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The infallibility of the popes, and blafphemy of the general councils (against schilmatics and heretics) in the world, it seemeth good to the Holy Ghost and to us, was granted, and commanded or iffued from Jesus Christ, and first practiced, and example given by the apostle in the words just quoted.

Luth, & Calv. You have opened to us a new scene, to make a comparison betwixt fpiritual and temporal power. According to our system, the pope is figured in the person of the King of France, (our greatest adversary, adways laying in wait to intrap poor Old Britain) wields the sceptre, and makes all things bend to his hard, imperious, arrogant, haughty, insolent, proud, and unrelenting brow, who rules arbitrarily; tyrannically, absolutely, defpotic, without controul; a common scourge, whose ambition clasps universal monarchy. This is the conception all protestants imbibe from their infant state against the pope, both in fpirituals and temporals. We now see him figured in the person of our glorious George, or King of Great Britain, the temporal laws, constitution, and legislarure of Great Britain, which are praised and envied by all nations of the earth, seems in all its branches and parts to correspond, copied and derived from this spiritual and great covenant of Christ we of. ten pleased ourselves with the qualities of our laws and constitution, and painted to ourselves how nearly they are allied to the spirit and maxims of the gospels, lenient, mild, and disinterested.

Mof. · Mof. The laws and constitution of Great Britain are taken from spirituals.

Luth. I have often attempted to draw these waters from our church, but in the pulpit ; when I have thought to enter on the subject, I found a damp sweat overcome me, with a faintness which prevented my forcing a matter of the greatest inagnitude, I could no way prove, as I know, that our laws and copstitution was feveral years older than the protestant reformation, and that we were indebted to our Roman Catholic ancestors for whatever we now enjoy ; yet I had not the honesty even to ac. knowledge the debt. . .

Cal. So far was I from paying the tribute of gratitude, that I thought it impossible to get quit of the stench and abomination of por pery. ;

: ,1,4t .. . Mof. I have information that in the Torrid Zone they have what they call Carrion Crows, whose fench is much more offensive than the carrion they devour; so with you, dignified gene tlemen, I am told you have marked out as a privileged sanctuary, a thousand yards about your playhouses for a reception, chiefly after your decease, where some thousands of your unhappy offspring associate with the vileft miscreants, and exhale, fume, and steam forth the most noisome, noxious, offenfive, stinking, and naity stench. This fulfills the words of your gospel, you see the 1970te in your neighbour's eye, but will not see the beam in thine own eye, Ye charge the christians with celibacy and ab. stemious living, as very great crimes; say you,


the belly for meat and meat for the belly. But what does Paul tell you, God will destroy both belly and meat. I see you both look white and pale, through a long custom of fille ing and cramming yourselves. What monfers have they brought, exhaling so powerful a smell, on the table?

Luib. & Calv. It smells deliciously, both strong and savoury, most rich and saucy to the palate ; favour us that we may regale ourselves, I will describe it. It is the back or calipatch of a tortoise, which we had filled with diffe. rent ingredients, such as the nose, ears, tail, brains and odder of a fow that suckles, the combs, gills and brains of 12 capons, pettytoes of 2 sucking pigs, hafelet of a kid, with the trotters, two pair of snipes, extract from the bones of different animals, i ox-tail, the lips, kidney and mulk of a goat, two dried herrings powdered, the liver of a fish and i pair of roes, I pair of ox-eyes, 2 vipers, the marrow of 2 ox-horns, I pound and a half of bacon, ditto dried gander, 3 tea spoonfuls of kian pepper, 6 cloves of garlic, I onion, 12 fhalots, half a pound of bulter, the whole made into a mince with sweet herbs, &c. You see your dinner, with a rabbit stewed down in a bottle of Madeira, with spice and kian to 2 ducks a-la-mode, with other little matters, a plumbpudding and half a dozen mince-pyes, &c, · Mof. Permit me to give you grace.

Luib. & Calv. You will not partake of our Night repaft? . G


Mos. Not to be complained of, it being Lent.

Luth. & Calv. Protestants fast from sin and not froin meat. It is not what goes into the mouth defiles the man; but out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, blafphemies; these defile the man, but to eat with, unwashed hands is no fin. · Mof. Do protestants make disobedience a. fin? · Luth. & Calv. The disobedient shall never see God's face; for bim that will not bear the church ball be ranked with beathens and publicans,

Mof. Luther, you carry, being a divine and a parson of the church of England, your Common-Prayer Book to square your life by. .. Luth. There it is, at your service. Calvin, I pray you will not break the pye-crust of the Olio over the Calipatch, or it will be cold be. fore Mofes has given grace. Be quick, we are fainting like a woman in travel, we beg, dear Moses; this is not time for pro and con, on the next life, when the present is absolutely in danger.

Mof. That is one branch of obedience. See here what your Common-Prayer Book, which will be your life or death, as a divine or member of the church of England, commands. A person in danger shall call in the parson or mi. nister and make a special confeflion of his fins, after which confession the priest shall absolve him after this sort. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who koth left-power to bis cburch, to ail finners


who truly repent, and believe in him, of his great mercy forgive thee thine offences. And, by this au, thority, I ABSOLVE thee from all thy fins, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghojt. Amen.

Calv. You astonish me. A reformed church of the protestant religion, to take upon them, selves to forgive fins, one of the most effential articles brought and charged against the ca. tholic priests. The more I confider the more am I astonished. Am I asleep, or ain I in a delirium, through starving and hunger; I wish this Conference was over. I shall certainly lose good manners; for I cannot contain longer, I must stick my knife into the pye-crust, and whilst you are partaking of your spiritual bane quet, I shall not be a whit behind hand in feasting on the temporal; falls to like a crow on his carrion.

Mof. The church of England I see holds to the facrament of confession.

Luth. We exclaim against it as an article of infallibility, which we charge Roman Catholics with, as an act of blasphemy. · Moj. I think the infallibility of the new covenant, by the Messiah, which, you say, is the christian, have been (if Jesus be the Messiah) explained and agreed to with the supremacy of Peter, both by the scriptures, creeds and agrec, ment of the christian world, for near 1800 years (as we agreed), Ye are affured of these truths.

Luth. & Calv. We acknowledge ourselves your debtors, in opening our underitandings to



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