] Doway, 1636, 8vo. traiterous Attempt of the Earle of Gowry

Forme of Common Prayer to be used on and his Brother, with their Adherents. the 8th of July, for the averting the Lond. 1603, 4to. Sotheby's, Apl. 1857, Plague. C. Barker, 1640, pp. 44, first

blank. 11. 19s. Forme of Prayer with Thanksgiving to

Forme of Common Prayer to be used on be used on the 27th of March, being the 17 Nov, and 8 of Dec., for the Removing day of His Highnesse entry to this King of the Plague. Barker and Bill, 1640, pp.

44. dom, 1603, 4to. A' Manual of Prayers. Doway, 1604,

Prayers of Warre, for the Kingdome, 8vo.-Whereunto is added a more large Judgment, and Justice, which God hath and ample exercise, for morning and promised to execute under Heaven here evening. n. p. 1604, 8vo.

on Earth. Lond. 1642, 4to.

Supplications of Saints; a Book of Prayers and Thanksgiving to be used by Prayers and Praises, in four parts, whereall the King's Majesties loving subjects, in are three most excellent Prayers of for the happy deliverance of His Ma: Queen Elizabeth. Lond. 1642, 12mo. jestie, the Queene, Prince, &c. from the

Foame of Common Prayer to be used on massacre by Gunpowder the fifth of No second Friday of every month, beginning vember, 1605. -Rep. 1630, Barker, 24 pp. on the Tenth of Next. Oxf, 1643, 4to. -Lond. 1636,

A Collection of Prayers and Thanks. A Forme of Common Prayer, together givings used in His Majesties Chappell, with an Order of Fasting. Lond. 1605, and in his armies, upon occasions of Vic4to.--Reprinted 1625.-Again 1636.

tories against the Rebels, and for the The Princes (Henry) Prayers. Lond. future success of the Forcés. Oxford, J. 1610. Heber, pt. v. 5s. A manual of godly Praiers and Litanies. Buckley, 1644, 4to.

Lichfield, 1643, 4to. 10 leaves.-York, s. Rouen, 1613, 8vo.

The Cavaliers New Common Prayer The Christian's Guide: consisting of Book unclaspt, being a Collection of Prayers, Meditations, &c. Lond. 1614, Prayers used in his Majesties Chapel.

Printed at York, by Stephen Buckley, Form of Prayer (Scottish Presbyterian). 1644, and reprinted by G. B. with some Edinb. A. Hart, 1615, 8vo. For later edi- briefe and necessary observations to refute tion, see PSALMS.

the Lyes and Scandalls that are conA heavenly New-Year's Gift, wherein tained in it, at London. 1644, 4to. Sotheis eontayned many godly prayers. Lond. by's, Ap. 1857 (Maskell), 61. 10s, 1620, 8vo.

A Manual of Devotions, serving to A Forme of Prayer necessary to bee ground the Mind in the Knowledge, and used in these dangerous times of Warre guide the Heart in the practice of Reli(to which is appended), 'A Generall Ex: gion. Lond. 1644, 18mo. Sotheby's, Ap. hortation, in the Time of Danger and 1857, 10s. Feare of God's Judgements. Lond. Bill

A Collection of Prayers and Thanksand Norton, n. d. 4to. BLACK LETTER, A. givings, published by command of King to M 4, first and last blank.

Charles I. in 1643 and 1614. Oxford, A Forme of Prayer necessary to be 1643-4, 4to. used in these dangerous times of Warre, A Directory for the publiqne Worship Norton and Bill, 1620, 4to. 48 pp. first and of God, 1644. See DIRECTORY, P. 650.





His Majesties (Charles II.) direction." Private Formes of Prayer fit for these Lond. J. Bill, 1661. 4to. Sotheby's, Maskell, sad times; also a Collection of all the April, 1857, 41. - Second edition, " by His Prayers printed since these troubles be- Majesties command,” J. Bill and c. Bar. gan. Oxford, 1645, 12mo. ROMAN LET- ker, Lond. 1661, 4to. Sotheby's, Maskell,

April, 1857, 41. 6s. The first edition con. Private Forms of Prayer, fitted for the tains a clause for the dead, which was late sad Times : particularly, a Form of omitted, and other alterations made in Prayer for the thirtieth of January, morn

the second. ing and evening. With Additions, &c.

Form of Common Prayer for 12 July, Lond. 1660, 12mo. Dr. Hammond is sup: and on every other Wednesday during. posed to be the author.

this visitation (THE PLAGUE). Lond. 1665, A Discourse concerning Prayer ex

4to. Sotheby's, April, 1857, 31. 188.-Oxf. tempore, or by pretence of the Spirit. 1665, 4to. In justification of Authorized and Set Form of Common Prayer to be used 10 forms of Liturgie (by Bp. Taylor.) Lond. Oct. for the late dreadful Fire of London. Rich. Royston, 1647, 4to. First printed in Lond. 1666, 4to. Sotheby's, April, 1857, 1646, without place.

41. 12s. A Perfect Copie of Prayers used by his

Manual of godly Prayers and Litanies. Majestie in the Time of his Sufferings, Antwerpe, 1671, with 'plates by Hollar delivered to Doctor Juxton immediately and others. Towneley, pt. i. 496, 158. before his Deatb. 1649, 8vo.

A Manual of Three small Treatises, &c, Prayers or Intercessions for their Use, By John, Abp. of York (Williams). who mourn in Secret for the publique Ca | Lond. 1672, 18nio. lamities of this Nation : with an anniver- Devotions in the Antient Way. Offices sary Prayer for the 30 of January. Lond. with Psalms, &c. Second edition, Rouan, 1650, 12mo. Used in Dr. Willis' oratory. 1672, 12mo. Sotheby's, April, 1867, 139. Prayers used in the King's (Charles in good earnest with religion; with their

The family Prayers of poor Christians IInd) Chapel, on Tuesdays, at the Hage, way of praying for others. Lond. 1675, 1650, 4to. Heber, pt. ii. 4s.

A Supply of Prayers, for the Ships of this Kingdom that want ministers to daily supplication. Lond. 1679, 8vo.

Christian Devotion; or the pious soul's pray with them agreeable to the Direc

Domestick Devotions for the use of tory. Lond. published by authority, n. d. families and particular persons. Lond. (1650). The only Form published by the

1683, 8vo. Parliamentary party. A Collection of Prayers by divers Di. tions for families and private persons.

Preparations for a holy life; or devovines. Lond. 1651, 24mo.

Lond. 1684, 8vo. A Collection of private Devotions in the

A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving Practice of the ancient Church, called The Hours of Praiers; as they were much for his Majesties late Victories over the

Rebels. Lond. 1685, 4to. after this Manner published by Authoritie of Queen Elisa. 1560. Lond. 1655, Virgin Mary, n. p. 1686, 4to.

A most devout Prayer unto the glorious 12mo. A Collection of Offices or Forms of

The Ceremonies for the Healing of Prayer in Cases ordinary and extraordi. them that be diseased with the King's nary, taken out of the Scriptures and the Evil, used in the time of Henry VIII. ancient Liturgies of several Churches,

Published by his Majesties command. especially the Greek. Lond. 1658, 8vo.

Lond. printed by Henry Hills, printer to

the King's most excellent majestie, for Pulpit Sparks, or choice Forms of Prayer, his household and chapel. 1686, 4to. by several Reverend and Godly Divines. A Form of Prayer to be used in London, Lond. 1659, 8vo. Heber, pt. vii. 4715, 1s. and ten miles round, upon occasion of the

The most devout Prayers of St. Brigitte, Queen's being with child. Lond. 1687, 1659. See BRIDGET, St.

4to. Elijah's fiery Chariot, or Glowing-coals Reformed Devotions in Meditations, taken from God's Altar: being excellent Hymns, and Petitions, for every Day in Prayers and Meditations fitted for all the Week, by J. T. Dorrington.- Second Conditions : composed by divers learned edition, Lond. 1687, 12mo.-Seventh odit, Fathers and Martyres in the Church of 1708, 12mo. God. Lond. 1659, 24mo.

Prayers to be used in all Cathedral, A Form of Prayer to be used the 28th Collegiate, and Parochial Churches and of June, 1660, for his Majesties happy Chapels, during the time of publick Apreturn to his Kingdom. Lond. 1660, 4to. prehensions from the danger of Invasion.

Form of Common Prayer to be used Lond. 1688, 4to. upon the 30th of January, published" by A Form of Prayor and Thanksgiving

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A Form of Prayers, used by William for the safe delivery of the Queen, and III. with a Preface by John Moore, Bp. happy birth of the young Prince. To be of Norwich. Lond. 1704, 12mo. Used June 17th, 1688. Lond. 1688, 4to. Enchiridion Precum, ad Promovendum

A Prayer for his Highness the Prince solidioris Pietatis Studium collectum. of Orange. In the Savoy, 1688, 4to.

Lond. Typis, J. Downing; Impensis R. A Prayer for the Prince and Princess Burrough et J. Baker, 1707, izmo. pp.

xxx and 276. of Orange. Translated out of the French

A New Form of Prayer for Morning (1688), 4to.

A form of Prayer for having made the and Evening, for the Use of Families Prince of Urange the glorious instrument zealouslyaffected to the establish'dchurch.

Lond. 1710, 12mo. of deliverance from popery. Lond. 1688, 4to.

A New Extempore Prayer, fitted for A Collection of private forms of prayer,

the use of all Conventicles. Lond. 1710,

Svo. by the Author of the Week's Preparation. Lond. 1690, 8vo.

The Marrow of Prayer contained in few A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving

wordsLond. 1710, 12mo. to be used Yearly, on the 5th of Novem. Neufchatel, with a Letter of D.Jablonski

The Liturgy used in the Charches of ber; for the happy deliverance of King James I. and the Three Estates of the concerning Liturgies : to which is added Realm, from the intended Massacre ; and the Form of Prayer lately introduced also for the happy arrival of his present into the Church of Geneva. Lond. 1712,

4to. Majesty on this Day. Lond. 1690, 4to.

The Primitive Liturgy, in nearly its A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving Primitive State, by W. Whiston, 1714, for the preservation of their Majesties, 8v0.-Second edition corrected, 1750, 8vo. the success of their Foroes in the reduce

See HENLEY, John. ing of Ireland, and for his Majesties safə Return, Nov 26th, 1691.

Lond. 1691, 4to.

Form and Manner of the Holy Commute

nion. Lond. 1717, 12mo. Printed by the An Office for Penitents; or a Form of Nonjurors. Prayer fit to be used in sinful and distract

A supplement to this volume appeared. ed 'imes. 1691, 12mo. Secretly printed; A full, true, and comprehensive View of with a portrait of John Ashton, who was Christianity,laid down in two Catechisms, executed for treason.

1747, 8vo. Both compiled by Dr. Deacon, Prayers for the Use of all Persons who the Nonjuror, and published anonymously. come to the Baths for Cure. Lond. 1692, A Litany, together with Prayers, in 8vo.

behalf of the Catholic Church. Lond. A Catechism with Prayers (English and 1746, 8vo.-Shrewsbury, 1797, 8vo. Also French), for the use of his R. H. the by Dr. Deacon. Prince of Wales. Paris, 1692, 4to. Pri- A Collection of Liturgies, 1720. See vately printed.

BRETT, Thomas. The whole duty of Prayer, containing The New Year's Gift-Complete: in six devotions, &c. Lond. 1692, 8vo.

Parts, Composed of Meditations and Liturgia Tigurina, or the Book of Com- Prayers for every Day in the Week. mon Prayer for the Church of Zurick, Lond. 1725, 12mo. translated out of the Helvetian by J. C.

The Plebeian Prayer Book. Lond. 1726, Werndley. Lond. 1693, 8vo. 7s. 6d.


Crumbs of Comfort and godly Prayers. Companion for the persecuted; or an 39th edition. n. d. 48mo. With verses of Office for those who suffer for righteous- Man's mortality printed up the pages. ness; containing prayers, &c. n. p. 1693, Folding plates of martyrs, fire, plagues, 8vo. A Daily Office for the Sick, compiled

&c. Mr. George Offor. out of the Holy Scripture and the Liturgy Lond. 1726, 12mo.

Crumbs of Comfort, and Godly Prayers, of the Church of England. Lond. 1694, 8vo.

A Complete Collection of Devotions, Prayers for the Closet. Oxford, 1694, both publick and private, taken from the 12mo.

apostolical constitutions; with an Appen. The Liturgy of the Ancients, repre- dix and Supplement. Lond. 1734, 8vo. sented as near as may be, in English Forms of Prayer proper to be used be. form, with a Preface By Ed. Stephens]. fore, at, and after, receiving the Holy Lond. 1696, 4to.

Sacrament. Seventh edition corrected. Devotions for the Afflicted and Sick, Lond. 1742, 12mo. and some Help for Prisoners tryed for Liturgy.--The Ancient Liturgy of the Lile. 1697, 12mo.

Church of Jerusalem, being the Liturgy

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