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lowing their divive authority : at the fame time reprobating and damning the Pope, with the old religion

Mf Whilst you explain. you entangle, and I am lot in a greater maze of intricacies, than in your foriner mischievous and misbelieving religion or fysiem, fo opposite to Scripture, reason and truth; which makes a good man ihudder.

Calu. What'I now advance is por new, but the principle on what the Protestant cause (lands up. on; my assertion is not to add, but o explain.

Alof. Pardon me, but I dread heresy, remena bering Core, Dachan and Abiram.

Calv. I shall lead you into no error, being checked by my too Good God; litrikes his breaft, o God be merciful to me a finner, your poor Creature!) All I wish is to expole error, and to stand in defence of that divine truth I have lo much injured: (Calvin weeps and throws himself prostraté, killing the earth; how much lower have you humbled yourlelf for ine, my God!) :

Mof. This is too much; Is it God, or is it my weakness that chills my heart; O Irael, wheir fhaji 1,---I cannot speak. (Weeps.) . *Luth. Looking at the Boy, I will proceed where Calvin was called off. (As dinner is ac hand, and I long to be at it, whispers ibe Boy;. We grant she Catholick, Apoftolick Religion, if I may lo say, Infallibility of two kinds, lu make choice at will, being our elder lister and takes by order of birih-right, and we the residue, as the younger daughter. Now, as my competitor and

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rival, in all things but Popery, there on the floor, explained, as he would have it to Moses, now there melancholy, that Efau, though elder, relinquished the blessing to his younger brother, Jacob. Infallibility, as it is said, being of two nasures, according to our Protestant principle, the Catholick, our cider fifter, had her first choice, and partook directly after the times of the Apo. itles, and approved of the evil, and laid aside the good; which evil fince that date have ever been fermed Popery. The residue or good principle lay dormant for 1450 years, when Luther, our common father, got into poffeffion; which birihright his pofterity retains unto this day. This proves to you that there is two infallible and eternal principles, one good and one evil, issuing from the Godhead. To enumerate their idolatrous and wicked errors would take up too much time and labour, which I am not disposed to do at this juncture; as I am fick to death, to falisfy an ungodly enemy, which I made it my study, fince I became my own master, never to offend; he is the most welcome guest you can be seated with at a table well spread with rich substantial dishes and good wines. I do, and always thought a great quantity of victuals and drink is afsuredly the end and intention of man's creation in the flesh. I know it by seventy years, you will perhaps say a long experience, that the chief and principal ground of my fiudy, thought, contrivanice, inquiry, hoping, moaning, fighing. seenting, smelling, cying, wishing, feeling, in a word, feafting and banqueting, have ever been my hea. ven. In this valley of tears, by this nourilhing: pleasing and gratifying my outward mail, whicha you will do me the justice to say, do not look the worse for wear, weighing a few weeks since, as I have adopted and made it a rule, once a year unce I arrived at manhood, I think at my last, 29 stone, 12 pounds, 9 ounces and a fraction: I suppose I might lose a pound or two fince I left England, as I was never on my travels before; neither should I now leave the moft comfortable Suation; bless your soul, the Livings making 10gether, perquifies included mind ye, good gool. per annum, exclusive of a number of presents of various kinds, forts and denominations, which my flocks are daily, as they know my predominant predilection, paffion, luft or gust for keeping up, strengthen, support and fortify the extremities, members, and body at large, against either Turk, Jew, or any and all adversaries, with the Pope at their head. Our enemies, you see, are numerous, and like a torrent bear all before them; only for a moment look at Great Antichrist, and join me in defending the common league of Protestantism.

Calv. (Groans and strikes his breaft; exclaims,) O my God, Is it possible that your creature, which you created to your own image and likeness, endowed with faculties to love, honour and obey, and in all occurrences adore your holy will, fhould act the fiend you banished for disobe. dience, and created me to fill his celestial throne; but it is a trụth, and in vain will it be for an abandoned wretch, to seek excuses 10 palliate

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his crimes, and of the most criminal nature, even the heinous sin of blaspheming the Holy Ghost, which my God has deciared is the greatest in the Catalogue of sins; when the Jews accused him of working miracles by the power of Satan; this fio imbibed and grew with me from my childhood, and would have accompanied and accused me ai the uribunal of my God, had his infinite mercy noi wrelied me. And shall I lose one precious minute of what little remains of life ; you are pleased to spare me, my Lord, 10 reconcile myself to you and your darling spouse, that I have fo much blasphemed and dishonoured, and aim the cause of ihousands falling into the same snare. No, my God, I go this inftant. My dear Child, will you be my conductor? Adieu, Dear Rabbi, I shall ever be grateful to your kind and whole: fome admonitions; I hope you will, whilst you amit others, remind yourself. And you, my dear Luther, you were my brother.labourer in the vineyard of destruction, imitate and join me in reclaiming first ourselves, and ther, labouring in the vineyard of Christ.

luh. I wished for relt; but bebold a double bleiing. . All alone, and a pientisul table, with a keen appetite. I mult devour a double portion, iny old co-mate has deserted. I shall feed lullily; but ihough alone, I am not alone, when I have at my command my defire. 'Here comes fome one, I must as becomes the Venerable. (Grace). We admire and praise your royal munificence, in providing your children with all bleslings, ccIcial and terrestrial, O Lord God of liolis.''

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Hloh. So be it, Most Reverend dir.

ruth. Pray what have you so curiously preseryed within that cloth.

Hoft. Your Reverence will be pleased to remind yourself; a fortnight lince you ordered the intellines of a He-Antelope to be carefully hung under our privy, to imbibe, for one fortnight, the effluvia issuing from excremental fluids; at the expiration of time given, it was, as your Reverence was pleased to dićtate, put into a sufficient close covered pipkin, and stewed 24 hours over a gentle heat, until the whole night be fucked through a quill; after such preparation your Ree verence commanded it should be then clipped into fine fausage meat with one-half pound weight of the fat of bacon chopped fine, one Dutch pickled herring in like manner, sweet herbs and {pice; the whole put into a swine's Urine-vessel, and then a repetition of six hours itewing, which, as your Reverence will be pleased to find, every injunction moft ftri&tly adhered to. Your Reverence was pleased to order this cookery should be put into a sufficient veffel or dith, with a fufficient ledge round about; to contain a double row, one of blood-puddings, the other of fausa. ges; all your Reverence's commands we have used our endeavours moft punctually to comply with, and we hope, with heart-lelt desires, you will find it rich, pleasing, firong, savory, and concocted with easy digeltion: your Reverence most undoubtedly has a most exquisite talent for elegance, prudence and economy.


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