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L O N D O N, Printed for R. and J. DoDSLEY, in Pall-mall.

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D I A L O G U E, O N

r T was on one of the most pleasing Mornings in I the last Summer, that CRITo stole from the Joi Noise and Bustle of the Town, to enjoy an agreeable Day, or Two, with his Friend TIMANTHEs in the Country. TIMANTHEs received him with all that Joy and Pleasure, which is usual between Friends, who love one another entirely; and who have not met for a considerable Time. He shewed him his new Grove, and Gardens; and, as they were walking in the latter, “Since the Weather begins to be so warm (says he,) if you like it, we will dine under that open Tent. The Air there will be refreshing to you; and will bring us the Smell of the Orange and Lemon-Trees which surround it, without breaking that View of the Country, of which you used to be so fond. When I placed them there, I had you in my Thoughts; and imagined it might - B 2. be

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