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cannot be reconciled, as they continued forty years.

Luth. You are as far divided as the pope and myself, and I begin to be peckish, and faint and familhed.

Boy. David, in the 40th Psalm, speaks in the person of the Messiah. I waited patiently for the Lord, and he inclined unto me, and beard my calling. He brought me also out of the horrible pit, out of the mire and clay; and set my feet upon the rock, and ordered my goings. And be bath put a new song in my mouth, even a thanksgiving unto our God. Many Mall see it and fear, and Mall put their trust in the Lord. Blessed is the man, that bas fet his bope in the Lord; and turned not unto the proud, and to such as go about with lies. O Lord, my God, great are the wondrous works which thou hast done, as also thy thoughts, which are to us, and yet there is no man that can number them unto thee. If I soould speak of them, they are more tban I am able to express. Sacrifice and meat-offerings thou wouldst not; but any ears thou bast opened. Burnt-offerings and sacrifice for fin bast thou not required: then said, behold, I come. In the volume of the book it is written of me, tbat I pould fulfil thy will, O my God: I am content to do it, yes, thy law is within my heart. I have declared thy righteousness in the great congregation: lo, I will not refrain my lips, O Lord, and that thou knowejt, &c.

Luther. But, my lad, your quotations are a long way back; my friend, David, speaks before the first temple which his son Solomon built; but Christ appeared in the second temple, and


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whether my friend speaks of himselfor Christ, we that are at so great a distance, and of another stock, cannot dive into the mystery; we would do wisely to think of what may be most urgent in our personal and immediate necesiities; my voice, therefore, is, every spirit praise the Lord. Let me, an old divine of the church of England, of no mean parentage in the annals of history, advise you of three essentials. First, what is past is not ours; that, that is to come, is not ours; what is present let us gripe at ; or, like a haĝ, or night-mare, it will Nip through our fingers. Mofes. Prophecy is the sole goodness and mercy of God, to enlighten and teach man his duty, and correspondence to the divine will. Your Saviour, from whom all chriftians should draw their copy, gives you the example and tells you; as I do, so do you. But you being a protester cannot act consonant with Jews and chriftians. This Psalm seems to indicate the Mefiah offering to the Divine Majesty some other mode of worship different from the old. Sacrifice and meat-offerings thou wouldīt not. Here the old is rejected. Burnt-offerings and sacri. fice for fin, chou wilt not; then, said I, I come. Without doubt this is the Melliah, to bring in and confirm the second covenant. Here I pause, I find myself involved and pressed with unsurmountable difficulties; our Meiliah to change the laws and constitution of our fathers, given by Almighty God Himself, to our great Lawgiver. Can the Great God of Heaven act confrary to Himself, or alter what he has commanded to be complied with, and kept holy


and unviolated ? This cannot be; or, are the scripture prophesies false ? this cannot be, for the one confirms and depends on the other. My head is distracted and my heart chills, with so cold and deadly faintness that is come upon me.

Luther. Our conclave is attended with very alarming symptoms, both in body and spirit : I have been a shepherd, or, sheep master, near fifty years, but never saw or experienced the working or influence of the spirit: no, not one conversion until Calvin's, and in all likelihood, according to the present face of chings, Moses's. I hope his change will be full and compleat, if he should survive the present catastrophe. I have taken much trouble and pains as a person of my cloth should, to open his understanding and remove his errors ; in his case it would be not so much for the novelty of the thing, but the ad. vantages I should draw from so great a captive. ift, I shall take him over to England. 2dly, As Jews are clever in bargaining, he shall be set over my dealings with my parishioners and others, and explain, persuade, and shew them the utility of enlarging, by industry, their temporals, that chey may be prompt, full, and liberal, in paying the riches of all to a grain of mustard; for as the scripture takes notice that a seed of mustard, though the smallest of feeds when grown, becomes a large tree, so that the fowls make their habitation in it. This parable has been productive of infinite good to me in particular, being, from my youth, or rather childhood, ever before me, knowing man was to earn his bread by the sweat of his


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brow; and that nothing is to be counted small, despised, neglected, or over-looked. It will also come better from him, having been a Jewish master, to inculcate the fcripture amongst them, and shew then that what he teaches is no rid. dle; but that his father Abraham, who was the friend of God, paid tithes of all he had; and even Levy che father of the Jewish prieithood, in the bosom of old Abraham also, and jointly with his grandfather, paid their tithes co Melchisedech, who was type of myself; and that if the shadow was intitled to full tithes, so the third and fourth generations, how much more myself, that is the real and identical Melchisedech ? so that this being granted, I shall bring into any barn not only the tenths, my claim on the fathers, but for four generations, which is other four tenths added, make five tenths, which is one half of the whole productions; this Thall be neto gain, and farther, that it is an act of religion, on all holidays every face of all colours and denominations, bring their free gifts to the church that they nay receive a blessing: him that is nigardly shall receive little, but him that is abounding shall receive sevenfold : and likewise that all fast-days, ordered by our church, as annexed or placed in our common prayerbook, shall be duly observed and attended to, either by rigorous fafting, according to the custom of England, Wales, and Berwick upon Tweed, or betimes in the morning repair to the church and make atonement for sin; by making a full offering as a sacrifice for their offences. This will be pleasing to Moses,


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reminding him of his wilhed-for Jewish worship, and nearly bring in the remaining five tenths, or other half of their crops or incomes ; taking the whole together, my income, ás my family and houshold at large shall be supported by another kind or secondary gift or offering, which shall be imposed by inspectors for every misdemeanor, or place them nine sundays successively in the church, during diyine service, morning and evening, naked, and a white sheet, for decency, thrown over them, as they do in Scotland, or other presbyterian conventicles. Moses shall also be placed as overseer to negociate my moneys and play in the stock-jobbing game, which will delight and recreate him, make him a useful servant and at free-cost to myself, as he well knowing, they tell me, forty thousand pounds in the funds.

Boy. Moses, with the other prophets, speaks of the two legislations or covenants. Moses particularly enjoins obedience to the leginator that Almighty God was to raise you afier he was taken away; and this is him shat Israel long expected before Moses was born and promised, even from the fall of Adam. Third chapter of Genesis, I will put enmity between thee (Jerpent) and the woman (Eve) and between thy feed and ber feed: it fall bruise thy head and thou malt bruise bis beel. The feed bere promised to over.' come the tempter is in the fingular number and must be of divine original; for the whole race of the bumin nature was involved in the same predicament, the injury, or insult, being against the


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