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themselves gods. All fins shall be forgiven but the fin against the Holy Ghost, which shall never be forgiven, neither in this world or the world to come. They also take upon theinselves the authority and power to forgive one another their fins, which no man can, being another mark of infallibility, which encourages finners to commit the most enormous wickedness with impunity and without remorse.

Mos. These are heavy charges, and the very crimes we brought against Christ, your Meifiah, and condemned him to the most ignominious death, and we would be happy if joining you in the same cause to exterminate his whole race, which, as we have observed, has reigned near 1800'years, and are as nuinerous as ever, and hitherto have been an overınatch for both of us, and, in short, for all the world, who join in one general hatred against Roman Catholics, for their insolence and boast of Christ, under whose banner and authority, they fight and act. You have made choice of a strong fortress in allowing the Jewish 'religion infallibility, which is the divine quality promiled to our covenant. ...

Luth. & Calv. But to the second, the pleni. tude of all grace, to which the old must give place. i


. tri Maf. This our prophecies affirm, and which we are in daily expectation to embrace, when our old will be swallowed up in the new, to our eternal happinels and never-ending joy, which will dry up our tears, and bring in everlasting righteousness, when we shall know


no error, as we shall be (as our scriptures afsure us) all taught of God. This will be true infallibility.

Luth. Calv. The second covenant, and plenitude of grace, and everlasting happiness, (as our old scripture promises) was at the appointed time (according to the prophet Daniel) confirmed and established by Jesus Christ, our Messiah, with his church, which was the expectation of'us Gentiles; so that your farther expectation is rendered abortive, unless you become christian.

Mof. According to Almighty God's promise our second covenant will neither be liable to error or change, being to be ruled, kept and taught by himself perpetually for ever, as it will be an everlasting covenant. These are not the properties or qualities of the christian co. venant.

Luth. & Calv. Ah, the pope has forwarded our ruin, and has made an itreparable gap which has reduced our covenant to a proverb and by-word, as your's, this day.

Mof. The Jewish covenant is infallible ; this you grant without exception,

The christian covenant is infallible ; this, you say, is blasphemy.

Christ, the founder, commissioned his apo. stles and church this infallibility, which is confirmed by his gospels, the epistles of his apostles, and his church, from her first establishment to this day. I will repeat a few matters to confirm what I have advanced, and carry your charge of blasphemy againd the present


christian church, up to its source and head, and shew that the blafphemy you accuse and stigmatize his church with, is by his express commandment, and practised by his church in its primitive and infant state.

First, the primacy of the pope. I say to thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build niy church, and the gales of bell pall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whaifoever thou thalt bind upon earth mall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou malt loose upon earth, mall be loosed in heaven. These are the words of a God, according to yourselves. How then can any christian dare censure, or call in question, this infallibility, granted by their God to his Vicegerent, by his express appointment? Nay, he confirms the aforesaid commission and authority to Peter, after his resurrection, with these words, Feed my sheep, &c.

Luth. & Calv. There are the words of Christ, which all christendom acknowledge, that settle and confirm Peter Christ's vicar, or governor, of his church ; neither can we suppose that this primacy, or chief bishopric, ceased with Peter; for, according to the priesthood of the first covenant, Aaron was appointed prince of the priesthood; and at his death a fucceffor was appointed. So in the second covenant Peter is constituted, and the primacy and chair established; but the scriptures do not mention, as we have it in your scripture, the succeslion of your priesthood, until it was translated into the second, as our scripture af

of the prieinted. So in th the primacy

firms, that Caiphas was your high-priest, when Christ was crucified, and our Lord confirms the authority of succeflion when he orders obe. dience to be paid to the chair of Moses, but not to copy their lives ; so that, though their doctrine were divine, themselves were fallible, The infallibility of the pope is the cause of great contention betwixt protestants and catholics. We wish to have a right understanding in this matter that has divided all christendom, and rent the seamless garment of Christ, which was a type of unity and universal love and order throughout his church, (otherwise how can he be termed Prince of Peace) and appointed a primate to maintain this blessing and uniformity without a head, confufion must take place.

This we are eye-witnesses to in our reformation, which, if we may use the expression, is shattered into a thousand religions and daily sprouting out new ones.

Mof. We will first search out and consider the article of infallibility which protestants rail and exclaim against. The pope, say they, is seated in Peter's chair and proclaims himself God, and allows no superior. I have examined the decrees and decisions of the general councils, writings of their doctors, and other bigotted papists, catechisms, particularly that ordered by the council of Trent. I have considered and compared them through every age and period of the church, from Peter to the , present pope, and cannot find one God amongst 236 popes. Many of this number laid down their lives for Jesus Christ, neither of them ever


attempted to add, alter, or diminish the catholic faith they received from their predeceffors; they have on all emergencies followed the example of Peter, when any invaders have attempted to bring in herefies, or in the smallest pretensions to alter the faith, or introduce novelties, by summoning a council to canvass the matter, and if necessary call a general council to decide according to the faith and discipline of the church. This is the rule Christ delivered, when he said, if a brother offend, reprimand him ; if he continues obstinate, apply to the church, and if he will not obey the church, let him be as a heathen and publican.

This we see put in practice by the apostles, who called the first council in the Christian church, to be an example to their successors to the end of the world. I will give it to you in brief, Acts 15. The Jews that became Christians contended, that it was necessary for The heathen converts to follow the law of Moses, which Paul and others opposed ; they immediately applied to Peter, and other apostles and elders to give fentence on the matter; they accordingly called a council, who pronounced the following sentence : It has secmed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay no farther burden upon you than these necessary things, that you abstain from things facrificed to idols, and from blood, and from things strargled, and from fornication, from which things keep. ing yourselves, you shall do well.


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