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4 cannot be attacked but by a Naval Poweri

* we may esteem France effectually removed 4 by the Demolition from Great Britain as sar

* as the Distance from Dunkirk to Brest.

4 Pray, Mr. Ironside, repeat this last

* Particular, and put it in a different Letter,

* That the Demolition of Dunkirk will remove

* France many hundred Miles further off from 4 us; and then repeat again, That the British 4 Nation experts the Demolition of Dunkirk.

• I demand of you, as you Love and Ho4 nour your Queen and Country, that you in* 4 sert this Letter, or speak, to this Purpose, 4 your own way; for in this all Parties must 4 agree, that however bound in Friendship one 4 Nation is with another, it is but prudent, 1 that, in case of a Rupture, they should be, 4 if possible, upon equal Terms.

4 Be Honest, old Nestor, aud say all

* this; for what-ever half-witted hot Whigs

* may think, we all value our Estates and Li4 berties, and every true Man of each Party

* most think himself concerned that Dunkirk 4 should be Demolished.

* It lies upon all who have the Honour to 4 be in the Ministry to hasten this Matter, and 4 not let the Credulity of an honest brave Peo< pie be thus insamously abused in our open 4 Streets.

< I cannot go on for Indignation; but pray 4 God that our Mercy to France may not ci

* pose us to the Mercy of France.

Tour Humble Servant.

English Tory.

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In Defence of the


Of August the 7th, 171 J.

1 N

A Letter to the Bailiff of Stockbridgt.

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To the Worshipful


Bailiff of SfOCKBRIDGE. S I X,

ACcotding to my Promise when I took my Leave of you, 1 send you all the Pamphlets and Papers which havebeen Printed since the Dissolution of the last Parliament; among these you will find your Humble Servant no small Man, but spoken of. more than once in Print: You will find I take up whole Pages in the Examiner, and that there is a little Pamphlet written wholly upon me, and directed to me. As you are the Magistrate of the Town wherein, of all Places in the World, it concerns me most to appear a different Man, from the Person whom these Writers represent me; I address my Vindication to you, and at the same time to the whole Borough. In the first Place I must recommend to your Perusal a printed Paper, which was publish'd in French on one side,and English on the other, and given Gratis in the open Streets: A Country Gentleman of my Acquaintance, who was going into Wales the next Day, receiv'd one of them from a Boy distributing them in Cbeapside, and made me a Present of it. I will trouble you only with the

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