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Song from baser thoughts should win us;

Song should charm us out of woe; Song should stir the heart within us,

Like a patriot's friendly blow.

“ Pains and pleasures, all man doeth,

War and peace, and right and wrong, All things that the soul subdueth,

Should be vanquish'd, too, by Song.

Song should spur the mind to duty,

Nerve the weak, and stir the strong: Every deed of truth and beauty

Should be crown'd by starry Song!”

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Edinburgh : Printed by Ballantyne & Company, Paul's Work.

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T has been frequently remarked, that one

of the great defects of the present age

is want of sympathy, not only between the different classes of society, but between man and man in the more intimate relations of everyday life.

To inculcate this sympathy with all the force and genial fervour of poetry is the object of the present Selection. Love and brotherhood, charity and kindness, mercy and forbearance—all, in fact, that is embraced by the great Christian precept of “ Love one another," are here embodied in the attractive and persuasive language of song. The love that binds heart to heart within the hallowed precincts of the family circle, and the brotherhood that links man to man, and neighbour to neighbour, in the wider field of the world,

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