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** fcribed the Declaration or Acknowledgment

before recited, and fhall have had and obtain'd la License from the Respective Archbifhop or • Bihop, or Ordinary of the Place, under his Seal of Office, for which the Party shall Pay

' and no more; and in Case such Per. "fon or persons thall be thereof convicted by " the Oath of

or more credible Wicness or Witnesses, before any'" or more * Justice or Justices of the Peace within any ' County, Riding, City, or Town Corporate,

where such Offence shall be committed in * that part of Great Britain called England; s which Oath such Justice or Jufices are here** by impowered and required to Adminiller,

"and Mall, and may. Provided always, .. and be it hereby enacted, That no License

shall be granted by any Archbishop, Bishop, Oor Ordinary, unless the Person or Perfons 6 who sue for the same, shall produce a Certi. •ficate of his, her, or their having received • the Sacrament according to the Ufage of the • Church of England, in some Parish Church ''within the Space of ..'..

next before Grant of such License under the *Hand of wi

n or until such ...Person or Persons Mall have taken and fub• scribed the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and Abjuration, as appointed by Law,

before the said Archbishop, Bishop, or Ordi. ! nary; which said Oaths the said Archbishop, **-Bishop, or Ordinary, are hereby impowered

and required to Adminifter. And be ic furmix ther enacted by the Authority aforesaid. That vir any person who hall have obrain'da License and subfcribed the Declaration, and taken and

• fube

fubfcribed the Oaths above appointed, and should at any Time after, during the Time of his, her, or their keeping any Publick or Private School or Seininary, or instru&ing any Youth as Tutor or Reading, Scho: lastick, Academical, or other Literature, knowing or willingly refort to, or be present

at any Conventicle, Allembly, or Meeting, $ within England, 'ales, or Town of Berwick

on Tweed, for the Exercise of Religion in any other Manner than according to the Liturgy and Practice of the Church of England; or shall knowing or willingly be present at any Meeting or Assembly for the Exercise of Religion, alho' the Liturgy be there used, where Her Majesty (whom God long Preferve) and the Princeis Sophia, or such others

as shall from time to time be lawfully appointfed to be pray'd for, hall not there be pray'd & for in express Words, according to the Li.

turgy of the Church of England, mall ,

• Provided always, That any Person who s fħall find him or ihemselves aggrieved by any • such Judgment of the said Julice or Juftices, " may appeal to the general Meeting of the Ju• Aices of the Peace of the next Quarter Seffions, ( to be held for the County, Riding, City, or

Town Corporate, where the Offence mall have been committed ; who are hereby impowered there and then finally to hear and determine the same,and noCertiorari shall be allowed 4 to remove any Convi&ion, or other Proceed. ing for or concerning any Matter or Thing in this Ad contained, but the Justice of Peace


his shall

« Mall proceed thereupon, any such Writ or « Writs of Certivrari notwithstanding. And be

it further Enaded by the Authority aforesaid, « That if any Person licensed as aforesaid shall "teach any other Catechism than the Catechism • sec forth in the Liturgy of the Church of

England, or an Exposition thereof allowed, s or hereafter to be allowed by the Bishop of

the Diocess, the Licence of such Person Shall < from thenceforth be, e and such « Person shall be liable to

d • And be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid,

That it tall and may be lawful to and for the Bishop of the Diocess, or other proper • Ordinary, to cite any Perfon or Persons 6 whatsoever keeping Schools or Seminaries,

or teaching without Licence as aforesaid, and • proceed against and puvith such person or • Persons by Ecclefiaftical Cenfare, this Ad or • any other Law to the contrary notwithstan.

ding. Provided always, That no Person of · fending against this Ad hall be punished twice . for the same Offence.

There has not, ever since this Bill was forn talked of, any Definition or Description been made of what this fame Schism is; nor has it been thought fit to explain whether the Word is to be taken in a Religious or a Political Şenre: But as the Bill is proposed in a Parlia.. ment, and not a Convocation, we must receive it only in a Civil Consideration, and under fand that the Schifmaticks marked out in this Bill, are such as do not conforın to the Church as it is established by Law, and not as chey are Persons who live in an erroneous Way with Regard to Faith or Piety,

unele rol


ther, may do what you please with the Perfons of your own Members, we without Doors know you to be only our Attorneys, and that you are not sent thither to impose your Angers, Paffions, or Prejudices, upon particular Persons or Parties, but to propose calmly and impartially, according to the Rules of natural and civil Right, Mattéts which may be for the Benefit of the whole Kingdom.” Now, Sir, 1 say, if the Purpose of this Bill betó deprive the Diflenters of the Liberty of receiving Indru. &ors into their Families, or publick School masters or School-mistresses but under the abovementioned Restri&tions, this Bill is to deprive them of all Right, buth Natural, Religious, and Civil. · It is inconsistent with the Natural and Original Right of Mankind; for it is an undoubted Truth, thar Men have as much Right to the Means of Knowledge as to the Means of Life:

To abridge Men (where there is no Guilt) of a Natural Right, by a small Penalty, is as unjust, tho' not as cruel, as to abridge theor of such Right by a greater Penalıy. And you may, with equal Justice, take away the Lives of the Disfenters, as punish the Disfenters in their Liberty or their Estates for inftruding Children their own way.

This is a Step of the highest Degree of Vio Jation, and there can be no Progress furt ber but cutting their Throats; it is going much faster than our Neighbour Nation went in the like Delign. By the Edi&t of Nants in France, the Hagonots had Liberty of Conscience and Tole. ration ; by that Edid they had Universities of their own, namely, Sedan and Saumur. These

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