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therans traduction, and you will find what is here advanced to be true and justly stated.:

Mof. I am afraid you have too justly stated a most melancholy truth. Poor, miserable, unfaithful man. . .

Luth. Of all beings the most treacherous, rebellious, turbulent, violent, restless, designing, laying in wait to ensnare the ignorant, unwary, or illiterate, to intoxicate, withdraw and infinuate their unruly and unfriendly spirit into their hearts and minds, ready to rise, rebel, act, beat dawn, overset and gainsay all power and authority set over them. This always has and ever will be the spirit and theme of Calvinifin,

Mof. If Calvinisin be ninety-nine out of a hundred, as the matter will not admit of a doubt, I must, and you also Lutherans, with all the world, pronounce it a Blefled Reformation, or protestant church. Sweet christianity, how holy are your ways, o Sion! ii

Calv. The blessings of time and eternity muft cause you, outcast, many a falling tear, heavy sigh, anguish, despair, melancholy, mis serable and heartfelt pain, like a vulture or maw-woiin, torturing your miserable and disfranchised souls.

Luth. Your benevolence and unbounded cha. rity gives grace to your steps, and marks the happy presage of your future glory.

Mor. Happy Bird of Paradise, Celestial,
thrice Blessed Child of the new covenant,
Caly. Great Calvin's flock,

Ele Et and free,
With glory stockd,
Selezt will be


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Luth. The virgin's note,

Their pride to sing,
Brakes like goats,

A croaking hymn.
Mof, Sion's fair fields,

Chajte virtue's prize,
Intruders yields

Them to the wise.

Calv. Calvinists are the truely wise.
Luib. You glean fruit from those you despise,

Mof. Is it an article of the Presbyterian Thcology that all Calvinists are virgins ?

Calv. Undoubtedly all who detest images, pictures, prints, and all other resemblances, are virgins; but the 144,000 expressed and set forth in the Revelations is a celestial privilege granted only to Presbyterians, darling lambs, who never defile themselves with the filth of this world, having the robes white without spot, or wrinkle, which song no other can fing.

Luth. You cannot admit this inconsistency, that a battered rake who has lived in the com. mon stews or brothels, and all other wicked, ness, as it is your case, can be a virgin.

Mof. Most assuredly, and will intone and chaunt the new canticles in the Elysium Fields, with the race of his heretical and heathenish forefathers.

Calv. The unfolding and breaking the shell of the scriptures, as I demonstrated by the fimilitude of the nut, which you have since been mumbling in your toothlefs inouth to 10

effect, effect, is bequeathed only as a celestial gift to the virgins of Sion, of which I have the honour to be not as a member only, but a setter forth of the word allo, being one of their elders for upwards of forty years; my vene. rable aspect declares the greatness of my call. ing.

Luth. If a venerable face and corpulent body declares our nobility, old age and long labour in the vineyard, hard-treading the wine-press, exemplifying and analysing the holy books; if this and numberless feats through a long series of pilgrimage will entitle virginity, I am not a whit behind, but have every claim with yourself.

Calv. I have repeatedly refuted your claim.

Luth. You truly inherit, with your whole fock, goat like, the implacable, uncharitable, disgusting, and in every degree diabolical spirit as I have often repeated of your old father; he wrestled with his Saviour, the mighty-Luther and you, with great Newton, who, as you wisely observed, laboured and sweated for 20 years to establish; the whole reformation on the ruins of popery, to make virgins, of himself, though an old veteran in the wars of Venus, and the whole protestant world; his charity was so vehement that he seeked into paft ages to loosen the bonds of many shoals of Calvinists and other condemned heretics, and bring them into this haven of tranquility and virgin state ; yet you dare shut the door and put out this great benefactor of Calvinism, and his pious Rock amongit Jews and papists. C2


equa by pun and blering

Mof. Poor Luther has lost his birthright and turned out amongst heathens and publicans, a wretched crew !

Calv. In scripture we find but one Esau, the type of Luther, who stands alone, I mean in nanie, as Efau.

Mor. And birthright?

Luib. Undutiful and reprobate children. · Calv. You, as Luther, assume an authority you are not entitled to; mark the scripture fimili. tude, Isaac was father to Jacob and Efau. Esau, being a brother, could claim no paternal jurifdiction; so that claiming the birthright was no breach of duty to his father, but a matter of equality, and, as twin brothers, made it his own by joint consent, and confirmed by pur. chase to himn and his heirs for ever; to which was annexed the blessing that there may be no feparation or division but a fullness to him that will be full, and total exclusion to the luke, warm and his posterity. · Mof. Efau and Jacob were twin-brothers, issue of one father and one mother, which bears no anology to Luther and Calvin ; one a German, the other a Frenchman, and no ways related but in wickedness.

Luth. In the reformation we are brethren or a spiritual brotherhood, tied together as a bunch of sweet perfumes.

Calv. Efau and Jacob were twins, according to the course of nature; Luther and Calvin, according as was foretold by the old scriptures, by the spirit; so that they were as the new coa venant, twin-brothers by the spiritual lineage,


as our new scripture takes notice of Melchise. dech, without father, without mother, without genealogy. That is a spiritual birth; but when Luther, in imitation of Esau, or the fallen angels, rendered himself obnoxious and odious in the fight of heaven, his fpiritual or new man, forgetful of himself, interfered, swine, or cow like, wallowing in stench, copartner with the animal, or old man, his birthright was transferred to Calvin and his posterity, who are daily inhabiting new Sion, with delicious fruits of the most sweet odour.

Mof. Israel knows of no fcriptures that speak either of Luther, Calvin, or of your pretended reformation, either at large, or in part, in the fixteenth century.

Luth. You cannot deny the expectation of the Messiah by Israel, according to your prophecies, when Christ appeared.

Calv. Our comnion father Abraham, from whom we derive our pedigree, you in a carnal and us Calvinists in a spiritual lineage, give testin.ony to our adoption by a superior and fpiritual birth, by paying tithes; and Livy, the father of your carnal priesthood, who re'ceived tithes of his brethren, paid tithes in Abraham, to our ancestor and type, Melchi. Tedech.

Mof. Israel acknowledges that according to their fcripture prophecies, the time of expectation was accomplished for their Messiah at the time Christ appeared; but why he did not ma. nifest himself they know not, but wait the good pleasure of their God; but this they ar



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