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* respective Bodies, the Crown should be, re

* main, and continue to the said Princess So* « fbia, and the Heirs of her Body, being Pro

* testants.

* And thereunto the Lords Spiritual and

* Temporal, and Commons, in the Name of

* all the People of this Realm, did most hum

* bly and faithfully submit themselves, their 'Heirs, and Posterities; and did faithfully 'promise, that after the Deceases of his Ma'jesty and Her Royal Highness, and the Fail

* ure of the Heirs of their respective Bodies, 'to stand by, maintain and defend the said 'Princess Sophia, and the Heirs of Her Body, « being Protestants, according to the Limitati« on and Succession of the Crown in this Act

* specified and contained, to the utmost of their < Powers, with their Lives and Estates,against

* all Persons whatsoever that lhall attempt any

* thing to the contrary.

In the 13th and 14th Years of the said King, two other Acts of Parliament were made; the one entitled, An Aii of Attainder of the Pretended Prince of Wales of High Treason; whereby it was enacted, ' That he be attainted of 'High Treason, and suffer Pains of Death, as

* a Traytor; and that if any Subject of England 'shall, within this Realm, or without, afterthe

* First of March, 1701, hold, entertain, or 1 keep any Intelligence or Correspondence, in 'Person, or by Letters, Messages, or other'wife, with the said Pretended Prince of IVales, 'or with any Person, or Persons, employed by

* Him, knowing such Person to be so employed 'by him, or shall by Bill of Exchange, or o'therwise, remit, or pay any Sum or Sums of

• Mony, * Mony, for the Use or Service of the said Pre4 tended Prince of Wales, knowing such Mony

* to be for such Use or Service, such Person, 4 .so offending, being lawfully convicted, shall '.be taken, deemed, and adjudged Guilty of 4 High Treason, and shall suffer and forfeit as 4 in Cases of High Treason. And where any 4 Offence against this Act shall be committed 4 out of this Realm, the same may be alledged, 4 laid, enquired of, and Tryed in any County 4 of this Kingdom of England.

And the other, Entitled, An Act jor the further Security of Hit Majesty's Person, and tht Succession of the Crown in the Protestant Line, and for extinguijhing the Hopes of the Pretended Prince of Wales, and all other Pretenders, and their open and secret Abettors. 4 Wherein re4 citing the said former Acts of Settlement of 4 the Crown, and that the French King, in 4 hopes of disturbing the Peace and Repose of 4 his Majesty, and his Kingdoms, and creating 4 Divisions therein, had Caused the Pretended "Prince of Wales to be Proclaimed King of 4 England, Scotland, and Ireland, by the Name

* of James the Third; and that the said Pre4 tended Prince bad assumed the said Title, in 4 open Defiance of the Provisions made for the

* Establishment of the Title, and Succession of 4 the Crown, by the said several Acts of Par4 liament: To the Intent therefore that the said

* Acts might be for ever inviolably preserved, 4 and that all future Questions, and Divisions, 4 by reason of any pretended Titles to the i Crown, might be prevented, it was enacted, 1 That all and every Person and Persons, as

well Peers as Commoners, that shall bear

Office 4 Office Civil or Military, or receive Pay, Fee, 4 or Wages, or have Command, or Place of 4 Trust from his Majesty, or in the Service of 4 his Majesty, Prince George, or Princess Anne 4 of Denmark, all Ecclesiastical Persons, or 4 Members of Colleges and Halls, ofthe Foun

* dation in either University, being Eighteen 4 Years old, all Persons teaching Pupils, all 4 School-masters, Ushers, Preachers, and Tea

* chers of separate Congregations, Persons that

* shall act as Serjeants at Law, Counsellors, 1 Advocates, Attorneys, Sollicitors, Proctors,

* Clerks, or Notaries by practising as such in 4 any Court, and all Peers, and Members of the

* fiouse of Commont, before they can Vote in

* their respective Houses of Parliament, should

* be obliged to take the Oath herein after men

* tioned, commonly called, The Abjuration

* Oath; which Oath was expressed in the folf lowing Words.

( T A. B. do truly and sincerely Acknowledge, * 4 Profess, Testifie and Declare, in my Con

* science, before God and the IVorld, That our So?

* vereign Lord King William it Lawful and 1 Rightful King of this Realm, and of all other

* his Majesties Dominions and Countries there

* unto belonging; and I do solemnly and sincerely

* declare, that I do believe in my Conscience, that 4 the Person pretended to be Prince of Wales,

* during the Life of the late King James, and

* since his Decease pretending to be, and taking » upon himself the Stile and Title of Kintj of

* England, by the Name of James the Thirds

* hath not any Right or Title whatsoever to the

* Crown tf this Realm, or any other the Domi

* niens


* these samelVords^without any Equivocation,menytglEvasion,orsecret Reservationwhatsoever ;and 4 / do make this Recognition, Acknowledgement, 1 Abjuration, Renunciation, and Promise, bear4 tily, willingly, and truly, upon the true Faith 4 of a Christian. So help me God .

* * And it was thereby also enacted, That if

* any Person or Persons, at any time after the

* ijihDay of March,iyoi, should compass or 4 imagine the Death ot her Royal Highness the

* Princess Anne of Denmark, or endeavour to

* deprive or hinder her from succeeding to the 1 Imperial Crown of this Realm, and the Do

* minions and Territories thereunto belonging, » after the Demise of his Majesty, and the < same maliciously, advisedly and directly (hall 4 attempt, by any Overt-Act, ot Deed, every

* such Offence shall be adjudged High Trea

* son, and the Offender and Offenders therein* 4 their Abetters, Procurers, and Counsellors,

* and all and every their Aiders and Comfor

* ters, knowing the said Offence to be done,

* being thereof Convicted, or Attainted, ac

* cording re the Laws and Statutes of this •* Realm, shall be deemed and adjudged Trai

* tors, and shall suffer Pains of Death, and all

* Losses and Forfeitures, as in Cases of High,4 Treason. .'

Thus our great Deliverer accomplished his Work.

He would have thought it but half done, if tie had deliver'd only one Generation from Popery and Slavery; and theresore made it his whole Care, and spent the last Remains of his invaluable Life, in contriving how the most

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