Power of the Universe Lies Within You

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Partridge Publishing, Nov 12, 2015 - Self-Help - 390 pages
This book delves deep into the genesis and power of human thought. Human civilization has consistently grown over few millennia but the exponential growth during last few centuries of industrialization and particularly during the last half a century due to digital revolution can be attributed to one single phenomenon called Human Thought Processes. The idea of an acronym for Generation, Operation and Destruction (G-O-D) by human thought has a spiritual background based on Karmic Principles, argues the author in the book. The delicate balance in the brain chemicals that are responsible for harmonious thought processes can sometimes be severely derailed due to modern day anxiety and stress causing immense agonies leading to serious mental health problems. The author had a firsthand experience of such a mental health crisis in July 2000 while during his PhD study in Adelaide, Australia almost leading to a Near Death Experience which he not only survived but could convert the crisis into an opportunity to harvest immense knowledge and wisdom for self-growth. The author has adopted partly an autobiographical approach to put across ideas that he thinks can find some resonance with people struggling to overcome similar mental health problems in life. While researching into concepts of life after death, he raises few questions about the current understanding of human consciousness. The ultimate realization of the author that Humans are infinite spiritual beings in finite bodies has been systematically and logically brought out to enable a conviction that mental health problems are better handled with medico-spiritual practices. The title of the book suggests that to achieve happiness and bliss in life, human beings anywhere in this world need not search elsewhere because it is all there within. The author has outlined all the practical steps which helped him not only overcome his serious crisis but achieve his desired goals and thus sublime happiness. He strongly believes in the universal application of the principles enumerated.

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The title “Power of the universe lies within you” conveys the essence of what to look for through the 390 pages of the book. It has a root to the broader life and philosophy on which thoughts, opinions and writings are as varied and diverse as the mind itself. Essentially it has deep dived into the action of a mind following a circumstantial predicament. The writer has strived to bring out an insight into dynamics of life through his narratives.
Human beings by and large represent a complex body-mind problem. This problem has both objective and subjective elements. And both the elements have influence on each other. Human beings are born spiritual and therefore infinite in dimensions. But they are accidentally what they are on the earth. They are desired to elevate themselves to perceive their true nature. The existential journey in search of this nature defines the internecine scheme of creation. The awareness of this fact of life is a pre-requisite to unravel the tangle of body-mind knot. The finite physical journey is interspersed with multi-dimensional manifestations that characterize the minds. Though objectively every human is an individual entity defined by finite attributes, yet it is infinite, all pervasive and inter connected. This happens through the mechanism of human thought, word and action.
All psychic events or phenomena have some visible or invisible somatic manifestation. This may be understood as psycho-somatic phenomenon. The visible departures are interpreted as medical anomalies/ailments and treated as objective realities. But many psychic phenomena or stresses continue without any visible expressions and previously classified identities. They have silent deadly impact on the holistic health of the individual. Diagnosis and handling of such issues is possible through another psychic process called consciousness. An mind evolved completely has infinite power and is capable of visualizing and building the complex outer world within an invisible grain of sand particle. The progressive advent of civilizations is a living testimony to the mind power of humans.
Today an evolved mind is able to undertake both an ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’ journey where the truth lies at the centre of the kernel. The mind positioned there is able to bail out the human from the labyrinth of life’s complexity. All mundane sufferings are outcomes of the steep nescience of human ignorance. Every human problem has an inbuilt human solution. And the solution is deeply rooted in the individual’s mind. It is consciousness that gradually unveils the sheaths of ignorance one by one opening the window of divine light showing continuum of blissfulness.
This book provides an auto-biographical narrative where the author tried to explain how he could master over his perturbed mind and navigate his somatic journey in a state of happiness and peace. He has attempted to portray the existential philosophy of the trinity Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva through the acronym G-O-D (Generator, Operator & Destroyer) of the universe. This book is expected to provide a perspective to every reader to turn towards self for all remedies than looking vacuously outside.

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Pradipta Kumar Das is a professional geoscientist with more than three decades of petroleum industry experience. He obtained BSc, MSc and MTech degrees from different Indian Universities and a PhD from University of Adelaide, Australia. His current research interests include motivation, inspiration, karmic philosophy, destiny, rebirths, societal and human evolution.

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