The Life and Correspondence of Field-Marshall Sir George Pollock ... (constable of the Tower)

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W. H. Allen, 1873 - India - 560 pages

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Page 520 - And that which should accompany old age, As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have ; but, in their stead, Curses, not loud but deep, mouth-honour, breath, Which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not.
Page 467 - That this House doth highly approve and acknowledge the valour and patient perseverance displayed by the non-commissioned officers and private soldiers, both European and Native, employed in Afghanistan, and that the same be signified to them by the commanders of the several corps, who are desired to thank them for their gallant behaviour.
Page 553 - Chiefs, graced with scars, and prodigal of blood ; Stern patriots, who for sacred freedom stood ; Just men, by whom impartial laws were given ; And saints, who taught, and led, the way to heaven.
Page 328 - If you determine upon moving upon Ghuznee, Cabool, and Jellalabad, you will require, for the transport of provisions, a much larger amount of carriage ; and you will be practically without communications, from the time of your leaving Candahar. Dependent entirely upon the courage of your army, and upon your own ability in directing it, I should not have any doubt as to the success of the operation ; but...
Page 448 - Afghanistan and China have seen at once the forces at his disposal, and the effect with which they can be applied. Sincerely attached to peace for the sake of the benefits it confers upon the people, the Governor-General is resolved that peace shall be observed, and will put forth the whole power of the British Government to coerce the state by which it shall be infringed.
Page 134 - Shuns, encouraged by the presence of their veteran commander, who, unable to walk, was carried from point to point, in a handsomely-gilded litter; and cheered by the example, and earnest exhortations to fight bravely, of the fearless Amazons, offered a brave resistance to the assailants ; but no sooner was a lodgment made in the interior of their crowded works, than confusion ensued, and they were unable longer to contend with, or check the progress of the rapidly-increasing line which formed upon...
Page 447 - The Governor-General will leave it to the Afghans themselves to create a government amidst the anarchy which is the consequence of their crimes.
Page 286 - ... reasonable prospect of success, would be to afford no real aid to the brave men who are surrounded, and fruitlessly to sacrifice other good soldiers, whose preservation is equally dear to the G-overnment they serve. To effect the release of the prisoners taken at Cabul, is an object likewise deeply interesting in point of feeling and of honour.
Page 328 - Ghuznee and Cabul, over the scenes of our late disasters. I know all the effect which It would have upon the minds of our soldiers, of our allies, of our enemies in Asia, and of our countrymen, and of all foreign nations in Europe.
Page 285 - ... by the infliction of some signal and decisive blow upon the Afghans, which may make it appear to them, to our own subjects, and to our allies, that we have the power of inflicting punishment upon those who commit atrocities and violate their faith, and that we withdraw ultimately from...

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