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i "the kingdom of God is not meat'and drink, but "righteousness and peace, and joy in the holy "ghost*; that we are not to live unto ourselves, but "unto Christf; and though it doth not appear, what "we shall be, we are certain, that when Christ shall "appear, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as 'heisj."

Thus, brethren, I have, with the utmost plainness, spoken to you on subjects of the greatest importance to a rational creature. The bible is the rock on which I stand, and I exhort you to study it with attention, casting off the yoke that narrow-minded priests and ministers would impose upon you. And I cannot conclude this address to you, without repeating my chief positions; that God is one, and that the whole doctrine of the trinity is a libel on the scriptures, and an insult on the understanding of mankind.

* Rom. xiv. 17. f z Cor. v. 14. J 1 Johniii. 2.


DEC. 25, 1788.


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