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the power of man, Pope, or any other, nor all the powers of earth, or hell, to add, alter, diminish or corrupt the leaft little of the faith of the Church, if it pleased her divine Head and Lord, that fhe should continue on earth for eternity; for it is as easy with him to keep her pure erternally, as one hour; his whole creation being in his hands as the least particle, all things are under fubjection to his divine, will. This is the Catho. lick faith; but what reprobates advance against ihe sanclity of her faith and religion, proceeds from that depravity of understanding, which is the inherirance of reprobates and lost fouls, fepaFated from their God, and taught by the Father of Lies, The Pope, Priesthood, and every member of the Church of Christ, is nothing fo. perior; either in soul or body, to the rest of man. kind, in our own nature, being part of the fame mass, consequently subject to the same frailties, as St. John observes, if we say we have no fins, we are liars, and the truth is not in us. St. Peter, who was the first Pope appointed by Christ himfelf, denied his Lord after he was appointed; and you find him err, according to St. Paul, afterwards, when, for fear of scandalizing the Jewith conveits, in eating in common with the Gentile converts, he retired; which displeafed Paul, and he reprehended him for it. The same you will find in all ages, when a Pope, Cardinal, or any other fails in their duty. You are, I hope, now convinced, and will convince your flocks, as you appear to be instructors, that. Peter, and his luce cellors are known to Catholicks, to be frail as other men, but they honour and respect them

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as the Representatives and Vicars of Jesus Christ.

Moj. This honour and appointment is not only granted, but a plenicude of power annexed, fo . that the Pope has nothing inherent in himself, but only acts as an instrument in the hands of Jelios Christ; the concluçon is,, chat Jelus Christ alle and not the Pope; upon the lame ground, as Aaron and bis fucceffors, who were only inftruments to exercise their office as appointed by Moses, who the Christians say was a type of Christ, and who received the whole froin alınighly God. This boy has given ne, in few words, an explanation to my entire satisfaction.

Luth. & Calv. And to ours also; at the same time acknowledging the ignorance and absurd notions of Protestants; but this, we believe, in part proceeds, as was our lat, from a malicious and gain-saying education; we now beg to be set right, by an infight touching the sacraments, beginning with baptism.

Mof. In the first covenant circumcigon was ordained on the eighth day by almighty God, a breach of which was so heinous a crime, that the Scriptures tell us, an Angel was upon the point of killing even Moses our Lawgiver, for the neglect of this duty to his two sons.

Boy. Circumcision, in the old covenant, was a type of baptism, in the new; in like manner as the other rites of the old were types of the new. Touching the necessity of baptism, our Lord's words are the most effectual which I shall give you, that he gave to a master in Israel: Of a uruth, except a nan be born again, he cannot seç

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the kingdom of God; Except a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Also his last commandment at his asccnfion, Matt. xxviii. Al? power is given to'me in heaven and in earth. Go you sherefore, and teach all nations, baptifing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you, and I am with you all days, even to the consuma ination of the world, Mark allo.' Go you into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature; he that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved; but he that belidveth not, ihall be condemned,

Luth. & Calu. But do you believe, that a man can forgive you your sins ?

Bor. I appeal to the Jewish Scriptures, which not only Jews but Chrillians and Proteftants believe, and acknowledge to proceed immediately from God.

Mos. No doubt it is the universal agreement of all who acknowledge a God; but this we cannot look for from men, whose manners and religion issue from each man's own maggot, or likely fome old ignorant and illiteratė nurle, who generally form their minds when young to their own calt, which strengthens as they ripen into maturity ; this we see daily among the first characters of learning and science; nay they have dipped so deep into levfuality, that they class themselves with the dumb animal, and exclaim againit gratirude and every other virtue, wallowing like wine, delighting in every beaitly action, crying. { will have no Gd but this. A species of the vulture; and these chiefly of the higher rank have joined the fool in the psalm, crying vehemently, There is no God. Their theology consists in reducing the soul, or intellectual part of man, and incorporating it into the material part. This was an old condemned heresy called Materialism, and with us, in the time of Christ, Sadducees, who disbe. lieve all spiritual substances. The fool, just quoied, is ancestor to this race. These forlorn, delpicable earth worms attempt a new philosophy, which is, to originate the properties of the foul from the brain. The ground of this philosophy is, that man's superiority lo other animals depends folely on the greater quantity of brains which they possess proportionable to the rest of the animal creation The absurdity of this maggot is put to flight by a brainless animal, the tortoise, deltitute of both brains and marrow; each bone is of one folid substance, the head remarkable Imall in proportion to other aniinals, which is all, to a small vacuuni, in which is á web or mem. biane about the size of a man's thumb, without brains, folid. Some of these animals will weigh from 5 10 6 or 700 weight. Their superior inflinct is remarkable, pariicularly at the time they are to come upon land to lay, and deposit their eggs. The precaution they take to avoid being taken by the vigilance of their adversary (the turilery and to preserve their offspring, is aitu. nishing. They make choice of the night to come upon land, and that by the light of the moon, on a landy beech adapted to their purpose; they ge

nerally nerally go fome distance from the water, io prevent an innundation from spoiling their eggs, where they with their fins dig a hole betwixt two and three feet deep, deposit their eggs, and co. ver over the hole with care, making others to deceive the searcher, and form a different track, and many other deceptions, to preserve her off. Spring from becoming a prey to the enemy, whilst they are on land; if any noise, or danger of being interrupted, they lie close with the greatest caution and filence, until they can get an opportunity of recovering their natural element, but if discovered, to prevent being taken, raise up with their fins a cloud of fand, which often blinds their invader whilst they recover the water and escape; they usually return near the same spot to deposit their next litter, but, if prevented by the turtler, who expects their prey according to a stated time, they will wait many hours watching a favourable opportunity to gain their point. I have ofien considered with attention, and observed the superior instinct of this animal to the monkey tribe; the tortoise feems endowed with a proper portion of fagacity for the protection and safety of herself and offspring, at the same time free from apish tricks. I now will satisfy Luther and Cal. vin, that in the Jewish covenant the priest was placed betwixt God and his people, to offer sacri. fice, and make atonement for themselves and congregation ; this was commanded by almighty God, and no wretch dare disobey this positive injunalion. You will find Nathan, who was no priest, offering David the sentence of life or death, in the cale ol Uriah.


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