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promises of Jesus Christ himself, that it should be kept, taught and fanctified by his fpirit, and nourished by himself until the general judgment or end of the world, which is the promise of our scriptures also to the second covenant ?

Luth. & Calv. Every protestant will lay down his life and property to attest this truth.

Mof. Are you earnest and fincere? « Lutb. & Calv. We answer for the whole reformation.

Mof. That you would lay down your lives and properties for Jesus Christ and his church ?

Luth. & Calv. This hour, if required, and oppose every adversary who dare contradict, or gainsay, this great truth. · Mof. We are, at length, arrived to the unfolding of the mystery of mysteries.

Luth. & Calv. We will be happy to give you every inlight into our great mysteries.

Mof. Almighty God guards, rules, governs, fanctifies, and keeps the new covenant, or christian church, holy and undefiled, until he shall translate her into heaven, and there to be happy with him for all eternity

Luth. & Calv, This truth is the promise of both your's and our scriptures, as also our three christian creeds, which all christians profess and believe; without this, we believe there is no salvation. This is the firm Rock, which is Christ, that we stand upon.

Mof. And, according to your scripture, Christ made a Rock of Perer and appointed him Chief Bishop, or Pope, and invested him with ample power for hearing and determining causes, and

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authorifing and granting him and the priesthood the plenitude of spiritual power.

Luth. & Calv. They presently abused the bounty and goodness of God; and before the third century, a most woeful thing to ruminate upon, brought in and mixed their heathen and idolatrous worship, with the christian, and fell into every disorder detestable to God and hateful to man; so that they were left and abandoned by God, as our protestant creed or homily testifies, that all christendom, men, women, and chil. dren, were drowned in damnable idolatry, for about 1000 years, which was about 300 years from the birth of Christ, and that during that time none were saved. It was the only means left for Luther and Calvin, who were brought up in this fynagogue of Satan, and wore his mark, the priesthood, until they turned their backs upon them, and drew thousands out of the mire of iniquity : that was a bright day. '

Mof. What creeds did Luther and the rest of the protestants say, during these contests, and what other devotions?

Luth. & Calv. There was, as soon as conveni. ent, several fynods held to determine upon some proper system of worship, and articles of faith, to confirm and establish our raw and new Sion, and restore the new covenant to its first state and fimplicity.

Mof. By your rule of faith, heaven is more » indebted to the Reformation than to christianity for its inhabitants.

Luth. Es Calv. The Reformation is christianity restored.


Mol. By the articles of your belief, the im: morality of your first reformer, with your whole mass, and the universal disagreements from your beginning to your present state, as your synods and every monument you have produced, testifies and gives full evidence, that your new gospel and lives are a direct prostitution of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his and a christian life; there is not the least clue the Reformation can hold by: you, according to reason and common sense, have unchristianed yourselves, and changed Jesus Christ for Lu. ther and Calvin. That is reprobating both the christian and Jewish covenants, and setting up your protestant covenant; that is a religion contrived to glut the passions, and set all your inclinations afloat, repel remorse, and fear the conscience.

Luth. & Celv. Jesus Christ is our Lord, and the scriptures our rule of faith and guide,

Moj. Is it posfible that Jesus Christ can be your Lord, and the scriptures your rule and guide, when you protest and villify both, and place your faith in Luther and Calvin, two reprobates ?

Luh. & Calv. Our faith and hope is in Jesus Christ, and if our conscience accused us we. would embrace what we should think right.

Mof. Your conscience should be actuated and ruled by reason. You acknowledge with us but one God, and two covenants. This, you say, is the ground of your faith ; yet you join with the defamers of this fath and set up a new religion.

Luth. & Calv. By the two covenants you mean the religion of the Jews and that of the Roman Catholics ; you cannot expect our return to the Lutherans, neither would you conceive that we could relish the crucifiers of Christ : we heartily renounce both.

Muf. In renouncing the covenants, you renounce almighty God and his holy scriptures ? · Luth. Es Calv. We will renounce neither,

Mos. Nor obey either ? · Intb. & Calv. We warrant the truth. i Mof. You acknowledge one religion ? · Lutb. & Galv. Which is the protestant.

Mof. What sect or persuasion ? · Luth. Lutheranism. · Calv. Calvinism.

Mof. Do not protestantifm hold the same articles of faith in all their congregations ?

Luth. If they did, no doubt there would not be that variety of new-fangled doctrines and sects, but would bear the name of their head and father, Luther. I

Calv. Luther being a carnal man, purely fpi. ritual, being the vitals of New Sion, Calvin enters high and mighty prince, (having obtained the blessing) into the Land of Proinise, where he reigns trumphant without equal.

Luth. If this be allowed, where is priority, the birthright of great Luther, who, as Til. letson well observes, like an iron wedge, split and dispersed the hard and knotty oak (popery) into a thousand wrecks.

Calv. Luther we hold to be the precursor of Calvin, as Efau was of Jacob, which we have proved. Luther misplaced himself. · Mof. Your protestantism has entered the world 250 years and remains without a head?

Luth. You mean it as one religion or a body; but view it diftinctly and separately, you will clearly see many congregations, each one its head or first brother. The Calvinists, Quakers, Anabaptists, and so on to upwards of 100 feets, Whitfielites, Westly shites, and no one knows, not Luther himself, where all this will end; besides this, every head has his own religion communicated by the spirit. The anxiety Luther suffered to erect a due subordination, discipline and good agreement among his disciples to perpetuate his church pure and spotless is unperceivable ; he summoned fynods and councils for this purpose, but to no effect. When he looked for duty and agreement, he receive ed undutifulness, anarchy, and disagreement. Calvin and others of his first converts proved thorns to his fides, who became fchifmatics and heretics, disobedient and destructive of the new gospel, setting up religions different from what he taught them, for which impiety he was obliged to excommunicate then, · Calv. Our fathers return his excommunica. tions on Luther's own pate, and wrested the staff out of his carnal hand, as little David did the spear out of Goliah of Gotha, or as Jacob did the birthright from Esau. Luther, as Go: liah, lays as an inanimated trunk, wallowing in the carnality, while Calvin, in spirit, preached

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