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dre G. Beccaria. 8° [Torino] 1783.

VASSALI-EANDI (-). Memorie istoriche intorno gli studii del PaVÈNE (A.). Essai sur une nouvelle théorie de l'électricité. 8o Arras. VERGNE (LOUIS-ELIZABETH TRESSAN de la). See Tressan (L. E. de L. de).

VOLTÁ (ALESSANDRO). Opere. See Volta (A.). Opere. 8o 1816. (Miscellaneous.)

Osservazioni sulla capacità de' conduttori elettrici, e sulla commozione che anche un semplice conduttore è atto a dare eguale a quella della boccia di Leyden. 4°.


WATKINS (FRANCIS). A popular sketch of electro-magnetism, or electro-dynamics; and outlines of the parent sciences electricity and magnetism. 8° London, 1828. WATSON (WILLIAM). Experiments and observations tending to illustrate the nature and properties of electricity. 8° London, 1746.

A sequel to the experiments and observations, &c. 8° London, 1746. WHISTON (WILLIAM). The laws of magnetism discover'd. See Whiston (W.). The longitude and latitude found. 8° 1721, &c. (Astronomy.) WILCKE (JOHANNES CAROLUS). Disputatio physica experimentalis de electricitatibus contrariis. 4o Rostochii, [1757.]

Disputationem solemnem philosophicam de electricitatibus contrariis ad d. 11 Oct. 1757 ventilabit. 4o Rostochii, [1757.]

WILKINSON (C. H.). Elements of galvanism, with a view of its history from the first experiments of Galvani to the present time; containing also practical directions for constructing the galvanic apparatus; 2 vols. 8° London, 1804.

WILSON (BENJAMIN). See Hoadly (B.) and Wilson (B.). Observation on......electrical experiments. 4o 1756.

An essay towards an explanation of the phænomena of electricity, deduced from the æther of Sir I. Newton. 8° London, 1746. A treatise on electricity. 8° London, 1750.

8° London, 1752.

(New experiments and observations on the nature and use of conductors). 4° [London, 1777.]

WINKLER (JOHANNES HENRICUS). De imagine motuum cœlestium viribus electricis efficta. See Winkler (J. H.). Prælectionum suarum rationem reddit, &c. 4° 1750. (Astronomy.)

Die Starke der Electrischen Kraft des Wassers in gläsernen Gefässe welche durch den Musschenbrökischen Versuch bekannt geworden. 8° Leipzig, 1746.


ATMAN (MATTHEW). A familiar analysis of the fluid capable of producing the phænomena of electricity and galvanism or combustion; with some remarks on simple galvanic circles and their influence upon the vital principle of animals. 8° London, 1810.


UCCHIUS (NICOLAUS). Promotio philosophiæ magneticæ. See Zuc-
chius (N.). Nova de machinis philosophia, &c. 4° 1649. (Mechanics.)
ZETZELL (PETRUS.) Consectaria electrico-medica. See Zetzell (P.).
Consectaria, &c. 4° [1754.] (Anatomy)






ALMEIDA (DOROTHEO). Cartas fisico-mathematicas; 3 vols. 8° Lis


Physicarum institutionum libri x. ad usum scholarum; 3 vols. 8° Olysipona, 1785-1793.

Recreasao filozofica, ou dialogo sobre a filozofia natural; 4 vols. 8° Lisboa, 1758 & 1757.



CHRISTIAN (the) virtuoso, showing that, by being addicted to experimental philosophy, a man is assisted to be a good Christian; the 1st part by T. H. R. B. [Boyle]; to which are subjoined; 1, a discourse about the distinction that represents some things as above reason, but not contrary to reason; 11, the first chapter of a discourse entituled Greatness of mind promoted by Christianity; 3 pts. in 1 vol. 12o London, 1690. DISQUISITION (a) about the final causes of natural things, wherein it is inquir'd whether, and (if at all) with what cautions a naturalist should admit them, by T. H. R. B. [Boyle]; to which are subjoin'd by way of appendix some uncommon observations about vitiated sight, by the same author. 12° London, 1688.

EXCELLENCY (the) of theology compared with natural philosophy, by T. H. R. B. E. [Boyle]; to which are annex'd some occasional thoughts about the excellency and grounds of the mechanical hypothesis, by the same author; 2 vols. 8° London, 1674.

FREE (a) inquiry into the vulgarly receiv'd notion of nature, by R. B. [Boyle]. 80 London, 1684.

LIFE (the) of Galileo Galilei, with illustrations on the advancement of experimental philosophy [by J. E. Drinkwater]. 4° London, 1829. One of the few copies printed in this form, for private distribution.

NATURAL philosophy (Library of Useful Knowledge); vol. 1, objects, advantages and pleasures of science [by Lord Brougham and Vaux]; mechanics [by D. Lardner]; hydrostatics [by Lord Brougham and Vaux]; hydraulics [by Millington]; pneumatics [by D. Lardner]; heat [by Ogg]; optics, double refraction and polarisation of light [by Sir D. Brewster]; vol. 11, popular introductions to natural philosophy [by Mrs. Marcet]; Newton's optics [by D. Lardner]; description of optical instruments [by Pritchard]; thermometer and

pyrometer [by T. 8. Traill]; electricity, galvanism and electro-magnetism [by P. M. Roget] [besides a glossary to each volume]; 21 pts. in 2 vols. 8° London, 1829-1832.

RACCONTO istorico della vita di G. B. Porta. 8° Napoli, 1813. ANTIC (L. À. G.).

(LOUIS-Augustin-GUILLAUME Bosc d'). See Bosc d'Antic ARISTOTELES. La phisica, trad. per A. Brucioli. 8° Venetia, 1551. ARNOTT (NEIL). Elements of physics or natural philosophy, general and medical, explained independently of technical mathematics; vol. 1 and pt. 1 of vol. 11. 8° London, 1828 & 1829.

ATTWOOD (GEORGE). An analysis of a course of lectures on the principles of natural philosophy. 80 London, 1784.

A description of the experiments intended to illustrate a course of lectures on the principles of natural philosophy. 8° London, 1776.



ABINET (-) et BAILLY (C. F.). Résumé complet de la physique des corps impondérables, contenant, outre l'acoustique, un essai sur leur nature, la théorie de leurs vibrations, leur application à tous les phénomènes de l'électricité et du magnétisme, de la lumière et de la chaleur; précédés d'une introduction historique, et suivis d'une biographie, d'un catalogue, et d'un vocabulaire. 32° Paris, 1825.

Résumé complet de la physique des corps pondérables, précédé d'une introduction historique, et suivi d'une biographie des plus célèbres physiciens, d'un catalogue et d'un vocabulaire. 32° Paris, 1825. BACHE (A.D.). Notes and diagrams illustrative of the directions of the forces acting at and near the surface of the earth in different parts of the Brunswick Tornado, June 19, 1835; (from the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, vol. v. N.S.) 4° 1836.

Diagrams for illustrating a register of the direction of the wind; (from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, vol. xviii. 1836.) 8° 1836. Question of recurrence of meteoric display; (from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, vol. xvii.) 8° 1836.

BAILLY (FR. CH.). See Babinet (—) et Bailly (F. C.). Résumé complet de la physique des corps pondérables. 320 1825.

Résumé complet de la physique des corps impondérables. 32o 1825. BARLOW (PETER). A new mathematical and philosophical dictionary, comprising an explanation of the terms and principles of pure and mixed mathematics, and of such branches of natural philosophy as are susceptible of mathematical investigation, with historical sketches of these sciences. 8° London, 1814.

BARRUEL (ÉTIENNE). La physique réduite en tableaux raisonnés. 4° Paris, an xiv-1805.

BERTHIER or BERTIER (Jos. ÉTIENNE). Principes physiques pour servir de suite aux principes mathématiques de Newton; 4 vols. 12o Paris, 1764-1770.

BERTHOLLET (CLAUDE-LOUIS). See Encyclopédie méthodique physique. 4° 1793, &c. (Miscellaneous.)

BEUDANT (F. S.). Traité élémentaire de physique. 8° Paris,


BIOT (J. B.). Précis élémentaire de physique expérimentale; 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1824.


Traité de physique expérimentale et mathématique; 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1816.

BIRCH (THOMAS). Life of R. Boyle. See Boyle (R.). The works of, &c. fol. 1744.

The life of the Honourable R. Boyle. 8° London, 1744.* BOSC_ďANTIC (LOUIS-AUGUSTIN-GUILLAUME). Eloge. See Cuvier (G. L. C. F.D.). É, &c. 4o.

BOSCOVICH (ROG. Jos.). Philosophiæ naturalis theoria redacta ad unicam legem virium in natura existentium. 4° Vienna Austriæ, 1759. 4° Venetiis, 1763.

BOWDOIN (JAMES). Eulogy. See Lowell (J.). Eulogy, &c. 4° 1791. BOYLE (ROBERT). See Anonymous. Christian (the) virtuoso, shewing,

&c. 12° 1690.

Disquisition (a) about final causes, &c. 8° 1688.

Excellency (the) of theology compared with natural philosophy. 8° 1674.

Free (a) inquiry into the vulgarly received notion of nature. 8o 1685 & 1686.

Life. See Birch (T.). The life of, &c. 8° 1744.

The works of; to which is prefixed the life of the author (by Th. Birch); 5 vols. fol. London, 1744.

Certain physiological essays. 4° London, 1661.

Certain physiological essays and other tracts......increased by the addition of a discourse about the absolute rest in bodies; 2 pts. 4o London, 1669.

Experiments and considerations about the porosity of bodies. 8° London, 1684.

Some considerations touching the usefulness of experimental natural philosophy; the 24 tome containing the later section of the 2a part; 6 pts. in 1 vol. Oxford, 1671.

Some physico-theological considerations about the possibility of the resurrection. 8° London, 1675.

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The origine of forms and qualities. 8° Oxford, 1667.

Tracts about the cosmicall qualities of things, cosmical suspitions, the temperature of the submarine regions, the temperature of the subterraneall regions, the bottom of the sea; to which is prefixed an introduction to the history of particular qualities. 8° Oxford, 1671. BRISSON (MATHURIN JACQUES). Elémens ou principes physico-chymiques destinés à servir de suite aux principes de physique. 8° Paris, an 8 (1800).

Dictionnaire raisonné de physique; 6 vols. 8° and 1 vol. 4o Paris, an 8 [1800].

Traité élémentaire, ou principes de physique; 3 vols. 8° Paris, an. XI-1803.

BRIXIA (FORTUNATUS MAJONI a]. See Fortunatus [Majoni] a


BROUGHAM and VAUX (HENRY) Lord. Objects, advantages, and pleasures of science. See Anonymous. Natural philosophy; vol. 1. 8°



ARTES, or CARTESIUS (RÉNÉ des). See Descartes (R.).


CASSINI (JEAN-DOMINIQUE) Junior. See Encyclopédie méthodique physique. 1793, &c. (Miscellaneous.)

CAVALLO (TIBERIO). The elements of natural or experimental philosophy; 4 vols. 8° London, 1803.

CHEYNE (GEORGE). Philosophical principles of natural religion; containing the elements of natural philosophy, and the proofs for natural religion arising from them; 3 pts. in 1 vol. 8° London, 1705.

2 pts. 8° London, 1715.


OPUSCULA omnia actis erud. Lipsiensibus inserta quæ ad...............physicam ...pertinent. See Collections. Opuscula omnia, &c. 4o 1740. (Miscellaneous.)

CRIVELLI (GIOVANNI). Elementi di fisica; 2 vols. 4° Venezia, 1731 & 1732.

CUVIER (GEORGE-LOUIS-CHR. FRÉD. DAGOBERT). Éloge historique de M. Bosc. 4° [Paris.]



AUSSY (P.). Sur l'influence de la pression atmospherique sur le niveau moyen de la mer; (extrait de la Connoissance du Temps, 1839.) 8° Paris, 1837.

DELAMETHERIE (J. C.). De la nature des êtres existans, ou principes de la philosophie naturelle. 8° Paris, 1805.

DELUC (J. A.). Lettres physiques et morales sur l'histoire de la terre et de l'homme; vols. I, III, IV, et v, in 2 pts.; 4 vols. in 5 pts. 8° La Haye & Paris, 1779.

DE MORGAN. Remarks on elementary education in science. 8° London. (Mathematics.)

DESAGÙLIERS (JEAN-THÉOPHILE). A course of experimental philosophy; 2 vols. 4° London, 1734 & 1744.

DESCARTES (RÉNÉ). Lettres où sont traitées les plus belles questions de la...physique. See Descartes (R.). Lettres, &c. 4° 1657, &c. (Miscellaneous.)

DESPRETZ (C.). Traité élémentaire de physique. 8° Paris, 1827. DRINKWATER (JOHN ELLIOT). See Anonymous. Life (the) of G. Galilei. 4o 1829.

DULEAU (A.). Notice sur A. Fresnel. 8° Paris, 1827.

DUPRÉ (ATHANASE). Traité élémentaire de physique; 2 tom. 8° Rennes, 1831.

With a supplement in manuscript, apparently by the author.


ETTEN (HENRY van). Mathematicall recreations, or a collection of

problems in arithmetick, geometry, cosmographie, horologiographie, astronomie, navigation, musick, opticks, architecture, staticks, mechanicks, chemistry, &c., compiled in French, and now in English, with augmentations; whereunto is added, the description of the generall horologicall ring, and the double horizontall diall, by M. Oughtred; 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° London, 1652 & 1653.

EVELYN (J.). See Lucretius Carus (T.). An essay on the first book de rerum natura. 8° 1656.


FORTUNATUS [MAJONI] a Brixia. Philosophia sensuum mecha

nica methodice tractata, ac cætera ejusdem opera omnia; de motu corporum gravium; de cœlo et astris; de corporibus elementaribus; 2 vols. 4° Venetiis, 1756.

FRESNEL (A.). Life. See Duleau (A.). Notice sur, &c. 8° 1827.

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