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pore Religion, and the best Laws in ihe Universe, might be transmitted to late Posterity.

The last mentioned Acts ofParliament, and the Legacy that great Prince left the English Nation, infinitely more valuable than if he had, without them, left Palaces and Principalities to each of his Subjects.

The Memory of that great Benesactor to Mankind will always be dear to every Briton, who loves the Religion and Laws of hisCountty, and is an Enemy to Popery and Arbitrary Power, and to every Man who knows the Happiness of a limited Monarchy circumscribed and fenced about with the Bulwarks of Laws, which equally guard the Subject from the Invasion of the Prince, and the Prince from the Insults of the Subject.

His Vigilance was not confined to his Kingdom of England; the Happiness of the Kingdom of -Scotland was equally his Care and Study. He zealously attempted to have had the Succession to the Crown of that Kingdom fettled also on the House of Hanover,in the same manner as that of England was settled, and to have united both Kingdoms; but these High Benefits were reserved by Heaven to be numbered amongst the Glories of her present Majesty's Reign, a Reign attended with so many Victories obtained by her Arms Abroad, under the Conduct of her. renown'd General, the Duke of Marthorough; and with so many Acts of Benevolence at Home, by the Advice of the best and wisest Council that ever Prince employed, that as it has excelled the Transactions of all former Ages, so it will be a lasting Pattern for the Imitation of all which shall succeed.

H Has

Her Majesty was but just seated on her Throne, when with the same Goodness towards her Subjects, in the first Year of her Reign, (he gives the Royal Assent to an Act of Parliament, Entituled, An Aft for enlarging the Time for taking the Oath of Abjuration; and also far recapacitating and indemnifying such Persons as have not taken the fame by the Time limited, and jh all take the fame by a Ttme to be appointed; and for the further Security of Her Majesty's Person, and the Succession of the Crown in the Protestant Line, and for extinguishingthe Hopes of the Pretended Prince ofWt\es,and all ether Pretenders, and their open and jecret Abetters.

In which, amonglt other things, it is Enacted, 4 That if any Person or Persons, at any time

* after the first Day of March 1701, shall 4 endeavour to deprive, or hinder any Person

* who shall be the next in Succession to the 4 Crown, for the time being, according to the 4 Limitations in an Act, Entituled, An Ac t

* declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Sub 4 jecj, and fettling the Succession of the Crown;

* and according to another Act, Entituled, An

* A^ for the further Limitation of the Crown,

* and better securing the Rights and Liberties of 4 the Subject,from succeeding after the Decease

* of her Majesty, to the Imperial Crown of 4 this Realm, and the Dominions and Terri4 tories thereunto belonging, according to the 4 Limitations in the before-mentioned Acts,

* that is to say, such issue of her Majesty's Bo

* dy, as (hall from time to time be next in Suc

* cession to the Crown, if it (hall please God 4 Almighty to bless her Majesty with fssue; 4 and during the time her Majesty shall have no

• Issue, * Issue, the Princess Sophia, Electress and *" Dutchess Dowager of Hanover; and after the 'Decease of the said Princess Sophia, the next

* in Succession to the Crown, for the time be'ing, according to the Limitation of the said « Acts; and the fame, maliciously, advisedly, 'and directly shall attempt by any Overt-Act 'or Deed; every such Offence shall be adjudg

* ed High Treason, and the Offender or Osfen'ders therein, their Abetters, Procurers, and 'Comforters, knowing the said Offence to 'be done, being thereof Convicted or Attaint'ed, according to the Laws and Statutes of 'this Realm, shall be deemed and adjudged

* Traitors, and shall suffer Pains of Death, and 'all Losses and Forfeitures, as in Cafes of 'High Treason.

Her Majesty in the Fourth Year of her Reign, gave the Royal Assent to an Act, Entitled, An AH for the Naturalization of the mojl Excellent Princess Sophia, Electrefs and Dutcheft Dowager of Hanover, and the Issue of her Body; by which it is enacted, That the said Princes* Sophia, and the issue of her Body, and all Per- , sons lineally discending from her, born, or hereafter to be born, be, and shall be, to all Intents and Purposes whatsoever, deemed, taken, , and esteemed Natural-born Subjects of this Kingdom, as if the said Princess, and the Issue of her Body, and all Persons lineally descending from her, born, or hereafter to be born, had been born within this Realm of England, any Law, Statute, Matter, or Thing whatsoever to the contrary notwithstanding. With a Proviso, that every Person who shall be Naturalized by Virtue of this Act, and H 1 shall


shall become a Papist, or profess the Popish Religion, shall not enjoy any Benefit or Advantage of a Natural-born Subject of Enggland, but shall be judged an Alien.

And in the Fourth and Fifth Year of her Majesty's Reign another Act passed the Royal Aflenr, Entituled, An A&for the bettersecu* ring her Majesty's Person and Government,and of the Succession to the Crown of England in the Protestant Line; by which, amongst other things, it is Enacted, 4 That if any Person

* or Persons, from and after the 15th Day

* of March Ijc6, shall maliciously, advisedly

* and directly, by Writing or Printing, declare, 4 maintain and affirm, that our Sovereign

* Lady the Queen, that now is, is not the

* Lawful or Rightful Queen of these Realms; 4 or that the Pretended Prince of'Wales, who

* now stiles himself King of England by the

* Name of James the Third, hath any Right or Title to the Crown of these Realms •

4 or that any other Person, Or Persons hath|

* or have any Right or Title to the samei 4 otherwise than according to an Act or Par4 liament, made in the First Year of their late 4 Majesties King William and Queen Mary, 4 Entituled, An A3 declaring the Rights and 4 Liberties of the SubjeS, and fettling the Sue4 cession of the Crown; and one other Act, 4 made in the 12th Year of the Reign of his 4 said late Majesty King William the Third,

* Entituled, An All for the further Limitation 4 of the Crown, and better securing the Rights 1 and Liberties of the Subject:

4 Or that the Kings or Queens of England, 4 with and by the Authority of the Parliament

of of England, are not able to make Laws and Statutes of sufficient Force and Validity, to limit and bind the Grown of this Realm, and the Descent, Limitation, Inheritance and Government thereof, every such Person or Persons shall be guilty of High Treason, and being thereof Convicted and Attainted, according to the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, shall be deemed and adjudged Traitors, and (hall suffer Pains of Death, and all Losses and Forfeitures as in Cafe of High Treason.

4 And that if any Person, or Persons, shall from and after the said 25th Day of March, Maliciously and Directly, by Preaching, Teaching.or advised Speaking,declare, maintain, and affirm, in manner as aforesaid; every such Person, or Persons, being thereof lawfully Convicted, shall incur tha Danger and Penalty of Preemunire.

• And that the Parliament shall not be disi solved by the Death or Demise of Her Ma-> jesty, Her Heirs or Successors; but such Parliament, if sitting at the time of such Demise, may proceed to Act for six Months, and no longer, unless the same shall be sooner Prorogued, or Dissolved by such Person to whom the Crown of this Realm of England shall come, according to -the Acts for limiting and settling the Succession abovementioned. And if the said Parliament shall be so Prorogued, then it shall meet and sit on the Day unto which it shall be Prorogued, and continue for the residue of the said six Months, unless sooner Prorogued or dissolved as aforesaid. And if thexe be a ParliaH 3 4 ment

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