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The present catalogue cannot be better described than in the words of the preface to the first edition. It is simply a classified list of eight or nine thousand Educational books now in use in this country, issued by nearly one hundred and fifty publishers.' Now, however, the number of titles presented to the reader is nearer fifteen thousand than eight or nine thousand. From this it would naturally be expected that the catalogue should be half as large again as it was before. It is so, in effect, though not apparently. By a modification of plan, the same amount of space has been made to hold much more than in the earlier edition.

Directness and simplicity of reference have been the aim throughout. Observing this, it has been found possible to dispense with a great many cross references, by which means room has been much economised. The omission of the letters S. K. that preceded a large proportion of the titles in the previous issue, has helped in the same direction. S. K. signified that such and such books were to be found in the unrivalled collection of educational literature at the South Kensington Museum. But as nearly every work that can be desired is almost as a matter of course to be found there, it has been thought that “S. K.' might, without much lessening the value of the catalogue for reference, be omitted. Doing so has given space for about one thousand lines, meaning many more than that number of titles. In one case that could be named, six books (or different editions) are quoted in one line. This sort of compression also makes the catalogue seem less than it is. In strict parlance, the book is no larger than it was before, while the volume is, at least, half as much again.

For those who have been in the habit of consulting the first edition, it may be useful to state what plan has been followed in the arrangement of the present edition. As far as possible, titles are presented in the catalogue as they present themselves to the mind of the inquirer. Thus, books on Arithmetic are found instantly under Arithmetic,' on Dynamics under • Dynamics,' and so on, without the intervention of Mathematics'; putting only under “Mathematical' works that do not readily fall under a special head. The Greek and Latin classics, with their translations, apparatus, &c are found at once under their respective names, all information regarding them being grouped together in one place. This plan has, at any rate, one



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advantage over putting the classics under "Greek 'and 'Latin' respectively. The reader, if he happen to forget whether an author is a Greek or Latin, is not baulked in his reference, and does not go away-a thing quite possible—under the impression that there exists nothing on the classic he has failed to find.

Information about countries is geographically given. Under ‘England' are found the atlases, works on geography and history, maps, &c. that concern themselves with it. Under Hindostan the student finds quoted works on the geography, history, languages, &c. of our Indian Empire and its allied countries, from the borders of Persia to the Malayan Peninsula and Burmah, from Central Asia to the East Indian Archipelago, and so on. It may be added, that “Oriental' has been preferred to 'Asiatic' as a general heading, because it avoids certain awkwardnesses. To take a case, the heading 'Asiatic' as a substitute for Oriental' would exclude Turkey, in part ; Egypt altogether.

Chefs d'æuvre of English, French, and German literature are now put under the headings English, French, and German Classics' respectively, keeping under 'Reader'selections from several authors, only.

Books on two subjects are generally classed under the first of the two. Where one of the classes is comparatively poor in its number of books, as • Mensuration’ compared with 'Arithmetic,' the work is classed under Mensuration. English and familiar words are used as far as possible. Memory' takes the place of Mnemonics,' 'Short-hand' of 'Stenography.'

‘Globes' are not now with geography, but form a class by themselves. For, with some, there are spheres celestial as well as spheres terrestrial. Geography, as its name implies, would confine them to the earth.

Those who have not tried it, have no idea of the occasional difficulty of finding a class for a book ; sometimes, indeed, of knowing what it treats of. An example will be found in the present work. While it was passing through the press, a book (the title, that is to say) on' Kinematics' presented itself. The class ‘Dynamics' was already printed off. It has been put under Gymnastics,' which the Greek root of Kinematics' justifies, especially when "Kinesipathy,' or the movement cure, is thought of. The point is, hat, now and then, in making a catalogue from titles merely, the drift of a work cannot be gathered.

During the printing of the catalogue, an important work has undergone a change of price that may be worth mentioning here. Johnston's Royal Atlas contains now additional maps, and is raised to six guineas.


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In the body of the catalogue the names of the publishers of the various books

quoted are of necessity given shortly, sometimes only indicated, because of the limited space at command. The full names and addresses are here subjoined, as a key to the publishers' column elsewhere. By means of this list any abbreviation will be readily understood.

*** The names within brackets are the London Agents. ALLEN (W. H.) & Co., 13 Waterloo Place, COLLINS (WM.), Sons, & Co., Glasgow ; and London.

Bridewell Place, New Bridge Street, ALLMAN, T. J., 463 Oxford Street, London.

Asher & Co., 13 Bedford Street, Strand, COOKE (H. T.) & SON, Warwick.

BAGSTER (SAMUEL) & Sons, 15 Paternoster CORNISH (JAMES) & Son, 297 High Holborn,
Row, London.

London. BAKER (I.) & Son, Clifton. (SIMPKIN & Co.] CORNISH, J. E., 33 Piccadilly, Manchester. BATEMAN, J. B., 26 Manchester Chambers. CRUCHLEY, G. F., 81 Fleet Street, London. BEAN, C., 81 New North Road, London, N.

DALDY, ISBISTER, & Co. 56 Ludgate Hill. BELL & BRADFUTE, Edinburgh.

DEAN & Son, 160a Fleet Street, London. BELL (G.) & Sons, 4, 5, and 6 York Street, DEIGHTON, BELL, & Co., Cambridge. Covent Garden, London.

EDMONSTON & DOUGLAS, Edinburgh. BEMROSE & Sons, 10 Paternoster Buildings. ELLIS & WHITE, 29 New Bond Street. BENHAM & HARRISON, Colchester.

GALL & INGLIS, 6 George Street, Edinburgh ; BENTLEY (R.) & Son, 8 New Burlington

and 25 Paternoster Square, London. Street, London.

GALT & Co., Corporation Street, Manchester. BLACK, A. & C., Edinburgh.

GOODMAN, C., 407 Strand, London. BLACKIE & Sox, Glasgow; and 6 Paternoster GRIFFIN (C.) & Co., 10 Stationers' Hall Court, Buildings, London.

London. BLACKWOOD (Wm.) & Sons, Edinburgh ; and GRIFFIN & Co., Portsea. 37 Paternoster Row, London.

GRIFFITH & FARRAN, St. Paul's Churchyard BODDY & Co., Woolwich, London, S.E.

London. BRADBURY & EVANS, 10 Bouverie St., London. GROOMBRIDGE & Sons, 5 Paternoster Row, BROWN (A.) & Co., Aberdeen.

London. Burns, OATES, & Co., 17 Portman St., London. HACHETTE & Co., 18 King William Street, BUTTERWORTH (H.) & Co., 7 Fleet Street,

Strand, London. London.

HALL (J.) & Son, Cambridge. CAMBRIDGE WAREHOUSE, 17 Paternoster Row HAMILTON, WM., Glasgow. CASSELL, PETTER, & GALPIN, La Belle HAMILTON, ADAMS, & Co., 32 Paternoster Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill, London.

Row, London. CHAMBERS, W. & R., Edinburgh; and 47 HARDWICKE & BOGUE, 192 Piccadilly, Paternoster Row, London.

London. CHAPMAN & Hall, 193 Piccadilly, London. HARRISON, F. M., 59 Pall Mall, London. CHATTO & WINDUS, 74 and 75 Piccadilly. HATCHARDS, 187 Piccadilly, London. CHRISTIAN BROTHERS, Dublin. (M'GLASHAN HEYWOOD, JOHN, Manchester. & GILL.]

HEYWOOD (ABEL) & Son, Manchester. CHURCHILL, J. & A., 11 New Burlington HODDER & STOUGHTON, 27 Paternoster Row, Street, London.

CLARK, T. & T., Edinburgh. [HAMILTOX, HODGES, FOSTER, & Co. Dublin.
ADAMS, & Co., Paternoster Row.]

HODGSON, C. F., Gough Square, London. CLARKE, S., 5 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester.

HOME AND COLONIAL SCHOOL SOCIETY, 350 COCKS (R.) & Co., 6 New Burlington Street,

Gray's Inn Road, London. London,

HOULSTON & Sons, 7 Paternoster Buildings.

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