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PERCY, BISHOP, poet, i.

680 Poesy, Progress of, by Gray, i........ 636 Psychozoia, by Dr Henry More, i..... 350
Percy, by Mrs Hannah More, ii. 364 Poetical Rhapsody, i....

108 Public Advertiser, newspaper, i....... 792
Percy's Reliques,

-51, 680 Poetical Sketches, by Blake ; extr., ii. 58 Public Intelligencer, the, 1.....
Peregrine Pickle, by Smollett; extr., I.. 741 Poetry, History of English, by Thomas Punch, comic periodical, i...

. . 494. 523
Persia, Journey through, by Morier, ii. 305 Warton, i.


compiler of travels i. 209
Persia, Travels in, by Fraser, ii.. 407 Poets, Lives of the, by Dr Johnson, i. Purgatory of Suicides, ii..
Persuasion, by Jane Austen ; extract, ii. 274 668; extract, i...

792 Purple Island, the, i...
Peru, Conquest of, by Prescott, ii..... 570 Political Economy, Elements of, by Pursuits of Literature, by Mathias, ii.. 94
PETER PLYMLEY (Sydney Smith), ii... 382 James Mill, ii. 363: Elements of, by PUSEY, Rev. Ed. B., Tractarian, ii....
Peter Simple, by Captain Marryat, ii.. 497 J. R. M'Culloch, ii. 363 ; Principles PUTTENHAM, GEORGE, i...

.... 193
Peter Wilkins and his Flying Bride, i.. 734 of, by Ricardo, ii. 363 : by J. S. Mill,
Peterborough, Earl of, Memoir, ii. 703 ii. 744: Illustrations of, by H. Marti Quakers, the sect founded, i...

Petrarch, Life of, by T. Campbell, ii. 106, 341

neau, ii.

708 QUARLES, FRANCIS, poet; extracts, i.. 232
Phædrus, Fables of, trans. by Smart, i. 692 Political Register, Cobbett's, ii.. 367 Quarterly Magazine, Knight's, ii...... 727
Phalaris, the Epistles of, i.... 458 Political State of Great Britain, a Mis Quarterly Review, the, ü..

21, 412
Phantasmagoria, by M. J. Fletcher, ii. 541 cellany edited by Abel Boyer, i..... 764 Queen Anne, History of her Reign, i.. 609
Pharonnida ; extract, i..
268 POLLOK, ROBERT, poet, ii..

144 Queen Elizabeth, Character of, by
Pharsalia, Lucan's, trans. by Rowe, i.. 528 Polychronicon, Higden's, i.......

Hume, i..
Phases of Faith, by F. W. Newman, ii. 658 Polyolbion, by Michael Drayton, i..... 89 Queen Elizabeth, Memoirs of the Court
Phenomena of Organic Nature, by POMFRET, John, poet, i.

of, by Lucy Aikin, ii.

Huxley, ii...

765 Poor Gentleman, the, scenes from, ii.. 222 Queen Mab, by Shelley: extract, i.... 130
Phenomena of the Human Mind, An Poor Jack, by Charles Dibdin, ii... 143 Queen Mary's Child-garden, ii. 733
alysis of, by James Mill, ii.. 360 Poor Relations, from Lamb's Essays, ii

. 94 Queens of England, by Dr Doran, ii.. 727
Philaster, by Beaumont and Fletcher, i. 161 Poor Richard's Almanac, by Franklin, i. 808 Queens of England and Scotland, by
Philip II., History of, by Prescott, ii.. 570 POPE, ALEXANDER, as poet, i. 494 ; as Miss Strickland; extracts, ii... 623
Philip Sparrow, by John Skelton, i.... 32 prose writer; extracts,

.. 581 | Queen's Wake; extract, ïi..

Philip van Artevelde; scenes from, ii. 489 Pope, Memoirs and Editions of, i..

... 497 Quentin Durward, ii...

PHILIPS, AMBROSE, as poet, i. 517; as POPE, DR WALTER, song-writer, i.....311
dramatist, i...

540 Pope and Dryden, Parallel between, 1. 792 Rab and His Friends; extract, ii....... 732
PHILIPS, JOHN, poet; specimen, i...... 307 Popes, History of the, by A. Bower, i. 764 Rabelais, trans. by Urquhart,

Philips, KATHERINE, poet, i.. 297 Popes, History of the, by Ranke, ii... 483 RADCLIFFE, Mrs, novelist, i.. 257
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, novelist, ii. 540 Popular Antiquities, Brand's, ii........ 799 RAE, JOHN, Arctic traveller, ü.. 787
Philosophy, Hist. of, by G. H. Lewes, ii. 634 Popular Rhymes of Scotland, ii....
Philosophy, Moral and Political, by Popular Tales, by Maria Edgeworth, ii. 271 Ragged Schools, Guthrie's Interest in ii. 63%
Paley: extract, ii....
344 Population, by T. R. Malthus, ii.... 362 Rainy Day, a, by Longfellow, ii..

Philosophy of the Human Mind, by Population, Law of, by M. T. Sadler, ii. 363 RALEIGH, SIR WALTER, as poet, i. 103 :
Dugald Stewart, ii...

358 Population, Lectures on, by N. W. as historian, i..
Philosophy of the Human Mind, by Dr Senior, ii...

363 Raleigh, Sir Walter, Life of, ii..

T. Brown, ii..

359 PORSON, RICHARD, miscellaneous RAMAGE, DR C TAIT, translator, il... 483
Philosophy of the Moral Feelings, by writer and translator, ii.

367 Rambler, the ; extracts, i...

Dr J. Abercrombie, i...

360 PORTER, ANNA MARIA, novelist, ii... 270 RAMSAY, ALLAN, poet, extracts, i..
Phæbe Dawson, by Crabbe, ii.. 49 | PORTER, JANE, novelist, ii.

270 RAMSAY, REV. E. B., author of Scottisk
Phrenology, by G. Combe: extract, ii. 361 PORTER, SIR Ř. KER, traveller, ii..

Life and Character, ii..

Physical Astronomy, History of, by Porteus, DR BEILBY, theologian, ii.. 346 RANDOLPH, THOMAS, dramatist, i..... 175
Grant, ii..

742 Portrait, a, by Wordsworth, ii. 64 RANDOLPH, THOMAS, poet; extracts, 243
Physical Geography, by Mrs Mary Postal Reform-Anecdote of Coleridge, Rape of Lucrece, by Shakspeare, i.... 93
Somerville, ii.

by H. Martineau, ii...

711 Rape of the Lock, by Pope ; extracts, i. 494
Physical Theory of Another Life, by POSTANS, CAPTAIN T., ii..

618 Rapin's History of England, i... 754
Isaac Taylor ; extract, ii.
684 POSTANS, MRs, traveller, ii.

771 Rasselas, by Dr Johnson, i......... 667, 790
PICKEN, ANDREW, novelist, ii. 302 POWELL, Rev. BADEN, scientific Rationalism, History of, by Leckie, ii.. 617
Pickwick Papers, the, by Dickens, ii.. 516 writer, i..

742 Raven, the, by Edgar A. Poe, ii.

Pic-nic Newspaper, the, ii.

158 PRAED, WINTHROP M., poet, ii.. 417 RAY, JOHN, botanist, i...
Pictorial Histories of the Russian War Prayer, by Montgomery, ii.

150 REACH, ANGUS B., novelist, ii.

and Indian Revolt, ii....

614 Preceptor, the, of Robert Dodsley, i.. 816 Rebellion, History of, by Clarendon, ĉ. 354
Pictorial History of England, edited by Precipices of the Alps, by Ruskin, ii.. 726 Rebellion, History of, by Dr R. Cham-
Prof. Craik and C. Macfarlane, ii.... 613 Prehistoric Annals of Scotland, ii...... 629 bers, ii.

Picture of Domestic Love, by Camp Pre-Raphaelites, origin of, ii... 723 Recruiting Officer, Scenes from, i...... 538
bell, i...
107 PRESCOTT, W. H., historian; extr., ii. 570 READE, CHARLES, novelist, il

Pied Piper of Hamelin, the, ii. 463 Prescott, Memoir of, by Ticknor, .... 579 READE, JOHN EDMUND, poet, ii.

Pierce Penniless, by Thomas Nash, i.. 132 PRICE, DR RICHARD, theologian, i..... 784 Recluse, the, by Montgomery, ii. 149
Piers the Ploughman, the Vision of, i.. PRICE, SIR UVEDALE, misc. writer, ii.. 370 Recollections of a Chaperon, ii.

Pilgrim of Compostella, by Southey, ii. 84 PRICHARD, Dr JAMES C., ethnologist, ii. 742 REDE, LEMAN, dramatist, ii.

Pilgrims and the Peas, by Wolcot, ii... 25 Pricke of Conscience, i...


Pilgrim's Progress, the ; extract, i. 413 Pride and Prejudice ; extract, ii. ...... 274 Rees's Cyclopædia, ii.

Pindar, Odes of, translated by West, i. 704 PRIDEAUX, DR H., theologian, i... ... 559 REEVE, CLARA, novelist, i.

PINDAR, PETER (Dr John Wolcot), PRIESTLEY, DR Joseph, nat. philoso REEVES, DR WILLIAM, biographer, ii.. 699
poet; extracts, ii..
24 pher, i....

788 Reflections on the Revolution, by
Pindaric Essays, by John Pomfret, i... 308 Primrose, the, by Clare, ii..

157 Burke, i...

Pindaric Odes, by Abraham Cowley, i. 259 Prince Consort, Life of, by Martin, ii., 432 Reformation of Religion, History of, by
PINKERTON, JOHN, historian and geog Princess, the, by Tennyson, ii...


John Knox, i. 220: by Dr Gilbert
rapher, ii..

328 Princess of Thule, the ; extract, ii..... 564 Stuart, i. 764; by Heylin, i. 436
Piozzi, Mrs (Mrs Thrale), i. 671 Principia, Newton's, i..... ...... 425 Reformation of the Church of England,
Piper of Kilbarchan, by Sempill, i.... 312 PRINGLE, THOMAS, poet, ii. ........ 177 by Burnet, i....

PITCAIRN, ROBERT, jurist, ii.. 629 PRIOR, MATTHEW, poet, i.. 481 Reginald Dalton, by Lockhart; extr., ii. 300
Pitt, character of, from Rolliad, ii..... 19 PROCTER, ADELAINE A., poet; extr., ii. 480 Rehearsal, play by Dryden, i.
Pitt, Life of, by Lord Stanhope, į.... 609 PROCTER, B. W. (Barry Cornwall), as Reid, CAPTAIN MAYNE, novelist, i...
Pitt, Rev. CHRISTOPHER, poet, i..... 704 poet, ii. 167; as dramatist, ii. 233 REID, DR THOMAS, philosopher, 785
Pitt, WILLIAM, EARL OF CHATHAM, i. 798 PROCTOR, RICHARD A., astronomer, ii. 742 Rejected Addresses, ii, 158; extracts,
Pizarro, Kotzebue's, ii.
Prometheus Unbound, by Shelley; ex Relapse, the, by Vanbrugh,

Plague in London, by Defoe; extract, 568 tract, ii....

131 Religio Medici, by Sir 7. Browne, i .. 431
Plain Dealer, by Wycherley, extract, i. 325

Promos and Cassandra, i..

127 Religion and Science, by Draper, i... 769
PLANCHE, MR, dramatist, ii.

495 Prophecy, the, by Chatterton, i... 657 Religion and Theology, by Tulloch, ii. 693
Planet Jupiter, is it inhabited ? by Sir PROUT, FATHER (Rev. Fr. Mahony), Religion of Common Life ; by Caird, ii, 693
D. Brewster, ii..
747 magazine writer, ii..,

695 Reliques of English Poetry, Percy's, i. 51, 6ßo
Plato and the other Companions of Provençal Language, i...

5 Reliques of Irish Poetry, i.

Sokrates, by Grote, ii..
604 Proverbs, on, by Trench; extracts, ii.. 669 Reliquiæ Baxterianæ, i..

Plato's Dialogues, by Jowett, ü....... 686 Provoked Wife, by Vanbrugh, i.. 535 Reminiscences of a Highland Parish,
Pleas for Ragged Schools, ii. 688 Provost, the, by Galt; extract, ii. 295 by N. Macleod, ü..

Pleasures of Hope, the'; extracts, ii. 105, 107 PSALMANAZAR, George,

grammarian,i. 764 Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Char-
Pleasures of Memory: extract, ii.....: 53 Psalms, the, translation of, by Davison, acter, by Dean Ramsay ; extracts, ii. 650
Pleasures of the Imagination ; extr., i. 628 i. 108; paraphrase of, by George Remorse, by Coleridge; scene from, ii. 228
Plurality of Worlds, by Whewell, ii... 740 Buchanan, i. 124; complete version Representative, the, newspaper, ii...... 695
Plutarch's Lives, by Langhorne, i..... 686 of, by Dr Arthur Johnston, I. 124; Representative Men, by Emerson, ii.. 722
POCOCKES, the, Oriental scholars, i.... 403 Sandy's metrical version of, i.

Repressor, the, by Bishop Pecock, i... 55
POE, EDGAR ALLAN, poet; extracts, ii. 436 Francis Rouse's version, i........... 314 Retaliation, by Goldsmith; extracts, i 679
Poems descriptive of Rural Life, ii.... 155 Pseudodoxia Epidemica, i....

431 Retum from Parnassus, the, i.... 174
Poesie, Art of, by G. Puttenham, i.... 193 Psyche, by Mrs Tighe; extract, i... 32, 34 Revenge, the, by Edward Young, i..602, 716
Poesie, Defence of, by Sir P. Sidney, i. 187 Psychology, by Spencer, ii............ 768 Review, the, edited by Defoe,



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Revolt of Islam, by Shelley, ii...... 130 RUSSELL, WILLIAM H., misc. writer, ii. 619 Scythians or Goths, Origin of, by Pink-
Revolution, History of, by Sir J. Mac Russia, Domestic Scenes in; extracts, ii. 776

erton, ii...
intosh, ii...

324 Russia, Excursions in, by Bremner, ii.. 777 SEARCH, EDWARD, nom-de-plume of
Revolution of 1688-9, from Macaulay, ü. 589 RUTHERFORD, SAMUEL, theologian, i.. 418 Abraham Tucker, i.

REYNOLDS, FREDERICK, dramatist, ii.. 237 RYMER, THOMAS, historian, i... 368 Search after Happiness, by H. More, ii. 364
REYNOLDS, SIR JOSHUA, painter, i..... 806

Seasons, the, by Thomson ; extr., i. 607, 610
Rhetoric, Philosophy of, by Campbell, i. 784 Sabbath, the, by Grahame ; extracts, ii. 43 SECKER, ARCHBISHOP, i...
Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, by Dr H. Sacred Classics, ii..

... 774

411 Second-sight, the, by M. Martin, i..... 573
Blair, i...

776 Sacred Poems, by H. Vaughan, i... 263 Sedgemoor, Battle of, by Macaulay, ii. 587
Rhetoric and Logic, System of, by Sir SADLER, MICHAEL T., economist, ii... 363 SEDGWICK, REV. Adam, geologist, ii.. 755

Thomas Wilson ; extract, i... 69 Saints and Sinners, by Dr Doran, ii. . 728 SEDLEY, SIR C., song-writer; extracts, i. 295
RICARDO, David, political economist, ii. 363 Saint's Everlasting Rest, by Baxter, i.. 410 SELDEN, John, phil, and polit. writer, i. 327
RICH, CLAUDIUS J., traveller, ii.. 406 SACKVILLE, THOMAS, as poet, i. 73; as Selden, John-his birthplace, ii....... 799
Richard III., Character of, by More, i. 61 dramatist, i..

126 Self-control, by Mrs Brunton, ii..

RICHARDSON, DR ROBERT, traveller, ii. 406 SALA, GEORGE AUGUSTUS, novelist, ii. 567 Sempill, Francis, song-writer, i...... 520
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH, satirist, ii...... 19 Salamandrine, the, by Dr C. Mackay, i. 448 SEMPILL, Robert, poet, i...

RICHARDSON, SAMUEL, novelist, i..... 731 SALE, GEORGE, translator, i.

764 Seneca's Morals, trans. by L'Estrange, i. 467
Richardson, Sir J., Life of, ii... 785 SALE, LADY F., journalist, ii.

618 SENIOR, N. W., polit. economist, ii..
Richelieu, by G. P. R. James, ii..

507 SALE, SIR R. H., military historian, ii. 618 Sense and Sensibility, by Miss Austen,ii. 274
RIDDELL, H. Scott, song-writer, ii... 483 Sally in Our Alley, by Carey, i....... 723 Senses and the Intellect, by Bain, i... 751
RIDDELL, MRS, novelist, ii... 545 Salmagundi, ii..

-378, 381 Sensitive Plant, the, by Shelley, ii..... 134
Rig Veda-Sanhita, trans. by F. M. SALT, HENRY, African traveller, ii.. 395 Sentimental Journey: extracts, i..
Müller, ii..

766 Sam Slick, by Haliburton ; extracts, ii. 698 Sepoy War, History of, by Kaye, ii.... 618
Rimini, by Leigh Hunt; extract, ii.... 153 Samor, by Milman ; extracts, ü.. 170 Serial Works, ii.

RITCHIE, LEITCH, novelist, ii. 535 SANDERSON, ROBERT, historian, i...... 368 SEWARD, ANNA, poet, ii...

Ritson, Joseph, antiquary and critic, ii. 369 SANDERSON, ROBERT, theologian, i.... 375 SEWELL, ELIZABETH M., novelist, ii.. 541
Rival Queens, the, by N. Lee, i.. 324 Sandys, GEORGE, traveller, translator, SHADWELL, THOMAS, dramatist, i..... 325
Road to Ruin, by Thos. Holcroft, ii... 226 and poet, i...

.... 212, 311 SHAFTESBURY, EARL OF, philosopher, i. 559
Roast Pig, Origin of, from Lamb, ii.... 95 Sappho and Phaon, by Lyly, i... 128 SHAKSPEARE, WILLIAM, as poet, i. 92;
Robene and Makyne; extracts, 42 Sartor Resartus, by Thomas Carlyle, ii. 595 as dramatist; extracts, i.

Robert Falconer, extract, ü... ..... 547 Saturn (the planet), by Proctor, ii... 742, 747 Shakspeare, different editions of, i..... 147
ROBERTS, EMMA, traveller, ii. . 771 Saturn and Thea, from Keats, ii. 137 Shakspeare, Essay on, by R. Farmer, i. 808
ROBERTSON, Dr W., historian, i...... 759 Saul, by W. Sotheby ; extract, ii.. 96 Shakspeare, Illustrations of, by F.
ROBERTSON, E. WM., historian, ii.. 627 SAUNDERS, JOHN, novelist, ii..

Douce, ii...

ROBERTSON, J. P. and W. P., travel SAVAGE, RICHARD, poet, i. ...... 505 Shakspeare, Life of, by Halliwell, ii... 798
lers, ii..
779 Saxon Chronicle, the, i..

4 Shakspearean Forgeries, by W. H. Ire-
ROBERTSON, Rev. F. W., theologian; SAYERS, DR FRANK, poet, ii.

152 land, ii...

extracts, ii.

676 Sayings and Doings, by T. E. Hook, ii. 309 Shakspeare's Plays, Chronology of, i.
Robertson, Rev. F. W., Life of, ii... 676 Scarlet Letter, the, by Hawthorne, ii. 542 145; ii. 799; Notes and Emendations
Robinson, Henry Crabb, Diary of, ii... 653 Scenes and Legends, by Hugh Miller, ii. 759 on, by Collier, i..

Robinson Crusoe, i. 566; extract, 570 Scenes of Clerical Life, ii...

550 Shakspeare's Self-retrospection, from
ROCHESTER, EARL OF, JOHN WILMOT, Scenes of Infancy, by Leyden; ex., ii. 39 H. Hallam, ii..

song-writer; extracts, i..
294 Schiller, Life of, by Carlyle, i..

594 Shandon Bells, the, by Father Prout, ii. 696
Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow, i.. 712SCHMITZ, Dr L., historian, ii. 606 SHARP, RICHARD, essayist; extracts, ii. 694
Rocks Ahead, by W. R. Greg, ii... 733 School of Abuse, by Stephen Gosson, i.. 192 SHARPE, SAMUEL, historian, ii.

Roderick, the Last of the Goths, ii.... 83 School for Scandal, by Sheridan, ii.... 217 She Stoops to Conquer, scenes from, 1. 720
Roderick Random, by Smollett, i.. 741 Schoolmistress, the ; extract, i..... 623 SHEIL, RICHARD Lalor, dramatist, ii. 233

6 Science, Progress of, in the Encyclo Shelley, Mrs (H. Westbrook) – her
Rogero, Song by, in The Rovers, ii....
23 pædia Britannica, ii...

735 death, ü..

..138, 800
ROGERS, HENRY, theologian, ii... ... 661 Scientific Writers, ii...

735 SHELLEY, MRS (M. W. Godwin),
ROGERS, SAMUEL, poet, ii.

52 Scinde, Campaign in, by Kennedy, ü.. 618 novelist, ii..
ROGET, DR P. M., naturalist, ii.. 686 Scinde, Conquest of, by Sir W. Napier, ii. 332 SHELLEY, Percy BYSSHE, poet, ii..... 129
Rohault's Physics, trans., i..
554 Scindh, by Burton, ü..

788 SHENSTONE, WILLIAM, poet, i..
Roister Doister, by Nicolas Udall, i... 125 Scipio, Character of, by Dr Arnold, ii.. 574 Shepherd's Calendar, the, by Spenser, i. 78

SCORESBY, WILLIAM, Arctic traveller, üi. 405 Shepherd's Hunting ; ex., by Wither, I. 235
Rolliad, the, ii..

18 Scot Abroad, the, by J. H. Burton, ii.. 627 Shepherd's Week, the, by Gay; extr., i. 511
Roman, the, by Sidney Dobell, ii.. 444 Scotichronicon, by John Fordun, i..... 27 SHERIDAN, MRS FRANCES, ii.. 248
Roman de la Rose, i.

5 Scotland, Antiquities of, by Grose, ii... 372 SHERIDAN, RICH. B., dramatist, ii.... 217
Roman de Rou, by Wace, i..
5 Scotland, Church of, by Calderwood, i. Sheridan, Life of, by Moore, ii...

Roman Catholic Church, by Macaulay, 223; by Row, i, 223; by Spottis SHERLOCK, DR WILLIAM, theologian, I. 397
501 woode, i..

227 Ship of Fools, by Alexander Barclay, i. 31
Roman History, by Hooke, i. 754; Scotland, History of, by Leslie, i. 225: Shipwreck, the, by Falconer; extracts, i. 661

Roman Republic, by Ferguson, i. 814;
Rome, History of, by Arnold, ii, 573;

Shipwreck, the, from Don Juan, ii.... 127

Stuart, i. 764 ; by Tytler, i. 764; SHIRLEY, JAMES, dramatist, i..
by Sir G. C. Lewis, ii. 600; by Meri by W. Guthrie, i. 764; by Lord Hailes, Siam, by Sir J. Bowring; extract, ii. .: 772

vale, ii. 601 ; by Schmitz, ii.. 606 i. 765 ; by Malcolm Laing, ii. 328; Siddons, Mrs, Life of, by Campbell, ii. 341
Roman Literature, History of, by J. by Pinkerton, ii. 328 ; by P. F. Tytler, SIDNEY, ALGERNON, prose writer, i.... 337
Dunlop, ii.

629 ii. 332 ; by J. Hill Burton, ii. 626; by SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP, as poet, i. 77; as
Romance of the Rose, by Chaucer, i.. 14 Cosmo Innes, ii. 627: by E. W.

prose writer, i...

Romeus and Juliet, by Arthur Brooke, i. 75 Robertson, ii.

626 Sidney Biddulph, by Mrs Sheridan, ii. 248
Rosalynde, by Thomas Lodge, i...... 102 Scotland's Skaith ; extracts, ii... 197 SIGOURNEY, MRS L. H., poet, ii..
Rosciad, the, by Churchill, i.
664 Scots Magazine, i..

816 Silas Marner, by G. Eliot, ii..

... 551
Roscoe, William, historian, ii. ...... 327 Scots wha hae wi' Wallace bled, ii. .... 194 Silent Woman, the, by Ben Jonson, i.. 153
ROSCOMMON, EARL OF, poet, i... 293 Scotsman, the, newspaper, ii.. 762 Siller Gun, by Mayne, ii..,

Rose, W., poet and translator, ii...... 185 Scott, ALEXANDER, poet, i..

118 Silurian System, by Murchison, ii...... 754
Rose in June, a; extract, ii... 556 Scott, John, poet, i..

687 Simms, W. GILMORE, misc. writer, ii... 722
Ross, ALEXANDER, song-writer, i. 712 Scott, MICHAEL, novelist, ii. . 498 SIMOND, Louis, traveller, ü..

Ross, CAPT. JOHN, Arctic traveller, ii. 405 Scott, SIR WALTER, as poet, ii. 113; Simoon, the, from Palgrave, ii.

Rosse, Earl of—his telescope, ii.. 737 as novelist, ii. 283; as historian, ii. 340 Simple Story, a, by Mrs Inchbald, ii.. 255
........ 474 Scott, Sir W., Lise of, by Lockhart, ii

. 630 Simplicity and Refinement, by Hume, i. 781

, DANTE GABRIEL, poet, ii., 474 Scottish Ballads, collected by Aytoun, ii. 431 SIMPSON, SIR J. Y., as antiquary, i.: 653
Rosy Hannah, by R. Bloomfield, ii.... 37 Scottish Ballads, by Pinkerton, ii... 328 SIMPSON, THOMAS, Arctic traveller, ii. 786
Rovers, the,' by Canning; extr., ii.. 23, 227 Scottish Bankrupt Law, by Burton, ii.. 627 Sir Andrew Wylie, by John Galt, ií... 295
Row, JOHN, historian, i..

223 Scottish Chiefs, by Jane Porter, ii..... 270 Sir Charles Grandison, by Richardson, i. 732
ROWE, NICHOLAS, dramatist, i... 528 Scottish Christian Instructor, ii.... 353 Sir Courtly Nice, by Crowne, i........ 324
ROWLEY, THOMAS (Chatterton), i...... 055 Scottish Language after the period of Sir Lancelot du Lake, i....

Rowley, WILLIAM, dramatist, i.. 173 the Revolution, by J. H. Burton, ii.. 627 Sir Launcelot Greaves, by Smollett, i.. 741
Royal Society of London formed, i.... 326 Scottish Minstrel, the Modern, ii. 217 Sir Patrick Spens, ballad, i.
Rule Britannia, i..
615, 627 Scottish Music, by Beattie, i.

787 SKELTON, John, poet, i.

Rural Life of England, by W. Howitt; Scottish Poems, by Pinkerton, ii. 328 SKENE, WILLIAM F., antiquary, ii... 611
extract, ü....

713 Scottish Poets, i, 23, 38, 118,707 ; ii. 186, 483 Sker, the Maid of, by Blackmore, ii... 567
RUSKIN, John, art critic; extracts, ii. 723 Scottish Rebellion, by Walpole, i... 811 Sketch-book, by W. Irving ; extr., ii. . 378
RUSSEL, ALEXANDER, editor, ii. ....... 762 Scottish Rivers, by Sir T. D Lauder, ii. 302 Sketches of Irish Character, extract, ii. 502
RUSSELL, Dr W., historian,

765 Scottish Songs and Ballads, Herd's Sketches of the History of Man, by
RUSSELL, LADY RACHEL ; extracts from Collection, i...

707 Lord Kames, i...

her letters, i...
471 Scripture Help, by Bickersteth, ii..... 665 SKINNER, JOHN, poet, i..

RUSSELL, LORD JOHN, biographer, ii... 629 Scriptures, Introduction to the Study of, Sky, the, by Ruskin, ii..

Russell, Lord W., Lise of, ui..

by Dr T. Horne, ii..
348 Skylark, the, ode by Hogg, ii..


138, 280



... 180






ton, ii.


extract, i..



: 713

Skylark, the, ode by Shelley, ii... 133 St Paul's Manual Labour, by Stanley, ii. 671 Switzerland, by Louis Simond; extr., il. 409
Slave-trade in Africa, by Cameron, ii.. 796 St Serf and Satan, by Wyntoun, i...... 27 Switzerland, Travels in, by H. D.
SMART, CHRISTOPHER, poet; extract, i. 692 Staël, Mme. de, sketch by Simond, ii.. 410 Inglis, ii. 409: by W. Coxe, ii..

Smectymnuus, by Milton, i....

-329, 417

STANHOPE, EARL, historian, i..... 606 Sword Chant of Thorstein Raudi, ii... 211
SMILES, SAMUEL, biographer ; extr., l. 648 STANLEY, ARTHUR P., Dean of West SYDNEY YENDYS(pseudonym of Sydney
SMITH, ALBERT, novelist, ii........... 541 minster, as historian, ii. 629; as biog Dobell), poet, ii.
SMITH, ALEXANDER, poet, ii..

..... 445
rapher, ii. 631 ; as theologian, ii...... 670 Sylva, by John Evelyn, i.

Smith, Alexander, Memoir of, ii. 445 STANLEY, HENRY M., African explorer, SYLVESTER, Joshua, poet and trans-
SMITH, DR ADAM, as metaphysician, i. ii. 625 : ii...

lator, i...

783; as miscellaneous writer, i...... 813 STANLEY, THOMAS, poet; extracts, i.. 264 Synonyms of the New Testament, by
SMITH, Dr John Pye, geologist, ii.... 754 Star of Bethlehem, by H. K. White, ii. 43 Trench, ü.

SMITH, DR WILLIAM, theologian, ii... 681 Starling, the, by Sterne, i.... 749 Syntax, Dr, his Tour in search of the
SMITH, GEORGE, Assyriologist, ii... 769 Statesman, the, by Taylor ; extracts, ii. 489 Picturesque, by William Combe, il.. 363
SMITH, James and HORACE, Ii. 158 STAUNTON, SIR G. L., traveller, ii. 394, 407
SMITH, JAMES, lyric writer, ii. 485 Steam-engine, the, from Muirhead's Table-talk, by John Selden; extracts, i. 327
SMITH, MRS CHARLOTTE, as poet, ii. Life of Watt, ii...

....... 646 Table Traits, by Dr Doran, 727
28; ás novelist, ii.

257 Steele Glass, the, by Gascoigne, i.. 76 TAIT, PROFESSOR, scientific writer, ü. 735
SMITH, Rav. SIDNEY, miscellaneous STEELE, SIR RICHARD, as dramatist, i. Tak your Auld Cloak about Ye, i....SI
writer; extracts, ii. .

381 539; as essayist, extracts, i... .. 540 Talavera, Battles of, by Croker, ü... 707
SMITH, WILLIAM, geologist, ii. 752 STEEVENS, GEORGE, misc. writer, i... 808 Tale of a Tub, by Swift ; extracts, i... 575
SMOLLETT, TOBIAS GEORGE, as poet, Stella, Temple's Legacy to Her, li..... 800 Tales of Fashionable Life, by Maria
i. 642;
as novelist, i..
740 Stella and Vanessa, i.

Edgeworth; extracts, ii..

• 271
SMYTH, WILLIAM, historian, ii... 629 STEPHEN, SIR JAMES, as historian, ii. Tales of my Landlord, ii..

SMYTHE, Hon. MR (Lord Strangford), 629; as biographer, ii.

646 Tales of the Hall, by George Crabbe:
poet, ii.
448 STEPHENS, J. L., Eastern traveller, ii. 407 extracts, ii.

....47, 51
Snake, Adventure with the, by Water STEPHENS, L., miscellaneous writer, ii. 735 Tales of the O'Hara Family, i... ... 312

701 Stephenson, George, Life of; extr., ii.. 648 TALFOURD, TH. Noon, dramatist, ii.. 487
Snob, the, edited by Thackeray, il.... 521 STEPHENSON, ROBERT, engineer, ii.. 751 Talking Oak, the, by Tennyson; ex
Social Intolerance, by J. S. Mill, ii... 744 Stereoscope, invented by Wheatstone, il

. 151
tracts, ii.

Society in America, by H. Martineau, ii. 708 STERLING, JOHN, misc. writer: ex., ii. 126 Tam o' Shanter, ii.....

Society and Solitude, by R. W. Emer Sterling, John, Life of, by Carlyle, ü... 396 Tamburlaine, by Marlowe, i....
son ; extracts, ii....

722 STERNE, LAURENCE, novelist, i. 745 Tancred, by Disraeli; extract, ii.
Society for the Diffusion of Useful STEVENSON, JOHN HALL, novelist, i... 746 Tancred and Sigismunda, by Thomson ;
Knowledge, ii...

Socinian Controversy, by Wardlaw, ii.. 685 physician ; extract, ii...

358 Tanganyika, discovery of, by Burton
Sociology, Descriptive, by Spencer, ii.. 768 STILL, JOHN, dramatist, i.

and Speke, ii..

Socrates, Condemnation and Death of, STILLINGFLEET, ED., theologian, i... 402 Tanganyika, Lake, explored by Lieu-
by Mitford, ii...
321 STIRLING, EARL OF, poet, i.

tenant Cameron, ii
Soft Sawder and Human Natur, by STIRLING-MAXWELL, Sir WILLIAM, TANNAHILL, ROBERT, song-writer, ii. 200
Haliburton, ii

biographer, ii.

631 Task, the, by Cowper: extracts, iis. 7. 9
Soldier's Home, by R. Bloomfield, ii.. 38 Stokers and Pokers, Highways and Tasso's Jerusalem, by Fairfax, i....... 91
Soldier's Tear, the, by Bayly, ii.. 182 Byways, by Sir F. Bonn Head, ii... 696 Taste for Reading, by 1. Herschel, iis. 738
Soldiering and Scribbling, by Forbes, ii. 622 STORER, THOMAS, poet, i....

97 Tatler, the, commenced, i..

Solitude, by Grainger; extract, i...... 650 STORY, WILLIAM WETMORE, poet and TAYLOR, BAYARD, traveller and mis-
Solomon, by Matthew Prior; extract, i. 481 sculptor, ii.........:

470 cellaneous writer; extracts, ii.....
SOMERVILE, WILLIAM, poet, i....... 607 STOW, John, chronicler, i....... 207 TAYLOR, ISAAC, philosopher; extr., ii.. 684

writer, ii.
738 extracts, ii..

543 TAYLOR, JEREMY, theologian; extr., i zlo
Song of the Bell, Schiller's, ii.. 186 Strain at a Gnat and swallow a Camel, TAYLOR, JOHN,

the Water Poet, i
Song of the Shirt, by T. Hood, ii...., 420 by Trench, ii......

669 TAYLOR, REV. Isaac philologist, ii... 685
Songs of Innocence, by Blake; extr., ii. '57 Strange Adventures of a Phaeton, by TAYLOR, ROBERT, dramatist, . 173
Songs of Israel, by W. Knox”; extr., ii.. 177 William Black; extract, ii.. 564 TAYLOR, SIR HENRY, dramatist, ii. ... 489
Sophonisba, by Thomson : extract, 1... 719 Stranger, the, ii.

220 TAYLOR, Tom, dramatist, ii..

Sorcery and Witchcraft, from Damon STRANGFORD, VISCOUNT, translator, il. 786 TAYLOR, W., traveller, ii..

ology, by King James I., i... 226 Strawberry Hill, description of, by TAYLOR, WILLIAM, translator, il...... 185
Sospetto d'Herode, Marino's, trans. by Horace Walpole, i......

810 Tea-kettle, song of the, by A. Taylor, ii. 175
Crashaw ; extract, i........ 249 Stray Leaves from an Arctic Journal, Tear, on a, by Samuel Rogers,

i.... 57
SOTHEBY, WILLIAM, as translator, ii. by Lieut. Osborn ; extract, ii........ 787 Tears of Scotland, the, by Smollett, i.. 645
96; as dramatist, ii....

228 STRETTON, HESBA, novelist, ii........ 561 Tea-table Miscellany, i... *****. $21
Sound, Lectures on, by Tyndall, ii.... 767 STRICKLAND, AGNES, hist. ; extract, ii. 627 Temora, by Macpherson, i..
SOUTH, DR ROBERT, theolog. : extr., i. 394 STRODE, DR WILLIAM, poet; extracts,i. 252 TEMPLE, SIR William, misc. writer, 453
SOUTHERNE, THOMAS, dramatist, i.... 526 STUART, DR GILBERT, historian, i... 764 Temple, the, by Herbert, i.......... 231
SOUTHEY, ROBERT, as poet, ii. 81; as Stuart of Dunleath, by Mrs Norton, ii. 423 Ten Thousand a Year, ii....

******** 514
biographer, ii. 338;

as misc. writer, ii. 375 STUBBS, Rev. WILLIAM, hist.; ex., ii. 622 TENISON, ARCHBISHOP, i. *.**.*** 403
SOUTHGATE, REV. HORATIO, Eastern Student Life in Germany, by B. Tay. TENNANT, WILLIAM, poet, ii.
traveller; extract, ii..
770 lor, i....

718 TENNYSON, ALFRED, poet; extracts, 451
SOUTHWELL, ROBERT, poet; extracts, i. 85 Study and Evidences of Christianity, Terra, by John Evelyn, i..

Spain, Handbook of, by Ford; extr., ii. 781 by Baden Powell, ii..

742 Terror, Reign of, by Alison, ii.

Spain in 1830, by H. D. Inglis, ii...... 409 STUKELEY, WILLIAM, antiquary, i.... 615 Testimony of the Rocks, by Hugh
SPALDING, Prof., logician, ii..., 744 Subjection of Women, by J. S. Mill, ii. 746 Miller; extracts, ii...

Spanish Literature, by Ticknor, ii..... 579 Sublime and Beautiful, the, by Burke, i. 800 THACKERAY, ANNE ISABELLA, novel
Spectator, the, commenced, i.. 541 Such Things Are, by Inchbald, ii..... 226 ist; extracts, ii..

SPEDDING, JAMES, biographer, ii.. 639 SUCKLING, Sir John, poet; extracts, i. 242 THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE,
Speech, Power of, by Huxley, ii., 766 SULLIVAN, dramatist, ii....

495 novelist; extracts, ii.........

Speeches of Chatham; extracts, i..... 798 Summer in Skye, by Alex. Smith, ii.. 445 Thaddeus of Warsaw, by Jane Porter,
SPEED, JOHN, historian, i..

206 Summer Morning, by John Clare, ii .. 157
SPEKE, JOHN HANNING, African ex Summer's Last Will and Testament, Thalaba the Destroyer, ii..
plorer; extracts, ii.
788 by Nash, i.....

132 Thanatopsis, by W. c. Bryant, ii... 438
SPELMAN, Sir HENRY, antiquary, i.... 206 SUMNER, DR CHARLES, theologian, ii. 348 Thanksgiving off Cape Trafalgar, by
SPENCER, HERBERT, scientific writer, ii. 768 SUMNER, DR J. Bird, theologian, ii.. 348 James Grahame, ii.i.
SPENCER, THE HON. W. R., poet, ii... 150 Sun-dial in a Churchyard, i..

80 Thealma and Clearches, i...

SPENSER, EDMUND, poet, i.... 78 Superstitious Beliefs, by Keightley, ii. 609 Theatre, the first Licensed, in London,i. 127

of Hebrew Poetry, the, by Isaac SURREY, EARL OF, HENRY HOWARD, i. 33 Theism, by Tulloch, i...
Taylor ; extract, ii...

684 Susan Hopley, by Mrs Crowe, ii...... 538 THEOBALD, LEWIS, minor poet, i... 504
Spleen, the, by Mat. Green ; extr., i.. 598 Suspicious Husband, the, i.., 722 Theodosius, by Nathaniel Lee, i...... 324
Splendid Shilling, the, by Philips, i.... 307 Sutherland's Voyage of the Lady Theology Explained and Defended, by
Sphynx, the, by Kinglake, ü.
Franklin and the Sophia, ii...... 787 Dr T. Dwight, ii....

SPOTTISWOOD, JOHN, historian, i....., 227 | SWAIN, CHARLES, poet, ii..


There is a Garden in her Face, i..... 185
SPRAT, DR T., phil. and polit. writer, i. 340 Sweden, Tour in, by S. Laing; extr., ii

. 777 There's Nae Luck about the House, i. 702
Spring, Ode to, by Mrs Barbauld, ii... 31 Swift, JONATHAN, as poet; extracts, Thesaurus, Morell's, ii....
Spy, the, by J. Fenimore Cooper, ii... 495 i. 485; as misc. writer; extracts, i... 573 Thief and the Cordelier, the, by Prior, i. 484
Squire's Pew, the, by Jane Taylor, ii. 174 Swift, character of, by J. W. Croker, ii. 708 THIRLWALL, DR CONNOP, historian, ii. &ca
St Columba, Life of, by Dr Reeves, ii., 639 Swift, Jonathan-his Uncles, ii.. 799 Thirty-nine Articles, Exposition of the,
St Francis, Legend of, by Caxton, i.... 56 Swift, Jonathan, Life of, by Forster, ii. 642 by Bishop Browne, ii..

St Leon, by W. Godwin ; extract, ii.... 267 Swift, Jonathan, verses on the death of, THOM,WILLIAM, the Inverury poet," li. 483
St Paul, Life and Epistles of, by Cony by himself, i...

beare and Howson ; extracts, ii. 673 SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES, poet; Troms, W. JOHN, editor, ii.

St Paul's Cathedral, History of, ii...... 611 extracts, ii..

474 THOMSON, DR ANDREW, theologian, il 353

... 618






• 765

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THOMSON, JAMES, as poet, extracts, i. Turks, History of the, by Richard Visions in Verse, by Nat. Cotton, ii.... 3
607; as dramatist, i....
717 Knolles ; extract, i.

.. 204 Voices of the Nighé, by Longfellow, ii. 441
THOMSON, W., ARCHB. theologian, ii., 686 TURNER, SHARON, historian, il........ 323 Volpone, or the Fox, by Ben Jonson, i. 153
THORNBURY, WALTER, novelist and TUSSER, THOMAS, poet, i...

37 Voltaire and the Lace-maker, i.
poet, ii...

567 'Twas when the Seas were roaring, Vortigern and Rowena, by W. H.
THRALE, Mrs (Mrs Piozzi), poet, i.... 670 ballad by Gay, i.........

575 Ireland, ii....

Three Fishers went Sailing, ill....... 529 Tweedside, by Crawford, i........... 710
Three Warnings, the, by Mrs Thrale, i. 671 TYNDALE, WILLIAM, translator of the WACE, MAISTER, i....

Thrush's Nest, by Clare, ii..
157 Bible, i...

Thucydides, trans. by Hobbes, i. 335 : TYNDALL, JOHN, PROFESSOR, physicist; travellers, ii.
by Dr Arnold, ii.......
574 extracts, ii..

767 Wae's me for Prince Charlie, ii.....
THÜRLOW, EDWARD, LORD CHAN Typee : a Peep at Polynesian Life, by WAKEFIELD, GILBERT, theologian, ii.. 346
CELLOR, orator; extract, ii. .. 374 H. Melville ; extracts, ii...

720 WALDIE, Miss, traveller, ii.....
THURLOW, LORD, EDWARD Hovell, TYTLER, Miss C.C. FRASER, novelist, ii. 567 Walk across Africa, or Domestic Scenes
poet; extract, ii...

97 TYTLER, PATRICK FRASER, historian from my Nile Journal, by Captain
Thyestes, tragedy by John Crowne, i.. 324 and biographer, ii................332, 342 James Grant; extract, ii.

Tibbs, Bean, by Oliver Goldsmith, i... 727 TYTLER, SARAH (Miss Keddie), novel Wallace, Adventures of Sir William,
TICKELL, RICHARD, satirist, ii........ 19 ist, ii....

567 by Blind Harry, i.....

TICKELL, THOMAS, poet, i............ 515 TYTLER, WILLIAM, historian, i........ 764 WALLER, EDMUND, poet; extracts, i.. 269
TICKNOR, George, historian, ii...
...... 579

WALPOLE, HORACE, as novelist, i. 750;
Tiger, the, by W. Blake, ii

57 UDALL, NICOLAS, dramatist, i......... 125 as miscellaneous writer ; extracts, i.. 810
TIGHE, MRS MARY, poet; extracts, ii.. 32 Uganda, Etiquette at the Court of, ii.. 789 Walpole, Lord, Memoirs of, ii...

.. 323
TILLOTSON, JOHN, ARCHBISHOP, pas Una and the Redcross Knight, i...... 81 Walpole, Sir Robert, Memoirs of, ii. .. 323
sages from his Sermons, i........
...... 399 Uncle Tom's Cabin, ii..
... 543 WALSH, WILLIAM, poet, i.....

Time's Alteration,

184 Undertones, by Robert Buchanan, ii.. 477 WALTON, Izaak, angler and biogra-
Timour or Tamerlane, Death and Undesigned Coincidences, by Blunt, ii. 667 pher; extracts, i.

Character of, by Gibbon, is... 770 United States, History of, by W. c. Waly, waly, i...

..... 314
TINDAL, DR MATTHEW, theologian, Bryant and Sydney H. Gay, ii...... 583 Wanderer, the, by Savage : extract, i.. 506

558, 774

United States, History of the Colonis Wanderer of Switzerland, the, by
TINDAL, NICHOLAS, translator and his ation, by Bancroft, ii...

582 Montgomery, ii.
torian, i..
559 Universal History, the, i...

764 Wanderings and Essays, by Water-
Tintern Abbey, by Wordsworth, ii..... 65 Universe, Final Destiny of the, by Dr

ton, ü...
"Tis the Last Rose of Summer, ii...son 102

Whewell, ii...

741 War, Miseries of, by Rev. W. Crowe, ii. 28
Tithes, History of, by J. Selden, i.... 327 Unwin, Mrs, Address to (Mary), by WARBURTON, Eliot, traveller, ii..... 702
Titles of Honour, by J. Selden, i...... 327

Cowper, ii....

Titmarsh, Michael Angelo (shacke Unyanyembe, Life in, from Grant, ii.. 790 logian; extract, i.....

ray), ii..

522 Uranus, planet, discovered by Sir Wil WARD, R. PLUMER, novelist, ii. *** 311
Tobacco, Farewell to, by C. Lamb, ii.. 92 liam Herschel, ii....

737 WARDLAW, DR RALPH, theologian, ii. 685
TOBIN, John, dramatist, ii... 236 URQUHART, Sir THOMAS, translator, i. 472 WARNER, Dr, historian, i....
TOD, LIEUT.-COL. JAMES, traveller, ii. 407 Usher, JAMES, theologian, i........... 368 WARNER, WILLIAM, poet, i..

To-day in Ireland, Tale by Crowe, ii... 313 Utopia, by Sir Thomas More, i....... 59 Warnings, the Three, by Mrs Thrale, i. 670
TOLAND, JOHN, sceptical writer, i... 559

WARREN, SAMUEL, novelist, ii. 514
Tom Bowling, by Charles Dibdin, ii... 142 Vacation Tour, a, by Tyndall, ii ....... 767 Warren Hastings, speech against, by
Tom Brown's School-days; extract, i.. 535 Valerius, by J. G. Lockhart; extract, ii. 298 R. B. Sheridan; extracts, li......... 221
Tom Jones, by Fielding, extract, i..... 738 VANBRUGH, SIR John, dramatist, i.... 535 War-song upon the victory at Brun-
Tom Thumb, by Fielding, i....... 723, 736 Vanessa and Stella, i.....

nenburg, by Hookham Frere, ii..... 104
Tooke, John HORNE, philologist, i... 797 Vanity Fair, by Thackeray, ii.. .... 523

WARTON, THOMAS and Joseph, poets ;
Topography of the Plain of Troy, by C. Vanity of Human Wishes; extract, i.. 668 extracts, i..
Maclaren, ii.
762 Variability, by Darwin, ii..

764 Washington, Eulogium on, by Ben.
Tottel's Miscellany, i.....

33 Vathek, by Beckford ; extracts, ii..... 243 Franklin, i. 808; by Daniel Webster,
TOURNEUR, CYRIL, dramatist, i....... 173 Vaudracour and Julia, by Wordsworth, ii.

Town and Country Mouse ; extract, i. 42

63 Washington, Life of, by Bancroft, ii... 582
TOWNLEY, Rev. JAMES, dramatist, i.. 723 VAUGHAN, DR C. John, theologian, ii. 681 Wat Tyler, drama, by Southey, il..... 81
Tractarian Party, the, ii...

655 VAUGHAN, DR ROBERT, theologian, ii. 661 Watchman, the, edited by Coleridge, ii. 70
Tracts for the Times, by members of VAUGHAN, HENRY, poet; extracts, i.. 263 WATERLAND, DANIEL, theologian, i.. 557

the University of Oxford, ii. 655 Vaux, Thomas, LORD, poet, i... 36 WATERTON, CHARLES, traveller; ex., ii. 701
Traditional Tales, by Cunningham, ii.. 208 VEDDER, DAVID, song-writer, ii...... 483 WATSON, Dr RICHARD, theologian, ii. 346
Traditions of Edinburgh, by Robert Vega, Lope Felix de, Life and Writings WATSON, ROBERT, historian, i........ 765
Chambers, ii...

652 of, by Lord Holland, ii.... ****. 337 WATSON, THOMAS, poet, i..... 100
Tragedy, Origin of, i.....

126 Veiled Prophet of Khorassan, ii....... 100 Watson's Collection of Ancient and
TRAIN, JOSEPH, miscellaneous writer, ii, 216 Velasquez and his Works, by Stirling Modern Scots Poems, i.

Traits and Stories of the Irish Peas Maxwell; extract, ii...

633 Watt, James, Life of ; extracts, ii..... 646
antry, by Carleton; extract, ii....... 315 Venables's Domestic Scenes in Russia ; WATTS, ALARIC ALEXANDER, poet, ii. 425
Translated Verse, Essay on; extracts, i. 293 extracts, ii........

776 WATTS, DR ISAAC-his Hymns, i. 616;
Traveller, the, by Goldsmith, i... 673 Venice--Canaletti and Turner, by Mrs theological works, i....

••• 774
Traveller's Song (Anglo-Saxon poem), i. Jameson, ii..

700 Watty and Meg, by A. Wilson, ii..... 195
TREBECK, GEORGE, traveller, il....... 407 Venice, the Stones of, by J. Ruskin, ii. 123 Waverley Novels characterised, ii..... 283
Tremaine, by R. Plumer Ward, ii.. 311 Venice Preserved; scene from, i... 322 We are seven, by Wordsworth, ii.... 64
TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX, ARCH Venus and Adonis, by Shakspeare, i... 92 We met-'twas in a Crowd, by Bayly, ii. 182

BISHOP, as poct, ii. 425; as theolo VERE, AUBREY THOMAS DE, poet, ii.. 425 Wealth of Nations, by Smith; ex., 1.783, 813
gian; extracts, ii...

Trevelyan, tale by Lady Dacre, ii.... 311 poet, i.

96 man; extracts from his speeches, ü.. 583
TREVISA, JOHN DE, prose writer, i..... 28 VERE, SIR AUBREY DE, poet, ii.. 425

WEBSTER, DR ALEXANDER, theol., i.. 775
Trials of Margaret Lyndsay; extr., ii.. 301 Vicar of Wakefield, by Goldsmith, i. 673, 751 WEBSTER, JOHN, dramatist, i..
Tribute to a Mother on her Death, ii.. 14 Vicar of Wrexhill, the, by Mrs Trol Wedgwood, Josiah, Life of, by Eliza
Tristram Shandy, by Sterne; extract, i. 745 lope, ii.....

501 Meteyard, ii.

Tristrem, Sir, a tale, by Thomas the Vicissitudes of Nations, by Finlay, ii.. 605 Wee Davie, by N. Macleod, ii. 691
Rhymer, i...

7 Victoria Nyanza, Discovery of, by Weekly Newes, i....
Triumphs of Temper, poem by Hayley, ii. 14 Captain Speke, ii..

788 Weimar, Picture of, by Lewes, ii.. 636
Trivia, or the Art of Walking the Victory of Faith, by Hare, il.... 668 WELDON, SIR ANTHONY, historian, i.. 367

Streets of London, by Gay; extract, i. 511 Vida's Art of Poetry, trans. by C. Pitt, i. 704 Wellington, Duke of, by Molesworth, ii. 640
Troilus and Cressida, by Chaucer, i... 14 Views Afoot, by B. Taylor ; extract, ii. 718 Wellington, Life of, by W. H. Max-
TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, as traveller, ü. Village, the, by George Crabbe ; ex well, ii.

779; as novelist, extracts, i... 557 tracts, ii...

46, 48 Wellington's Despatches, by Lieut-col.
TROLLOPE, MRS FRANCES, novelist, ii. 501 Village Minstrel, by Clare, ii. 156 Gurwood, ii.

TROLLOPE, TH. Ad., novelist, ii....... 560 Vindication of Religious Opinions, by WELLSTED, LIEUT. J. R., traveller, ii. 770
Troubadours, the, i....
5 Doddridge, i....

779 Welsh Poems, Date of the, by Skene, ii. 612
Trouvères, the, i..

5 Vindiciæ Gallicæ, by Sir J. Mackin Welsh Triads, i.....
True Patriot's Journal, i..

tosh; extract, ii...

324 WELSTED, LEONARD, minor poet, i.... 505
TUBERVILLE, GEORGE, poet, i.. 100 Virgidemiarum, by Bishop Hall, i..... 99 Were na my Heart Licht I wad dee,
TUCKER, ABRAHAM (nom-de-plume, Virgil, Caxton's Account of, i... 56 song by Lady G. Baillie, i..

Edward Search), theologian, i. 788 Virgil, translated by Dryden, i. 299; Werther, Sorrows of, Thackeray's Bal-
TULLOCH, DR JOHN, theologian, ii.... 692 by C. Pitt, i..

704 lad on, ii.

Tullochgorum, by Skinner, i.. 709 Virgin Martyr, by Massinger, i....... 175 Wesley, John, Life of, by Southey ;
Turf shall be my Fragrant Shrine, by Virginians, the, ii.

525 extract, ii.
Moore, ii...

102 Virginius, by S. Knowles, scene from, ii. 233 WESLEY, John and Charles, theo-
Turkish and Greek Waters, a Diary in, Vision, a, by Burns, ii...

194 logians,
by the Earl of Carlisle, ii... ....... 770 | Vision, Theory of, by Berkeley, ..... 561 | WEST, GILBERT, poet, i...






.... 774






poet, i..


26, 71

... 103

WEST, RICHARD, poet, i....

705 William and the Werwolf, edited by Sir World, the, before the Flood, by Mont-
West Indian, the, comedy, i. 720; ii... 247 Frederick Madden, i....

gomery, ii.

West Indies, the, by Montgomery, ii.. 146 William the Conqueror, Death of, by E. World, the Discovery of a new, by Dr
Western World, the, by Mackay, ii.... 780 A. Freeman, i..

625 J. Wilkins, i..

Westminster Review, ii...


WILLIAMS, DR ROWLAND, theologian, ii. 676 World, the, edited by Dr Moore, i.
Westward Ho, by
Charles Kingsley, ii. 528 Williams, Dr R.,Life of, by hisWidow,ii

. 676
617; i...

Wet Sheet and

a Flowing Sea, ii. 209 Williams, H. W., artist and traveller; World's Hydrographical Description,
WETHERELL, ELIZABETH, novelist, ii.. 567 extract, ii....

400 by Davis, i.
What ails this Heart o' Mine ! ii...... 30 WILLIAMS, HELEN MARIA, poet, ii... 152 Worlds, More, than One, by Sir David
What is Life? by John Clare, ii.. 156 WILLIAMS, SIR CHARLES HANBURY, Brewster ; extract, ii..

What is truly Practical, by Ruskin, ii.. 725 satirical poet, i..

600 Worlds, on the Plurality of, by Dr
What will he do with it by Edward Willis, NATHANIEL PARKER, poet, ii. 440 Whewell, ii..

Lytton Bulwer, i...

508 WILSON, ALEX., poet and naturalist, ii. 195 WORSAAE, J. J. A., archäologist, ii... 62

367 Worthies of England, the, i...

political economist, ii. 363; as theo Wilson, DANIEL, antiquary, ii. 629 WOTTON, REV. WILLIAM, i.. ..458, 594
logian, ii..
662 WILSON, JOHN, poet,

646 WoTTON, SIR HENRY, poet,
WHEATSTONE, SIR CHARLES, physicist WILSON, PROFESSOR JOHN (Christopher Wotton, Sir Henry, Life of, by Izaak
and electrician, ii..

North), as poet, ii. 162; as novelist.. 300 Walton, i...
When the Kye comes hame, ii. 207 WILSON, THOMAS, rhetorician, i.. 69 WRANGHAM, Rev. FRANCIS, poet, ii. 183
WHETSTONE, GEORGE, dramatist, i... 127 WILSON, WILLIAM RAE, Eastern trav.ii. 406 Wreck of the Halsewell, by Rev. W.

writer, ii..

519 WRIGHT, THOMAS, archäologist, ii.... 629
WHICHCOTE, BENJAMIN, theologian, i. 376 Windsor Forest, by Pope,

494 WYATT, SIR THOMAS, poet, 1.

Whig and Tory in the Reign of Queen Winter Evening in the Country, by WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM, dramatist, i... 325
Anne, by Earl Stanhope, ii.

Cowper, ii.

9 WYCLIFFE, JOHN DE, prose writer, i... 23
Whims and Oddities, by Hood, ii... 419 Winter's Walk, by Mrs Norton, ii.. 424 Wycliffe's Bible, i...
WHISTLECRAFT, WILLIAM and Rob Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melan WYNTOUN, ANDREW, poet, i.........
ERT, a fictitious name assumed by choly, by D'Ursey, i.....

Hookham Frere in a noted jeu Witch, the, by Middleton, i... 170 Xenophon's Address to the Army, by
d'esprit; extracts, ii.
Witch of Edmonton, the, by Rowley, Grote, ii....

WHISTON, WILLIAM, theologian, i.. 558 Dekker, and Ford, i..

WHITE, HENRY KIRKE, poet; ex., ii.. 41 WITHER, GEORGE, poet,

235 Yair's Charmer, Collection of Scottish
WHITE, REV. GILBERT, of Selborne ; Witness, newspaper, ii.

759 Songs, i.....

naturalist, ii...

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