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THE author of the following pages feels that something in the shape of an explanation at least, if not an apology, may justly be expected from him for the apparent presumption of reproducing a book which was written for, and addressed to, the Schoolboy Public' of no less than thirty-three years ago. His apology must be, not that the book met with an even flattering reception from the beginning, but that now, for several years past, correspondents new and old, and from many parts of the kingdom, who were boys themselves when the book first appeared, and who now have boys of their own, have inquired of him once and again as to his willingness to reproduce both the present volume and its sequel (Playhours and Half-Holidays), and perhaps the most grateful response he could make is that which is offered by the re-issue of the volumes in question.

DANBY, 8th February 1892.

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