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This is to testify before whom it may concern, that upon the Letter of Attorney vouchsafed unto me by Major General Edward Gibbons.--I made two voyages, once to St. John's River, and another time to Port Royal, to demand of Monsieur De La Tour, both the money due from him to the said Major Gibbons upon Mortgage, and also for a parcel of goods shipped for him upon the Vessel he went to Canada in. The charge of which two voyages amounted to above forty pounds. Furthermore, that the said De La Tour is indebted more to assignees of the said Major Gibbons, for goods, then delivered unto himself and order, eighty-two pounds five shillings. Witness my hand, made at Boston, this 25th (8) ber., 1654.

JOSHUA Scorrow. Sworn before the Court.

EDWARD Rawson, Secretary.

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This is to testify before whom it may concern, that' the Mortgage of Monsieur De La Tour's fort, &c. was by himself signed and delivered by him, the said De La Tour, unto Major Edward Gibbons, in presence of us and divers others and the testimony, which therein we do bear, we do by these presents confirm, and, in case of need, shall further testify, if called therunto. Witness our hands made at Boston, this 25th (8) ber., 1654. This is testified upon oath by Mr. Valentine Hill and Joshua Scottow, before the Magistrates, assembled in General Court.

John ENDECOTT, Deputy Governour.

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I, Samuel Maverick do hereby testify, that in Anno 1645, there was shipped aboard the Barque Planter by Major General Gibbons, several parcels of goods, all valued at two hundred and sixteen pounds, eight shillings and eight pence, and committed to the charge and disposal of Monsieur La Tour, of which, as also of a greater sum, adventured by myself with the said La Tour in that voyage, we never had to this day any return made. Witness my hand this 28th day of October, 1654.

SAMUEL MAVERICK. Sworn before the Court.

EDWARD Rawson, Secretary.

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Letter from Mr. Thomas Lake, in Boston, to Captain John

Leverett, Merchant in London. Dated Sept. 2, 1657.


“ The 29th of August, Mr. Scottow tendered £210 for Monsieur La Tour, and demanded two original Deeds, which he said are by contract to be delivered upon payment of the £210, and would not pay anything without the receipt of the Deeds. Now I shall inform Captain Breaden fully, of the whole action; and Mr. Usher, when he comes, will inform you, so as at present I shall not trouble you further with.'

“How matters are at the Fort, I suppose Captain Breaden will inform. Col. Temple saith he is resolved to comply with Col. Crowne on some terms, to have his interest. Col. Temple was honourably received ashore by the Governour and Company's soldiers. He hath a noble spirit, answering what you wrote of him in Mr. Brown's letter, to whose house he went at Sudbury. I fear his noble spirit will not suit with Acadie, or at least the profit of Acadie will not maintain his post. Myself and some other friends, have spoken seriously to him for a frugal management of the same. He accepts of advice and saith he will by degrees clear himself of the unnecessary charge, which he is at by many servants, that he brought over, who will be as drones to eat up all the honey, that others labour for, and that he will have but two at most, to wait




The deputies understanding by good information, that Captain John Allen hath several times been employed by order from this Court, viz., ten days to look after a French ship upon the coast, as also a voyage to Monsieur D'Aulney, both himself and ship, for the space of near twenty


days, besides a second voyage to the aforesaid D'Aulney, wherein he was absent six weeks; to which may be added, his lending Mr. Winslow for the Country's use, £100 in England, which was not paid in seven years after, and then but in Country pay, all which considered, the Deputies' judge meet, as a manifestation of their acceptance of such his good service, which hitherto hath not been taken notice of

, so as to render him any answerable recompense, to grant him a thousand acres of land where he can find it according to law, so as he take it not up in above two places. Desiring the consent of our honoured Magistrates hereto.


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27 (8) 1668, consented to by the Magistrates.


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To Captaine John Leverett, Commander of the Forts,

lately taken from the French in America.*

Ohner P.

We have received an Account from Major Sedgwick, of his taking several Forts from the French in America, and that hee hath left you to Command and secure them for Us and this Commonwealth : and although Wee make no doubt of your fidelitie and diligence in performance of your trust, yet Wee have thought it necessarie to let you know of how great consequence it is, that you use your utmost care and circumspection, as well to defend and keep the Forts above said, as also to improve the regayning of them into our hands, to the advantage of Us and this State, by such wayes and meanes as you shall judge conducible thereunto. And as WEE shall understand from you the state and condition of those places, WEE shall from tyme to tyme give such directions, as shall be necessarie. Given at Whitehall,

this third of Aprill,

[As this is printed from the original, we give an engraved copy of the autoraph of the Protector.]


[As the excerpta of what remains after the full gleanings of Hutchinson and Stiles,—the subsequent items, relative to Whalley and Goffe, are here presented.-Pub. Com.


Governour of New England, to apprehend Whalley and Goffe.

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To our trusty and well-beloved the present Governour, or

other Magistrate or Magistrates of our Plantation of

New England.
Charles R.

Trusty and well-beloved,-Wee greete you well. Wee being given to understand that Colonell Whalley and Colonell Goffe, who stand here convicted for the execrable murther of our Royall Father, of glorious memory, are lately arrived at New England, where they hope to shroud themselves securely from the justice of our lawes;-Our will and pleasure is, and we do hereby expressly require and command you forthwith upon the receipt of these our letters, to cause both the said persons to be apprehended, and with the first opportunity sent over hither under a strict care, to receive according to their demerits. We are confident of your readiness and diligence to perform your duty; and so bid you farewell.

Given at our Court at Whitehall, the fifth day of March,
By his Majesty's command,


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That this is a true copie of his Majesty's original letter, as it came and was presented to the Governour of the Massachusetts' jurisdiction, and was subscribed as on the other side, being compared therewith.


EDWARD Rawson, Secretary. Boston, May 6, 1661.

Jno. ENDECOTT, Governour.

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