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į ing to the form before appointed:' And. That all

and every such, person, who shall (without fome

lawful Impediment, i to be allowed and approved .: bey: the Ordinary of the place) neglect or refuse to

do the same within the time aforesaid, or(in cale of fach impediment) within one month after such Impediment removed (halb ipfo fatto be deprived of all his said Ecclefiaftical Benefices and Promotions; and That from thenceforth, it shall and may be lawful to; and for all Patrons, and Do. nors, of all and fingular the laid Ecclefiaftical Be. nefices and Promotions, or any of them (accord. ing to their respective Rights and Titles) to prea

sent, or collate to the same, as though the person - or persons : fo offénding, or neglecting,' were dead. 19:

1 6TVE. :And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That in all places, where the propeo Incombent of any Parfonage, or Vicarage, or Be.. nefice with Cure doth selide on his Living, and keep a Curate; the Incumbent himself in perfon (not baving fome lawful Impediment, toibe atlowed by the Ordinary of the place) Thall once (at the leaft, in every monthr openly and peab lickly, tead the Commoniprayers and Service, sin, and by the said Book pretcribed, and pill there be Occasion adminifter each of the Sacraments and ather Rites, of the Church, in she Parish Church or Chapel, of, or belonging to the fame Parfon nage, Vicarage, or Benefice, in fuchórder, mans ner and form, as in, and by the laid Book isjapë pointed, upon pain to forfeit che sum of Five

pounds pounds to the use of the poor of the Parish for every offence, upon convi&ion by confession, or proof of two credible Witnesses upon oath, be fore two Justices of the Peace of the County, City, or Town-Corporate where the offence shall be committed, (which Oath the faid Justices are hereby impowered to adminifter) and in default of payment within ten days, to be levied by distress, and sale of the goods and chatiels of the Offender, by the Warrant of the said Justices, by the Church-wardens, or Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish, rendering the surplusage to the party.. :;; . And be it further enacted by the Auihority aforesaid, That every Dean, Canon, and Prebendary of every Cathedral, or Collegiate. Church, and all Masters, and other Heads, Fellows, Chaplains, and Tutors of, or in any College, Houle of Learning, or Hospital, and every pub. lick Professor, and Reader in either of the Universities, and in every College elsewhere, and every Parson, Vicar, Curate, Lecturer, and every other person in holy Orders, and every Schoolmaiter keeping any publick, or private School, and every perfon Initructing, or Teaching any youth in any house or private family as a Tutor, or School-malter, who upon the First day of May, which shall be in the year of our Lord God, One thousand six hundred fixty-two, or at any time thereafter shall be incumbent, or have poffeffion of any Deanry, Canonry,, :Prebend, Mastership, Headship, Fellowship Profeflor's


place, or Reader's place, Parsonage, Vicarage,

or any other Ecclefiaftical Dignity or. Promó. tion, or of ariy Curate's place, Lecture, or School; . or Thall instru&t or leach any youth as Tutor, or

Schoolmaster, shall before ine Feaft-day of St. * Bartholomew, which shall be in the year of our

Lord One thouland fix hundred fixiy twó, or at or before his or their respective admission to be Incumbent, or have poffeffion aforesaid, subscribe the Declaration or Acknowledgment following, *Scilicet.'

“ L. A, B. Do declare that it is not lawful, up.

I on any pretence whaifoever, to take Arms *" against the King, and that I do abhor that trai.. w terous Position of taking Arms, by His Autho. “ rity, ageinst His Person, or against those that ,

are commissionated by Him; and that I will o conform to the Liturgy of the Church of Eng6 land, as it is now by Law established. And I 6. do declare that I do hold, there lies no Obli- 66. gation upon me, or on any other perfon, from " the Oath, commonly called the Solemn League 5 and Covenant, to endeavour any change or al. "teration of Government, either in Church or “ State ; and that the same was in itlelf an un. " lawful Oath; and imposed upon the Subjects “ of this Realm against the known Laws and « Liberties of his Kingdom."

- Which faid Declaration and Acknowledgment shall be fubfcribed by every of the said Masters


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and other Heads, Fellows, Chaplains, and Tutors of, or in any College, Hall, or House of Learning, and by every publick Professor and Reader in either of the Universities, before the Vicechancellor of the respective Universities for the time being, or his Deputy; And the said Declaration, or Acknowledgment shall be subfcribed before the respective +rchbishop, Bishop, or Oro dinary of the Diocese; by every other person hereby enjoined to subscribe the fame, upon pain, that all and every of the persons aforesaid, failing in such subscription, ihall lose and forleic fuch respective , Deanry, Canonry, Prebend, Maa ftership, Headship, Fellowship, Professor's place, Reader's place,,, Parsonage, Vicarage, Ecclesiatical Dignity or, Promotion, Curate's place, Lecture; and School, and Shall be utterly disabled, and ipfo fatto deprived of the same; and ihat even sy such respective Deanry, Canonry, Prebend, Maftership, Headship, , Fellowship, Professor's place, Reader's place, Parsonage, Vicarage, Ecclesiastical Dignity, or Promotion, Curate's place, Lecture and School fhall be void, as if such pero son fo failing were naturally dead.

And if any School-master or other person, in. structing or teaching Youth in any private Houfe or Family, as a Tutor or School-master, shall Instruct or Teach any Youth as a Tutor or School-master, before Licence obiained from his respective Archbishop, Bishop, or Ordinary of the Diocese, according to the Laws and Statutes of this Realm (for which he shall pay twelve pence


only) and before such fubfcription and acknow. Jedgment made as aforesaid; Then every such School- master and other, Instructing and Teaching as aforesaid, shall for the first offence suffer three months Imprifonment; without Bail: or Mainprize; and for every second and other fuch offence fhall suffer three months Imprisonment without Bail or Mainprize, and also forfeit to His Majesty the sum of five pounds. . . And after such subscription made, every such Parson, Vicar, Curate, and Lecturer shall procure a certificate under the Hand and Seal of the respective Archbishop, Bishop, or Ordinary of the Diocese, (who are hereby enjoined and required upon demand to make and deliver the lame) and shall publickly and openly read the fame, together with the Declaration, or Acknowledgment aforefaid, upon fome Lord's day within three months next following, in his ParishChurch where he is to officiate, in the presence of the Congregation there affembled, in the time of Divine Service; upon pain that every person failing therein thall lolè fuch Parsonage, Vicarage, or Benefice, Curate's place, or Lecturer's place respectively, and shall be utterly disabled, and apro fatto deprived of the fame; And tbat the jaid Parfonage, Vicarage, or Benefice, Curaie's place, or Lecturer's place shall be void, as if he were naturally dead. ; .

Provided always, that from and after the Twensy-fifth day of March, which shall be in the year of our Lord God, One thoufand fix hundred

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