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And foames at mouth, and hee is armde and at it:
Roaring for Troylus, who hath done to day,
Madde and fantastique execution:

Engaging and redeeming of himselfe

With fuch a careleffe force, and forcelesse care,

As if that luft in very spight of cunning, bad him win all.

[blocks in formation]

Achil. Where is this Hector?



Come, come, thou boy-queller fhew thy face,

Know what it is to meete Achilles angry

Hector wher's Hector? I will none but Hector.


Enter Aiax.

Troylus thou coward Troylus fhew thy head.

Enter Diom.

Troylus I fay wher's Troylus?

Aiax. What wouldst thou.

Diom. I would correct him.

Aiax. Were I the generall thou should haue my office, Ere that correction? Troylus I fay what Troylus.

Enter Troylus.

Troy. Oh traytor Diomed, turne thy falfe face thou traytor, And pay thy life thou oweft me for my


Dio. Ha art thou there?
Aix. Ile fight with him alone ftand Diomed.
Diom. He is my prize, I will not looke vpop:


Troy. Come both you cogging Greekes have at you both,
Het. Yea Troylus, O well fought my yongest brother.

Enter Achil.

Now do I fee thee ha, haue at thee Hector.

Het. Paufe if thou wilt.

Achil. I do difdaine thy curtefie proud Troyan,
Be happy that my armes are out of vse :
My reft and negligence befriends thee now,
But thou anon fhalt here of me againe :
Till when go feeke thy fortune.

Hect. Fare thee well.

I would haue beene much more a fresher man,
Had I expected thee, how now my brother.

Enter Troyl.

Troy. Aiax hath tane Æneas shall it be, No by the flame of yonder glorious heauen He shall not carry him Ile be tane to,

Or bring him off, fate here me what I fay:


I wreake not though I end my life to day.


Enter one in armour.

Hect. Stand, ftand thou Greeke, thou art a goodly marke, No wilt thou not, I like thy armor well,

Ile frush it and vnlock the riuets all :

But Ile be maifter of it, wilt thou not beaft abide,

Why then flie on, Ile hunt thee for thy hide.

Enter Achilles with Myrmidons.

Come here about me you my Myrmidons,


Marke what I fay, attend me where I wheele :

Strike not a ftroke, but keepe yourfelues in breth,

And when I haue the bloudy Hector found:


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Empale him with your weapons round about,
In felleft manner execut your armes
Follow me firs and my proceedings eye.
It is decreed Hector the great must die.

Enter Therfi. Mene. Paris.


Ther. The cuck-old and the cuck-old-maker are at it, now bull, now dogge lowe, Paris lowe, now my double hen'd Spartan, lowe Paris, lowe the bull has the game, ware hornes Exit Paris and Menelus.


Enter Baftard.

Baft. Turne flaue and fight.

Ther. What are thou?

Baft. A baftard fonne of Priams.

Ther. I am a baftard too, I loue baftards. I am bastard begot, bastard inftructed, bastard in minde, bastard in valour, in euery thing illigitimate, one beare wil not bite another, and wherefore fhould one bastard? take heed, the quarrells most ominous to vs, if the fonne of a whore fight for a whore, he tempts iudgement, farewell bastard.

Baft. The diuell take thee coward.

. Enter Hector.

Heft. Most putrified core fo faire without,
Thy goodly armor thus hath coft thy life;
Now is my daies worke done Ile take my breth :
Reft fword thou haft thy fill of bloud and death.

Enter Achilles and Myrmidons.

Achil. Loke Hector how the funne begins to fet,
How ougly night comes breathing at his heeles
Euen with the vaile and darkning of the funne,
To close the day vp, Hectors life is done.



Hect. I am vnarm'd forgoe this vantage Greeke.
Achil. Strike fellowes ftrike, this is the man I feeke,
So Illion fall thou next, come Troy finke downe,
Here lies thy heart, thy finnewes and thy bone.
On Myrmydons, and cry you all amaine,
Achilles hath the mighty Hector flaine,
Harke a retire vpon our Grecian prat.


One. The Troyans trumpet found the like my lord.
Achil. The dragon wing of night orefpreds the earth,
And ftickler-like the armies feparates.

My halfe fupt fword that frankly would haue fedde,
Pleas'd with this dainty baite, thus goes to bed:
Come tie his body to my horfes taile,

Along the field I will the Troyan traile.


Enter Agam. Aiax, Mene. Neftor, Diom. and the reft


Aga. Hark, harke, what is this?

Neft. Peace drums.

Sould. within. Achilles, Achilles, Hectors flaine Achilles.

Dio. The bruite is Hectors flaine and by Achilles.

Aiax. If it be fo yet bragleffe let it bee,

Great Hector was as good a man as he.


Aga. March patiently along : let one bee fent,
pray Achilles fee vs at our tent:

If in his death the gods haue vs befriended.
Great Troy is ours, and our fharpe wars are ended.

Enter Eneas, Paris, Antenor, Diephobus. Ene. Stand ho? yet are we mafters of the field.

Enter Troylus.


Troy. Neuer goe home, here starue we out the night,

Hector is flaine.


All. Hector! the gods forbid.

Troy. Hee's dead and at the murtherers horfes taile,
In beftly fort dragd through the shamefull field :
Frowne on you heauens, effect your rage with speed,
Sit gods vpon your thrones, and fmile at Troy.
I fay at once, let your breefe plagues be mercy,
And linger not our fure deftructions on.

Ene. My lord you doe difcomfort all the hoft.
Troy. You vnderstand me not that tell me fo,
I do not speake of flight, of feare of death
But dare all immynence that gods and men
Addresse their daungers in. Hector is gone:
Who fhall tell Priam fo or Hecuba?

Let him that will a fcrich-ould aye be call'd,
Go into Troy and fay their Hectors dead,
There is a word will Priam turne to stone,

Make wells and Nicbe's of the maides and wiues
Could ftatues of the youth and in a word,


Scarre Troy out of it felfe, there is no more to fay,
Stay yet you proud abhominable tents:

Thus proudly pitcht vpon our Phrigian plaines,
Let Tytan rife as earely as he dare,

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Ile through and through you, and thou great fiz'd coward,
No space on earth fhall funder our two hates :

Ile haunt thee like a wicked conscience still.
That mouldeth goblins fwift as frienzes thoughts,
Strike a free march, to Troy with comfort goe
Hope of reueng shall hide our inward woe.

Enter Pandarus.

Pan. But here you, here you.

Troy. Hence broker, lacky, ignomyny, shame,

Purfue thy life, and liue aye with thy name.

Exeunt all but Pandarus.


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