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heing framed against their pernicious mäle practices, and our pulpits ring, Paul goose-berry against their diabolical teners. In what myste. rious manner, and hy: what affumed sanctity, they have blanketed themselves ini, and covered in the heart and vitals of even our Common-Prayers Book; nay, tliey have fo far infringed on the honour and dignity of our; aforesaid. Book of Common Prayer, that if the poor lamb do buc peep its little head without the limits of its own jurildi&tion; wbọ 'is, immediately hunted as the Atag by the hounds, her own: darling reformed brethren; and why this, derision, scorn, late, and mockery from her darling; and positively her own brethren? merely no other but because we suffer our Scriptures and aloresaid Book of Common. Prayer to be and remain stuffed with Presbytes rian or, Calvinistical excrement, the bane of so. ciety, destructive to morals and good life, which ends in eternal reprobation. We of the Priestbood cannot dive to the bottom, neither have we applied the cemedy, which must be: by a loial abolition of the old, and foriping a new and pure fyftem and body of religion, giving truth and our . Priesthood; its full authoriiy and force, - To rob me of my honour, you rob me of my life. A man withoug glory is nothing preferable to a Sir.' reverence; it is a dirty but an old saying for a Calvinist minister, which is in truth the filth of a privy, What is life without happiness. Man was made Lord and master of the world; and shall these snarling puppies rob us of our patri. mony? The Throne of my relation, the glorious


Tillotson; but he, as the saying goes was an old · fox. Poor fellow, he was fadly ruffled in the " latter part of life, by being robbed of part of the .." member he so much delighted to please. Three

darling virtues, and a famous pair of jack-boots of bis drops into your fervant's inheritance, wlich - mourifht and efteem as old golds a full betlý

full purse, and pretty young hukomo wench; 10 to which I have vowed a fourth, which is Glory.

These vows I will cherish until my dying day, 4 For let who will be King, I will be Vicar-Braydi. .: Bay. Chap. xxiiio And if he' (an offendert wall

not hear thee, tell the Church (the Priefhood) - and if be will not hear the Church, let him beoro

shee as the heathen and publiean, Amennoil springen 10 you, whatfoever you shall bind upon earth? fhall be bound alfo in heaven and Whátfoete thou shalt Ibofe upon earth, 'fhall be fooled alfo in heavena Stojohn, chap. xvii. Christ's prayer for his Apofles. Sanétify them in tiuth... Thy . word is truthi And for them do I fan&tify mys :;felf: that i they allo may be fan&tified in truth. :Chap, xx. After Christ's résufreation, bis Apostles

being together, he appeared to them, and faid, · Peace be to you. As the Father hath feni'me,

I also send you. When he Had said this; he hreathed on shem; and he said to them, Receive ye the Holy Ghf: Whofe fins you that fürs give, they are forgiven them:, and whole fins you shall retain, they are retained. Mat. chåp. xxviii; ! And the eleven disciples went into Galilee, unto the mountain wiere Jesus: bad appointed them.": And eius' conting fpoke to

. thein,

them, Faying; All power is given to me in heaven , and in earth, Go ye therefore, and teach all na... gions : : baptizing them in the name of the Fa.. ther, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:..... teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I , have commanded you; and behold I am with ... you all days, even to the confummation of the world. , Mark, chap. xvi. The angels to the io men at the fepulchre. Go tell his difciples, and Peier, that be goeth before you smo Galilee: ... Niere you thall dee him, as he told you. At length

he appeared to the cleven as they were abtable) · and he upbraided them with their incredulity and

hardnels of heart, because they did not believe them who had feep him after he was rilen again. And he said to them: Gu ye injo the whole world, and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baprited: fhall be saved: but he that believeth not, thall be condemned. And she Lord Jesus, after he i bad spoken to them, was taken up into heaven, and Gitreth on the right hand of God. But they going forth preached every where: the Lord working with all; and confirming the word, with figns that followed. :)....

Mof. An outward and visible fign, an inward and spiritual grace. This is what your Com. mon.Prayer-Book requires to make a facramente The Jewith Scripture gives ample testimony to this lacred character of their Priesthood; and the Chriftian Scriptures, as you call it, is equally full, it would be ablurd to expaziare on the Gospels. The words and outward signs of Jefus Chrilt are teftimonials that cannot be enlarged,

I 2

haid this, he breve the Holy forgiven thened. If

or made more clear and convincing. He delivered to bis Apostles the most sacred and ample commission, authority and power, that a' God could grant to a creature, both in word and effect. If your Scripture and Church, in all ages, froni the commencement to this present age, can be credited; Jesus Christ not only orciains and grants the virtúe of Priesthood to his Apostles by words, but conse crates them by his breath, as his beloved disciple gives us; and this after his resurrection. And he said to them a fecond time, Peace be to you. As the Father hath lent me, I also send you. When he had said this, he breathed on them; and he said to them ; Receivė ye the Holy Ghost: Whose fins you shall forgive they are forgiven them; and whole fos you shall relain, they are retained. If you fay with me that Jesus was a seducer; we' are agreed, that his words and gestures are empunels, presumption and blasphemy; but, on the contra y, if you insist that Jesus is God, accords ing to the Christian faith, and yet not capable, with his aforefaid exertions,' to communicate the power he wilhed, and pretended to eltablish, in putting his new Priesthood upon an equality with the Jewish, which he pretended was to give place to the new; I then lay with Solomon to the pluggard, Go, mock man, to the pilmire, confider her ways, and be wise. Wheh man loses his reason, he becomes obnoxious to the most mean and pusilanimous; and this, Reverend Sir, is the unhappy aspect you and your accomplices has held up to the face of the world from your

creation ;

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creation; and there is no alternative; whilft you covet, and brand yourselves with the name you vilify and abhor.. iii.

Luth. What more noble and glorious than the name Christian; it composes the heart, and lulls ihe mind for all our labours; conGder, or place yourself in my old relation, Doctor Tillotfon's Chair, and look around, the amazing extent of territory, that old ape, (I beg his pardon,) occupied, at least fucked the cream of tithes, and firit.fruits.” Happy them, after they had held to. his unfatiated and enormous mouth, who, like a leech, as the saying goes, would never quit, until he had drawn put the very heart's blood; that would go down on their knees, and, for a fupererogatory gift, get Nily a kiss of the hind fkirt of an old goat, that was as greasy and rank as the privy, of an old boar. I have been from my youih, by our family, signalized by the borrowed name he went by, Old Doctor Square-Toes; bue l'hall never warrant or defend, as he did, to the great derriment and disgrace of our 'Church of England, Calvinistical and Presbyterian tenets and principles, diametrically opposite to the Gola pel of Christ our Lord, which are the charges you raise against our 'Common-Prayer-Book ; but as I live, as soon as I have taken old Roger's Chair, I shall have thém damned and expunged from our Journals, '" The glory of my heart is to be vested in my Pontifical Robes, leated on 'my Metropolitan Throne, and invested with Pleni. tude of both Spiritual and Temporal Authority fu that my power and glory may grasp and clasp


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