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ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS, shall, on their admission, sign a Promissory Note, payable to the Trustees (not exceeding Five Pounds) the payment of which they shall be at liberty to enforce, in case such Subscriber shall neglect or refuse to replace, or make good, any Book or set of Books by them lost or damaged, after three calendar months notice, in writing, from the Committee of Managers. The same provision shall hold in case of fines.

IV. The Hours of delivering and receiving Books are from Ten till One o Clock.


CATALOGUES to be purchased at the House of the Institution.

VI. PROPRIETORS and SUBSCRIBERS may have Two Volumes at a time, which may be exchanged every day, or be kept for Seven days : Every folio and quarto to be considered equivalent to two volumes. Single numbers of Magazines and Reviews, when one month old, or interesting Pamphlets, when two months old, to be kept only Three days.

VII. Persons detaining any Book or Pamphlet beyond the term allowed, to forfeit Sixpence per day for each Book or Pamphlet so detained ; unless on application to the Committee of Managers, they shall see reason to the contrary.

VIII. Every Proprietor or Subscriber, incurring fines, shall have his Privilege of taking away Books suspended, till such fines are paid.

IX. Proprietors and Subscribers sending for Books, shall transmit a written order signed by themselves, specifying the Book wanted.

X. Persons wanting any Book already in hand, shall enter their names in a Register, together with the Book wanted, and shall be entitled to the same in rotation.


Persons desirous of keeping a Book longer than the time allowed, may have that term renewed, on producing such Book at the Library, provided no other person be desirous of having the same.

XII. Persons requiring Books which are not in the Library, shall sign a request for the same, to be laid before the Committee of Managers.

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