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* merit in Being, at the time of the Death of

* Her Majesty, Her Heirs or Successors, but 4 happens to be separated by Adjournment or 4 Prorogation, such Parliament (hall immedi

* ately after such Demise meet, and Act for 4 fix Months, and no longer, unless the same 4 shall be Prorogued, or dissolved, as afore4 laid. And in Cafe there is no Parliament in

* being, at the time of such Demise, that has

* met and sate, then the last preceding Parli

* ament (hall immediately convene, and fit at 4 Wtstmltister, and be a Parliament to continu*

* as aforesaid; but subject to be Prorogued,

* and Dissolved, as aforesaid.

• That the Privy-Council of Her Majesty,

* Her Heirs, and Successors, shall not be dis

* solved, by suchDeathor Demisc,bnt shall conti.

* nue for six Months, unless sooner deternr'n4 ed by the next Successor;

• Nor shall any Office, Place, or Employ4 ment, Civil or Military, become void by 4 such Demise, but continue also for six Months, 4 unless the Persons enjoying them shall be

* sooner removed, and discharged by the next 4 Successor.

4 And if Her Majesty shall happen to die 4 without Issue, the Privy Council shall with

* all convenient Speed cause the next Prote4 slant Successor, entituled to the Crown of

* England, by Virtue of the Acts abovementi4 oned, to be openly and solemnly Proclaimed 4 in England, and Ireland, in usual manner; 4 and every Member thereof wilfully Neglect4 ing or Refusing to cause such Proclamation 4 to be made, shall be guilty of High Treason;

* and every Officer, by the Privy-Council re

4 quired quired to make sach Proclamations, wilfully i Neglecting or Refufing, shall be guilty of, ) and suffer the Penalties of High Treason..

* And for continuing the Administration of the Government in the Name of such Protestant Successor, until Her or His Arrival in England^ The Lord Arch-bishop of Camterbury, the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper, Lord High Treasurer, Lord President of the Council, Lord Privy Seal, Lord High Ad-' miral, and Lord Chief Justice oftheQueen's Bench, at that time being, are thereby Appointed Lords Justices of England, until such Successor arrive, or determine their Authority. ]

* And the Person to succeed in case of Her Majesty's Death, without issue, is impowered at any time during Her Majesty's Life, by Three Instruments under Her or His Hand and Seal, to appoint so many Natural Born Subjects of England, as She or He shall think fit, to be added to the above-mentioned Lords Justices, to Act with them as Lords Justices of England, who, or the Major part, not being fewer than Five, shall Execute the Power of Lords Justices.

* The said Three Instruments to be Transmitted into England, to the Resident of the Person next to Succeed, (whose Credentials (hall be inroll'd'in Chancery,) and to the ArchBishop of Canturbury, and Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper, close Seal'd up; and after they are so transmitted, shall be severally put into several Covers, and severally SeUl'd by such Resident, Arch bishop, and Chancellor, or Keeper, aud severally deposited in the Hands of such Resident, Arch-bishop, and

H 4 4 Chan

* Chancellor, or Keeper. If the next Succcllbr « Ihall think fit to revoke, or alter such Ap

* pointment, and shall by three Writings of the

* fame tenor, under Her or His Hand and Seal, 'require the said Instruments so deposited to be

* delivered up; then the Persons with whom 'deposited, their Executors, Administrators,

* and every other Person, in whose Custody 'the said Instruments (hall happen to be, shall 'deliver up the fame accordingly. And if any

* of the said Persons with whom the said In

* struments Ihall be so deposited, (hall die or

* be removed from their respective Offices or 'Employments during Her Majesty's Life, such « Person, or Persons, and in Cafe of any of

* their Deaths their Executors and Adminiftra

* tors respectively, and every other Person, in 'whose Custody the same Ihall happen to be,

* Ihall with all convenient speed, deliver such

* of theji as shall be in his, or their Custody

* to the Successor, or Successors of the Person

* or Persons, so dying or removed. Which

* said several Instruments so Sealed up, and « deposited, Ihall immediately after the Demise « of Her Majesty without Issue, be brought be

* fore the Privy-Council, where the same Ihall 4 be forthwith open'dand read, and afterwards 'Inroll'd in the High Court of Chancery.

'If the Persons with whom the said lnstru

* ments Ihall be deposited, or others in whose

* Custody the fame (hall be, after the Deceases

* ofany of the said Persons, Ihall open the fame,

* or wilfully Neglect or Refuse to produce

* them as aforesaid, such Persons (hall incur 'the Penalties of Prœmumre.


• And if all the said Instruments (hall not be produced, before the said Privy-Council, then any one of the said Instruments, so produced, shall be as effectual to give such Authority as aforesaid, to the Persons therein named, as if all of them had been produced. And if there be not any Nomination by such Instruments, then the said Seven Officers above named, or any Five of them, are appointed to be Lords Justices of England. And that the Lords Justices of England shall not dissolve the Parliament continued and ordered to assemble and sit as aforesaid, 'without express Direction from such succeeding Queen or King, and are restrained and disabled from giving the Royal Assent to any Bill for the repealing or altering the Act for the Uniformity of Publick Prayers and Administration of Sacraments, made 13 {jr1 14. C. II. under the Penalty of High Treason: And that the said Lords Justices, before they act in their said Offices, shall take the Oaths mentioned in an Act made 1 IV. & M. entitled, An A3 for abrogating the Oaths of Allegiance and Supemacy, and appointing other Oathy, and also the Abjuration Oath, before the Privy Council; and all Members of both Houses of Parliament, and every Member of the Privy Council, and all Officers and Persons in any Offices, Places, or Employments Civil-or Military, who shall be by this Act continued as aforesaid, shall take the said Oaths., and do all other Acts required by the Laws of this Realm, to qualify themselves to continue in such their respective Places, Offices and Employments, within such Time H s 4 and 4 and in such Manner, and under such Penal

* ties and Disabilities as they should or ought 4 to do, had they been then newly elected, ap4 pointed, constituted, or put int,o such Offices? 4 Places or Employments in the usual and ordi" 4 nary way. And that the Lords Justices (hall 4 be deemed as Persons executing Offices of

* Trust within this Kingdom, and shall do all

* Acts requisite by the Laws to qualifle them

* selves to be and continue in their said Offices,

* within such times, and in such manner, and

* under such Penalties and Disabilities, as in 'and by the said Acts are required.

4 And it is in the said Act provided, amongst

* other things, That if any of the aforesaid se

* ven Offices, other than the Office of Lord « High Treasurer of England, shall be inCom

* mssion at the time of such Demise of her Ma

* jesly, that then the first Commissioner of such 4 respective Commission shall be one of the

* Lords Justices of England. And if there be

* no Lord High Treasurer of England, and 4 the Office of Treasurer of the Exchequer shall 4 he in Commission, then the first inthatCom4 mission shall be one of the Lords Justices of 4 England.

1 have here shewn what wonderful Concern and Care appeared, as well in her Majesty and her Parliament, as in the late King William and his, for settling the Succession to the Crow n of England in the Protestant Line. 1 come now to the Act of Parliament for uniting the Kingdoms of England and Scotland in one KiDgdom, by the Name of Great Britain.


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