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have neither honour nor resolution to be honeft; you therefore wish to persuade yourselves that you have no being superior to a beast, and chis, to get rid of the sting of conscience. Your origin began with Lucifer, nothing less would content that patriarch or first archetype, that original heretic, no:hing less but to be God would limit his pride. From this cause we may compute the fall of man ; so that you are ·nonsuited, in every sense of the word, in your first and prime thought. That the wisdom of this age had enlightened the northern hemiSphere with this extraordinary phenomenon or New Day. Fiddle de dee.

Club. What you charge our enlightened philosophy of this bright and enlighiened age, whofe members are arrived in knowledge to the source and origin or priftine or first conception or cause from whence man derived form and received his being, is a sneer, contrivance, artful, cunning, night, or Aight of a prelbyterian or vague Calvinistical affertion. They would be happy to allow them a spirit, the maggot of a weak, distempered brain, which beguiles animals not properly formed. Our grand philosophy takes its origin or first principle from the texture, Purity and quantity of brains we are poffeffed or endowed with, according to weight and measure, in a due course of Logarithm progression. The brain, there. fore, being the origin or principle from which issues what the ancients termed the faculties of the soul, will, memory, and understanding, immortal spiritual substance, not dependent on

the the body, but gives life and animates the body or material part of man. By our enlightened age and new philosophy, has detected, by the superiority of our understanding, this folly, error, weakness, and base ignorance of man from their , origin, or first state, which they, count or reckon to be five thousand seven hundred years before our enlightened and wise Luminary the Fiftyeighth Century. This is a bright day, when the Sun lines at noon-day. O tbe meridion of man, the zenith of wisdom. Brain comforts terrestrial. Man resigns celestial. . .

Hoft. How haps it that this delirium has seized your intellects? I perceive we are one. If you will restore the spirit, you will then add sevenfold to your comforts, spiritualizing the works of the flesh. .

If the brain be the God of Life and Wisdom, and no other, to each creature that pofleffes Brains ; if this be fo, how is it that a parrot, whose head, according to the rules of proportion, and quantum of this wise paste, or thick mixture of solid and fluid matter, whose head. is nearly, when master has laid by his plumage, equal in weight and measure to his body, not transmitted to future generations, from father to son, and so on, at least, soine footsteps of the great feats and heroic passages of their times, in imitation of man, who, according to the aforesaid rules laid down by our new philosophers, no way can be allowed rivals or competitors in weight or measure, or quantum of Brains, in a due scale of proporcion, or itand

.. . in

in the lowest degree claimants with t bird to LATRIA? · Club. You seem to use reason in your argument, and would be of weight, did the brightness and strength of our philosophy depend solely on weight, measure, and quantum of brains. But there is a great degree of force to be grants ed to the ftace and degree of mixture and refinement of the paste or matter to this source or first mover of wildom. The faculty heretofore. thought a loul is formed. The reason we assume, to get rid of this difficulty, is, the texture, quality, and firmness of man's nature might be the cause of this superior degree of knowledge in him preferable to every other animal. For it is 100 glaring to deny that some little and most frequent headed men, with very large bodies, have more understanding than little bodies with great heads. Some say, there may be more brains and better compacted in a Imall head than within a great skull. But this is not proved, and the dignity of philofophy is to affirm nothing but what is proved by a mathematical demonstration, as a philosopher should glory in truth. .. Hoft. If we refer to reason and truth, she two grand bases and pillars of sound philosophy, we shall defeat your new, or rather old, ex. ploded twofold heresy; philosophical and religious being opposie to truth and order. Other aniinals are rqual in their creation wich mang and-yet, for near six thousand years, cannot be produced one single instance above their natu-, tal or general instinct, unless some anticks or

training, by the ingenuity or contrivance of man. Name me one, but man, chac, has made use of reason, to transmit, to the latest times, by writing, hierogliphicks or tradition, the different arts and sciences, or other useful knowledge, and whatever they judged requisite to transmit or hand down to posterity. No animal, but man, was ever known to contrive or form inftruments of various forts for various purposes, to extend and assist them in the arts and sciences, and their other purfuits and purposes. No animal, but man, was ever known to build ships to transport themselves in search of nations to them unknown, as Columbus and many others. Never was ic known that the ape, parrot or any other animal, but man, carried their knowledge to the heavenly bodies, measuring their distances, confidering and marking out their motions and periodical revolutions. Myfeif have spent much time at sea, with some improvement in navigation, which has communicated and improved my ideas. It is there, in a particular manner, by experience, we see the wonders of the almighty and superior knowledge of man, travelling many thousand miles through an extensive and trackless ocean, having no guide but the skill of man, affitted with the fun and stars for observation, compass, and chart to direct, and log-line to measure his distance, which insure him his desired haven. But in all my voyages never espied one single vessel guided by inonkey, parrot, dog, hog, or other animal, but man. Let us now return to land, and take a

view of empires and kingdoms, their regulás tions, laws, and government, both civil and military; general, and particular, offensive and defensive, politics, alliances, commerce, &c. manoeuvring and marshaling armies; the law's of prudence in ereéting fortifications, offensive and defensive, and a thousand other requisites, in a well-ordered government, cities, towns, architecture, of various forts and high finishings, and this regulated according to order, rule, and precision. All this is peculiar to man and him alone; to him the world is put under

fubjection. I do not exaggerate when I affirm, , that both earth and heaven were made for man;

who fees nor, that all matters of state, commerce, or any other contract among men, are marked out and regulated according to the periodical movements of the Great Luminary? One half of man explore the vast bosom of the derp, bending to their use, fun and stars, to , escort, convey, and guard them on their road.

I am travelling in an inexhaustible ocean, of man's extension in power, glory, greatness, nobilicy, wisdom, knowledge, perspicuitys and perfection, which labyrinth, to be properly fet forih, would require volumes, and for tranfcending my inability and illiterate conceptions. But thus far, for the honour of my species, I have endeavoured to thew the absurdity in ad.' vancing tenets the most base and humiliating to man, that could be contrived by art, degeneracy, malice and folly; the whole acting against reafun and common sense.

.. i : - Club,

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