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covenarit, with Almighty God, which we can, at all times, produce, on which christianity depends and receives its life. On the contrary, heresies, as we proved in our other conferences, have no affinity or relationship, but are aliens and strangers to the covenants.

Lutber. What you both observe are grounded and immoveably fixed on both scriptures and creeds; One, Holy, Catholic and Apoftolic Church. This is the blast my resolution, determination and mental reservation is fixed and resolved upon; at my return to England immediately to found the last Trump, which shall be the Thunder of Heaven, that will rend the rocks, change the ocean into foam, pierce the lower Hell, and set all nature aghaft, dying with horror and dismay, 'not knowing the result of the General Decree, which shall be to erase every Scotch or kirk tenet from our Holy Scriptures, Common-prayer Book, and all books, so that no relic or story shall squeek Calvinism, or any Dissenter, Non-juror, Schifmatic, or heretic whatsoever, within my metropolitan jurisdiction ; every hair shall stand stiff an end until peace and truth be restored to the church. O the Roast Beef of Old England, and O the Old English Roast Beef,

Boy. Thirty-fifth chapter of Isaiah. “The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing; the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excel. lency of Carmel and Sharon ; they shall see the

glory glory of the Lord, and the excellency of our God. Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees; say to them that are of a fearful heart, be strong : fear not: behold your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you, Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped ; the lame man shall leap as a hart, and the tongue of the dumb fing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert. And the parched ground shall become a pool, the thirsty land springs of water : in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass, with reeds and rushes. And a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the Way of Holine's : the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the way-faring men, though fools, shall nor err therein. No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; buc the Redeemed shall walk there. And the ranfomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs, and everlasting joy upon their heads : they shall obtain joy and gladness: and forrow and sighing shall Hee away.”

Mofes. Here the prophet lays before us the blessings of the new covenant that our God will make with Ifrael, His Power and Magnificence, the most glorious reign of our Messiah ;. he must and will fulfil his promises to His people whom himself has chosen ; a day to Him is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day; the God of armies will bring infinite


it; but it inainte shall not ert the beast shall blellings and comforts to the loft sheep of Ifrael.

Lutber. But, reverend sir, don't you observe that the prophet marks out the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apoftolic Church, which is the. Highway, that fools shall not err, in which no lion, or other ravenous beast, Calvinift, Papift, Anabaptist, Quaker, Mahometan, Jew, Pagan, Free-thinker, Materialist, or Stranger, shall enter or be suffered to peep his deadly, and unmeaning face; but this pasture shall be for the sole use of our fock, the fold of Christ. We enjoy an everlasting banquet, and filled with every enjoyment, compared to a man sitting under his fig-tree, wallowing in milk and honey, the interpretation is, our hearts are brimfull, shook togecher and running over with exultation and never-ending Jubilation. Amen.

She is fat, moe is plump,
I will tickle her rump,

The only lass for me. I crave pardon of your reverence, but being over-ruled by the spirit, I broke forth and intoned the aforesaid folocism, which, or some other ejaculation, frequently gorge and burst from the fullness of the heart and impetuoficy of the spirit. The canticles of Sion are stronger than death, and sweeter than the honey-comb. Ob! who will give me the wings of the dove, That I may repose in the arms of love? O, Rachel. Rachel, you darling creature, Love's prize ; I die for every feature. So be it.


Moses. The ranfomed of the Lord shall re. turn to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness; and sorrow and lighing shall fee away ; this promise remains to everlasting. O long wished-for return.

Boy. You will allow, with the prophet, that your Meffiah was to appear at the time of Jesus Christ.

Moses. In this both Jews and Gentiles agree.

Boy. You will agree that he was to confirm his covenant with many for one week, and in the middle of the week he should cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.

Luther. This lad speaks abstrusely, mystically, and what can neither be gainsaid or underitood. I often broke my brains at this school of mysteries, but never could make any hand of it, and so I gave it over; it often detained me in bed in a morning ruminating and breakfasting; turning, and falling asleep; so that the whole day passed in a mist.

Mofes. We observe you never made any great progress in the truths of scripture or you would not remain in an unmeaning religion or false persuasion, purely because you received your instruction in such school. How often has it been proved to your conviction that you are in the school of heresy, and consequently in a deplorable ftare, during our conferences; yet, your desire is, to return to England, and even assume the chief chair.

Luth. O Tillotson, Tillotson, you arch wag, how natural is it for the sons of the prophets Lu


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Ourely becausw often has the school of

prophesy; even so by hereditary claim and survivorship, should one relacion inherit another's honours and emolunienis, either in church or state. Oh, the honours of my dancing days, the supreme chair, the centre of spiritual pleo nitude. As che fcriptures well observe, I will not give my glory to another.

Boy. And in the middle of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease.

Moses. Taken each day for a year, three years is the time prophesied from the date of the miffion when the sacrifices and oblation was to cease; but our facrifices and oblacions continued forty years after the death of your Melljah.

Boy. Jesus Christ entered on his mission at the age of thirty, and was cut off at the age of thirty-three ; which, as you explain, the prophecy exactly agree; and as the same prophecy tells us, the Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself. Is this plainly foretold that He was to be put to death, but not for Himself? if not for Himself, he must die for others, which correspond with the decision of Caiphas, your high-priest, that passed the sentence of death upon Jesus Christ, in these words : It is expedient that one man die, and the nation perish not; that is, not only Jews, but together in one, the children of the new covenant dispersed in all nations, both Jews and Gentiles.

Moses. What you advance perfectly agrees with the scripture prophecies; but the ceasing of the sacrifices and other parts of the Jewish worship, in three years after the death of Jesus,


di Mofes. Whaure propheci paris of the of Jesus,

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