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of St. James, freed from all latter additions and interpolations of whatever kind, and so restored to its original purity by comparing it with the account given of that Liturgy by St. Cyril, in his fifth Mystagogical Catechism, and with the Clementine Liturgy, and with an English translation and Notes, as also an Appendix, containing some other ancient Prayers [by Dr. Thomas Rattray, Bishop of Dunkeld], 4to. 1744. Printed at the request of the Rev. R. Lyon.

A Form of Prayer for Christians of all Denominations. Lond. 1751, 8vo.

A Specimen of a Liturgy for the Use of a private Congregation. Lond. 1753,


A new Form of Common-Prayer, with the Offices thereto belonging. (Unitarian.)

Lond. 1753, 8vo.

The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacrament and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church ac cording to the Use of the Church of Ireland. Dublin, 1757, 4to.

The Christian Common Prayer-Book, or universal Liturgy, (Unitarian.) 1761,


mon Prayer. Also select Psalms, adapted to the Use of Christian Congregations. With Anthems for particular Seasons. The second Edition. Salisbury, 1777, 12mo. 3s.

Forms of Prayer, and other Offices for the use of the Unitarian Society. By Joseph Priestley, LL.D. Birmingham, 1783, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

The Book of Common Prayer and Ad. ministration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies, as revised and proposed to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church, at a Convention of the said Church in the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, held in Philadelphia, from September 27th to October 7th, 1785. Philadelphia, Hall and Sellers, 1786, 12mo.-Lond. re printed, Debrett, 1789, 8vo. 4s.

See in HALL'S Reliquiæ Liturgicæ. The Book of Common Prayer, &c. as received by the American Church. Phila. delphia, 1790, 12mo. Carefully edited by Bp. Doane, and stereotyped under the sanction of Bp. Griswold. Comprising all the alterations ard additions, and the Psalms in metre. Boston, 1828, royal 8vo. Reprinted (without the metrical versions) in London, 1833, 12mo.-Another called the Standard Edition, New York, royal 8vo. printed for private circulation only. This edition bears a certificate of its Tephilloth, containing the Forms of authenticity and accuracy, from the comPrayers read in the Jewish Synagogues, mittee of Bishops and other clergy, aptransl. from the Hebrew; with the Sen-pointed by the convention of Philadelphia tences and Proverbs of the ancient Fathers, in six Books, called Abouth. Lond. 1772, 8vo.

Form of Prayer, and a new Collection of Psalms for the Use of a Congregation of Protestant Dissenters in Liverpool (Unitarian.) Lond. 1763, 8vo.

The Form of Prayers (for the New Year), according to the Customs of the German and Polish Jews, as read in their Synagogues, and used in their families. Translated and printed into English from the Hebrew, by David Levi, now carefully revised, corrected, and illustrated, by Isaac Levi. Second edition, with amendments, 6 vols. royal 8vo. A. M. 5567, engraved titles in Hebrew, and portrait of Solomon Hirschell, Chief Rabbi.

The Book of Common Prayer reformed according to the plan of the late Dr. Sam. Clarke; (Unitarian) together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Lond. 1774, 8vo. Two editions, one in April, another Dec.--Lond. 1785, 8vo. - Plymouth, 1791, sm. 8vo. 1793.-1802, LARGE PAPER, in 4to. Hollis, 412, 9s.-1805-1813.

Form of Prayer for Public Worship, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper, collected from various devotional Offices, composed for the Use of Protestant Dissenters. To which is added a Liturgychiefly selected from the Book of Com

in 1844, and containing the Psalms and Hymns finally revised. From this all authentic editions are now printed. See OPPENHEIM, Rev. W. H., on the Origin and Compilation of the Prayer Book. Philadelphia, 1841, 12mo. Bp. Short's Hiatory, pp. 383, 386. The Christian Kemembrancer, 1835-38. Cuswall, America, and the American Church.

The Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, reformed upon Unitarian Principles: together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Newcastle, 1790,

crown 8vo. 4s.-1792, crown 8vo.

A Common Prayer Book, according to the Plan of the Liturgy of the Church of England, with suitable Services. (By Thomas Morgan, (Socinian.) Exeter, 1791, 12mo. 48.

The Book of Common Prayer, compiled for the use of the English Church at Dunkirk; with a collection of Psalms. Dunkirk, printed by Van Schelle and Compagn, 1791, 12mo. Reprinted in Hall's Fragmenta Liturgica; but only the titles of the Psalms are given.

The Roman Liturgy and devout Catholic's companion, by E. F. Robertson. Edinb. 1792, 24mo.


The Poor Man's Manual of Devotions. Dublin, 1805, 8vo.

Preces Quotidianæ in usum scholæ apud Etonam, adjiciuntur catechismus, articuli, &c. Etonæ, 1809, sm. 8vo.

Preces Quotidiane in usum scholæ, apud Etonam, adjiciuntur Catechismus, Articuli, &c. Gr. et Lat. Etonæ, 1809, sm. 8vo.

Liturgy, or a Book of Common Prayers and administration of Sacraments, with

other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, by Peter Gandolphy. 1812, 12mo. 1815, 12mo. This attempt to introduce the use of the vulgar tongue into the public service of the Roman Catholic church has been strictly prohibited, and inserted in the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.'

Preces, Catechismvs et Hymni, Græce et Latine, in Usum Schola juxta S. Pavli Templvm apud Londinates, Fundatore Johanne Coleto, S. T. P. necnon S. P. Decano. Lond. 1814, small 8vo. 62 pp. with port. of Dean Colet by J. T. Wedgwood. LARGE PAPER. One hundred copies printed.

A collection of the principal Liturgies which are used by the Greeks and other schismatics of the Oriental churches, shewing their uniformity with the Roman Liturgy, in all essentials relating to the sacrifice of the mass, &c. Dubl. 1822,


Family Prayers for every Day in the Week, selected from various Portions of the Holy Bible, with a few Prayers for Persons in private, and fourteen original Hymns. Lond. 1824, 8vo.

A Companion to the Book of Common Prayer, being a Compilation of Hymns and Psalms, on the Collects, Epistles, and Gospels, &c. (by Mrs. Southall). 1832, 18mo.


The Union Liturgy. 1837, 12mo. Family Prayers for Morning and Even. ing throughout the year, &c. By John Morison, D.D. Lond. Fisher and Co. 1847, imp. 8vo. 18s.

A Guide to Family Devotion, by the Rev. Alexander Fletcher, D.D. Lond. 1844, 4to. 17. 53. People's edition, 15s. Eight various editions. This popular volume in the late edition contains 733 Hymns, 730 Prayers, and 730 passages of Scripture, with appropriate Reflections. 30,000 copies have been sold.

The Book of Family Prayer, comprising a Course of Original Prayers, for every Morning and Evening in the year, with an Introductory Essay on Family Worship, by the Rev. C. Brydges, edited by the Rev. C. J. Goodhart and the Rev. C. Holloway. Lond. 4to. 1844, 955 pages, 17. 58. The Prayers are written by a

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delightful for its choicest pleasures of piety. By James Merle Horst. Translated by Dr. Pusey, Lond. J. H. Parker, 1847, 18mo.-1850, 18mo. 2 vols. 6s. 6d.

The Paradise of the Christian Soul,

Reliquiæ Liturgica, Documents connected with the Liturgy of the Church of England. Edited by the Rev. Peter Hall. Bath, 1847, 18mo. 5 vols. 17. 4s.

Contents.-1. A Booke of the Forme of C. P. &c. Fourth edition. Middleburgh,


2. Book of C. P., from the folio of Edinb. R. Young, 1637.

3. Directory for Pub. Worship, for the good of the Commonwealth. 1644. 4. The Savoy Liturgy, 1661.

5. Book of C. P. for the Episcopal Ch. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. Philadelphia, 1786.

Fragmenta Liturgica; Documents illustrative of the Liturgy of the Church of England. Edited by the Rev. Peter Hall. Bath, 1848, 18mo. 7 vols. 11. 8s.

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PREACHER. - The practical Preacher, with Forms of Devotion for the Use of Families. Lond. 1762, 8vo. 4 vols.

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A selection of discourses from the works PREDESTINATION.-A Collection of the most eminent divines, whether of Tracts concerning Predestination the Author was a minister of the esta- and Providence. blished church, or a protestant dissenBy Dr. Thomas ter.' Plaifere, Dr. Christ. Potter, Bp. Womack, and Dr. Thos. Goad. Camb. 1719, 8vo.

The Scotch Preacher: or, a Collection of Sermons by the most eminent Divines of the Church of Scotland. Edinb, 177689, 12mo. 4 vols. Hollis, 1206, 14s. Williams, 1573, mor. 21. 7s.

The Preacher's Directory; or a Series of Subjects proper for public Discourses, with Texts under each Head: To which is added a Supplement, containing select Passages from the Apocrypha. Lond.1771, 4to. See ENFIELD, William.

The English Preacher. Lond. 1773, 12mo. 9 vols. See ENFIELD, William. The Protestant Preacher, being a select Collection of Sermons and Discourses, by the most distinguished Divines, from the Reformation to the present Period. Lond. 1780, 8vo. 2 vols. 12s.

The Protestant Preacher, containing Sermons supplied by their Authors only. Lond. Baisler, 1836-39, 8vo. 7 vols. pub. 21. 10s. All published.

The Preacher. A Collection of Sermons, by eminent living Divines. Lond. 1831-34, 8vo. 8 vols. 7s. 6d. each. All published.

The Preacher. Sketches of Original Sermons. 1822-26, 12mo. 8 vols. 11. 12s. Preacher's Assistant. See LETSOME, Sampson. PULPIT.

Preachers. A copie of a letter sent to Preachers which the Kynges Majestie hath licensed to preach from the Lord Protector's grace. Lond. R. Grafton, 1548, small 8vo. Seven leaves. A copy is in Lambeth Library.

PRECEDENTS.-A new Boke of Presedents. Lond. by E. Whytchurche, 1543, 4to.

Williams, 1447, 12. 2s.

A Treatise of what God hath Predestinated concerning Man, &c. Printed in 1620, 12mo. pp. 176.

One of the earliest pieces on a subject which led to the separation of the Mr. John Robinson, the leader of the sect early English Baptists into two Sects, by

of Brownists. The volume is attributed 'to John Murton and his associates.' See ROBINSON, John.

See LAURENCE, Richard, Abp. of Cashel, PRELATES.-The Practice of Prelates. See TYNDALE, William.

The vnlawful Practises of Prelates against Godly Ministers, the Maintainers of the Discipline of God. date, 16mo. No place or A puritanical pamphlet, ber, pt. ii. 7s. 6d. printed in a large clear Roman type. Heeights, the last page blank. It contains D 3 in Sion's Plea against the Prelacie. See LEIGHTON, Alexander.

PREMPART, James. An historicall Relation of the famous Siege of the Citie called Bvsse (i.e. Boisle-Duc). Amst. 1630, folio.

With maps and plans. White Knights, 3779, 17. 48. Duke of York, 4716, 17. 7s.

PREM SAGUR; or the History of Krishnu, translated into Hindu, with Vocabulary, Kaunee, Bolee, and English. Calcutta, 1825, 4to.

PREPOSITAS, his Practice. A worke very necessary for the better preservation of the health of Man. Translated out of Latin by L. M. Lond. John Wolfe, 1588, 4to.

PRESBYTERIES TRIALL, or the occasion and motives of Conversion to the Catholique Faith of a Person of Quality (viz., the Earl of Inchiquin), in Scotland; to which is subjoined a Little Touchstone of the Presbyterian Covenant. By A.W.S. Paris, 1657, 8vo.

Heber, pt. vi. 5s.

The Will and Testament of Sir John Presbyter, who died of a new disease, called the particular charge of the army. Printed in the yeere of Iubilee, 1647, 4to. PRESBYTERY. -The History of the English and Scotch Presbytery. Written in French, and now Englished. Printed in Villa Franca, 1659, 8vo. 6s. With frontispiece by Hollar.

Written by Isaac Basire, D.D. Hibbert, 6566, in velvet, with clasps, 17s. G. Chalmers, old mor. 78.

Histoire des nouveaux Presbyteriens Anglois et Ecossois, ensemble la vraye Origine des Troubles emeus par eux et leurs Fauteurs, contre le Roy et le' Eglise d'Angleterre, 1660, 8vo. With portrait of King Charles II. by Moncornet inserted. Sotheby's in July 1821, 17. 16s. Heber, pt. ii. 17. 6s.

The Presbyterian Lash, or Noctroffe's Maid whipt, a Tragy Comedy. Lond. 1661, 4to. See E.K.

The true Presbyterian without Disguise; or, a Character of a Presbyterians Wayes and Actions, in Verse, Lond. 1661,


The Religion of the hypocritical Presbyterians in Meeter, with Poem set to Music, entitled 'Robert Wisdom's Delight. 1661, 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 547, 6s. 6d. See PHILLIPS, John.

The Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence; or, the Foolishness of their Teaching discovered from their Books, Sermons and Prayers. Lond. 1693, 4to.-Third edition, 1719, 8vo. 1732, 8vo. with a frontispiece. Nassau, pt. ii. 325, 88.- 1738. Edinb. 1790, 12mo. Lond, printed for the Booksellers, 1847, 12mo. This edition, which has no publisher's name, appears to have been printed abroad. Some trifling verbal changes, and one or two short passages are omitted, but it contains much more than the pre

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An Answer to the Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence; in three Parts. Lond. 1693, 4to.-Edinb. n. d. 12mo. - Lond. 1789, 12mo.

A Continuation of the Answer to the

Scots Presbyterian Eloquence. By Wil.

liam Laick. Lond. 1693, 4to.

An historical Essay upon the Loyalty of Presbyterians in Great Britain and Ireland, from the Reformation to the present Year 1713. By Kirkpatrick. Edinb. 1713, 4to.

The English Presbyterian Eloquence. 1726, 8vo.

Bibliotheca Presbyteriana; containing the Lives of the Rev. Mr. Alexander Peden, Mr. John Semple, Mr. John Welwood, Mr. Richard Cameron, Mr. Donald Cargill, and Mr. Walter Smith, by Pa

trick Walker, and the Rev. Mr. James Renwick, by the Rev. Alex. Shields, with a general Preface, Indexes, &c. Edinb. 1827, post 8vo. nos. in 2 vols. LARGE PAPER, Twenty-four copies printed.

In the British Museum are many tracts relating to Presbytery and the Presbyterians from 1592 to the present time.

PRESCOTT, Kenrick. Letters concerning Homer the Sleeper in Horace : with additional classic Amusements. Cambridge, 1773, 4to. 3s. 6d.

Mildenhall, and other Poems, 1771-2, 4to. 2 vols.

Privately printed.

W. H. See APPENDIX. PRESIDENTS. See PRECEDENTS. PRESS. Reasons against restraining the Press. 1704.

This tract, probably written by Toland or Tindal, is reprinted in the twelfth volume of the Somers Collection of Tracts.

News from the Press, or the Black Devil conjured; being a Satyr against Scribling, 1673, 4to. Bliss, 5s. 6d.

A Just Vindication of Learning, or humble address to Parliament, on behalf of the liberty of the Press, by Philopatris (C. Blount). Lond. 1679, 4to. Bliss, pt. v. 6d.

A Letter on the restraint of the Press. Lond. 1698, 4to.

A Letter on the necessity of Regulating the Press. Oxford, 1699, 4to.

Thoughts of a Tory Author, concerning the Press. Lond. 1712, 8vo. Eight pages. By some attributed to Addison.


PRESSICK, G. A Plaine Discoverie of the Apostasie, Superstition, Blasphemy, and Idolatry, of the Church of Rome. Lond. 1663,


An Answer to Herbert Thorndyke's Just Weights and Measures, and Bp. Wil

liam's Anti-Christ revealed.

PRESTER JOHN. The Legacye or Embassate of the Great Emperoure of Inde,-Prester John unto Emmanuell, Kynge of Portyngale, etc. Lond. John Rastell, 8vo.

A copy is in the Lambeth Library. PRESTON, John, D.D. Various Works. Lond. 1615, &c. 4to.

Preston was a considerable person in his day, and his writings, which were numerous, were exceedingly popular, and are highly praised by Williams in his

Christian Preacher.

- Richard. A Treatise on Conveyancing, with an Appendix of select and appropriate Precedents. Third Edition corrected. Lond. 1819-29, royal 8vo. 3 vols. 17. 18. An esteemed work. Preston has pubblished other treatises.

Thomas. A lamentable Tragedie, containing the Life of Cambises, King of Persia, unto his death. Lond. by Ed. Allde, 4to.

This tragedy, the butt of contemporary wits, was licensed in 1569. Rhodes, 1908, 37. 158. Inglis' Old Plays, 83, 67. 12s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 1201, 127. 15s. Roxburghe, 567, 37. 9s. Heber, pt. ii. 67. 2s. 6d. Jolley (Garrick's copy), 15l. 5s. Sotheby's in April, 1821, 151. resold, Heber, pt. iv. 51. 10s. Lond. by John Allde, 4to. A copy is in the British Museum. It is reprinted in the first volume of Hawkins' Origin of the English Drama.

A Geliflower or swete Marygolde, wherein the Frutes of Teranny you may beholde. Licensed in 1569.

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The Guild Merchant of Preston: or Preston Guild Companion. Being an exact Representation on 19 Plates of that ancient Procession, with a Letter-press Explanation. Manchester, 1762, oblong 8vo. Collation.-Title, one leaf; an account when the Guild Merchant has been held, 2 pages, and explanation of the (19) plates, 2 pages.

PRESTWICH, Edmund. Hippolitus, translated out of Seneca: together with divers other Poems. Lond. 1651, 12mo.

Reed, 7561, 7s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 1081, 17. 8s. resold, Heber, pt. viii. 88, Bright, 12s.

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- John. Dissertations on mineral, animal, and vegetable PoiLond. 1775, 8vo. 5s. sons.

Sir John, Bart. Respublica; or, a Display of the Honours, Ceremonies and Ensigns of the Commonwealth under the Protectorship of Oliver Cromwell, &c. Lond. 1787, 4to. 6s.

A curious performance, useful for genealogists and heralds.


Old and Young. See Charles James Edward; James III., Scotland, Stuart Family. Also for list of Pieces relating to the Pretenders in the Grenville Cata

- William. Illustrations of Ma-logue; Watt, Bibliotheca Brit. sonry. Lond. third edition, 1775,

12mo. 3s.

This work has been frequently reprinted. The fifteenth Edition, with Additions, Alterations, and Improvements, by

Volumes of Tracts relating to the Pre

tender in Heber, pt. vii. 4683, 3s. 6d. and

4684, 11s.

PRETI, Girol. Oranta the Cyprian Virgin, in verse. Translated

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