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ally; besides bringing up, and educating yourself, wife and family, free-coft; as I can prove, save Seventeen shilings Nine-pence Three-farthings to the indigent every Christmas, have all my incomes bringing daily iocrease in our funds. I havé, through the efficacy of this diviné, book, thee flocks, who, by their daily free offerings, support my family, I whomf from their infancy bring up to earn their, bread by the sweat of their Brow. 1957937 )

HI. Y find'you intend playing the like miferly trick, that I whilft.abroad shall provide you freecort, as your poor déluded flocks, are compelled to do at home; true it is, that yoù parlons jie upthe mouth of the ox that tread your corn. You puto Heavy burdens on, the poor Hợckswhilst yourselves Well like porpoises, of Tearbogs, with squeezifig them to ibe larm

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His Reverence Mr. Luther to h

Reverence Mr. Luther to his dearly-beloved in God, the Reverend Rabbi Mofes, full Health,

and Apoftolick. Benedi@lion, Greeting I wait and lament the blind and lukewarm ftale

of my fellow-creatures, and am anxious for

learned and zealous gospel-labourers; as fucb. ; 'I hold you; to be placed in the yineyard of

our Sion. I therefore conlider it faithful to. prepare you for this roble work; you will accordingly attend at the usual hour, and pleale to finish the great work of salvation; and, as another Mathias, supply the place of Calvin, as he did Judas, who fell by transgrellion: fo Calvin; my Dear Reverend Brother has fell; he has really reconciled himfelf to the Catholic Church, and is set out for Brussels to become Religious in a Convent of Friars. I regret the loss of fo noble a companion, who was at all times a jovial friend.

Rabbi Mofes will attend the Reverend Mr. Lu

ther to-morrow, as desired; begs the preience of the Catholick boy as before; he seemingly have some knowledge to satisfy in his own te. nets. Adieu.



Enter Mofes, Luthero Boy and Notaries." !" ;

3,"COSmit in..!
Luth, Hiho! poor unhappy man." .
Boy. Pray, Sir, why fo sad..
Mof. You are melancholy, Sir, iki
Luth. Hi ho! poor unhappy man..

Boy, Has any,tidings from England disturbed
you, Sir, wie

cinsi Stii! Mof. Your flocks are well, we hope, ..some

Luth. Calvin Calvin ! Calvin! how treache.: tous ? to quit and lay the reckoning on me. I have hitherto discharged my bills without exa pence, and brought up my family free-coft ; but I am at last catched by a Papift-Calvinist, the two that I hate.

Boy. Pray, Sir, do not; surmise that you will suffer by Mr, Calvin's departure. . . sed in?

Mof. If Calvin's change be diffimulation, I bed come upon the spot a misanthrope.. s; vaid

Luth. A contrivance betwixt two Calvinifts. my host and pot-companion, to get at my gool. per annum, which I have preserved, feeding mya self and family on the benefactions of my dear flocks, my three milch-cows. If I am kidnapped, I am ruined; in die is far more desireable, than to break even one, mite into my darling, the up-.. rising and down-laying, my first and laft thoughts, the Bishopric of Canterbury excepted. No, if I cannot get off, I am resolved, rather of the two evils, to rot in gaol, with my darling, Ipouse, than pine, and, die a skeleton with griet, H10) Pisin V 110: loca intru


Mof. What, pray, may the bill amount to? if you are fhort, my purle, Sir, isi at your com: mand; make use of me, as you please.

Boy. Mr. Calvin, who is joint-debiór in this matter, has given orders by me to his Banker, to satisfy to the amount of one hundred guinea's on his account. 'stles taches

i n o ur Luth. You speak as the "Herald or fast trump, Arise you dead; you have quickened me with out mercy ;- you have his letter ?1 his account with our host! is about 51. Í have charges againft:himca the amount of the førplus.s e

Mofo We will call üpabe? hoft to know His de. mand; as I-lové justice, as you arrived together, andi wêreipot-compamions, I suppose you ate at equal expences.

buthc provided he had remained as he was; but becoming Papift, he has subjected himself rol the penat statutes and, as the Scripture wellbo ferves, There is no peate to the wicked, faitto the hond. So that asa párlon, Ilain, according to my cloth, being bound tooth and Hail, flygainit Papists, to demand his money wherever it is förtha coming, I therefore demand, Boy, bis-order TÔ his Banker. It is an old-laying, that "It is an ili wind chae blows ho ônë good: 5 : bount fiind - Mono Your boast is, that your Proteftant relia gion is founded on principles of universak toleration and benevolence. If you have penaltaets; your boasting bedfs the face in tbis, 'a's in the rest or other parts, of your reformied fyftem: but take this with you, thale you are in a strange land and do not expose your avarice and contemptible

fpirit ;

fpirit; the account betwixt you shall be adjusted; Calvin will discharge his part, and; you the re, mainder. . . .. . ... "

Boy. What are the errors of Popery?

Luth Numberless; in fhort the wbole fystem; to'enumerate, we must begin, if you will, at either end, and take peg by peg,, and piece by piece, until we have fapped, destroyed, undermined, and taken away, both root and branch; so that not a veltige or footstep may appear, and then dig and wash the earth, as that groveling worm there before us bathes the floor with his crocodile tears.

Boy, The ground, or, foundation, of the chrifxian covenant, in communion with the Chair of: Peter, is Christ; if you reject the foundation, you reject christianity. ':..

Luth. Protestants reject the evil and retain the good : this is a mystery known to none but ourselves, that if there be two principles in the Creator, one good, the other evil, which last Peter's Chair has embraced, is no detriment to the infal ļibility, it being equal in bath. ...

i Boy. What you advance as the principle and ground of the Proteftant religion, that Almighty God is infallible, both good and evil, implies a contradiction, which confuies itself, and gravels in the same absurdity, repugnant and the exireme, as is set forth by others of the fame family; That the infallibility, according to the Scripiure promises and Christ to his Church, which are comprised in the Creeds, remained als ways, at all times, through every age from her


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