An introduction to plane astronomy

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Deighton, Bell, & Company, 1868 - Astronomy - 192 pages

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Page 2 - These editions have taken their place amongst scholars as valuable contributions to the Classical Literature of this country, and are admitted to be good examples of the judicious and practical nature of English scholarship; and as the editors have formed their texts from a careful examination of the best editions extant, it is believed that no texts better for general use can be found. The volumes will be well printed at the Cambridge University Press, in a 16mo. size, and will be issued at short...
Page 13 - Varronianus. A Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethnography of Ancient Italy, and to the Philological Study of the Latin Language.
Page 6 - W. ALLEN WHITWORTH, MA, Professor of Mathematics in Queen's College. Liverpool, and late Scholar of St John's College, Cambridge. 8vo. 16*.
Page 10 - The Greek Testament : with a critically revised Text; a Digest of Various Readings; Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage; Prolegomena; and a Critical and Exejjetical Commentary. For the Use of Theological Students and Ministers. By HENRY ALFOEP, DD, Dean of Canterbury. Vol. I., containing the Four Gospels.
Page 11 - An Analysis of the Exposition of the Creed, written by the Right Rev. Father in God, JOHN PEARSON, DD, late Lord Bishop of Chester.
Page 11 - Pearson on the Creed. Carefully printed from an early edition. With Analysis and Index by E. Walford, MA Post 8vo. 5s. An Historical and Explanatory Treatise on the Book of Common Prayer.
Page 15 - SCHLEIERMACHER'S INTRODUCTIONS TO THE DIALOGUES OF PLATO. Translated from the German by W. DOBSON, MA, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 12*. 6rf. GREEK TRAGIC SENARII, Progressive Exercises in, followed by a Selection from the Greek Verses of Shrewsbury School, and prefaced by a short Account of the Iambic Metre and Style of Greek Tragedy. By the Rev. BH KENNEDY. DD, Prebendary of Lichfield, and Head-Master of Shrewsbury School. For the use of Schools and Private Students. Second Edition,...
Page 2 - CAREFULLY REPRINTED FROM THE BEST EDITIONS. THIS series is intended to supply for the use of Schools and Students cheap and accurate editions of the Classics, which shall be superior in mechanical execution to the small German editions now current in this country, and more convenient in form. The texts of the " Bibliotheca Classica" and " GrammarSchool Classics,'" so far as they have been published, will be adopted.
Page 13 - DONALDSON'S The Theatre of the Greeks. A Treatise on the History and Exhibition of the Greek Drama. With numerous Illustrations and 3 Plans. By John William Donaldson, DD 5*.
Page 11 - The Apology of Tertullian. With English Notes and a Preface, intended as an Introduction to the Study of Patristical and Ecclesiastical Latinity. By HA WOODHAM, LL.D. Second Edition. 8vo. 8;.

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