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they were harmless with Ill will; yet had they Perseverance to go on, insensible of the Raillery of the contrary Party, and the Contempt of their uun. The most lamentable thing of all to confi. der was, that tho' there was not one Man of Honour, who spoke on the side of the Ministry, but did it upon general Terms, wherein he apparently discovered bis Disapprobation of the Work he was about, so many bunest Gentlemen bould join in a Vote of Expulsion!

It is posible Yome Gentlemen might think in their Consciences, it is an immural Action for any private Man to animadvert upon the Administration of the Publick. God forbid 1 fhould Say there were not some worthy Men who were thus perswaded in this Cafe; but if they were so, I know not why they should, as Members of the House of Commons, punish a Man for what he did before be came into the House, especially since that Thing would bave been laudable in him to have done, if he had been in the House.

All I pall preface further is, that I thought the Circumstances of Great Britain and Europe were such as made it un honest and necessary

Adion to interrupt and oppose the Measures of the Ministry. When I thought it my Duty, I thank God, I had no further Confideration fur my self than to do it in a lawful and proper Way, so as to give no Disparagement to a Glorious Casse from my Indiscretion or want of Judgment. A Work against them I was the rather enclined to undertake, because the Exceptions which were made against the Conduct of the Ministry seerned wilt und calumnions, when written by namelels Authors; but when any Man with bis Namie alferted Things were amifs, it would behove the

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ever Prejudice may fuggeft, I think it a great Defence that the Work palled bis Hand. From these corrected Copies (no one of these Gentlemen knowing till this Day that the other bad seen it) the Crisis became the Piece it is. "When I was now fully convinced that what I said was justifiable in the Sight of God and Man, I thought I bad an opportunity of giving an A. larm to all honeft Men, and disconcerting the Counsels of Men I thought ready to attempt any thing they could act with Impunity, and wko cared not, so they carried on their own Game, though they did it by bringing on tbeir native Country the Imputation of Fai food and Trea

chery, accompanied with Slavery, Poverty, and · Disbonour...

All this was plainly intimated in the Crisis, but expreled in such a manner as to be within t'he Law, against those who had the Administration of the Laws, and seemed to me to be undermining the Constitution. It was therefore rea. fonable to act within the Law as far as a Man could against those who made no Use of it, but to cover themselves in making Encroaciments upon it and Transgressions against it.

Besides the Care of rescuing my own Name from a seeming. Disgrace of a Voie of the Commons, I thought this Apology necesary to few the arbitrary Use of Numbers in the most odious Colours, that Gentlemen may have a juft Deieftazion of practising a Thing in it self unwurranta. ble, from the Support only of the infolent and un. manly Sanction of a Mujority, .



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OF THE GENTLEMEN Who voted against the Expulsion

of Mr. STEEL E.

TOHN Harvey, Efq;

John Cater; Ela, ..
Sir Thomas Lee, Bar,

Sir John Witre wrong,
Sir Roger Hill, Krasza:
James Stanhope, Elazi ..:)
John Bromley, Esq .,...
Sam. Shepperd,

Peter Shakerly, Eja; .
John Trelawny, Eja;
Sir Ch. Wager, Kt.
Hugh Boscawen, Esa;
James Craggs, Esq
John Hopkins, Efq; :
Edward Elliot; Efq;:
John Knight, Esa;
Humphry Morrice, Efq; !

James . James Lowther, Esq; -. museonie --Gilfrid Lawson, Efq;********

Tho. Stanwix, Esq;

Sir John Rogers, Bar. · Sir George Byng, Kt.

Richard Edgecomb, Esq.
George Treby, Efq;
Sir John Cope, Kt.
Roger Tuckfeild, Esq;
George Treņchard, Ejq;
John Burridge, Esq;
Daniel Harvey, Esq;
-John Baker, Esq;

James Littleton, Esq;
William Betts, Ejq;
Wiliam Coventry, Esqi:

Thomas Erle, Ejg;
George Pit, Esq; .,
John Hedwith, Efq;
Sir Tho. Webster. Bar.

Sir Isaac Rebow, Kt. ..
Thomas Stevens, Esq;
William Dowdeswell, Esq;

Benjamin Bathurst, Esq;
* William Grimston, Efq; i
William Hale, Ejq;. i .
Sir Matthew Dudley.
Robert Piggot, Eją;
: Lord Hinchinbrook. :?

The Hon. Siduey Wortley.
Sir Robert Marsham, Bar.
Sir Samuel Ongley, Ki. ..
Robert Heysham, Esq;
Sir Thomas Johnson, Kt.
Lord Willoughby.
Sir John Brownloe, Bar.

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