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Contradi&ed, according to the Reception it met with among ihe soft Fools, who give that gross Story a hearing: The unhappy Prince, whose Son the Pretender calls himself, is a memorable Instance, how much such Con versions are to be depended upon. King James, when Duke of York, for a long time profeffed himself a Protestant; and even not long before his Succeffion to the Crown, several Persons had Adions brought against them for saying he was a Papilt, and exorbitant Damages given and recovered; in a word, from the Practice of all Papists, that have come to Protestant Thrones, upon pretence of enibracing the Reformed Religion, we have reason to believe they have Dispensations from Rome to personate any thing, for the Service of that Chorch. A Popish Prince will never think himself obliged by the moft Solemn, even the Coronation Oach, to his Protestant Subjects. Al Oaths are as infignificant and as soon forgotten, as the Services done by such Proteftant Subje&ts.

King James, when Duke of York, was preserved from the Bill of Exclusion by the Church of England, and particularly its Bithops; when he came to the Crown, the Church was foon insulted and outraged by him, and Her Prelates committed to the Tower.

? Has not a Neighbouring Prince cruelly treated and banished his Protestant Subje&s, who preserved the Crown on his Head?

Did not the Princess Mary promise the Men - of Suffolk, who joined with her against the La.

dy Jane Grey, that she would make ño Alteration in the Religion established by her Brothers King Edward the Sixth ? And yet as foon as he came to the Crown, by the Affiftance e



ven of Suffolk Men, fhe filled all England, and in a particular manner that County, with the Flames of Martyrs. The Cruelties of that Reign were such, that Multitudes of Men, Women and Children were bornt for being Zealous Professors of the Gospel of the Lord Jelus. In short, nothing less than this can be expe&ted from a Popish Prince; both Clergy and Laity mult fhare the faine Fate, all uni. verfally must submit to the fiery Trial, or renounce their Religion. Our Bishops and Clergy must all lose their Spiritual Preferments, or submit to all Antichristian Tyranny: And inould they submit to every thing, they must notwithftanding part from their Wives and Children, which, according to the Church of Rome, are Harlots and Spurious. The Laiety, pofleffed of Lands that formerly belonged to the Roman Catholick Clergy, mostresign their Eftates, and per. haps be made accountable for the Profits received.

What can be inore moving than to refle& upon the barbarous Cruelties of Papists beyond all Example: And these not accidental, or the sudden Effe&s of Passion or Provocation, but the fettled Result of their Religion and their Consciences.

Above 100oCo Men, Women and Children were murdered in the Massacre of Ireland. How hot and terrible were the late Persecutions of the Protestants in France and Savoy? How frequent were the Massacres of Prote. ftants through the whole Kingdom of France, when they were under the Protection of the then Laws of that Country? How barbarous, in a particular manner, was the Massacre of Paris, at the Marriage of the King of Navarre the French King's Grandfather, a Protestant, with the Sister of Charles the Ninth, where the



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Famous Admiral of France, the great Coligny, the glorious Afferter of the Proteltant loterelt, was inhumanly Murdered, and the Body of that Heroe dragged Naked about the Streets, and this by the Diredion of the King himself, who had but just before most treacherously given him, from his own Mouth, Assurance of his Proteaion? Ten thousand Proteftants, without DiItinction of Quality, Age or Sex, were put to the Sword at the same time, the King of Navarre himself narrowly escaped this Disaster, his Mother the Queen of Navarre having not long before been poysoned by the same Faction.

These are some Instances of what must ever be expected. No Obligations on our side, no Humanity or Natural Probity on theirs, are of any weight; their very Religion forces them, upon Pain of Damnation, to forget and cancel the former, and to extinguish all remains of the latter. Good God! To what are they ré. served, who have nothing to expe& but what such a Religion can afford them? It cannot therefore be too often repeated. We should consider, over and over again, that hould the Chain of the Protestant Succession be once broke in upon, tho' the Pretender should be laid alide, the next of the Blood Royal is the Dutchess of Savoy; after her Her two Sons; after them, the present Dauphin of France; the next in Succession to him, the Queen of Spain, and her Heirs ; in Default of them, the Duke of Orleance, and his Heirs, and most of the other Princes of the Blood of France, all Papists, who may be enabled to demand Preference to the House of Hanover; so that besides the Probability of this Kingdom's being United to, and

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made a Province of France, the train of Popish Princes is so great, that if one thould not com. pleat the utter Extirpation of our Religion, Laws and Liberties, the rest would certainly do it.

And here I cannot but add what is still of more Importance, and ought to be the most prevalent of all Arguments, that hould there be the least Hopes given to a Popish Succeffor, the Life of her Majesty will certainly be in most imminent Danger; for there will never be want. ing bloody Zealots of that Perswalion, that will think it meritorious to take away her Majesty's Life, to halten the Accession of such a Succefilor to her Throne. * The only Preservation against these Terrours are the Laws before mentioned relating to the Settlement of the Imperial Crown of Great Britain. Thanks be to Heaven for that Settlement. The Princess Sophia, and the Heirs of hes Body, being Protestants, are the Succes fors to her present Majesty, upon her Demise without Issue. The Way is plain before our Eyes, guarded on the Right Hand, and on the Left, by all the Sanctions of God and Mani, and by all the Ties of Law and Conscience. Let those who act under the present Settlement, and yet pretend to dispute for an Absolute Hereditary Right, quiet themselves with the Arguments they have borrowed from Popery, and teach their own Consciences the Art of dispensing with the most folemn oath to this Establishment, whilft they think themselves bound only till Opportanity shall serve to introduce another. God be thanked neither we, nor our Cause, stand in need of such detestable Prevarication. Our DET


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