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Colleg. Lincolniense 20 Junii 1623 Joh. Oxenbridge Northampt. fil. ?Danielis Oxenbridge de ? Dentrie in Com. pred. Doctoris an. nat. 18."

“Colleg. Magdalens. 27 Junii 1623 Joh. Allen Oxon. fil. Roberti Allen de Horley in Com. pred. pleb. an. nat. 18.”

“Colleg. Omnium animarum 20 Feb. 1623 Marmadukus Mathews Glamor. gan. fil. Matbæi Mathews de Swansey in Com. pred. pleb. an. nat. 18."

Colleg. Jesu 30 April 1624 Johannes Jones 3 Monuensis fil. Gul. Jones de Abergevenia in com. pred. Plebei. annos natus 17.”

“Hospitium Novum 18 Febr. 1624 Francis Bright London. fil. Edoardi Bright de Londo. pl. an. nat. 22."

"Colleg. Lincoln. 16to. Martii 1626 Elias Corlet London. fil. Henrici Corlet de London. pleb. annos nat. 17.”

“Aula Magdalens. 16 Mart. 1618 Jac. Allen."

Of all the preceding names, subscribed by the parties, except the last, I saw the proof. Perhaps, after the overthrow of the government a few years earlier, subscription was not required. Pelham's is in a beautiful hand at the top of the list for the year in his college.

My time was too limited, at Oxford, to permit all the investigations that would be agreeable. Many were entered at the University, without being matriculated afterwards ; and many matriculated, no doubt, abandoned their rights without reaching the honor of a degree, that would entitle their names to entry in the Fasti. Some happier visiter may increase my list.

Of the age of Samuel Newman the foregoing entry enables us to correct the errors of the Magnalia and of Increase Mather. From the latter, in Wood's Athenæ III. 618, letters are quoted “that he thinks Mr. Sam. Newman, author of the Concordance, was born in Yorkshire, and that (as he takes it) he was in the 65th year of his age when he died." No doubt his years were less than sixty-two. The Register of Banbury, in Oxford, proves that the clergyman of that · parish “ baptized May 24, 1602 Samuel Newman, son of Richard Newman." The Fasti of Wood I. 392 sub an. 1620 gives him of “St. Edmund Hall A. B. 17 Oct.” A

! The excellent Editor of Wood's Athenæ supplies this certificate :

“ Ædes Christi 1590 Octob. 30 Daniell Oxenbridg Warwicke Minister verb. dei ætat 17.” Reg. Matric. P. fol. 23.

He proceeded Bachelor of Arts May 9, 1593, and Master of Arts at the Act 1596. Became Bachelor of Medicine with licence to practise, and D. of Med. May 23, 1020. The above the father of John Oxenbridge of Boston, Massachusetts

Puilip Bliss, July 28 1842.

Registrar of the University. Usually written Daventry, though pronounced according to the text. * Anglice, of Monmouth.

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But duri Concord) Joha Jones wees not thai masy lett

Telen John

relation to Yorkshire he certainly had, for I find in the History of Hallamshire, by Rev. Jos. Hunter, folio, London, 1819, p. 283, Samuel Newman was presented to the chapel of Midhope in Yorkshire, 1625; and that Mat. Booth, his successor, was presented in 1635.

A partial deficiency of records of the Unversity, “ during the usurpation times," excluded me from information, probably, about Rev. Charles Morton, and from something more than is told of Samuel Lee in the Fasti ll. lll, sub an. 1648, 14 April, when he was created M. A. being of Magdalen Hall; and, again, when Oliver Cromwell was Chancellor, ib. 164 sub an 1651, 9 April

, where his name stands the second proctor, and “ fellow of Wadham College" is added. Wood says “the junior proctor being not of sufficient standing in the degree of master for the taking on him the procuratorial office, at which time he was elected by the society of his coll. the visiters dispensed with it by their order, dat. 22 Mar. 1650."

For our William Hooke, of New Haven, in the foregoing list, the Fasti I. 392, mentions his admission to B. A. 28 June 1620 and ib. 411 M. A. 7 July 1623, but this last mentioned day is an error, as, on reference to the original register 0. fol. 260 of the University, it appears 26 May in

Henry Saltonstall and William Stoughton, sons of our : own college, we know were created fellows of New College 1) at Oxford, and that the latter is not named in the basti; but

of the former is this notice: II. 172 sub an. 1652 - June 24, Henr. Saltonstall, a knight's son, fellow of New Coll. by the favour of the visitors, and doct. of phys. of Padua was then incorporated. The said degree he took at Padua in Oct. 1649.” This made me curious to see the records of New College, which Dr. Williams, the Warden, exhibited, and permitted extracts from the list of Fellows: “ Henr. Saltonstall 1653-1657, Med. Dr.Patavii and Oxoniæ, Equ. aurati filius Author. Parl. 1650.

“Gul. Stoughton A. Mr. antehac Acad. Nov. Angliæ graduatus, hic positus auth. Parl. rege reduci discessit 1660.” Here is, I suppose, a sufficient protest against such intrusion.

that year.

· Four years standing, as master of arts, is by the Stajutes, the Registrar informed: pne, the qualification of eligibility for a proctor.


Perhaps the acquisition most valuable in the opinion of our local antiquaries is my copious extracts from a MS. volume in folio at the Augmentation Office (so called), where Rev. Joseph Hunter, one of the Record Commissioners, presides, in Rolls Court, Westminster Hall. It contains the


persons, permitted to embark, at the port of London, after Christmas 1634, to the same period in the following year, kept generally in regular succession. This was found only a few months since, and may not have been seen by more than two or three persons for two hundred years.

The first page is for names of a few soldiers to serve under Capt. Prichard at Gottenburgh; the 2d, 3d and part of 4th pages are for persons bound to Virginia ; the next list is for St. Christophers; then twelve several short lists of soldiers going on service, then a long list to go in the Hopewell, Thomas Wood, master, to Barbadoes, entered 17th Feb'ry; then nine lists of soldiers for different parts of Flanders or other countries.

But on p. 16, I find, "11 March 1634, theis underwritten names are to be transported to New England, having brought certificate from the Justices of the Peace & Ministers of the parish of St. Egyd, Cripplegate, the party hath taken the oaths of allegiance and supremacy. Peter Howson, 31 years, and his wife Ellin Howson, 39 years old, and Turris Lond. (parish) Thomas Stares 31 years, Susan Johnson

12." Under 16 Mar. “to New England, imbarqued in the I Christopher de Lo[ndon] John White, master, bound thither, lan the men have taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy. Francis Stiles,

George Chappell, 20 yeres. X
Thomas Basset,

Robert Robinson,
y Thomas Stiles,

Edward Patteson,
Thomas Barker,

Francis Marshall,
Jo. Dyer,

Rich. Heyles,
Jo. Harris,

Tho. Halford, X
James Horwood,

Tho. Hauksworth,
Jo. Reeves,

X Jo. Stiles,
Tho. Foulfoot,

X Henry Suiles,
James Busket,

Jane Morden,
Tho. Cooper,

* Joan Stiles,
Edward Preston,

x Henry Stiles, Jo. Gruhb,

x Jo. Stiles, Mildred Bredstreet,


X Rachell Stiles, &

After this many lists of soldiers succeed; but, p. 22, comes Loups « 22 Mar. 1634, theis underwritten names are to be im


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35 yeres.
37 X

21 X


30 19 22 28 19 13 30

9 mo.

4 servants.



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41 yeres.


barqued in the Planter, Nic. Trarice, master, bound for New 2
England, per certificate from Stepney parish, & attestacon
from Sir Tho. Jay & Mr. Simon Muskett, two Justices of
the Peace; the men have taken the oath of supremacy and
Nicholas Davies, 40 yeres. Robert Stevens,

22 a sawyer
Sara Davies, 48 John More, 24 a laborer
Joseph Davies, 13 James Haieward, 22
William Locke,

Judith Phippin, 16
a sawyer Jo. Maddox, 43
glover James Launin,

Next come embarkations 26 Mar. 1635, for Barbadoes
and St. Christophers; but, p. 23, I find “1 Apr. in the
Hopewell of London, Wm. Bufdocke, for New England,
Jo. Cooper, X
Edmond Farrington, 47
of Oney in Buckinghamshire taken the othe

Theis have
Wm. Purryer,

of allegiance
Geo. Griggs,
42 of Landon


Phillip Kyrtland, 21 of Sherington Buckinghamsh.
Nath'l. Kyrtland,

асу. .
19 of Sherington
Tho. Griggs,

Wibroe, 42 yeres, wife of Jo. Cooper
Wm. Griggs, 14 | Children of Elizabeth, 49' wife of Edmond Farrington
Eliz. Griggs,
10 Geo. Griggs Alyce,

37 wife of Wm. Purryer
Mary Griggs, aforesaid Alyce, 42 wife of Geo. Grigos
Mary Cooper, 13

15 ser. to John Cooper Jo. Cooper, 'v 10

Sara Farrington,

John Cooper
Tho. Cooper, ,7

Children of
Martha Farrington, 12

Edmond Farring-
Martha Cooper,4 5

Jo. Farrington,


Eliz. Farrington, 8
Mary Purryer,


Children of
Sara Purryer,

Wm. Purryer

27 persons."
Nathan Purryer, 18 mno.

The next list is 2 April. “Theis underwritten names are to be transported to New England, imbarqued in the Plant- 2 er, Nic. Trarice, master, bound thither. The parties have brought certificate from the minister of Throat St. Albans in Hertfordshire, and attestacon from the Justices of Peace acSing to the Lords' order. John Tuttell, 39

Marie Chiliwood,
Joan Tuttell, 42 shoemaker

Tho. Olney,

35 more Futtely John Lawrence,

Mary Olney, 30 12

Tho. Olney, bi same she's Marid Lawrence,

Epenetus Olney, 1
Abigail Tuttell, 6 husbandman Geo. Giddins, 25
Symon Tuttell,

James Giddins, 20
Sara Tuttell,

* Tho. Savage, a tailor, 27 Fus Jo. Tuttell,

1 a tailor Richard Harvie,

husbandman Francis Peboddy, VOL. VIII.


James Griggs,


Children of Philip Phillips,









4 2

22 mary


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169. Tulell.

servant to

a mason


Joan Antrobus, 65 linen weaver Wm. Wilcockson, 34
Marie Wrast,


Margaret Wilcockson, 24
Tho. Greene, 15

Jo. Wilcockson,

2 luni Nahum Haserd,

An. Harvea,

22 William Beardsley, 30 shoemaker Willm Felloe,

Maria Beafdsley,

26 a tailor
Francis Baker,

Maria Beardslea, 4

Tho. Carter,

25 John Beafdslea, 2

Michell Williamson, 30
Joseph Beatdslea, 6 mo. Elizabeth Morrison, 12/13
husbandman Allen Perley,

stationer James Weaver, 23
husbandman Edinond Weaver, 28 and his wife Margaret, aged 30 years.

dwelling in Auckstray, in Herefordshire."

2 The next list is “ Theis underwritten names are to be transported to New England, imbarqued in the Hopewell, master Wm. Burdick, the parties have brought certificates 11 from the minister and Justices of Peace, that they are no subsidy men, they have taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy, per certificate from Stanstedd Abby there. ;; 2,75

husbandman John Astwood, 26 husbandman Lawrence Whittemore, 63
Jo. Ruggles, 10

Elizabeth Whittemore, 57
Martha Carter, 27

Elizabeth Turner,

20 Marie Elliott, 13

Sara Elliott,

6 Nazing in Essex.

Robert Day

30 shoemaker Jo. Ruggells, 44

12 X

Wm. Peacock,

uxor Barbarie Ruggells, 30

Isaac Disbrough, 18.'
Jo. Ruggells, 2 of Ell—Tytley in com. Cambridge.
Elizabeth Elliott, 8

Elizabeth Elliott,

Giles Payson, 26

Lydia Elliott,
Isaac Morris, 9

Phillip Elliott, 2
husbandman Jo. Peat,


of St. Katharines. of Duffil parish in Derbysh. husbandman Robert Titus,

35 Edward Keele,


uxor Hanna Titus, 31
Jo. Goadby,
John Titus,

Jo. Bell,

Tho. Greene,

15 Geo. Woodward, 35, fishmonger, per

certificate from Sir Geo. Whitmore
& Sir Nich. Raynton, iwo Justices of
the Peace in London, and from Jo.
Thorp, minister of the parish of St.
Buttolphs Billingsgate."

Next follow short lists for Barbados 3 and 4 Apr. an 2 a long additional list for the Planter, Nic. Trarice as

said, hereunder given, “6 April 1635.

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