The Heroes; Or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children

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Macmillan, 1885 - Mythology, Greek - 150 pages
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Page 113 - Aithra, the daughter of Pittheus the king. She had one fair son, named Theseus, the bravest lad in all the land; and Aithra never smiled but when she looked at him, for her husband had forgotten her, and lived far away. And she used to go up to the mountain above...
Page 82 - So he delayed, and sat taking counsel with his princes till the sun went down and all was dark. Then he bade a herald cry, " Every man to his home for to-night. To-morrow we will meet these heroes, and speak about the golden fleece.
Page 97 - Their legs have grown crooked with much rowing ; till they waddle in their walk like ducks." At that Idas the rash would have struck them ; but Jason held him back, till one of the merchant kings spoke to them, a tall and stately man. "Do not be angry, strangers; the sailor boys must have their jest. But we will treat you justly and kindly, for strangers and poor men come from God ; and you seem no common sailors by your strength, and height, and weapons. Come up with me to the palace of Alcinous,...
Page 62 - ... mountain of the hundred springs. And he led him to the holy oak, where the black dove settled in old times, and was changed into the priestess of Zeus, and gave oracles to all nations round. And he bade him cut down a bough, and sacrifice to Hera and to Zeus ; and they took the bough and came to lolcos, and nailed it to the beak-head of the ship. And at last the ship was finished, and they tried to launch her down the beach ; but she was too heavy for them to move her, and her keel sank deep...
Page 106 - Then the giant ran up a valley and vanished, and the heroes lay on their oars in fear. But Medeia stood watching all from under her steep black brows, with a cunning smile upon her lips, and a cunning plot within her heart. At last she spoke, " I know this giant. I heard of him in the East. Hephaistos the Fire King made him in his forge in ./Etna beneath the earth, and called him Talus, and gave him to Minos for a servant, to guard the coast of Crete. Thrice a day he walks round the island, and never...
Page 37 - Those whom the Gods help fulfil their promises ; and those who despise them, reap as they have sown. Behold the Gorgon's head !" Then Perseus drew back the goat-skin, and held aloft the Gorgon's head. Pale grew Polydectes and his guests as they looked upon that dreadful face. They tried to rise up from their seats : but from their seats they never rose, but stiffened, each man where he sat, into a ring of cold grey stones.
Page 118 - And first, he thought of going down to the harbour and hiring a swift ship, and sailing across the bay to Athens; but even that seemed too slow for him, and he longed for wings to fly across the sea, and find his father. But after a while his heart began to fail him; and he sighed, and said within himself:"What if my father have other sons about him, whom he loves?

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