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Jeremiah Dummer. (A large and admirable portrait, by Sir Godfrey Kneller.]

A native of Boston, and a graduate of Harvard College in 1699, and early distinguished himself by extraordinary brilliancy of genius, and progress of knowledge. Designing to devote himself to the ministry, he entered the University of Leyden, and obtained the applause of the celebrated Lipsius, professor in that seminary. He afterwards abandoned the clerical profession, and became a civilian. He went to England, and in 1710, was appointed Agent for Massachusetts, and was an able defendant of its charter liberties. He died at

Plastow, in 1739. Peter Fanueil. [Presented by Miss Jones, of Boston.] The founder

of the Hall which bears his name; died March 3d, 1743. BENJAMIN POLLARD. (Presented by Isaac WINSLOW, Esq.] Former

High Sheriff of the County of Suffolk ; and first Colonel of the

Boston Cadets. Charles Paxton. [Presented by Peter WAINWRIGHT, Esq.] John Phillips, LL.D. [Presented by Hon. Josiah Quincy.] Son ng

the Rev. Samuel Phillips of Andover ; born December 27th, 1719; graduated at Harvard College in 1735; for several years a member of the Council in New Hampshire; April 21st, 1778, he with his brother Samuel Phillips of Andover, endowed the Academy in that town; and in 1789, gave to the Institution twenty thousand dollars. Of the Academy of Exeter, he was the sole founder; and it was incorporated in 1781, with a fund of fifteen thousand dollars. He died April, 1795, aged 76, bequeathing to this Academy, two thirds of all his estate;

and one third of the residue to the Seminary at Andover. James ALLEN. [Painted by Copley; presented, with the next, by the

Widow of the late James Allen, Esq. Born in Boston, July 24th, 1739. He left Harvard College, after a residence of three years, to devote himself exclusively to polite literature. He was the author of

several poems of much celebrity; and died in 1808, in his 70th year. JEREMIAH ALLEN, Esq. [Painted by Stewart.] High Sheriff of the

County of Suffolk. John Davis, LL.D. [Painted by Cole. Presented by Hon. T. L.

WINTHROP.] Judge of the United States District Court of Massachusetts. Late President of the Massachusetts Historical Society; Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; and of several other learned Societies.,



(A fine original portrait. Presented by HENRY BROMFIELD, Esq.] First Minister of Boston ; to which he came with Governor Winthrop in 1630. He died August 7th, 1667, aged 78. JOHN Bailey. [Presented by his great grandson, Mr. NATHANIEL

Willis, of Boston.] He was born in Lancashire, Great Britain, Feb. 24th, 1644; was Minister at Limerick, in Ireland; came to New England about 1683; was settled at Watertown, October 6th, 1686;

removed to Boston, 1692, and became assistant Minister with Rev. Mr. Allen of the first Church; and died December 12th, 1697, in

his 54th year.

INCREASE MATHER, D. D. [A very old painting Presented by Mr.

John Dugan.) Minister of the North Church in Boston; and Presi

dent of Harvard College. He died August 23d, 1723, aged 85. Samuel Phillips. [. Presented by Hon. Josias QUINCY.]

He was Minister of the South parish in Andover; and died June 5th,

1711, in the 820 year of his age. William WELSTEAD. Minister of the New Brick Church, Boston ;

died April 20th, 1753, aged 58. GEORGE BERKLEY, D. D. [Painted by Smibert, on his passage to

Newport, Rhode Island. Presented by Thomas WETMORE, Esq. of Boston.] He was born March 12th, 1684, at Kilerin in Kilkenny, Ireland; educated at Trinity College, Dublin ; was Dean of Derry, and afterwards Bishop of Cloyne ; came to Newport, R. I., in 1729, on his way to establish a College in one of the Islands of Bermuda ; resided there two years and a half, when he returned. He was a distinguished benefacto: to Yale College, and died at Oxford, Great

Britain, January 14th, 1753, being nearly 69 years of age. THOMAS PRINCE. [Presented by the Hon. JoNATUAN Phillips.]

He was a native of Middleborough, and graduated at Harvard Col. lege, in 1707.

After studying theology, he visited England, and preached at Coombs, where he was invited to settle; but he preferred to return to America. He returned to Boston in 1717, having been absent about seven years; and was ordained Pastor of the Old South Church, October 1st, 1718, and labored there, with great popularity and usefulness, till his death, October 22d, 1758. He published a valuable Chronological History of New England; and made large collections for a civil and religious history of it, in manuscripts and books. These were kept in an apartment of the tower of the Old South Church, and called “ The New England Library.” The manuscripts were principally destroyed by the British, at the early period of the Revolutionary war, and several of the books were taken away ; part of those that remained, are now deposited in the library of the Historical

Charles CHAUNCY, D. D. [.

Presented by JOSEPH WOODWARD, Esq.] He was born at Boston, January 1st, 1706; graduated at Harvard College in 1721 ; and ordained Pastor of the First Church in Boston, in 1727, where he labored till his death, in 1787, in the 83d year of his age. Ile was eminent for his talents,

learning, and love of liberty, civil and religious. SAMUEL Cooper, D. D. [Painted by Copley. Presented by Rev.

CHANDLER ROBBINS.] Born at Boston, Massachusetts, March 28th, 1725; graduated at Harvard College, in 1743; and in 1746, ordained pastor of the Brattle Street Church. After an unusually popular ministry of near 37 years, he died December 29th, 1783, in the 59th

year of his age. John Clarke, D. D. [Original portrait, painted and presented by

Col. Henry SARGENT.] Born at Portsmouth, N. H., April 13th, 1755; graduated at Harvard College in 1774; ordained pastor of the first Church in Boston, as colleague with the Rev. Dr. Chauncy, July

8th, 1788; and deceased April 1st, 1798. [See more in the Historical

Collections, Vol. VI, 1–9.] Jeremy BELKNAP, D. D. [Painted by Sargent. Presented by several

members of the Society.] Born at Boston, June 4th, 1744; graduated at Harvard College, 1762 ; ordained pastor of the Church in Dover, N. H., February 18th, 1767; installed in the Presbyterian Church in Boston, April 4th, 1787; and deceased June 20th, 1798, aged 54.

Besides the publication of several sermons and religious tracts, he was the author of "the History of New Hampshire, in 3 volumes; of the “ American Biography” in two volumes; and of “ a discourse before the Massachusetts Historical Society," of which he was the founder, “ on the completion of the third century, from Columbus' discovery of America." [For a biographical memoir, See Collections of the Historical Society, Vol. VI, p. 10–18.


Ann POLLARD. Presented by Isaac Winslow, Esq.] Wife of Wil

liam Pollard, of Boston. She deceased December 6th, 1725, aged 105 years. This portrait was taken, when she was 103 years old.“She left of her offspring 130." She used to relate that she went over in the first boat that crossed Charles river, in 1630, to what has since been called Boston; that she was the first that jumped ashore, and she described the place as being at that time, very uneven, abounding in small hollows and swamps, and covered with blueberry

and other bushes." Mrs. Mary Davis. [Presented by the Rev. Dr. BENTLEY of Salem.) ]

On the back of this painting is the following record, but without dates; and it is all that we have been able to find respecting this old lady.

" Mrs. Mary Davis, aged 117.—She had three husbands, by whom she had nine children. She had fifteen grand-children ; 215 greatgrand children; 800 great grand children's children. At 104 years, she could do a good day's work at shelling corn; at 110 she sat at her spinning wheel. She was driven from the eastward (Maine), 40 years."


The thanks of the Massachusetts Historical Society are presented for the following donations.

T. M. HARRIS, Librarian.

List of Donations, from July 27th, 1837, to July 27th, 1838. Report on the Peology of Maine, by Dr. C. T. Jackson, 8vo, Augusta, 1837

Presented by Hon. T. L. Winthrop. Compend of Moral Philosophy, by Rev. Charles Morton, in Manuscript.

Hon. John Pickering. Eulogy on James Madison, Boston, 1836; and oration on the life and character of La Fayette. Svo, Washington, 1835; by Hon. J. Q. Adams.

The Author. Report of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries at Copenhagen, and their printed Letter. 8vo, 1836.

Professor Rafn. Annual Report of the American Education Society, for May, 1837.

Rev. Dr. Cogswell. Documents of the First Session of the 23d Congress; 18 volumes.

A. 0. Dayton, Esq., Secretary of State. Letter to Major G. Mackay, from T. Walley, John Joy, and H. Hill; June 17th, 1769, (Manuscript).

Mr. Joseph J. Couthoy. Profile of Mr. Thomas Walicut.

His Nephew, the Rev. R. F. Walcutt. Journal of Essex County Natural History Society.

Ichabod Tucker, Esq. American Quarterly Register, for August. Rev. Dr. Cogswell.

J. W. Toomer's Oration at the first Centennial of the South Carolina Society ; March 28th, 1837.

The Society. Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society, vol. 5.

The Society. Acts of the 61st General Assembly of New Jersey. The State. North American Review for July, 1837. Rev. Dr. Palfrey.

Parchment Commission from George II, to Benning Wentworth, as Governor of New Hampshire.

Hon. John Pickering. Sir Grenville Temple’s Travels in Greece and Turkey. 2 vols. 12mo, 1836.

Hon. T. L. Winthrop. History of Rehoboth, by L. Bliss, Jun. 8vo, Boston, 1836.

The Author. Gazetteer of the United States, by J. E. Worcester. Andover, 1818, 8vo.

The Author. Pulaski vindicated, by Col. Paul Bentalon. Baltimore, 1824, 8vo.

The Author. Catalogue of the Library of the Antiquarian Society, Worcester, 1837, 8vo.

The Society

Inaugural Discourse, hy Rev. Jasper Adams, Geneva, N. Y., 1827, and Elements of Moral Philosophy, Cambridge, 1837. The Author.

Dr. Beck's Eulogium on Simeon de Wett, Albany, 1835, 8vo. Barnard's Address before the Albany Institute, Albany 1836 ; Catalogue of Amherst College, 1836.

Dr. Jacob Porter. Address before the American Historical Society by Hon. Levi Woodbury. Washington, 1837.

The Author. List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations taxed in Boston, 1836. A volume of rare tracts, relating princi ally to Major General Ludlow. 1691-1696, 4to.

İ. P. Davis, Esq. A box of papers, relating principally to Indian affairs, preserved in the family of Col. Israel Williams, at Hatfield.

John Williams, Esq. of Comway. Rev. John Cotton's Exposition of the 13th Chapter of Revelations. London, 1635, 4to.

J. F. Fisher, Esq., of Philadelphia. Four tracts, in the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskokee, and Osage language. Utica, 1831.

William Gibbs, Esq. North American Review, for Oct. 1837. Professor Palfrey. History of Kennebunk Port, 1837. Captain Charles Bradbury. Twenty numbers of the Political state of Great Britain. 1716—1732.

Mr. S. G. Drake. Documents of the 2d Session of the 24th Congress. (12 Volumes).

J. Forsyth, Secretary of State.
A volume of curious tracts. 1670_1742. 12mo.

Rev. R. F. Wallcutt.
A file of the Rhode Island Republican, containing a series of com-
munications, relative to the History of Rhode Island ; written by Bull,
Esq., descendant of Gov. Bull.] 56 Numbers. I. P. Davis, Esq.

Sermon at the ordination of Rev. John Parkman in Greenfield, Oct. 11th, 1837, by Rev. Francis Parkman, D. D.

The Author.
Discourse on the evidence that the American Indians are descendants
of the lost tribes of Israel.
By M. M. Noah.

The Author.
Dr. George Hayward on diseases of the knee joint, 1837. Rev. H.
Coleman's sermon on the times, 1837. George A. Stevens's Address to
the Juvenile Houses' Association for the suppression of prophanity, 1837.
Rev. G. Whitney's sermon on the moral and religious uses of Mechan-
ical exhibitions. Annual Report of the blind Asylum, 1837. J. D.
Green's address before the Boston Phrenological Society. Annual Re-
port of the Seaman's Aid Society.

Rev. Alexander Young. Ten, various Addresses and Reports. Lemuel Shattuck, Esq. American Almanac for 1838.

J. E. Worcester. History of Massachusetts, from July, 1775, to 1789 inclusive. By Alden Bradford, Esq., Boston, 1825, 8vo. History of Massachusetts för 200 years. [From 1620 to 1820. By Alden Bradford, Boston, 1835.

The Author, American Quarterly Register for November, 1837.

Rev. Dr. Cogswell. History of Boston, by Caleb H. Snow, Boston. 1835.

Hon. T. L. Winthrop. Historical causes and effects. By William Sullivan, Esq., Boston, 1837.

The Author, Address to the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, on the 9th Anniversary, by Hon. William Lincoln, Esq., 1837.

The Author,

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