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Shall prosecute them for omitting what ouc Church cannot pronounce Necessary to Salvation; the Roman Catholicks would assault Us for what they think Damnable, and what they think they are obliged, in Conscience, to avenge and extirpate,

The Diflenters have a Law made in their Favour, fince which there has been allo Care taken, by another Law, to prevent their Capacity from any share of Power to give us. Diiturbance. What have they done, to make it needful to take further Securities against them? If they have done nothing, it is the utmoft Bar, barity to take any Righi from Men, who have committed no Offence: Have yur own Clergy remonstrated, that this is Necessary for then Interest or Safety? Do they say they are too busie in debauching their Flocks? Do our Uni. versities say, their Academies breed Men too hard for them in Dispute? Do not. Diflenters pay. Dues and Tithes like the rest of their Con gregations, tho’ they maintain allo Paltors in their own Way? Can we not believe them to a&t Conscienciously, when they are contented to have no part in the Honours and Profits from the Service of their Country, and put themselves alfo to double Expence to enjoy their Religion?

This is a most extraordinary Point, at this time of Day; When other Nations are plagued with Inquisitions and Ecclefiaftical Tyranny, Shall we from the Example of their Mliery, let up, or make a step towards such Tyrannies ? Shall we at this time offer to make a Comple. ment to the most Pure, Learned, and Aposto. dick Church in the World, of unjul Means to



who are animated by Virtue and Piety more averse to us. They will have a juster Exception against us from this very A& than they had before. Kind Treatment every Day brought new Proselytes amongst us, and they were inle sensibly wrought into our Sentiments ; but ei: ther as Men, or as Christians, they muft abhor the :hought of adhering to us out of Fear. This Motive is in it self a faully one, for refigning not only any Tenet of Religion, but of common Obligation. Passive Obedience is said to be a Do&rine of the Church of England, but it is a terrible Article to be made the first in the Catechism, as it would be to those who are to come in upon Compulsion.

When we consider the putting this Law in Execution, there cannot be a inore pleasant Image presented to the Imagination, than a poor Schismatick School-Mistress brought before a zealous angry Squire for transgreffing this si&, and teaching one Presbyterian, yet little more than an Animal, in what the Lete ter D differed from the Letter B ; maliciously infinuating to another Schismatick aged five Years old, without Licence from the Ordivary, that is round; and not contenting her self with meerly showing to the said Schismaticks the Letters of a certain Book covered with Horn; but instructing the said Hereticks to put thein together, and make Words of them; as appears by the Affidavit of one who heard one Infant Schismatick say, of, of, another ib, ob. -- Prodigious! that a Church adorned with so many Excellent and Learned Members, supplied by two famous Universities, both endowed with ample Revenues, Im



munities, and Jurisdictions, thould be affronted with the offer of being reinforced with Penal Laws against the Combination of Women and Children! You might with the same Propriety provide against Schismatick Nurses. o 9 This Ad seems such a Violation of Natural Justice, that it may be made a Question whether it ought to oblige, after it is enacted. I am sure it is such, that if the Dissenters are to confider whether they will obey it, or fly into another Nation, they must chuse the latter; and Lands optenanted, or Tenants disabled by the loss of half a Million of People, will be sensibly felt by the Incuinbents on small Livings. Now I have mentioned (inall Livings, Why does no Body represent, that in Wales, and some Parts of England, Men in Holy Orders are forced to sublist with an Income below that of Day- · Labourers? Why do not you, wbile you are courting the Clergy, help this Particular? If you go on in such Designs as these, will it nor suffice? No: This would be nothing but Charity and Piety, and would carry no Point for those of the Clergy who affe&t Power and Grandeur, and lend the Word Church to promote Secular Ends, to the Disparagement of God's Holy Word, of which they are unworthy Dispensers. 6. It is possible Bishops that are given to Preaching, and Ministers who are in earnest in their sacred Calling, would be enough obliged by such Ads in favour of their Indigent Brethren; but what would that do towards pulling down what they call the Faction? Godly Clergymen can't do that Service which is necessary; Self-denial, Meekness and Charity are too

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how loftruments for Men of Dispatch and Bofinefs. " : r.

7. . But it is to be hoped the Fallácy of ufiog the Pretence of the Church in Cases which are so far from promoting Religion that they scandalize and difparage it, will be thoroughly understood, before fucha destructive Bill, as this, can go through any part of the Legislatore; tho' if it fou'd, it is still to be hoped Her Majesty will confirm to her felf the Love and Affection of all who have a true Sense of Rea ligion, by rejecting a Bill fo terrible to fcrupolous Consciences, and which can be serviceable to none but such as have no Sense of Conscience at all, such as have fo entirely forgor ten what it is that they have no Notion of the Compun&ions it may give others. --***304.90

No Man can exert himself on a more wor thy, or more important Occasion, than in Opposition to this Bill; and if it is at last rejected by Her Majesty, she will do as great a Service to true Piety, and the Intereits of the Church, as Queen Eliber did, when the averted the Ex. tirpation of the Jews,

He that will in the least reflect, can have no room to believe, that the Interest of Religion cán be advanced by this Bill. Therefore as it cannot truly concern the Church to have it take place, let us see a little how the pafling of it into a Law would be useful to the State. **,

The great Points to be considered at this Jun&ture in debating on any publick CircumDance, is how the Mauer before us will regard the House of Hanover, or the Pretender.

It has been already observed, that this Pro. ceeding against our Protestant Brethren may be

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