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Printed for J. T. and Sold by Owes Lloyd near the
Church in the Dimple and J Brown at the Black
Swan, without Temple-Bar. 17if.

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H E following

Papers were written to confront daring wicked. Men, in the secution of Purposes structive to theirC> A 2


try. The honest Intention of them was what first recommended me to your Lordship's Friendship, and I hope you will forgive me that I cannot conceal a Circumstance so advantageous to the Fame of them, as that of your Lord* ship's Approbation.

The painful Struggle under so great a Difficulty, as explaining with a Ministry in openContradiction to their Proceedings, ings, is what can be supported by nothing less than the Testimony of a good Conscience, and an Heart pure from a vicious Ambition. And these are such Supports as will keep a Man from languishing in Discontent, should He, amidst the Prosperities of the Cause he has endeavoured to serve, live to find Zeal for the Publick, of all Humane Virtues, the * most exposed to the cool


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