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abortive, to bring Calvin and his schismatical and heretical adherents to the unity of the church and chair of St. Peter, he found it necessary, by the sword of the spirit, to cut them off as an infected branch, and accordingly excommunicated them,

Mof. From whence, and who conferred that power or authority to Luther, or any of his pretended reformation. He was, and stands condemned this day, with his whole brood, or association. Their condemnation is the joint voice of the church and their general council, established and authorised by Jesus Christ, who you confess to be your Ghost; therefore you assuredly stand condemned by your God. You have agreed to try your right of sovereignty with me, and I decide as you have set forth your case; decide on me also with candour.

Calv. I shall faint and not be able to digest my dinner, if I hold forth longer, I fill my stomach with wind, and shall die with the cholic.

Lurh. When, all things considered, we cannot wonder after so hard a conflict and set-to yesterday with the male-swines paunch, entrails and so forth, &c. &c.

Mof. I bid adieu. A second part of the same tune, a shoulder of Brawn-sausages, bloodpuddings, mince-pies and a large peas-pudding, the leg boiled with cabbages, all for two glut. tons, enough for a troop of French horse. Well you may become two facks of grease, Adieu.



Messrs. Luther and Calvin to Rabbi Mofes,

greeting. E are your debtors, and have all faith by y trial, that your admonitions are a fore. knowledge of the prophetic spirit, inherited from your ancestry, the old prophets; we admire the resemblance you bear to the prophet Micah, who prophecied and foretold the death of Ahab, king of Israel. When 400 false prophets favoured the king's design, Micah with The voice of truth gainlaid them and foretold the king's death. He was what the world terms harsh, and ill-favour'd; you are the same; but his haríhness would have saved the king's life and reputation, had he followed his counsel ; in like iort we should have been freed from the most cruel relapse that ever mortal man sustained, lad we attended to your prophecy. About fix hours after your departure a most violent eruption broke forth from our upper and lower man, and manifeited itself in the unheard of extortions this conflict, or ra. ther hard fight or convulsions continued with most violent agonies for the space of fix hours, when the storm abated, and a total weakness, fcebleness, faintness and imbecility of the whole man succeeded, and it was not but with great care and attention, taking proper medicines to support, keep up, sustain, manage, fct free, by proper restoratives, the manhood

to its original, vigorous, and resplendent state, we now are thankful and count the minutes until you will vouchsafe us to another conference, wherin we may farther, and with more fullnefs, expatiate and unfold our hearts and sentiments to each other. We venerate truth, honesty, and candour, wherever we can find those blessings, and these encomiums are due to none more than yourself. We are, with due deference,

Luther and CALVIN.

Mofes to Mesrs. Luther and Calvin.

As it is your wish to have my farther thoughts on your spiritual warfare, I will attend you to-morrow morning at ten precisely, touching your encomiums. They are lost on one that requires nothing, either praise or dispraise, what I am. I wish to be known to all. It is in vain to require from others what our deserts cannot merit.

I am your's,


It is in variat. I am. Tung eithers are lost on

Mof. What matter would you desire to explicate on?

Luth. & Calv. We would wish to make our feparation from the church of Rome appear to you in the light it does to us, destitute of grace and salvation.

Mof. Many charges must be proved to justify your assertion. Luib. & Calv. This we are ready to do.

Moj. Mof. The fundamental proof required is to prove Jesus Christ an impostor.

Luib. & Calv. This is not necessary.

Mos. Upon this principle the church of Rome stands or falls.

Luth. & Calv. The church of Rome is idolatrous, hateful to God, and detested by men.

Mof. I know not what are the crimes laid to her charge, or what she is; but upon this prin. ciple fhe stands or falls.

Luth. 3 Calv. To charge Jesus Christ with imposture would be charging ourselves with the like infamy. - Mof. There is no alternative.

Luth. & Calv. This is a principle we cannot understand, to charge the church of Rome with reprobation, Jesus Christ must be an im. poftor.

Mof. This is as clearly stated as one and one makes two.

Luth. & Calv. We wish you would explain this mystery, at least it appears so to us.

Mol. There can be no mystery in a matter that is as clear as the sun.

Luth. & Calv. We cannot see it in the light you do.

Mol. There is none so blind as he that will pot fee.

Lath. & Calv. We should be glad to see all things clearly.

Mol. Your salvation is the price, if Jesus Christ is your God.

Luth. & Calv. Neither the scriptures or creeds niention the church of Rome.


Mol. What do you understand by the church of Rome?

Luth. & Calv, We understand it to be the Roman Catholic church, which has infected all christendom with its damnable doctrine, in which is no salvation.

Mof. You mean the church of christendom, that Jesus Christ had established with his most solemn promises.

Luib. Calv. We mean all christendom being in league with the pope transformed herself from the holy catholic church to the church of Rome, or, in other words, the synagogue of Satan for 1000 years, until Luther and Calvin restored her to her pristine and pure state. "Mor. This is the principle or ground of the protestant reformation..

Luth. & Calv. We have no other, nor claim any other upon which we wreft our church.

Moj. Upon the principle you have set your reformed church, you have charged Jesus Christ with imposture; so that by this principle, that you have placed and established your church, you have exposed your foolishness and absurdities. You pretend to prove Jesus Christ and the scriptures both false, and then to found your religion upon this falsehood. You must, to appear, and as others, reasonable men, accuse yourselves of this blasphemy, and restore to Jesus Christ, if you think him your God, and the scriptures the truth they are entitled to, and take what is your own falsehood and incon. Gistency: You involve us in the same incons: sistency with yourselves, by giving the God.


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