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these two most effential articles of the christian religion. We beg three days respite to examine the primitive church, and compare them with the catholic of our days, and the pro. teftant churches. Adieu.

End of the Fourth Conference.



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Page 1. and 3. for 2d of June, read 10th of March.
Pige. 11. Line. 4. for Lutherans, read Catholics.

12. - 9. for brother, read broacher. - 12. - 31. for Goika, read Gath.

for where, read when.
for boasts, read benefits.
for spiritualists, read spiritualism
for this, read in the.
for weary', read wary.
for three, read three hundred.
for mafiers, read Esther's.
for himself, read myself.
for traduzion, read jurisdi&tion.

for Brakes, read Bleat.
- 10. for all this, read it.

25. for claim, read Calvin.
14. for Ghost, read God.
329 for much, read meek.
10.- for Was, read fons.
17. for offspring, read offerings.

for fpirit, read spirits.
for "but the Lord, read but if the Lord.
for to the cry, read from the cry.
for for their wrath, read for wrath.
for proved, read forbidding.
for nice, read little.

for another, read others.
25. for Mediah, read milion.
7for latter, read letter.

for union, read communion.

for becam, read became.
3. for them, read my covenant.

for fuch, read proceed from you.

for father, read fathers.
31. for consider a, read consider it 6.

8. for made out, read made.
16. for I have, read I would have.





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.. F1Frn CONFERENCE. 3, To Moses our moft Reverend Brother, greeting, Luther and Calvin beg a fifth conference to conclude

: what is most práife-worthy: Farewel. Moses will enter, and conclude, with Messrs. Luther

and Calvin, the fifth spiritual conference to-mor

row, at 10 in the morning, the ufual time: Adieu. Mofes. T Am at your service, as

Luth. & Çalı), The calipatch; death, where is your fing! ***

.. .
Mof. O grave, where is your viétory!
Luth. & Calv. The sting of death is liu.
Mof. And the strength of fin is the law. a

Luth. & Calv. It is a true saying, one man bet.
ter steal a borse, than another look over the
· Mof. When the feed is folen you shut the

Luth. & Calv. This is our case: but a hungry
belly needs no fause.
Mof. Your calipaich needed none..
Luth, & Calv. " We die daily.
Mof. With making gods of your bellies.

Luth. 3 Calv. The most violent and pernicious symptoms.

Mos. To die in the ads of gluttony, and diso


Luth. &3 Calv. The mifery of loft souls.
Mof. Who will not controul their appetites:

Luth. & Calv. A new lesson to Parsons and elders.


Mof. Better late than never. '
Luth. 63 Calv. Besides illness, we had scruples,

Mof. I thought Protestant scruples never attacked them, but in the article of death.

Luth. & Calu. This we thought our case, and was upon the verge of sending for you.

Mof I am neither Parfon nor Elder.

Luih: & Calu. You raised our scruples, and should allay then.' Mof. I did not prescribe calipatch nor calepa.

Luth. & Calv. But you told us of the falt pf Lent and gluttony.

Moj. Your Common Prayer Book and Bible forewarned you.

Luth. ? he Common-Prayer is a dead letter, but your words are as two-edged swords. . - Calu. The sword of the Spirit, that divides, and poisons the joints, and penetrates the mas: rów.

Mof. Your consciences will {peak more for. cible..

Luth. I have been a Parson 50 years, and ne. ver confidered confeflion necessary for salvation.

Calv. Neither I, until our reverend Brother opened our understanding.

Moj. Whose fins you forgive, they are forgiven : thefe are the words of your Messiah.

Luth. My Lord and my God.
Calv. In whom dwelleth infallibility.

Moj. Which he hath bequeathed to his cove, nant.

Luth. & Calv. We never will gainsay it in fu. ture. Eusebius (thank you) with Cyprian, Augustin, Jerom, ard other fathers, and writings,

care ur words ammon. Prayer

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hrate removed ihe veil, which our protestané divines, and others, had blindfolded us with. That a Jew (hould be our guide, shews the finger of God conducts all things; and, with the weak ibings, confound the lirong. .

Mof. I hope, I have advanced nothing but what the primitive christians and fathers confirin. For if Luther, and Calvin's assertions against the old church, be true, the whole Scriptures must be false; so that our Scriptures, delivered by God to Mofes 1450 years before Chrift, with all the prophesies, and promises, by the Prophets, and confirmed by an oath from almighty God to the Messiah, and his covenant, (which you say iš Jesus Christ and his Church) in our Scriptures, understood, testified, and confirmed by yours, of their eternal union, happiness, joy, purity, infallibility and never-ending repose'; and that this church or covenant should be taught and kept pure and holy by God to the consummation of the world; I say, if Luther and Calvin's assertion? be true, that the Catholick Church erred, and brought in damnable doctrines, then all our religion is vain; and God almighty never spoke to man; Christ and Mofes, our two lawgivers, must be of all men the most base, to palnı, and cover, their d. &trine under the fanction of almighty God. Whatever the errors, if any may be, they mo it assuredly mult be aui horised by Christ; and, if fo, he is not the Messiah of our Scripture: for Ifrael is assured, and the God of Israel has sworn, that our second covenant shall remain perfect, holy, and obedient, in union with him, as long as the sun and moon endures. This is the covenant

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God-almighty has made, and is as present to the nation of the Jews, as I now squeeze both your hands. (Mofes (queczes the hands and weeps.).

Luth. & Çalu. Şt, Cyprian, we observe, was. Bishop of Carthage, and Primate of all Africa, whg was murdered for the Catholick religion 258 years after the birth of our Lord; he has fatisfied us in many articles of our faith, such as acknowledging Peter to be Prince; and Supreme Bishop and Head of Christ's Church, and ifixes i Peter's Chạir in Rome, which he proves to be the centre of unity, that diffuses its rays throughout i the whole earth, fo that its fupremacy knows na; limits, deriving, ber power, miskin, and authoz: rity, from her Divine Head, whofe fpouse she is, and in whom his soul is well pleased; he teacbes, guides, instrųets, and confirms hen with the pleni. iode of Spiritual blefings, as the old Scripture? which St Paul quotes: This is the covenant which I will make with the house of Ifrael, after thofe days, faith the Lord: :1 will give my law: into their minds, I will write them in their hearts, and I will be their God, and they fhall be my. people. It astonishes us, how our first protestant fathers, Luther Calvin, and others, that were brought up and trained in the Catholiek religion, and were well versed in her faith, and ihad close . connecțion and correspondence with the Scripe tyres, should expose thole very Scriptures, that makes the most folemn promises, bound by an" oath on the part of almighty God, to preserve her pure, spoilels, holy and free from error, that the Mhould be his body, his fleth and his bones, andi himself her Heads and bis Spirit her candudar,


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