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BALLANTINE, JAMES, poet, ii.... 485 Bible in Spain, by George Borrow; BOYLE, HON. ROBERT, philosopher;
Bampton Lectures, the, ii,
662 extract, ii.
780 extracts, i...

BANCROFT, George, historian;

Bible, Wycliffe's, i. 28; Tyndale's, i. Bracebridge Hall, by Washington
tracts, ii.'.
582 67: Coverdale's, i, 68; Matthews's, Irving ; extracts, ü.

Bangorian Controversy, i.

556 i. 68; Cranmer's, i. 68; authorised BRADDON, M. ELIZABETH, novelist, ii. 550
BANIM, John, novelist, ii.

312 translation, i. 212; Douay Bible, Braes o Balquhither, by Tannahill, ü. 200
Bannatyne Manuscript, the, i..

51 i. 213; Kennicot's Hebrew Bible, i. Braes o' Gleniffer, by Tannahill, ü.... 203
Bannockburn, Battle of, by R. White, ii. 629 774; D'Oyley and Mant's annotated Braes of Yarrow, by Hamilton, i... 708
Barbara Fritchie, by J. G. Whittier, ii. 469 edition, ií. 348; Clarke's Commen Braid Claith, by Fergusson, i... 715
Barbarossa, tragedy by Dr Brown, i.. 717 tary, ü. 357; Brown's Dictionary, BRAMSTON, REV. JAMES, poet, 485
BARBAULD, MRS ANNA LETITIA, ii.... ï. 353 ; Brown's Self-interpreting, ii. 353 BRAY, MRS ANNA ELIZA, novelist, ii.. 514
BARBOUR, JOHN, poet, i.......... .24, 71 Bibliographical Dictionary, Clarke's, ii. 351 BREMNER, ROBERT, traveller, ii.. 777
Barchester Towers, by Anthony Trol BICKERSTAFF, Isaac, dramatist, i..... 725 BRETON, NICHOLAS, poet, i....
lope, passage from, ii..

558 BICKERSTETH, Rev. ED., theologian, ii. 665 BREWSTER, SIR DAVID, scientific
BARCLAY, ALEXANDER, poet, i... .... 31 Biglow Papers, the, by J. R. Lowell, ii. 471 writer ; extracts, ü..

Barclay's Ship of Fools, ii.. ...... 797 BINGHAM, COMMANDER J. ELLIOT, Bride's Tragedy, by T. L. Beddoes, ii. 235
BARCLAY, ROBERT, his Apology, ..... 408 traveller; extract, ii..

773 Bridgewater Treatises, the, ii. 686
Bard, the, a Pindaric

Ode, by Gray, i. 639 Biographia Britannica Literaria, by T. Brigham Young, by Sir C. W. Dilke, i. 784
BARHAM, RICHARD HARRIS (pseu Wright, i..

629 Bristow Tragedy, by Chatterton, i..... 657
donym, Thomas Ingoldsby), ii....... 497 Biographical Dictionaries, ii. 343 Britannia's Pastorals, by William
BARNARD, LADY ANNE, poet, i....... 713 Biographical History of England, by Browne, i.

Barneveld, Life of, by Motley, ii...... 580


765 British Constitution, Dissertation on,
BARNFIELD, RICHARD, poet, i...... 102 Biology, Principles of, by H. Spencer, ii. 768 by Dr Gilbert Stuart, i.....

BARROW, DR ISAAC, Theological Birch, Dr THOMAS, as historian, i. British Critic, i...

Works; extracts, i........ . 389–393 764; as antiquary, i...

815 British Empire, History of, by George
BARROW, John, traveller, ii.. 776 BIRKENHEAD, Sir John, journalist, i. 473 Brodie, ii.
Barrow's Dictionary of Arts and Birks of Invermay, by Mallet, i....... 628 British India, History of, by James
Sciences, i...
816 BISHOP, SAMUEL, poet, i...


Mill, ii.
Barrow's, Sir John, Travels in China, ii. 407 BLACK, WILLIAM, novelist, ii...... 564 British Monarchy, by Burke,

BARTON, BERNARD ; extracts, ii...... 166 Black-eyed Susan, by D. Jerrold, ii.... 491 British Poets, Specimens of, by Camp-
Bastard, the, by Savage; extract, i.... 506 Black-eyed Susan, song by Gay, i..... 514 bell, i..

Bath, the Wife of, from Chaucer's BLACKIE, JOHN STUART, poet and Broad Grins, by Colman; extracts,
Canterbury Tales; extract, i...... translator, ii...

482 ii...

222, 225
Battle of Blenheim, by Southey, ii..... 85 BLACKLOCK, Dr THOMAS, specimens BROCKEDON, W., traveller, ii..
Battle of the Baltic, by Campbell
, ii... 109 of his poetry, i.....


Battle of the Books, by Swift, i....... 574 BLACKMORE, RICHARD DODDRIDGE, Broken Heart, Scene from the, i...... 178
Baucis and Philemon, by Swift; ex novelist, ii...

567 BROME, RICHARD, dramatist, i... ***. 175
tracts, i......
489 BLACKMORE, SIR RICHARD, poet, i... 508 BRONTE, CHARLOTTE, novelist, ii..

Baviad, by W. Gifford, extracts, ii... BLACKSTONE, SIR WILLIAM, as poet, i. Brontë, Charlotte, Life of, by Mrs Gas-
BAXTER, RICHARD, divine; extracts, i. 409 649; as prose writer, i....

kell ; extracts, ii..

*..... 539
BAYLY, THOMAS H., song-writer, ii.... 181 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, ii.. 412 BROOKE, ARTHUR, poet, i...

BAYNES, C. R., traveller; extracts, ii. 771 BLAIR, DR HUGH, theologian and BROOKE, CHARLOTTE, novelist, i.. 750
BEATTIE, DR JAMES, as poet, i. 696; rhetorician, i........

.... 776 | BROOKE, HENRY, as dramatist, i. 717;
as theologian, i. 786; Life of, by BLAIR, ROBERT, poet; extracts, i. 615 as novelist, i...

Sir William Forbes, i. 697; ii....... 337 Blake, Admiral, Lise of, by W. H. BROOKE, LORD, i.

BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, dramatists, Dixon, ii..

641 BROOKE, Rev. STOPFORD A., theolo-
i. 161; extracts, i..

162-166 BLAKE, WILLIAM, artist-poet, ii...... 57 gian and critic, ii.
BEAUMONT, FRANCIS, poems, i. 11; BLAMIRE, SUSANNA, song-writer, ii. • 30 Brooks, CHARLES SHIRLEY, dramatist
dramas, i.
491 and editor, ii....

BEAUMONT, SIR JOHN, poet, i........ Blank Verse introduced by Surrey, i... 33 BROOME, WILLIAM, minor poet, i... $04
Beaux' Stratagem, the, by Farquhar, i. 537 Blenheim, Battle of, by Southey, ii.... 85 BROUGH, ROBERT B., dramatist, ii...
BECKFORD, WILLIAM, novelist, ii..

.. 243

BEDDOES, DR THOMAS, physician, ii.. 236

501 Brougham, Life of, by Lord Camp-
BEDDOES, THOMAS LOVELL, dramatist, Blind Boy, the, by Colley Cibber, i.... 312 bell, ii...

passages from, ii..
235 Blind Harry, poet, i...

40 BROUGHTON, LORD (J. C. Hobhouse),
Bede, 'the Venerable,' i.
Blind Youth, a, by Bloomfield, ii..... 37

classic traveller, ii.

Bee, the, a periodical, i..
727 Blithedale Romance, the, ii.

542 BROUGHTON, Miss RHODA, novelist, ii. 545
BEECHEY, CAPT., Arctic traveller, ii.. 405 BLOMFIELD, DR C. J., theologian, ii.. 673 BROUGHTON, Mrs traveller, ii...
Beggar and his Dog, from The Man of BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT, poet, ii. 35 BROWN, C. BROCKDEN, novelist, ii.... 369
Feeling, by Henry Mackenzie, i.... 752 BLUNT, Rev. HENRY, iii.

660 BROWN, DR JOHN, misc. writer, i. .809
Beggar of Bethnal Green, by John BLUNT, Rev. JOHN JAMES ; extract, ii. 667 BROWN, DR JOHN, of Edinburgh, theo
Day, i......
174 Boadicea, by Glover, passage from, i.: 719 logian, ii.....

Beggar, the, by the Rev. T. Moss, i... 707 Boece's History of Scotland, translated Brown, Dr John, Life of; extract, i. . 353
Beggars' Opera, the, by Gay, i...

by Bellenden, i...

71 Brown, Dr John, physician; ex-
BEHN, MRS APHRA, dramatist, i,...... 325 BOLEYN, GEORGE, Viscount Roch tracts, ii....
BELCHER, SIR EDWARD, Arctic ex FORT, poet, i..

36 BROWN, Dr Thos., metaphysician, ii.. 359
plorer, ii.....

Belford Regis, by Mary R. Mitford, ii. 317 miscellaneous writer, i...

588 BROWN, JOHN, of Haddington, theo
Belinda's sparkling Eyes and Wit, Bonny Mary, by Robert Burns, ii.,.. 193 logian, ii
from The Shamrock, i......

707 Book-hunter, the, by J. Hill Burton, ii. 627 Brown, Tom, miscellaneous writer;
BELL, JOHN, traveller, ii.


Book of Ballads, by Bon Gaultier, ii.. 432 extracts, i.....
BELL, J. S., traveller, ii..

778 Book of Common Prayer, i........ 68 BROWNE, EDWARD HAROLD, Bishor, i.
BELL, SIR CHARLES; the Hand, as Borough, the, by George Crabbe; ex BROWNE, ISAAC HAWKINS, poet, 599
evincing design, ii...

tracts, ii

50 BROWNE, Str THOMAS; extracts, i.... 431
BELLENDEN, JOHN, translator of Boece BORROW, GEORGE, traveller, ii. ... 780 BROWNE, WILLIAM, poet, i..... 116
and Livy, i...
71 Boston, Thos., his Fourfold State, i. 418 Brownie of Blednoch, the, i..

traveller; extracts, ii...
398 BOSWELL, JAMES, editor, ii..

*. 203
tracts, ii..

BENNOCH, FRANCIS, song-writer, ii.... 485 Boswell, Sir ALEXANDER, song BROWNING, ROBERT-his poems char-
writer, ii.

acterised; extracts, ii.

Benoni, Dr, by Malcolm M'Lennan, 733 Botanic Garden, the, by Dr E. Darwin; BRUCE, JAMES, African traveller, ii.... 394
BENSON, CHR., theologian, ii.

extract, ii.

17 BRUCE, MICHAEL, poet, i...
BENTHAM, JEREMY, jurist, ii. 362 Bothie of Tober-na-Vuolich, ii... 469 Bruce, the, by Barbour: extracts, i... 24
BENTLEY, DR RICHARD, classical Bothwell, by Swinburne; extract, ii... 475 Brunanburh, Ode on the Battle of, i
scholar, i..

551 BOUCICAULT, DION, dramatist, ii. 495 BRUNNE, RODERT DE, metrical chroni-
Beowulf, Lay of, Anglo-Saxon poem, i. Bouillabaisse, the Ballad of, by Thack cler, i.....

527 BRUNTON, MRS MARY, ii......vitis., 275
BERKELEY, Bishop, metaphysician ; BOWDICH, MR, African traveller, ii.... 397 Brut d'Angleterre, i..
extracts, i...

561 BOWER, ARCHIBALD, historian, i... 764 Brutus, or the Fall of Tarquin, by J.
BERNERS, LORD, historian, i.

...: 66

Bertram, by C. R. Maturin, Scene chronicler, i.....

27 Bryan, FRANCIS, poet, i........
from, ii.

232 BOWLES, CAROLINE ANNE (Mrs BRYANT, JACOB, miscellaneous writer, i.
Beth Gelert; a ballad, by the Hon. Southey), poet : extracts, ii. . 415 BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN, as poet,
Wm. Spencer, ii...

150 Bowles, Rev. WILLIAM LISLE, poet; extracts, ii. 438; as historian, ii..
Betrothed Pair, from Crabbe, ii. 50 extracts, ii.

79 BRYDGES, SIR EGERTON, miscellaneous
Bible Class, by G. MacDonald, ii.. 548 BOWRING, SIR JOHN, as poet-trans writer, ii...
Bible, History of the English, by Dr lator, ii. 482; as traveller, extract, ii. 772 Bubbles of the Day, by Douglas Jer
Eadie, ii......

692 BOYER, Abel, miscellaneous writer, i.. 764 rold; extracts, ii.




***.. 348

eray, ü..









BUCHANAN, GEORGE, as translator, i. CANUTE or CNUT, i........

124; as prose writer, i....

224 Car Travelling in Ireland, by Thack his letters to his nephew, i... 798
BUCHANAN, ROBERT, poet: extracts, ii. 477 eray, ii..


Chatham, Character of, by Grattan, i.
BUCKINGHAM, DUKE OF, ii.. 629 Caractacus, by Mason ; extracts, i. 800; Last Appearance and Death of, i. 799
BUCKINGHAM, J. S., traveller, ii...406, 780 684; i....


BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, Duke of, poet, i. 310 Careless Content, by Byrom, i......... 634 CHAUCER, GEOFFREY, poet, extracts, i. 12
BUCKLAND, Dr W., geol., ii......686, 752 Careless Husband, by Cibber, i....... 539 Chaucer, dates of events of his life, by
Buckland, Dr William, Life of, ii. 752 CAREW, LADY ELIZABETH, i.. 237 Mr Furnivall, i. 21; ii....

... 797
BUCKLAND, FRANK TREVELYAN, Carew, THOMAS, poet; extracts, i..... 240 Chaucer, the only likeness of, i........ 30
naturalist, ii...
727 Carey, HENRY, dramatist, i.......... 722 CHEKE, Sir John, i.,

BUCKLE, Henry THOMAS; extracts, ii. 592 CARLETON, WILLIAM, novelist, ii.. 315 Chemical History of a Candle, by
BUCKSTONE, MR, dramatist, ii. 495 CARLISLE, EARL OF, traveller, ii....... 770 Faraday, ii. .

BUDGELL, EUSTACE, essayist, i... 550 CARLYLE, Dr J. A., ii..

597 Cherry and the Slae, the, i..

Buke of the Howlat, edited by David CARLYLE, THOMAS, historian

Chess, Game of, by Caxton, i.. 56
Laing, i......

42 satirist';
extracts, ii.

593-600 Chess-board, the, by Lord Lytton, ii.. 466
Bull, John, by Colman the Younger, ii

. 222 Carnatic, Destruction of the, i.. 803 CHESTERFIELD, EARL OF, i....
BULLAR, Jos. and John, travellers, ii.. 778 CARNE, JOHN, Eastern traveller, ii.... 406 Chesterfield's Letters, ii...

BULWER, EDWARD LYTTON (Lord CARPENTER, Dr LANT, theologian, ii. 757 CHETTLE, HENRY, dramatist, i... 141
Lytton), novelist, ii. .

503 CARPENTER, DR W. B., physiologist, ii. 757 CHETWYND, Hon. MRs, novelist, ii... 567
Buncle, John, Life of, i....
806 Carr, Sir John, tourist, ii..
392 Chevy Chase, i.

BUNSEN, CHEVALIER, miscellaneous CARRINGTON, Noel THOMAS, poet, ii. 183 Childe Harold, passages from, ii.
writer, ii...
576 CARTE, THOMAS, historian, i.

754 Children Asleep, by Matthew Arnold, ii. 473
Bunsen, Life of, by his widow, ii...... 577 CARTER, MRS ELIZABETH, translator, i. 704 Children of Great Men, ii.
BUNYAN, JOHN; extracts, i... .. 412 CARTWRIGHT, W., poet; extracts, i... 247 CHILLINGWORTH, WILLIAM ; extracts, i. 371
BURCHELL, MR, African traveller, ii.. 397 CARY, Rev. HENRY FRANCIS, poet, ii. 184 China, Sketches of, by Davis, ii. 772;
BURCKHARDT, JOHN LUDWIG, African Castara, by William Habington, i..... 239 by Gutzlaff, ii. 772; by Lord Joce-
traveller, ii...
397 Castaway, the, by Cowper, ii...

lyn, ii. 773; by Bingham, ii. 773;
Burger's Lenore, trans. by W. Taylor, ii. 185 Casti's Animali Parlanti, trans, by by Macpherson, ii. 773; by Murray,
Burial of Sir John Moore, ii.
.. 142 Rose, ii.

185 ii. 773 by Loch, ii

. 773; by For-
BURKE, EDMUND, orator; extracts, i.. 800 Castle of Indolence, by Thomson, i.... 608 tune, ii. 774 : by Cooke, ii.......... 775
BURLEIGH, LORD, prose writer, i....

.... 190
Castle of Otranto, by Hor. Walpole, i. 750

Chinese Ladies' Feet, ii.............. 773
BURNES, Lieut. Alex., traveller, ii... 407 Castle Spectre, by M. G. Lewis, ii. 111, 227 Chinese Language, the, ii.

BURNET, DR THOMAS; extracts, i..... 341 Cato, by Joseph Addison, i..... ........ 476 Chinese Thieves, by R. Fortune, ii.

BURNET, GILBERT, Bishop of Salis Caudle Lectures, ii..

..... 492 Chinois, L'Empire, by Huc; extract, ii. 174
bury; extracts,

361 Cauler Water, by Fergusson, i.. 715 Chips from a German Workshop, by
BURNEY, FRANCES (Madame D'Arblay), Caution to Philosophic Inquirers, by Max Müller, ii..
238 Professor Huxley, i......

765 Chivalry, from Robertson's History, i. 763
BURNEY, SARAH HARRIET, ii... 243 Cave's Gentleman's Magazine, i. 816 Chivalry and Modern Manners, ii.... 324
BURNS, ROBERT, poet; extracts from CAVENDISH, GEORGE, biographer, i.... 64 Choice, the, by Pomfret, i....

his letters
poems, ii..

...186 CAXTON, WILLIAM, printer, i. 55 Christabel, by Coleridge, extracts, ii.. 72
Burns, Life of, by Lockhart, ii. 630; by Cecilia, by Frances Burney, ii.. 239 Christiad, the, by H. K. White, ii..... 43
Dr James Currie, ii.

337 Celt, Roman, and Saxon, the, ii....... 629 Christian Energy, by Robertson, ii..... 676
BURTON, CAPT. R. F., African ex Celtic, by Professor Whitney, ii.. 768 Christian Year, by Keble; extracts, ii. 182
plorer, i...

788 Celtic and Roman Antiquities, by John Christianity, Evidences of, by Paley, ii. 343
BURTON, DR EDWARD, theologian, ii., 664 Whittaker, i.....

765 Christie Johnstone; extract, ii. 546
BURTON, JOHN HILL, historian, ii.... 626 Celtic Folk-lore, Collection of, ii... 185 Christis Kirk on the Grene, extract, i. 39
BURTON, ROBERT, prose writer, i.... 213 Celtic Languages, divisions of, i. i Christopher North, Recreations of, ii.. 162
Burton's, Dr, Antiquities of Rome, ii... 402 Celtic Scotland, by Wm. F. Skene, ii.. 611 Christ's Victory and Triumph, i....... 114
BURY, LADY CHARLOTTE, ii.. 311 Cenci, the, by Shelley; extract, ii..... 132 Chronicles of England, by Edward
Bush aboon Traquair, by Crawford, i...710 CENTLIVRE, Mrs S., dramatist, i...... 540 Hall, extract, i. 58; by Richard
Bussy d'Ambois, by Chapman, i...... 167 Ceylon, Wanderings in, ii..

791 Grafton, i. 207; by Holinshed, Har-
Busy-body, the, by Mrs S. Centlivre, 1. 546 Chaldean account of Genesis, ii........ 170 rison, Hooker, Boteville, Stow, i.
BUTLER, JOSEPH, BISHOP, theologian, i. 771 CHALKHILL, JOHN, poet; extracts, i.. 246 208; by Baker, i....

BUTLER, NATHANIEL, editor, i........ 228 CHALMERS, ALEXANDER, ii


343 Church Government, Reason of, by
BUTLER, SAMUEL, as poet, i. 287; as CHALMERS, DR Thos.; extracts, ii. 353, 363 Milton; extract, i...

prose writer, extracts, i..

468 CHALMERS, GEORGE, antiquary, ii.... 323 CHURCHILL, CHARLES, poet, i......... 664
BYROM, JOHN, his Journal and Literary Chamæleon, by George Buchanan, i... 224 CHURCHYARD, THOMAS, poet, i........ 100
Remains, i..
633 CHAMBERLAYNE, W., poet; extracts, i. 268 CIBBER, COLLEY, dramatist, i..

BYRON, LORD GEORGE GORDON, ii.... 121 CHAMBERS, DR ROBERT, miscellan Cicero, Life of, by Middleton, i..
Byron, Life of, by Moore ; extract, ii.. 340 cous writer, ii...

652 Circassia, by J. S. Bell, ii. 778; by
Byzantine Empire, History of, by Chambers, Dr R., Memoir of, ii... 652 Spencer, ii.

Finlay, ii..

605 CHAMBERS, DR WILLIAM, miscellan Citizen of the World; extracts, i. .... 727
eous writer, ii....
651 Citoyène Jacqueline, ii..

CÆDMON, Anglo-Saxon poet, i..

Chambers's Biographical Dictionary of City Madam, by Jasper Mayne, i..... 314
CAIRD, Rev. John, theologian, îi..... 693 Eminent Scotsmen, ii..

343 City Madam, by Massinger; extracts, i. 176
CALAMY, EDMUND, theologian, i...... 417 Chambers's Encyclopædia, ii... 411 City Mouse and Country Mouse, i. 475, 481
CALDERON DE LA BARCA, MME., Chambers's (Ephraim), Cyclopædia, i.. 816 City of the Plague; extracts, ii... 163
Life in Mexico, ii.....
779 Chambers's Journal, ii.

412 City, the, its Sins and Sorrows, by
CALDERWOOD, DAVID, historian, i... 223 Chameleon, the, by Merrick, i.

Guthrie, ii..

Caleb Stukeley, by Samuel Phillips, ii.. 540 CHAMIER, CAPTAIN, novelist, ii.. 498 Civil Society, History of; extract, i.... 814
Caleb Williams, by Godwin; extracts, ii. 265 Chancellors, Lives of the, by Lord Civilisation, by R. W. Emerson, ii..... 722
Caledonia, by George Chalmers, ii..... 323 Campbell, ii......

639 Clan Albyn, by Mrs Johnstone, ii...... 302
Call to the Unconverted, by Baxter, i.. 410 Changes, by Lord Lytton, ii.. 467 CLAPPERTON, CAPTAIN, traveller, ii... 396
Caller Herrin', by Baroness Nairne, ii. 200 CHANNING, DR WILLIAM ELLERY, CLARE, JOHN, poet, ii.....

Cambrian System, by Prof. Sedgwick, ii. 755 theologian; extracts, ii...


CAMDEN, WILLIAM, antiquary, i.... 205 CHAPMAN, GEORGE, dramatist, 167 HYDE, historian ; extracts, i.. 352
Cameron, Lieut. V. L, traveller, ii.. 796 CHAPONE, Mrs Hester, her letters, i. 807 Clarendon, Earl of, Memoir of, ii. .310, 342
Cameronian's Dream, the, ii.. 216 Charge of the Light Brigade, ii. ...... 621 Clarissa Harlowe, by Richardson, i.... 731
Camoens, the poems of, translated by Charles I., Memoirs of the Court of, ii.. 613 CLARKE, DR ADAM, theologian, ii.... 351
Viscount Strangford, ii...:

186 Charles II., escape of, after the Battle CLARKE, DR EDWARD DANIEL,
CAMPBELL, DR George, philosopher, i. 784 of Worcester, from Clarendon's traveller; extract, ii..

CAMPBELL, DR JOHN, historian, i.. 764 History, i. 357; Character of, from CLARKE, Dr SAMUEL, theologian, i... 554
CAMPBELL, J. F., traveller and Celtic Burnet's History of his own Times, i. 364 Clarke's Commentary on the Bible, ii.. 351
scholar, ii..

785 Charles V., Epicurean Habits of Em CLELAND, WILLIAM, poet; extracts, i. 312
CAMPBELL, LORD JOHN, biographer, ii. 639 peror, by Sir W. S. Maxwell, ii...... 631 | CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE (nom-
CAMPBELL, MR, missionary and trav Charles V., History of, by Robertson; de-plume, 'Mark Twain'), miscellan-
eller, ii..?
397 extracts, i...
759 eous writer ; extracts, ii..

CAMPBELL, THOMAS, as poet, ii. 105; Charles Edward Stuart, by Earl Stan CLEVELAND, JOHN, poet; extracts, i.. 246
as historian, ii...
341 hope, ii..
607 Clive, Lord, Life of, ii..

Canadian Boat Song, by Moore, ii.... 98 Charles O'Malley, by C. J. Lever, ii... 534 Cloud, the, by Shelley, ii..

CANDLISH, Dr R. S., theologian, ii... 687 CHARLETON, DR WALTER, I.. 469 CLOUGH, AR. H., poet; specimens, ii. 469
CANNING, GEORGE, as poet, ii


23 Charlotte Corday, from Carlyle, ii.... 598 Clyde, the, by John Wilson, i. 646
Canterbury, Memorials of,by Stanley, ii. 629 Charmer, the, edited by J. Vair, i.... 707 COBBETT, WILLIAM, political writer, ii. 367
Canterbury Tales, the, by Chaucer ; Chartism, by Carlyle, ii.

595 COCKBURN, HENRY, Memorials of his
extracts, i.....
14 Chase, the, by William Somervile, i... 607 Time; extract, ii...

Canterbury Tales, the, by S. and H. Chastelard, by A. C. Swinburne, ii.... 475 COCKBURN, MRS, poet, i. .... 713
Lee ; extract, ii..

249 Château of La Garaye, by Miss Mulock, Calebs, by Mrs Hannah More, ii..... 365
Canton Prisons, from Cooke, ii......

...... 775
554 Coelum Britannicum, by Carew, i...... 247












eray, ii..

COFFEY, C., dramatist, i........... 725 Count Basil, a Tragedy, ii... 229 Dartmoor, by Carrington; extract, ii., 183
COLERIDGE, HARTLEY, DERWENT, Count Julian, by Walter Savage Lan DARWIN, CHARLES, naturalist, ii. 762
and SARA, poets; extracts, ii... 413 dor; extract, ii..

86 | DARWIN, DR ERASMUS, poet, ii

COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, as poet, Counterblast against Tobacco, i.. 226 DAVENANT and DRYDEN, dramatists;
ii. 68; as dramatist, ii.
228 Country Justice, by Langhorne, i. .... 686 extracts, i....

Colin and Lucy, ballad by Tickell, i.. 516 Country Rambles, by W. Howitt, ii... 715 DAVENANT, SIR WILLIAM, as poet, i.
Colin Clout, by Skelton; extract, i.... 32 Country Wife, the, by Wycherley, i... 325 256; as dramatist, extracts, i... 314
Coliseum, the, by Forsyth, ii..

401 Course of Time, the ; extracts, ii...... 144 | David, King, and Fair Bethsabe, Love
Collegians, the, by Gerald Griffin, ii... 314 Court-masks of the 17th Century, i..... 158 of, by George Peele, i....

COLLIER, JOHN PAYNE, editor, ii. 799 Courtin', the, by J. R. Lowell, ií.. .:. 472 David, Song to, by Smart, i

COLLINS, JOHN, song-writer, ií. ....... 143 COVERDALE, MILES, passage from his David Copperfield, by Dickens, ii..... 520
COLLINS, MORTIMER, novelist, ii...... 568 version of the Bible, i.

68 David Simple, by Sara Fielding, ... 740
COLLINS, WILLIAM, poet; extracts, i. 618 Cowley, ABRAHAM, as poet, i. 258; Davideis, the, by Abraham Cowley, i. 253
COLLINS, WILLIAM WILKIE, ii. 539 as prose writer ; extracts, i.... 439 DAVIE, ADAM, romance writer, i.

COLMAN, GEORGE, dramatist, i.. 719 COWPER, WILLIAM, poet, ii.

4 DAVIES, SIR JOHN, poet; extracts, i.. 95
COLMAN, GEORGE, the Younger, Cowper, W., Life of, by Hayley, ii..... 337 Davis, John, navigator, i..
dramatist, ii..

Cowper's Grave, by Mrs Browning, ii. 460 Davis, JOHN FRANCIS, traveller, ii.... 772
COLTON, REV. CALEB C.; extracts, ii. 391 Coxe, Rev. WILLIAM, biographer, ii.. 323 Davison, FRANCIS, editor, i. 108
Columbanus, i...

COYNE, STIRLING, dramatist, ii........ 495 Davy, Sir H., scientific writer; ex-
Columbus, Life of, by Irving, ii. 378 CRABBE, REV. GEORGE, poet, ii. 46 tracts, ii...

COMBE, GEORGE, as phrenologist, ii. CRAIG-KNOX, ISA, poet; specimen, ii.. 480 DAY, JOHN, dramatist, i.

361 ; as traveller, ii..

-779 CRAIK, GEORGE LILLIE, historian, ii... 613 Day of Judgment, by Milman, ii.
COMBE, WILLIAM, misc. writer, ii..... 368 Craik, Miss GEORGINA, novelist, ii... 567 | DE LA BECHE, SIR H. T., geologist, ii. 754
Comedy, origin of, i....

125 Cranford, by Mrs Gaskell, ü.. .. 538 DE-LOLME, JOHN LEWIS, misc. writer, i. 798
Commentaries, Blackstone's; extract, i. 790 Cranmer's Bible, i...

68 De Montfort, by Joanna Baillie, scenes
Commentary on the Bible, by Mat CRASHAW, RICHARD, poet; extracts, i. 249 from, ii.

thews, i. 418; by Clarke, ii., 351 CRAVEN, Hon. R. KEPPEL, traveller, ii. 401 DE QUINCEY, THOMAS, misc. writer, ii. 703
Commentary on the Epistles of St Paul, CRAWFORD, JOHN, poet, ii.... 485 De Vere, by R. P. Ward; extract, ii.. 311
by Professor Jowett, ii..

686 CRAWFORD, ROBERT, poet, i. .... 710 Dead Secret, the, by Wilkie Collins, ii. 539
Commentary on the First Epistle of St Crazed Maiden, song, by Crabbe, ii.... 52 Deaf Dalesman, from Wordsworth, ii. . 61

Peter, by Archbishop Leighton, i.... 387 Creation, the, by Blackmore; extract, i. 508 Death and Destruction at the Diggings,
Commonwealth of England, History Creation, the, by Rev. S. A. Brooke, ii. 677 by Bret Harte, ü...

of, by Godwin, ii. 264, 327; by Pal Creation, the Works of, by Addison, i.. 549 Death-bed, by Thomas Hood, ii...... 121
grave, ii....

.577 Crescent and the Cross, the, by War Death of Emily and Ann Brontë, ii.... 533
Companions of my Solitude, by Sir A.

burton ; extracts, ii.

Death of George III.,

by Thackeray, ii. 526
Helps ; extracts, ii.
729 Crimean War, beginning of, ii.

618 Death of Muriel, by Miss Mulock, ii.. 554
Complaynt of Scotland; extract, i. 72; Criminal Trials in Scotland, ii. 629 Death Scene, by G. MacDonald, ii. ... 547

edition by A. H. Murray, ii. 798 Critic, the, by Sheridan, scenes from, ii. 217 Decay of Matrimonial Love, by Thack-
Complete Angler, by Walton; extracts, i. 442 Critical Review, i..


Comte and Positivism, by J. S. Mill, ii. 746 Crocodile-shooting on the Nile, ii. .... 702 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,
Comte's Positive Philosophy, trans. by CROKER, JOHN Wilson, misc. writer, ii. 706 by Edward Gibbon ; extracts, i...... 765
H. Martineau, ii..

709 CROKER, Thos. CROFTON, novelist, ü. 514 Deerbrook, by Harriet Martineau, ü.. 708
Comus, by Milton ; extracts, i....... 272 CROLY, REV. GEORGE, poet, ii...... 172 DEFOE, DANIEL, miscellaneous writer;
Concordance of Stories, by Robert Cromwell, Character of, from Claren-

extracts, i.

Fabian, edited by Sir Henry Ellis, i. 56 don's

History of the Civil Wars, i.. 360 DEKKER, THOMAS, as dramatist, i. 167:
Condé, Prince, Life of, by Stanhope, ii. 609 Cromwell's Death, by Dryden, i... 298 as prose writer, i..

Conduct of Life, by R. W. Emerson ; Cromwell's Expulsion of the Parlia Deliciæ Poetarum Scotorum, edited by
extract, ii...
722 ment, in Lingard's History, ii..

Dr Arthur Johnston, i..

Confessio Amantis, Gower's; extract, i. 22 Cronykil of Scotland, by Wyntoun, i.. 26 Della Cruscan School of Poets, the, ü..
Confessions of an Opium-Eater, by Croppy, the, by John Banim; extract, ii. 312 DENHAM, MAJOR, African traveller, il. 396
De Quincey; extract, ii...

703 CROWE, EYRE EVANS, novelist, ii. 312 DENHAM, SIR Jorn, poet; specimens, i 265
CONGREVE, WILLIAM, dramatist, i..... 531 Crowe, Mrs, novelist;

extract, ii..... 536 DENNIE, COLONEL, historian, ü.. 618
Coningsby; extract, ii..
513 Crowe, WILLIAM, poet, ii...
28 DENNIS, JOHN, minor poet, i...

Connaught, Tour in, by Otway, ii... 314 CROWNE, JOHN, dramatist, i. ...... 324 Denounced, the, by John Banim, ii..

Connection of the Physical Sciences, ii. 739 Cry of the Children, by E. B. Browning,

Connoisseur, the; extract, i...
459 traveller, ii..

CONOLLY, LIEUT. ARTHUR, traveller, ii. 771 Cuckoo, Ode to the, by John Logan, i. 689 Descent of Man, by Darwin, ii. 763
Conquest of Grenada, play by Dry CUDWORTH, Dr Ralph; extracts, i... 372 Deserted Village; extracts,

den; extracts, i....

315 CUMBERLAND, DR RICH.; extracts, i... 374 Destiny, by Miss S. E. Ferrier, ü. 305
Conscious Lovers, the, by Steele, i.... 540 CUMBERLAND, RICHARD, as dramatist, Devil to Pay, the, by Coffey, i.

Consistency, by Whately, ii.
664 i. 720; as novelist, ii.

247 Devil's Dream, by Thomas Aird, ii. 426
Consolations in Travel : extracts, ii.... 736 CUMMING, DR JOHN, theologian, i.... 688 Devil's Thoughts, the, by Southey and
Constable, Archibald, ii...

630 Cumnor Hall, ballad by Mickle, i..... 701 Coleridge, ii...

Cuneiform Character, ii...

983 Dial, the, Literary Journal, ii..
Constable's Miscellany, ii..

411 CUNNINGHAM, Alex., antiquary, ii... 210 Dialects of English,
Contemplation, by Rev. R. Gifford, i.. 646 CUNNINGHAM, ALLAN, poet; extracts, ii. 207 Diary, Evelyn's; extracts, i..

Content, Hymn to, by Barbauld, ii.
32 CUNNINGHAM, FR., misc, writer, ii..... 210 Diary, Pepys's ; extracts, i.

Contention of Ajax and Ulysses, by CUNNINGHAM, J. D., historian, ii..... 210 Diary and Letters, Mme. D'Arblay's, ii. 233
Shirley, i..

183 CUNNINGHAM, JOHN, poet, i.... 685 Diary of an Invalid, by Mathews ii... JOL
Contentment, by Franklin, i..
Conversation, by Cowper; extract, i..

800 , . , .

6 CUNNINGHAM, T. M., song-writer, ii., 214 DIBDIN, CHARLES, song-writer, ü..... 142
Convict Ship, by T. K. Hervey, ii... 424 Curiosities of Natural History, ii...... 727 DIBDIN, THOMAS, song-writer, ii...... 142
CONYBEARE, Rev. W. J., ii.. 673 CURRAN, J. P., orator; extract, ii..... 374 DICKENS, CHARLES, his novels charac-
CONYBEARE, W.D., DEAN, geologist, ii. 674 CURRIE, DR JAMES, biographer, ü.... 337 terised;

extracts, ii..

Cook, Eliza, poet; specimen, ii...... 479 Curse of Glencoe, by R. Buchanan, ü.. 477 Dickens, Charles, Life of, by John For-
Cooke, G. W., traveller ; extracts, ii. . 775 Curse of Kehama; extract, ii.

83 ster, ii...

COOKE, GEORGE, dramatist, i. 174 Cutch, by Mrs Postans;

extract, ii.... 771 Dictionary, Geogr., M'Culloch's, ii. ... 363
COOKE, THOMAS, minor poet, i.. 505 Cyclopædia of Ephraim Chambers, i... 816 Dictionary, Johnson's, i.

.667, 790
COOPER, J. F., novelist ; extracts, ii... 495 Cyril Thornton, by Thos. Hamilton, ii. 302 Dictionary of Commerce, M'Culloch's,ii. 363
COOPER, THOMAS, 'Chartist Poet,' ii.. 448 Czar Peter in England, from Burnet's Dictionary of the Bible, by John Brown,
Cooper's Hill, by Denham; extract, i.. 265 "History of His Own Times, i....... 365 ii. 353by Dr William Smith, ii.... 681
CORBET, R., BISHOP, poet; extracts, i. 238

Dido, by Thomas Nash, i.....
Cornhill Magazine, ii.,
527 DACRE, Lady, novelist, ii.....

311 DIEFFENBACH, EARNEST, traveller, il.. 779
Corn-law Rhymes, by Elliott, ii....... 180 Dacre, by the Countess of Morley, i.. 311 DILKE, CHARLES WENTWORTH, critic
CORNWALL, BARRY (nom-de-plume of Dæmonology, by King James I. ; ex and editor, ii....

Bryan Waller Procter); extracts, ü.. 167 tract, i....

Cornwallis, Marquis, Correspondence Daisy Chain, the, by Miss Yonge, ii. .. 541 traveller; extracts, ü..

of, ii...
629 DALE, REV. THOMAS, theologian, ii... 685 Dion, Character of, by Grote, ii..

Coronach, from Lady of the Lake, ii.. 120 DANA, RICHARD HENRY, poet, ii. 440 Dirge, by Leigh Hunt, ii...

COSTELLO, LOUISA STUART traveller, ii. 699 Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins, i.... 45 Discernment Character, by Hartley
Cottage Economy, by W. Cobbett, ii. . 367 Danes and Norwegians, the, by Wor Coleridge, ii..

Cottagers of Glenburnie; extract, ii.. 277

629 Discipline, by Mary Brunton, ii. 275
COTTON, CHARLES, poet and transla DANIEL, SAMUEL, poet ; extracts, i.... 84 Discourses on Painting, by Sir Joshua
tor, i....
291 Dante, trans. by Cary: extract, ii.... 184 Reynolds, i.

Dante's Inferno, translated by Dr J. Disinterred Warrior, the, il..


206 A. Carlyle, ii...
Counsel to the Young Husband, ii...

597 Dispensary, the, by Garth; extract, i.. 507
466 D'ARBLAY, MME. (Frances Burney), ii. 236 Dispute and Duel between Two Scotch
Counsel to Young Ladies, ii..... ...... 699 | DARLEY, GEORGE, poet, ü.. .... 425 Servants, by Dr J. Moore, ii........




saae, ii....



[ocr errors]







DISRAELI, BENJAMIN, novelist and Edinburgh Gazette, i...

474 English Lake Country, il..

politician; extracts, ii.. ...509-514 Edinburgh on a Summer Night, by W.
D'ISRAELI, Isaac, misc. writer, ii.....

English Landscape, by E. B. Browning,
390 Black, ii.....

Distinction, Means of Acquiring, by Edinburgh Review, history of, ii...385, 412 | English Language, i.
Rev. Sydney Smith, ii....

384 Edinburgh Society Eighty Years Since, English Lang. and Lit., by Craik, i... 614
Distressed Mother, the, i......

.517, 540
by Lord Cockburn, ii.

650 English Liberty, by Cowper, ii..
Diversions of Purley, i..

797 Education, by Milton; extract, i...... 331 English Manufactures in the interior of
Divine Emblems, by F. Quarles, i..... 232 Edward II., by Marlowe, i...


South Africa, from Livingstone, ü.... 793
Divine Legation of Moses ; extract, i.. 769 Edward, novel by Dr

John Moore, ii... 252 English Mercurie,

the, i.

Dixon, WILLIAM HEPWORTH, miscel Edward and Leonora ; extract, i.. 719 English National Unity, by Stubbs, ii.. 623
laneous writer, ii..

640 EDWARDS, JONATHAN, theologian, i... 382 English People, History of, by J. R.
DOBELL, SYDNEY, poet, ii.,
444 EDWARDS, MRs, novelist, ii....
545 Green; extract, ii...

DOBSON, Austin, lyric writer, îi...... 482 EDWARDS, RICHARD, as poet, i. 36; as English Poets, by W. Minto, ii.... 654, 734
DODDRIDGE, DR Philip; extracts, i.. 777 dramatist, i......

127 English Prose Lit., by Minto, ii. ... 654, 734
DODSLEY, ROBERT, i...... ....618, 816 Edwin and Angelina, by Goldsmith, i.. 678 English Rector and Rectory, i.. 556
Dodsley's Select Collection of Old Edwin of Deira, ii..

445 English Shyness, by M. Edgeworth, ii. 273
English Plays, different editions Egeria, by Mackay; extract, ii. 448 English Trees, by Mrs H. B. Stowe, ii. 543
enumerated, ii....

799 Egypt, History of, by S. Sharp, ii... 577 Enigmas of Life, by Greg; extracts, ii. 734
DoDWELL, EDWARD, classic traveller, ii. 400 Egypt's Place in History, by Bunsen, ii. 576 Enoch Arden, by Tennyson, ii........ 457
Domestic Annals of Scotland, ii....... 651 Egyptian Repast, Ancient, ii.. 575 Entail, the, by John Galt, ii..

Domestic Manners of the Americans, Eikon Basilike, by John Gauden, i..... 375 Eothen, by A W. Kinglake, ii.. 618

by Mrs Trollope, îi...... 501 Eikonoclastes, by Milton, i.... 329 Epictetus, translated by Mrs Carter, i.. 704
Dominie's Legacy, the, by Picken, ii. 303 Electric telegraph, invention of, ii... 751 Epicurus's Morals, by Charleton, i..... 470
Don Juan, by Lord Byron; extracts, ii. 127 Electric wires and Tawell the Murderer, Epigoniad, the, by Wilkie, i..
Don Sebastian, by A. Maria Porter, ii. 270 by Sir F. Bond Head, ii..

697 Epigram on Sleep, by Dr J. Wolcot, ii. 28
Don Sebastian, play by Dryden, i.... 319 Elegy, by Hammond, i....

705 Epistolæ Ho-Eliana, by Jas. Howell, i. 428
DONALDSON, J. W. historian, ii...... 606 Elegy in a Country Churchyard, i..... 640 Epitaph on a Jacobite, by Lord Macau-
Donne, Dr, Life of, by Izaak Walton, i. 442 Elegy on Cowley, by Sir J. Denham, i. 267 lay, ii. 429: by Sir D. Brewster, ii.. 749
Donne, John, poet; extracts, i. 97 Elegy on the Death of Addison, i...... 515 Epitaph on Maginn, by Lockhart, ii... 695
DORSET, EARL OF, CHARLES SACK Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Epitaph on Mrs Mason, i. 685; partly
VILLE, song-writer ; extracts, i...... 309 Lady, by Pope, i...

500 written by Gray, ii.

Douay Bible, i...
213 Elegy written in Mull, by Campbell, ii

. 107 Epithalamium, by George Buchanan,
Double Dealer, the, scene from, i....: 533 Elegy written in Spring, by M. Bruce, i. 688 Epithalamium, by Spenser , extract

, i.. 84
Doubting Heart, a, by Miss Procter, ii. 480 Elements of Criticism, i.

786 Erasmus, Life of, by Dr John Jortin, i. 774
Douce, FRANCIS, misc. writer, ii.. 393 Elfrida, by Mason, i.

717 ERCILDOUN, THOMAS OF, minstrel, i..

Douglas, by Home; extracts, i........ 718 Elia, Essays by; extracts, ii.. g1 Ercildoun, Thomas of, the Romance
DOUGLAS, Gavin, poet, i....

47 ELIOT, GEORGE, novelist; extracts, and Prophecies of, edited by James
DORAN, Dr John, hist.; extracts, ii.. 727 ii.

A. H. Murray, ii....

D'OYLEY, DR GEORGE, divine, ii...... 348 ELIZABETH, QUEEN, verses by, i. 183; Erechtheus, by A. C. Swinburne, ii.... 477
Drama, English, origin of the, i...... 125 Letters, i...

190 Error, how to be combated, ii.
Dramatic literature, cause of the ELLESMERE, EARL OF, translator, ii... 186 ERSKINE, EBENEZER and RALPH, i... 775
decay of, ii....

487 Ellicott, DRCHAS. JOHN, theologian; ERSKINE, Rev. Dr John, i...
Dramatic Poetry, History of, ii... 799

extract, ii.

679 ERSKINE, THOMAS, LORD; extracts
Dramatist, the, play by Reynolds, ii... 237 ELLIOT, Miss Jane, poet, i...

713 from his speeches, ii..

DRAPER, DR JOHN WILLIAM, scientific ELLIOT, SIR GILBERT, song-writer, i.. 711 Esmond, by Thackeray; extract, ii. ... 524
writer ; extract, ii.......
769 ELLIOTSON, DR JOHN, physiologist, ii. 757 Esop, by R. Henryson, i...

Drapier Letters, the, by Swift, 574 Elliott, EBENEZER, poet'; extracts, ii, 180 Esquimaux, by Captain Parry, ii....... 404
DRAYTON, MICHAEL, poet; extracts, i. 89 ELLIS, HENRY, ii...

407 Essay on Man, by Pope; extract, i.... 501
Dream of the Condemned Felon, ii.... 50 Ellis, MRs, novelist, ii..

541 Essays by Abraham Cowley; extracts, i. 439
Dream-children, a Reverie, by Lamb, ii. 93 ELLIS, SIR HENRY, antiquary and Essays on Poetry, Music, &c., by Dr
DRUMMOND, W., poet; extracts, i..... 121 collector, ii.....

.. 393
Beattie ; extracts, i....

Drummond of Hawthornden, Lise of, ii. 644 ELLWOOD, THOMAS, misc. writer, i.... 446 Essex, EARL OF, prose writer, i......

Druses, the, by Bishop Heber, ii...... 140 Eloisa and Abelard, by Pope ; extract, i. 499 Estimates of Happiness, by Mrs Inch-
DRYDEN, JOHN, as poet, i. 297 ; as ELPHINSTONE, Hon. MOUNTSTUART, bald, i.....

dramatist, i. 314; as prose writer, ex traveller, ii...

771 ETHEREGE, SIR GEORGE, dramatist, 325
tracts, i....

447 ELYOT, SIR THOMAS, prose writer, i... 62 Ethics of Politics, by Sir H. Taylor, ii. 490
Dubartas, translated by Sylvester, i... 108 Embargo, the, i..

438 Ethiopia, Highlands of, ii..

Dublin News-letter, i..

474 EMERSON, RALPH WALDO, miscellan Etonian, the, newspaper, ii.. ..... 417, 727
DUCHAT, JACOB LE, translator, i.. 472 eous writer ; extracts, ii..

722 ETTRICK SHEPHERD, the, ii.

Duchess of Malfi, by John Webster, i.. 169 Emigrants in the Bermudas, by Andrew Eugene Aram, by Bulwer, ii.

DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM, antiquary, i. 367 Marvell, i......

285 Euphues, the anatomy of Wit, by Lyly;
Dumb Show, origin of, i.....
127 Emotions and the Will, by Prof. Bain, ii. 751 extract, i..

DUNBAR, WILLIAM, poet, i... 43 Encyclopædia Brit., history of, ii.. 410, 735 Euphues and his England, by Lyly, i.. 191
Duncan, Rev. Henry, geologist, ii.. 754 Encyclopædia, French,

816 Euripides, Porson's, ii.

Dunciad, the, by Pope, i. 495; minor Encyclopædia of Antiquities, ii. 393 Europe, History of, by Sir A. Alison, ii. 568
poets satirised in, i.......
504 Encyclopædias, ii....

410 Europe, History of, by W. Russell, i.. 765
DUNLOP, John, ii..?

629 Endeavours after the Christian Life, by Europe during the Middle Ages, by
Durandarte and Belerma, ii..

Martineau ; extracts, ii..
687 Henry Hallam; extracts, ii....

D'Urrey, Tom, miscellaneous writer, i. 595 Endymion, by Keats; extract, ii...... 138 EUSTACE, JOHN CHETwoDe, classical
Dutch Republic, by Motley, ii...... 530 England, History of, by Samuel Daniel, traveller, ii..

Duty and Patriotism, by Maurice, ii.. 672 i. 207; by T. May, i. 351; by Guthrie, Eustace Conyers; extract, ii.

Dwight, Dr TIMOTHY, theologian, ii. 348 i. 764; by Kennet, i. 754; by Smol Evadne, by R. L. Sheil ; extract, ii.... 233
Dyce, ALEXANDER, editor, ii. 643 lett, 1. 764; by Mrs Macaulay, i. 807; Eve of St Agnes; extract, ii...

DYER, JOHN, poet, i...

600 by Sharon Turner, ii. 323; by Lingard, Evelina, by Frances Burney; extract, ii. 239
DYER, SIR EDWARD, poet, i..

96 ii. 326; by Hallam, ii. 330; by EVELYN, JOHN, misc. writer; extracts, i. 460
Macaulay, ii. 586; by Stanhope, ií. Evening Hymn, by Trench, ii..

..... 425
EADIE, Rev. DR JOHN, ii...... 692 606; by Keightley, ii. 609; by Froude, Evening Primrose, by B. Barton, ii. ... 167
Earle, John, miscellaneous writer, i.. 436 ii. 614; by Gardiner, ii. 618; by Stubbs, Evening Walk, the, by Wordsworth, ii. 59
Early Blue-bird, the, ii..

468 ii. 622 ; by Sir T. E. May, ii. 624; Evergreen, the, ed. by Allan Ramsay, i. 521
Early Days, by Anthony Trollope, ii..

.. 559
by Massey ii. 625; Pictorial History Every Man in his Humour, i..

Early or English Literature,

7 of, ii. 613; by W. N. Molesworth, ií. 640 Every-day Book, Table Book, and
Early Primrose, by H. K. White, ii.... 42 England and Wales, Antiquities of, Year Book, by William Hone, ii.... 699
Earthly Paradise, the, by W. Morris, ü. 478 edited by Francis Grose, ii.. 372 Examiner, the, newspaper, ii..

Earthquake of Lisbon, by Lyell, ii.... 753 England under Seven Administrations, Excelsior, by Longfellow, ii..
Eastern Life, by Har. Martineau, ii... 709 by A. Fonblanque, ii...

727 Exclusive London Life, by Mrs Gore, ii. 500
Eblis, Hall of, by Beckford, ii.......... 246 England's Helicon, a miscellany, i... Excursion, the, by E. Elliott, ii... 180
Ecclesiastical Polity, by Hooker, i.... 194 English, Past and Present, by Trench, ii

. 669 Excursion, the, by Wordsworth; ex-
Echo, Song to, by Dr Darwin, ii... 18 English Country Gentleman, by Thack tracts, ii.

Echo and Silence, by Sir E. Brydges, ii. 393

526 Exile of Erin, by Thomas Campbell, ii. 105
Eckermann's Autobiography, trans. by English Country Gentleman of 1688, by Exile's Song, by Robert Gilfillan, ii... 214
Oxenford, i..

Macaulay, ü.

590 Expediency, by Archbishop Whately, ii. 663
Eclipse of Faith, by Henry Rogers, ii.. 661 English Country Sunday, by Miss EYRE, LIEUTENANT VINCENT, ii...... 618
Economy of Manufactures, by c. H. Thackeray, ii.

Babbage, ii..

741 English Fen-gipsies, by Crabbe, ii...... 51 FABIAN, ROBERT, chronicler, i........ 56
EDGEWORTH, MARIA, as dramatist, ii. English Garden, by Mason;

extract, 684 Fable of the Bees, by Mandeville, i.... 571
237; as novelist, ü...

270 English Humorists of the Eighteenth Fable of the Oak and the Brier, by
Edinburgh, by Sir A. Boswell ; extract, ii. 203 Century, ii....

524 Spenser, i....

Edinburgh Cabinet Library, ii......... 411 | English in Italy and France, ü........ 314 Fables, by Gay, i....

.............. 512






eray, ii.






Fables of the Holy Alliance, by Footprints of the Creator, by Miller, ii. 759 Gentle Shepherd, the ; extracts, i...... 521

Thomas Brown (Thomas Moore), ii.. 101 FORBES, ARCHIBALD, historian, ü...... 622 Gentleman's Magazine, the, i.... 816
Faery Queen, the; extracts, i......... 78 FORBES, PROF. J. D., scientific writer, Geographical Grammar, by Guthrie, i. 764
Fair France, by Mulock; extract, ii... 554 ii...

........ 735, 740 Geography, Modern, by Pinkerton, ii.. 328
Fair Penitent, the, by Rowe, i........ 528 FORD, JOHN, dramatist, i... ........... 177 Geologists, hint to, by Murchison, ii.. 755
Fair Recluse, the, ii....

171 FORD, RICHARD, traveller, ii.. 781 Geology, Elementary, by Dr E.
Fair to See, by L. W. M. Lockhart, ii. 567 FORDUN, JOHN, chronicler, i.

27 Hitchcock, ii.

... 754
FAIRBAIRN, SIR WILLIAM, engineer, ii. 751 Foreign Memories, by Mrs Oliphant, ii. 638 Geology, Principles of; and Elements
Fairfax, EDWARD, poet, i.

91 Forest Minstrel, by W.and M. Howitt, ii. 712 of, by Sir C. Lyell ; extracts, ii...... 752
Fairy Mythology, by Keightley, ii.... 609 FORTESCUE, SIR JOHN, prose writer, i.. 54 Geology and Mineralogy, by Dr Bucks
Faith and Intellect, by Dr Liddon, ii.. 683 Fortunatus ; or, the Wishing-cap, i.... 168 land, i..

Faithful Shepherdess, by Fletcher, i... 162 FORTUNE, ROBERT, botanist and trav Geology compared to History, by Sir
FALCONER, WILLIAM, poet, i. ....... 660 eller ; extract, ii.....

774 C. Lyell, i..

False Delicacy, comedy, by Kelly, i... 720 FORSTER, JOHN, biographer, ii. 642 George II., Memoirs of, by Lord Her-
Family Library, the, ií.
411 FORSYTH, JOSEPH, ii...

401 vey: extract, i. 755; by H. Walpole, i. 811
Family Scene, a, by Austen, ii. .... 275 FORSYTH, WILLIAM, ii....

629 George IV., Memoirs of the Court of,
Fancy Fair, by Douglas Jerrold, ii.

.... 492

FOSBROOKE, Rev. T. D., antiquary, ii. 393 by the Duke of Buckingham, ii...... 629
FANÉ, H. G., ii.

618 Fossil Pine Tree, the, by Hugh Miller, ii. 761 George Barnwell, by Lillo, i..... 529
FANSHAWE, LADY A. H.-her Me Fossils of the South Downs, ii.. 754 Georgics, the, translated by Sotheby, ii. go
moirs, i..
470 FOSTER, DR JAMES, theologian, i..... 780 German Dramas, the, ii...

Far from the Madding Crowd, by FOSTER, Rev. JOHN, ii..

350 German Poetry, a survey of, ii. 185
Thomas Hardy; extracts, ii. 560 Four Georges, by Thackeray, ii....... 525 Germanic Races in Europe, Influence
FARADAY, MICHAEL, scientific writer ; Fourfold State, Boston's, i...

of, by Rev. W. Stubbs, ii..

extracts, ii. ...

749 Fox, CHARLES James, politician, ii.... 323 Gertrude of Wyoming ; extracts, ii.... 107
Faraday, as a Discoverer, by Tyndall, ii. 249 Fox, C.-J., Memorials of, ii........... 629 Giaour, the, by Lord Byron ; extract, ii. 123
Faraday, Life and Letters of, ii. 749 Fox, GEORGE, i...

..... 404 GIBBON, EDWARD, historian, i..

Farce, the, origin of, i.....

722 Fox, JOHN; Book of Martyrs, i.... 185 Gibbon, Memoir of, by Lord Sheffield, ii. 337
Fardorougha, the Miser, ii.

315 Fox and Pitt, characters of, from. GIFFORD, Rev. RICHARD, poet, i....., 646
Life, by Thomas Hood, ii. 418 Funius, i......

.... 795 GIFFORD, WILLIAM, poet, ii...

Farewell to Ayrshire, by R. Gall, ii.... 195 France, Lectures on, by Stephen, ii.... 629 Gift, the, by Mrs Augusta Webster, ii. 481
FARMER, DR RICHARD, i..... 808 France, the South of, by A. B. Reach, ii. 540 GILBERT, MRS (Ann Taylor), ii.. ... 174
Farmer's Boy, the; extracts, ii.. 35 FRANCILLON, R., novelist, ii.... 567 GILBERT, W. S., dramatist, ii.

.... 495
Farmer's Calendar, by Ar. Young, ii... 392 Francis I. and the Emperor Charles V., Gildas, historian, i,
FARQUHAR, GEORGE, dramatist, i..... 537 characters of, by Robertson, i....... 763 Gilderoy, a ballad, i...
Fatal Curiosity, by Lillo, scene from, i. 530 FRANCIS, Sir Philip, i....

..... 313
.... 792 GILDON, CHARLES, minor poet, i..

.: 504
Father and Daughter, by Mrs Opie, ii, 269 Frankenstein, by Mrs Shelley; extr., ii.. 280 GILFILLAN, REV. GEORGE; extracts, il 716
Faust, translated by A. Hayward, ii.. 727 FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, i...

808 GILFILLAN, ROBERT, song-writer, ii... 214
Faust, translated by J. S. Blackie, ii... 482 FRANKLIN, SIR JOHN, Arctic traveller, GILLIES, DR JOHN, historian, ii.

..... 322
Faustus, Life and Death of, by Mar ii. 405; ii..

786 Gilpin, John, by Cowper, ii.
lowe, i..

136 FRASER, JAMES Baillie, as novelist, GILPIN, Rev. WILLIAM, naturalist, ii.. 370
FAWKES, FRANCIS, poet and translator, i. 685 ii. 307: as traveller, ii.

407 Ginevra, from Rogers's Italy, i. 55
Fawn of Spring Vale, by Carleton, ii... 315 Fraser's Magazine commenced, ii...... 695 Ginx's Baby, by Edward Jenkins, ii... 567
Feats on the Fiord, ií..

708 Frederick the Great, by Carlyle; extr., ii. 597 Gipsies, from Tales by Crabbe, ii..... 51
Fellows, CHARLES, traveller, ii...... 970 Freebooter Life, by Peacock, ii. ..... 319 GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS, historian, i..

437 FREEMAN, EDWARD A., historian, ii... 625 Glaciers of the Alps, by Tyndall, ii.. 767
Fenelon, writings of, by Dr Channing, ii. 658 | French Revolution, by Carlyle; ex Gladiator, the, by Lord Byron, ii....
FENN, SIR JOHN, historian, ii. 328 traets, ii.

595 GLADSTONE, Hon. W. E., ii... 606
Fenton, ELIJAH, minor poet, i.... 504 FRERE, JOHN HOOKHAM, poet, ii..... GLAPTHORNE, HENRY, dramatist, i..., 175
Ferdinand and Isabella, by Prescott, ii. 570 Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, i... 134 GLASSOCK, CAPTAIN, novelist, ii.. 498
Ferdinand Count Fathom, i. ..... 741

Friar of Orders Gray,

680 GLEIG, Rev. G. R., novelist and his
FERGUSON, DR ADAM, historian, i..... 814 Friend, the, edited by Coleridge, ii.... 71

torian, ii..


.:: 714

Friends in Council, by Sir A. Helps, ii. 729 GLEN, WILLIAM, song-writer, i. 485
FERRIER, PROFESSOR, metaphysician, ii, 744 Friendship, by Pollok, ii..

145 Glenarvon, by Lady C. Lamb, i.. 310
FERRIER, SUSAN E., novelist. ii.. 303 Froissart, translation of; extracts, i.... 66 Glencoe, Valley of, by Macaulay, i.. 590
Festus, by Bailey; extract, ii.. 450 Frost at Midnight, by Coleridge, ii,, 78 Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa', ii........ 202
Feudal System, Effects of, by Hallam, ii. 330 FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY, historian; Glossarium Archæologicum, i.

FIELD, NATHANIEL, dramatist, 174 extracts, ii..

FIELDING, HENRY, as dramatist, i. FROUDE, RICHARD H., Tractarian, ii.. 655 chronicler, i..

723; as novelist....

736 Fugitive Verses, by Joanna Baillie, ii.. 175 GLOVER, RICHARD, as poet, i. 681 ; as
.... 740 FULLER, DR THOMAS, historian; ex dramatist, i.

Fig for Momus, by Lodge, i. 102 ; ii... 798

tracts, i...
376 Glow-worm, the, by Clare, ii..

Filmer, SIR ROBERT, prose writer, i.: 337 Fuller, Thomas, Life of, ii........ 653 God in History, by Chevalier Bunsen, ii. 577
FINDLATER, DR ANDREW, editor, ii... 411 FULLERTON, Lady Geo., novelist, ii... 537 God's Acre, by Longfellow, ii..

Fingal, by Macpherson, i...
652 Funeral Ceremony at Rome, ii.. 402 Godiva, by Tennyson; extract, ii.

FINLAY, GEORGE, historian, ii.. 604 Funeral of the Great Duke, by Tenny GODWIN, WILLIAM, as dramatist, ii.
Finnesburg, Battle of, i..

456 227; as novelist, ii. 262; as his.
Fireside, the, by Nathaniel Cotton, ii.,

Funeral of the Lovers in Rimini, ii.... 154 torian, ii...

Firmilian, by Professor Aytoun, ii..... 432 Funeral, the, play by Steele, i......... 540 Godwin, Life of, by C. Kegan Paul, ii. Soo
FISHER, JOHN, BISHOP, prose writer, i.. 62

Goethe, Life of, by G. H. Lewes, ü.... 635
Fisherman's Funeral, by Scott, ii... 288 Gaberlunzie Man, the, i.......... 53 Goethe at Weimar, by G. Ticknor, ii... 579
Fishing Village in Normandy, by Miss Gaelic bards, i.........

2 Going Out and Coming in, by Isa
Thackeray, ii.
566 Gaelic Poetry, Fragments of, translated Craig-Knox, ii...

FITZBALL, EDWARD, dramatist, ii..
495 by Macpherson, i..

652 GOLDSMITH, Oliver, as poet, i 671;
Fitz-Boodle, Esq., George (Thackeray), Gaffer Gray, by Thomas Holcroft, ii .. 248 as essayist, i. 727; as novelist, i .... 751

5 Goldsmith, Life of ; extract, ii.. 642
FITZPATRICK, RICHARD, satirist, ii. 19 GAIRDNER, JAMES, editor, ii.

329 Gondibert, by Sir William Davenant, i. 256
Five Hundreth Points of Good Hus Gall, RICHARD, song-writer, ii.. .. 195 Good Words, ü..

bandrie, by Thos. Tusser ; extracts, i. 37 GALT, JOHN, novelist, ii.

292 GOODE, Rev. WILLIAM, theologian, ii. 673
FLAVEL, John, theologian, I. ......... 418 Gambling in the Last Century, ii...... 625 Good-night, and Joy be wi' ve a', ii... 203
Fleece, the, by John Dyer, i.. 601 GAMBOLD, JOHN, poet, i....

706 Goodwin Sands and Tenderden Steeple,
FLEMING, PROF. John, naturalist, ii.. 762 Gamester, the, by Edward Moore, i... 717 by Bishop Latimer, i...

FLETCHER, ANDREW, of Saltoun, i.... 572 Gammer Gurton's Needle, by J. Still, i. 126 Gorboduc, or Ferrex and Porrex, i.... 126
FLETCHER, Mrs, i...


Gardener's Daughter, the, by Tenny Gordian Knot, the ; extract, ü.. 494
FLETCHER, PHINEAS and Giles, i..... 114 son ; extract, ii..

..... 452 GORE, Mrs, novelist, ü.....

Flitting of the Lyndsays, ii...

301 GARDINER, S. R., historian, ii. 618 GOSSON, STEPHEN, prose writer, i.. 192
Flodden, Battle of, by Sir W. Scott, ii. 118 GARRICK, DAVID, dramatist, i.. .... 723 Götz von Berlichingen, trans., il.. 635
Florence Macarthy ; extract, ii. 278 Garrick, Death and Character of, ii.... 364 GOUGH, RICHARD, antiquary, ii... .. 372
Flower o' Dunblane, the, ii.

GARTH, SIR SAMUEL, poet, i...

..... 507

GOWER, JOHN, poet, i.
Flowers, Improvement in, by Darwin, ii


GEORGE, poet, i. 76 GRAFTON, RICHARD, chronicler, i.. 207
Flowers the Forest, by Miss J. Gaskell, MRS, novelist; extracts, ii.. 537 Graham of Claverhouse, Life of, i... 630
Elliot, i....

713 GAUDEN, JOHN, theologian, i......... 375 GRAHAME, Rev. JAMES, poet, ü....
Flowers of the Forest, by Mrs Cock GAY, JOHN, poet, i..

517 GRAINGER, DR JAMES, poet, i.. 650
burn, i..

714 GAY, SYDNEY HOWARD, historian, ii.. 583 Grammont, Mémoires du Comte, i.... 307
Fædera, the, by T. Rymer and R. Gebír, by W. S. Landor; extract, ü.... 86 Granby, by T. H. Lister; extract, ü.. zro
Sanderson, i.

368 Geirie, ARCHIBALD, geologist, ii...... 768 Grand Question Debated, the, by
FONBLANQUE, ALBANY, journalist, ii.. 727 GEIKIE, James, geologist, ii.... 768
Fool of Quality, by Brooke, i..........

Jonathan Swift, i.
751 GELL, SIR WILLIAM, traveller, ii.. 400 Grandiloquent Writing, by Landor, i..
Foote, SAMUEL, dramatist, i........: 123 Genevieve, by Coleridge; extract, ii..: 73 Granger's Biog. History of England, i.. 765

son, ii....



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