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themselves to the trouble of removing their Harbour, but, with the most Impudent Insolence only cut through the Downs between Mardyke and Dunkirk, and kept the Identical Haven which we stipulated should be destroyed.

In what follows you are only Satyrical, and fay Mr. J—U should not be against Schoolmistresses, since he wants to learn to Read. Why, you'll break the Man's Heart. But at present let us think of nothing but Dunkirk Undemolisshed. / am,

S I R,

Ttur Eminence's Gentle and Patient Reader,

C. P.

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Representing, From the most Authen Tick Records, The just Causes of the late



Theseveral Settlements of the Crowns O/england and Scotland on Her MAJESTY; and on the Demise of Her MA JESTY without Issue, upon the Most Illustrious Princess SOPHIA, Electress and Dutches Dowager of Hanover, and the Heirs of Her Body being Protestants; by previous Acts of both Parliaments of the late Kingdoms o/England and Scotland; and confirmed by the Parliament of Great Britain.



On the Danger of a

Popish Successor.

Invitus ea tanquam Vulnera attingo; Sed nisi tactatractataque sanari nonpossunt. Uv.

Printed in the Year MDCCXV.

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Church of England.


T is with a just Deference to Your great Power and Influence in this Kingdom, that I lay before you the following Comment upon the Laws which regard the Settlement of the Imperial Crown of Great Britain. My Purpose in addressing these Matters to you, is to conjure you, as Heaven has blessed you with proper Talents and Opportunities, to recommend them, in your Writings and Discourses, to your Fellow-Subjects.

In the Character of Pastors and Teachers, you have an almost irrefistable Power over us °f your Congregations; and by the admirable Institution of our Laws, the Tenths us our Lands, now in your Possession, are destined *o become the Property of such others, as shall F 4 by by Learning and Virtue qualisie themselves to succeed you. These Circumstances of Education and Fortune, place the Minds of the People, from Age to Age, under your Direction; As theresore it would be the highest Indiscretion in Ministers of State of this Kingdom, to neglect the Care of being acceptable I to yon in their Administration; so it would be the greatest Impiety in you, to inflame the People committed to your Charge, with Ap. prehensions of Danger to you and yonr Constitution, from Men innocent of any such Designs.


Give me Leave, who have in all my Words and Actions, from my Youth upwards, maintained an inviolable Respect to you and your Order, to observe to you, that all the Dissatissactions which have been raised in the Minds of the People, owe their Rife to the Cunning of artful Men, who have introduced the Mention of you and your Interest, (which are sacred to all good Men) to cover and sanctify their own Practices upon the Affections of the People, for Ends very different from the Promotion of Religion and Virtue. Give me Leave also to take Notice, That these Suggestions have been savoured by some few unwary Men in holy Orders, who have made the Constitution of their own Country a very little Part of their Study, and yet made Obedience and Government the frequent Subjects of their Discourses.

These Men, from the pompous Ideas of Imperial Greatness, and Submission to absolute Emperors, which they imbibed in their earlier Years, have from Time to Time inadvertently

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