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macJe a Province of France, the train ofpopisii Princes is so great, that if oneshould not compleat the utter Extirpation of our Religion, Laws and Liberties, the rest would certainly do it.

And here I cannot but add what is still of more Importance, and ought to be the most prevalent of all Arguments, that should there be the least Hopes given to a Popish Successor, the Life of her Majesty will certainly be in most imminent Danger; for there will never be wanting bloody Zealots of that Perswasion, that will think it meritorious to take away her Majesty's Life, to hasten the Accession of such a Successor to her Throne.

The only Preservation against these Terrours are the Laws before-mentioned relating to the Settlement of the Imperial Crown of Great Britain. Thanks be to Heaven for that Settlement. The Princess Sophia, and the Heirs of her Body, being Protestants, are the Successors to her present Majesty, upon her Demise without Issue. The Way is plain before our Eyes, guarded on the Right Hand, and on the Left, by all the Sanctions of God and Man,, and by all the Ties of Law and Conscience. Let those who act under the present Settlement, and yet pretend to dispute for an Absolute Hereditary Right, qxxKttbemselves with the Arguments they have borrowed from Popery, and teach their own Consciences the Art of dispensing with the most solemn Oath to this Establishment, whilst they think themselves bound only till Opportunity Ihall serve to introduce another. God be thanked neither we, nor our Cause, stand in need of such detestable Prevarication. Our

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Cause is our Happiness. Our Oaths'are our Judgment and Inclination. Honour and Affection call us, without the Solemnity of an Oath, to defend such an Establishment; but with it we have every Motive that can influence the Mind of Man. The Terrors of God, added to the Demands of our Country, oblige apd constrain us to let our Hearts and our Hands follow our Willies and our Consciences; and out of Regard to our Queen, our Religion cur Country, our Liberty and our Property, to maintain and assert the Protestant Succession in the Illustrious House of Hanover: k is no tiœe,io talk wfth Hints and Inuendos, but openly and honestly to profess our Sentiments, before our Enemies have compleated and put their Defiant in Execution against us. As divided a People as we are, those who are for the House o( Hanover are infinitely superior, in 'Number, Wealth, Courage, and all Arts Military and Civil, to those that are in the contrary Interest; besides which, we have the Laws, I /sayrf* £aws on our side. And those who by their Practices, whatever their Professions are, haie discovers themselves Enemies to the Constitution, and Friends to the Pretender, cannot make a Step farther without being guilty of Treason, without standing in broad Day-light, confessed Criminals against their'injurtdQutcn and Country.

When the Peopse were in a Ferment, when Faction ran. high, with irrefistrble Prepossiffi•as against every, thing in its former Channel, sanguine Men might conceive .Hopes of leadlag them.their own Way. But the Building stewed upoa that Quicksands the Favour '*t.


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th&Multrtude, will sink, and be swallowed up Dy mat treacherous uround on which the t'oun

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f*i- It is easie to project the Subversion or a People, when Men fee them unaccountably turned for their own Destruction; but not so eafie to effect that Ruin, when they.<te cotne to themselves, and are sensibly and reasonably affected with Thoughts for their Preferva tion. We cannot help it, if so many Thousands of our brave Brethren, who laid down their Lives against the Power of France, have dyed in vain ; but we may value our own Lives dearly, like honest Men. Whatever may befall the Glory and Wealth of Great Britain, let us struggle to the last Drop of our Blood for its Religion and Liberty. The Banner under which we are to enter this Conflict, whenever we are called to it, are the Laws mention ed in this Discourse; when we do not keep them in Sight, we have no Colours to fly to, no Discipline to preserve us, but are devoted, and have given our selves up to Slaughter and Confusion.

While we act manfully underthem, we have Reason to expect the Blessing and Assistance of Heaven on its own Cause, which it has so ma nifestly acknowledg'd lo b; such, by our many wonderful Deliverances, when all Human Assistances and ordinary Means of Suecour seemed irrevocably removed. We have no Pretensions to •the Divine Favour, but from our firm Adherence Aothat Settlement, which He has, by so many Wonders and Blessings, after such great Difficulties and Misfortunes, bestowed upon us, and which we have in his Sight, and with the Invocation of his Sacred Name, after preparing


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